This Con Season, Chase Masterson and the Pop Culture Hero Coalition Take On Bullying


The Pop Culture Hero Coalition, an organization created by Chase Masterson (Leeta: Star Trek Deep Space Nine) with “heroism experts” Carrie Goldman and Matt Langdon, combines actors and activists to triumph over bullying and encourage everyday heroism. John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness: Doctor Who) joined the PCHC on stage at San Diego Comicon to share his stories and empower fans.

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

“I knew at a very young age that I was gay,” says John Barrowman, famous for playing Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who. Barrowman joined the coalition’s founder Chase Masterson (DS9) along side founders of the NOH8 campaign, actors, writers, and even the President of San Diego’s United Nations Association Chapter, to tell stories of how he overcame bullying as a child.

“The Coalition is doing unprecedented, powerful work,” Chase Masterson of Star Trek Deep Space Nine told TrekMovie. Masterson is proud of what her group has accomplished, and rightfully so. The Coalition is stepping up to offer support for bullied kids and adults in a time when it is sorely needed by tackling nerd-centric yet broadly reaching topics such as bullying, racism, LGBT issues, cyber bullying, and misogyny to name a few. “We’re standing for heroism, off-screen as well as on.”

While it is nearly impossible to track the amount of bullying in the world, organizations that gather statistics on bullying have noted an increase in reported cases of bullying, particularly cyberbullying.

Masterson encourages fans to help others in need. “We all love superheroes,” said Masterson to the crowd. “So, why not be one?”


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Whoever said men age better than women was obviously not thinking of CM.

She is a miracle of mondern engineering. Jesus! They broke her face!

@ Prodigal Son, agreed. CM, mmm, I have always loved her.

I was waiting for someone else to comment… I’m not sure that I can be that unbiased when it comes to discussing this topic, especially when bullying, ie (deliberate) misrepresentation of what I have written, taking comments completely out of context and putting a spin on them that were not my intention, lying, misogynistic comments etc. I was told to stop complaining by a moderator, which has enabled two posters to carry on egregiously.

Yes, the subject of this thread is problematical…

Perhaps you shouldn’t have posted that pic if you didn’t want comments?

I notice my comment was deleted. Why wasn’t #2 deleted as well?

#4. Kayla Iacovino – July 19, 2015 , 5. Keachick – July 19, 2015

It is, indeed, difficult to see how a engaged mind could come to the conclusion that the best way to start a chain on an article about battling bullying would be to comment on the creator of the Coalition’s looks and age, instead of the largesse her heart and mind?

@ Kayla

Well let me say that I fully support her anti-bullying stance…it’s a huge societal issue and I commend CM for what she is doing here.

#7. Disinvited – July 19, 2015

“… largesse her heart and mind?” should be ” …largesse OF her heart and mind?

Bullying is serious. Don’t be sexist.

# 6. Red Dead Ryan – July 19, 2015

” Perhaps you shouldn’t have posted that pic if you didn’t want comments?

I notice my comment was deleted. Why wasn’t #2 deleted as well?” — Red Dead Ryan

You have GOT to be kidding us?

The old wolf whistle defense, “If women don’t like getting whistled at, then they shouldn’t dress and make themselves up so attractively.”

And on top of that, claim you were moderator bullied?

@ 6. Red Dead Ryan,

“Perhaps you shouldn’t have posted that pic if you didn’t want comments?”



“The old wolf whistle defense, “If women don’t like getting whistled at, then they shouldn’t dress and make themselves up so attractively.” ”

Ah, nope. Don’t even go there pal.

If there was a pic of Chris Pine on an article about a serious topic, and Keachick offered up one of her posts getting into the details of his appearance, do you think she’d be warned? Uh, nope!

If you’re an actor or actress, you’re going to get comments on your appearance. That’s the way it is. I think most of us do receive comments on our appearance at some point in our lives. Good and bad.

And finally, Kayla couldn’t see this coming when she chose that pic? Really?

I find it hilarious that we lionize people who stand in front of a camera and recite someone else’s words because they espouse some vaguely positive stand like, “don’t bully people.” Then, they’re called brave, etc. Really? These people get handsomely paid to play pretend. They’re risking nothing and the only drawback seems to be that someone may comment on their appearance. Wow, how can they bear it? Oh, right: we’ll hear about their struggles in some magazine article, about how “brave” they are to speak out.

The entertainment industry has made everyone’s brains soft, judging by the number of people who congratulate celebrities for the slightest accomplishments.

I’m privileged to have Chase as a close friend (as in been-to-her-house; as in traveled-together). Son of Captain Garth, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Chase has worked for years with Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles helping former gang members (I’ve gone to Homeboy with her — I’ve seen the impact she’s had on the lives of people there), and she’s done amazing work for other charities, and this anti-bullying initiative is making a real difference.

I do my best daily to try to be a good person, but I look up to Chase; she is incredibly giving, and she gets results.

What’s made people’s brains soft is the license to guttersnipe from behind pseudonyms without doing a lick of research first. You should be ashamed.

#13. Red Dead Ryan – July 19, 2015

Engaging in hypothetical arguments about what another poster would or would not do is pointless and no kind of justification. Keachick’s posted plenty to this site and Pine’s participated in many worthwhile causes reported here. If you have a legitimate claim of a double-standard at for this kind of report, point us to a concrete example – don’t make them up.

Kirk once said that being human means being able to appreciate the beauty of a flower or of a woman. The Kelvans have won!

What is meant by bullying, I wonder?

I think that Son of Captain Garth’s post at #14 was presumptuous, dismissive, discriminatory and unkind. It presumes that someone who is known via the entertainment media cannot possibly be sincere in wanting things to be better. Yes, it is brave of Chase Masterson and John Barrowman (along with others like them) to speak out about this problem and, ironically, it is because of the kinds comments made by people like Son of Captain Garth.

Red Dead Ryan – Yes, if it were Chris Pine, I may say something about his good appearance, but I would not just leave it at that. I would also speak to the topic, especially given the nature of this topic. Therein lies a MAJOR difference. Unfortunately, the first few posts did not say anything about the topic, just about Chase’s appearance. Rather shallow?…

Damn, site ate my rather long post.

In short use the old Internet trick of “ignore it” and “don’t feed the trolls”

I only post here occasionally because of the fawning over actors, male and female.
Get over it, learn when it’s appropriate, this isn’t a forum it’s a comment section.
The fawning has driven me away, the needless drooling has driven me away.
The arrogant bullying “I’m right I’m right I’m right X sucks and I know because I’m older/wiser/more of a fan/a man/a woman/ RESPECT MEEEEE”
Has driven me away.

Is there good in here, yes, it’s just really really sad that it requires a unifying even like, the death of Leonard Nimoy for it to come out.

I’m not someone who bleeds in “pulling rank” and I don’t want my last line to go near that territory, but most of you are much older than teenagers, so I guess I can say it.

For goodness sake grow up.

I have always been moved by the generosity and humanity of the various Star Trek casts – Masterson, Picardo, McFadden, Nichols, Takei and Burton, just to name the first few entering my head, plus many many more, all doing their bit to live up to the ideals of Star Trek. It should be applauded and anyone scoffing might want to compare their own morality against these excellent examples…

I have a friend who’s going through a court case at the moment over internet bullying / stalking, which has turned her life upside down, attracting an endless stream of misogynistic hate from trolls. It isn’t anything I’d wish on my worst enemy.

We’ve seen the tortuous twists that Reddit has put itself through trying to appease misogynist and racist subreddits and still seem like an appealing property for Condé Nast’s advertisers.

The anonymity of the Internet may make it seem like we can say whatever we want (and we often do.) The problem is that real people are at the end of our comments. Individually, one sexist comment isn’t a problem. Hundreds or thousands of sexist comments add up.

When an online community allows sexist, racist or bullying comments to go unchallenged, and the tone of conversation sinks into sockpuppet flamewars, then it becomes a cesspool, and regular people stop coming.

I already detect a pretty low presence of women participating in the comments, even if (statistically) they might make up 50% or more of site traffic.

Given that this site is half labor of love, half business (it does survive on ad revenue) it is in the owners’ best interest to ensure this is a civil space.

If you think you’re being censored, just…no. 1) Only the government can act as a censor. 2) Someone else’s site is like their house or their place of business, and THEY set the rules. Don’t want to obey the rules? No one is forcing you to stay. 3) It isn’t even necessarily about feminism or any pet cause you want to feed into your Two Minute Hate of the day. It’s just about the radical concept that, you know, women are people too, so why should they put up with anything that men don’t have to put up with?

@ Kayla lacovino

Oh come on now. They didn’t say anything that even remotely warrants a ban. Unless I’ve missed something HUGE in comments deleted. Freedom of expression is just as important as the bullying issue being brought up here. And I just don’t see the ‘wrong’ in anything the guys have said. So they’re complimenting her looks. Since when is that a crime?

Not sure if it’s become taboo, but I was actually going to say that Chase looks very different in that picture. Whether she’s done plastic surgery I don’t know but it seems to me like a perfectly valid and relevant thing to discuss. And Jolene Blalock, whose appearance had also drastically changed. Aren’t THEY being bullied by Hollywood to keep their appearances in check? Therefore if we are not allowed to comment about this, then how we do show our support for the celebrities themselves who are campaigning against such things?

So happy to be done with High School.

I’d love to know what happened to my post….it was actually ABOUT bullying….weird.

All anybody has to remember is three little words.




Chase is a beautiful person! =) I love Chase! =D …good for her!

bullying sucks! and it’s not just a childhood issue! grow up indeed!

@15. Thank you for the background. I’m aware of Homeboy Industries, and it does take a special kind of person to roll up their sleeves and wade into the gang culture to help those trying to escape that lifestyle. That’s done at no small risk to the health and welfare of the individual, as well.

Do what’s right. A nice thought to start the week

@23. You show your support by staying on topic. The article isn’t about the Hollywood meat market, how hot she is, or whatever. By itself, it’s not issue to compliment her, or Chris Pine, on their appearance. It’s when other innuendo, or the ongoing debate on sexism in Trek, or in some peoples cases the inability to bash another poster for any and every comment they make, that a conversation about a good and noble cause gets derailed by petty bickering.

@Phil – you’re hypocritical post aside, why dont you give it a rest. Another example of the vocal minority who think if people dont agree with them they are all wrong.

Plenty of people here share the same opinion as me. And quite honestly, if Rosey wants to take a shot, Ill give her one right back. Yes, I should be the bigger person and ignore her, but meh

So why dont you either debate me in an intelligent manner or ignore me? Either one works for me, Philly Cakes.

@31 – You are correct. Hopefully she stops.

@17. Kayla Iacovino – July 19, 2015

Where’s anything “discriminatory” and “hateful” in their posts? Actors (well, any public persons) learned to live with it; it’s a trade they did willingly, nobody forced them to pursue the career in the first place. Their likeness became a “public estate” to be commented, laughed at, perused as we see fit. It’s the part of their damn job.
Your overreaction does a disservice to people who have been a target of *real* hate. Maybe grow some damn skin, it must be awfully uncomfortable running around with your raw flesh exposed like this.

Isn’t it about time we learned not to fear words? Or are we supposed to wait until 23th century for that? :P

@34. Paul,

“Their likeness became a “public estate” to be commented, laughed at, perused as we see fit. It’s the part of their damn job.”

Spoken like a slave owner!

There is nothing wrong with making complimentary comments about a person’s beauty. Dont we all like to hear it. I didnt read every post but what I did see was not particularly distasteful.

She’s beautiful. It doesnt diminish her work.

Keep in mind though, this is the same site where many people have made derogatory remarks about actors (both men and women) looks. Not really a place for that in my opinion. But what can you do.

And if someone finds the topic of bullying “problematical” (lol) because she cant stop from attacking people, then I question why she clicked here in the first place.

This is a topical discussion, what with the Supreme Court decision on Gay Marriage and the Jenner backlash. Bullying is uncalled for in any manner.

Yes, this is totally off topic. The entire collective human consciousness is going thru a spell of being self-involved, hypocritical, and myopic.

Meanwhile, our planet’s ecology and climate are in real trouble and our chances to go to the stars, are fading because we quarrel more than we dream.

So is there a requirement for a “proper post” now?

Can we not just make a shallow comment with no apparent higher purpose?

Probably no one will be impressed with the shallow comment, it is probably neither hither nor tither, but so what? It should not be punished, should it? Taking ourselves too seriously is a larger problem in the longrun, perhaps, than being shallow.

Wow. So much to say here. First, huge thanks again to Kayla & TrekMovie for helping the Coalition get the word out about our work in this important arena. Like most of us, I’ve seen too many people suffer the devastating effects of bullying, and I had to do something about it; it never ceases to amaze me that human beings are capable of being so cruel to each other. But, through this effort, I’ve also witnessed people giving an incredible amount of support and genuine care to others who have been bullied, and athe extent of that is also truly amazing and beautiful. I’m grateful to be doing this work, for many reasons. I also want to say a truly heartfelt thanks to my very dear friend Robert J. Sawyer. Yes, Rob and his wife Carolyn have been to my home, and they have come with me to Homeboy more than once. In seven years of friendship, they have seen me through some difficult times and held me while I cried. I look up to Rob and Carolyn for many reasons, and I am grateful beyond words for our friendship. I’m now going to refer to a post that’s been deleted. Son of Garth, I find it really sad that you feel the need to call Rob’s depiction of our great friendship “name-dropping.” Rob had every right to say what he said, and I appreciate it. And you have no idea of any difficulties or lack thereof in my personal life. Not that I owe you this, but here’s an example: among many other painful occurrences during my volunteer mentoring at Homeboy since 2008, I have watched three kids who I was extremely close to die of gunshot wounds. I have rushed to the hospital while they’ve been on life support and held their parents while they cried. And in mentoring both Crips and Bloods (neither of which these particular kids were, BTW), I have been in dangerous situations that I don’t need to recount to you or anybody else. And you’re right. That’s my choice. There’s something I tell people at our panel on bullying that I think fits well here. Hurt people hurt people. And healed people heal people. Some people here would do themselves a service not to judge or to be so rude. (Really? Calling Rob or anyone else here “Princess?” Wow.) It’s a tell-tale sign for something you’d probably wouldn’t otherwise make so public: somewhere along the line, someone hurt you. Really badly. I, for one, will take time out to say I’m sorry that happened. Whatever happened, you probably didn’t deserve it. But instead of choosing to heal, you let it make you angry and aggressive and mean, as you show very clearly here. Son of Captain Garth, as an example of your being angry and aggressive and mean, I’ll cite the shocking and very sad fact that you would actually criticize the name of an organization so valuable and effective as Homeboy or the Pop Culture Hero Coalition (not sure which you meant). Quite honestly, all that makes you look bad. Son of Captain Garth, and anyone else who posts rude remarks, Rob is right; you should be ashamed. But even more than that, you should realize that you need healing. You’ll be happier and more effective in doing good on the planet (if you care about that) if and when that happens. I promise. I also find it fascinating when someone uses the term “white knight warriors.” Instead of appreciating when someone stands up for the right thing, someone has to criticize it. Speaks volumes about their inner dialogue. Thankfully, there are groups and people that stand up against bullying. But Son of Garth, you were right about one thing: I don’t need to be called “brave” for speaking out against bullying. That shouldn’t be seen as brave. It should be seen as normal. Make no mistake — there are a lot of reasons people could call me brave. They’re reasons many people don’t know, and that I don’t owe you. Speaking out against bullying isn’t one of them. However, through the work we’re doing, hopefully there will be more and more people who decide to speak out like Rob did — people who are brave enough in specific instances to defend others and risk being called names by rude people like you. And Son of Garth, while I agree with Rob that your comments, made under a pseudonym, were cowardly and uninformed — quite frankly, we’re doing way more than “espousing some vaguely positive stand like ‘don’t bully people’” — I would have to agree that, often, actors are overly praised for merely speaking out. Although it can be effective, merely speaking is, indeed, easy. But in reading the rest… Read more »

@38 Thank you, Ms. Masterson, for offering up some clarity and rising above the more obnoxious comments here. I don’t know you personally, but your actions speak to the quality of your character. Please keep up the good work.

@ Chase Masterson

I’m sorry if my comments offended you. It’s just so hard not to picture you as Leeta with the Bajoran makeup! You do look so different in the above picture it’s why I thought you might have done what a lot of other celebrities unfortunately do? As you might’ve gleaned from the earliest posts, you do look stunning and nobody meant to say otherwise I assure you.

And the work you do is totally in line with Star Trek’s values so I thank you for that.

I do wish we’d made a better first impression here. Really, we’re mostly a good crowd. We hope you come back to trekmovie and join the discussion again.

Just a quick note —

Thank you, Phil and SkiesSeven — this means a lot. Yes, I do know there are many good people here. And I really appreciate your reaching out.

My very best,

I was sorry to miss this panel at Comic Con, however it was very interesting to sit in on said panel at Wondercon in Anaheim this past Easter.

Like many, I too was a victim of bullying. I heard on the radio last night a most perfect phrase, alas, I forget to whom it’s attributed:

I served a (six) year sentence for a crime I didn’t commit.


BTW, Ms Masterson looking as fabulous as ever.

Great post Chase!

@30. Phil,

You’re such a phoney. Claiming to support anti-bullying while practicing the very same thing. Name-calling fans “Talifans” & shouting down any reasonable discussions.


111. Phil – July 15, 2015
Herbert – today is July 15. Hasn’t the National Guard dragged you off and locked you up in a Wal Mart somewhere yet?

417. Phil – July 20, 2015
The Talifans are so predictable it’s gone stale

438. Phil – July 20, 2015
@436….only because it infuriates TUP so much….

IN YOUR OPINION. All your bloviating aside, its still JUST YOUR OPINION. One point of view. Just one. Others ARE JUST AS VALID. And that is the bone that just sticks in your throat.

Chase, you are a class act. =) i love you even more! =)


44. Ahmed

Yes. Uber-hypocrisy.

#4: You’re being melodramatic and ridiculous. A gorgeous woman will ALWAYS draw comments about her looks. The same thing happens with a gorgeous guy. Your superior-acting condescension will not change that. She’s one of Trek’s all-time sexiest actresses. Live with it.

#5: Keachik, I’m playing my violin for you. I see you being condescending and rude to people just as often as I see it happening to you. You’re not bullied here–you’re simply one of the regulars, and thus receive the same treatment that anyone here receives if they act like they’re better or more knowledgeable than everyone else, which you do often.

To the person currently in slot #4: Sorry, my comment just now was not aimed at you. Another comment was there a minute ago, which I was responding to, but now it’s gone.

Son of Garth: Robert J. Sawyer wasn’t name-dropping. Robert J. Sawyer doesn’t NEED to name-drop–he’s one of the most successful novelists currently publishing books. He and Chase have been friends for many years, and each has referred to the other often on social media.

Chase, I met you at a convention once. You struck me as a wonderful human being then, and your stock has only risen as a result of what I’ve read here.

I generally avoid participating in threads that contain needlessly contentious statements, which is why I haven’t posted here. But I do think that I speak for the vast majority of readers when I say that our silence is not indicative of apathy either toward your efforts or the cause in general.

Thanks for putting forth the effort to help others. Doing so puts you decidedly above who wouldn’t lift a finger to do anything that doesn’t involve a keyboard.

Live long and prosper.