STLV 2015 Day Four: DS9 Panel + George Takei + Sir Patrick + TNG Cast + Salute to Grace Lee Whitney + More

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The final day of the 2015 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention had some great guests on stage, including Sir Patrick Stewart, George Takei, and DS9 and TNG cast panels. All that plus a tribute to the recently departed Grace Lee Whitney, a new look at the upcoming mobile game Star Trek Timelines, great cosplay of the day, and more!

Third DS9 panel discusses Game of Thrones, alcoholism, bullying
Sunday morning, for the third time this week, a group of stars of Deep Space 9 took to the stage of the Las Vegas Star Trek convention to entertain fans and share memories. Despite a lot of joking around, the assembled cast and fans also discussed the serious topics of bullying and alcoholism.

The only primary cast member this time was Alexander Siddig (Bashir), who brought with him supporting stars Andrew Robinson (Garak), Marc Alaimo (Dukat), Chase Masterson (Leeta), and Casey Biggs (Damar) – proving that “deep” stands for the deep bench of characters it had.


Doctor, doctor, give me some news…
Siddig’s participation in the HBO series Game of Thrones was of course a subject of conversation.

“Is there anything I can say about Game of Thrones that people don’t already know?” he started. “I don’t know what’s going on most of the times I’m watching, I certainly don’t know what’s going on when I read the scripts. … There’s a dragon woman and there’s a guy with a brass hand.”

He joked, “It shoots in Daenarys. No wait, that’s a person.”

One fan asked, “Can you see a time when democracy will come to Westeros?”

“I’m sure it’s gonna happen,” Siddig joked. “Next season I think.”

Siddig happens to be nephew to Malcolm McDowell, who played the villain of Star Trek Generations, and one fan asked him about several rumors: did McDowell try to talk him out of taking the role of Bashir on Star Trek and did he try to strong-arm his way into a cameo on DS9 if they let his nephew direct the episode?

“I’m happy you asked me that question, there is absolutely no way he would try to talk me out of being an actor” or take the role on Star Trek, Siddig explained, and that McDowell had no prejudice against the franchise.

“I think he has some good things to say about Star Trek. He just really enjoyed killing Shatner,” said Siddig, pausing for the crowd’s laughter. “Once he realized people didn’t like that he killed Kirk, he lost some control. And he never wanted to appear on DS9. That’s just a rumor.”

Halfway through the series, Siddig’s character was revealed to have been genetically modified as a child – something which came as much a surprise to the actor as it did to the audience.

“I think I found out on a Tuesday that I was genetically enhanced for a script that was going to be shot on Friday,” said Siddig, who did not appreciate the revelation. “I was furious actually. I didn’t think he needed it. He certainly didn’t need to become more like Data and I think that’s what they were trying to do.”

Apparently, the character of Bashir was not popular with the Powers That Be and the change was made in part to justify keeping him on the show.

“They wanted me off the show and [producer] Rick Berman defended me. They could see what potential the character had. If it hadn’t been for the relationship with this guy,” he said putting his arm around Robinson, “they would have gotten rid of me.”

According to Robinson, the on-screen chemistry between Bashir and Garak was mutually beneficial.
One of the greatest moments Robinson had on film, was in the episode Past Prologue where the two first meet.

“Bashir is really good looking. So as a character choice I thought, what the hell, why not go for it?” Robinson explained. “There is a close up of Garak where it looks like he could eat him alive. And I’m sure that’s why I got the job.”

The audience laughed. Siddig joked, “I gave Garak some of the best years of my life.”


Tackling tough topics
One fan talked about her efforts to fight alcoholism, and got applause from the DS9 stars when she shared that she was eight years sober. Biggs’ character struggled with drink as well.

“For some reason they loved the way I looked in Armin’s bar, and I was an alcoholic for four flippin’ seasons,” Biggs said. “I can’t tell you how happy I was that moment when I got to throw that frickin’ kanar in the mirror and never have to drink that — again!”

“When a person is an alcoholic, they usually don’t know or realize they are one. Once you realize it, you can start to make decisions,” said Alaimo, who noted that his mother was an alcoholic. “My mother didn’t, and it’s always been a part of my life. I regretted I wasn’t able to help her.”

Masterson discussed her work with the United Nations to combat bullying through popular culture, as Trek Movie has reported on before. She just cold called the UN one day and asked to join forces when she went to Comic Con and other events. They said, “We’ve always wanted to go to Comic Con!”

“We can really create a better world because everyone loves these stories,” she said. Masterson is also working on Doctor Who audio books with sci-fi legends Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy. She plays Vienna, An “impossibly glamorous mercenary assassin who has a heart of gold.”

Closing thoughts…
Though Biggs started a minor character, he had the destiny of “A true patriot who dies for his country –and my buddy Garak avenges my death on that weasel Weyoun.”

Robinson quipped, “And Jeffrey coombs has never forgiven me for that!”

One fan asked Alaimo, “Did you intentionally put sexiness into Dukat or did it come naturally?”

“I had to overcome all the vitriol that this character supposedly carried with him. Playing a one-dimensional character isn’t really interesting,” Alaimo said. “There was no intention to it, it’s just who I am.”

“You’re very modest, Marc,” Siddig joked.

One fan went through the list of characters on the show that Bashir kissed, some of whom Siddig couldn’t remember.

“He’s desperate and forgetful,” Siddig summed up. “It’s the worst combination in a guy!”

Grace Lee Whitney honored
Sunday morning started with a solemn tribute to Grace Lee Whitney, one of several Trek stars who regrettably passed this year. Creation host Adam Malin and Trek historian John Tenuto discussed the actress’s life and her contribution to the Trek franchise.

Originally, Whitney’s role of Yeoman Rand was intended to the third rung of the Trek franchise, after Kirk and Spock, but that role eventually went to Dr. McCoy. Whitney appeared on eight episodes of TOS, plus four of the movies and the VOY episode Flashback, but she was a fan favorite at conventions for years. Tenuto said that DeForest Kelley taught Whitney how to make money on the convention circuit and Nimoy made sure she had roles on the movies.

In addition to her acting talents, Whitney was a gifted singer and had a career as a musician – which was a two-edged sword.

“Unfortunately those same environments that nurtured her musical talents nurtured her addiction to drugs and alcohol,” Tenuto said.

Whitney did eventually overcome alcoholicsm and drug addiction; they showed a clip of her discussing how her faith in God and the support of Star Trek fans helped her get clean.


John De Lancie presents new mobile game Star Trek Timelines on stage
Historically, Star Trek video games have been a real hit-and-miss affair. Game developer Disruptor Beam hopes to have a hit on it’s hands with “Star Trek Timelines”, a mobile-based game featuring many characters from throughout Star Trek’s 50 year history.

In a presentation on Sunday morning, Disruptor Beam CEO Jon Radoff and Q himself, actor John de Lancie, demonstrated the concepts behind the game and got into specifics about what kind of story and characters we can expect to see.

The game will take place during the TNG era in the Prime timeline and will encompass characters and ships from Star Trek’s entire history, from TOS through Enterprise. Radoff and deLancie kept the game’s premise under wraps, but hinted strongly that the events that set the game in motion are the work of a mischievous fellow from the Q Continuum. de Lancie said “think of me [Q] as the glue that brings the different shows together”.

One of the major conceits of the game is the ability to mix and match characters and to be able to put a “Star Trek Dream Team” together, so if you ever wondered what it would be like for Spock to serve as first officer under Captain Picard, this’ll be your chance. The game allow you to purchase additional characters as you go, which is what will help finance the game.

Radoff says that most mobile games tend to be superficial, but assured fans that they have a good story in store that is as much about puzzle-solving as it is about starship combat. de Lancie says he has “served as the fan’s proxy” to make sure that the game feels like Star Trek.

The game will be coming out in the fall for iOS and Android devices, and will use a dynamic rendering engine that will allow the game to run smoothly on both old and new devices. A beta release is coming “very soon” and anyone interested in encouraged to go to their website and sign up.



Mission Log Podcast talks Trek
The hosts of the popular podcast Mission Log, John Champion and Ken Lay, talked about the status of their quest to review the entire franchise, episode by episode, from the original pilot to the JJ Abrams movies.

After they finish that, they’ll start with “that really cool series that’ll come out some time in the next 11 years,” Lay said.

Currently the two of them are working their way through the third season of TNG, but relatively soon they’ll hit the point when DS9 started and there were two concurrent series.

“Now that we’re in season three with the really good storytelling, I’m excited!” Lay said.

The hosts announced that when that happens (mid season 6 of TNG) they will continue to finish Next Generation, then do their four movies, and then start with DS9. They will only start Voyager after finishing all of DS9.

“We want to tell the complete story of a complete crew,” Champion said. The defining feature of Mission Log is tracking how the philosophy of Star Trek developed over the decades.

“There is a streak of altruism that allows us [the human race] to survive,” Champion said. “We couldn’t all be here in a room with lights if we didn’t act in each others’ best interests.”

Photo from @Starfleetmom

George Takei… Oh My!
After missing out on last year’s con, George Takei made a triumphant return to the Vegas stage on Sunday afternoon.

He began his talk by noting that Star Trek will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary next year, and reminded the crowd that this year is HIS 50th anniversary of his involvement with Trek, since he was cast in the second pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, in 1965. He said that he and Trek have “lived long and prospered.”

He spoke about Leonard Nimoy’s passing, calling it “a real loss to the Star Trek family”, and related the story about how Leonard fought to have George and Nichelle be a part of The Animated Series. George was effusive in his praise of Nimoy’s character, calling him “an extraordinarily decent human being”, and a beloved friend who is deeply missed.


He talked at length about “Allegiance”, the Broadway show he’s starring in this fall which is based on his experiences in the Japanese interment camps during World War II. He’s extremely excited about the way it’s turning out, and encouraged the audience to come to New York to see it. Previews begin October 6th, with an official opening on November 8th.

He used the talk of the show as a way to segue into discussing William Shatner. George told the audience that he has already invited Shatner to opening night, but doesn’t expect him to attend, since historically, “Bill never attends anything we do.” He went on to talk more about the controversy surrounding the invite he sent Shatner for his wedding to Brad Altman.

He says that Shatner invited him to appear on his now-defunct talk show Raw Nerve, but he declined because “I didn’t trust Bill to not be partisan”, and was afraid he’d edit it in a way that would only make him look good.

He closed out his time on stage by telling the audience the origin of his “Oh my” catchphrase (George had uttered the phrase after something shocking Howard Stern said to him on his show).


Sir Patrick Stewart Takes the Stage
The one and only Sir Patrick Stewart took the stage this afternoon to a packed house with a big, “Hello Las Vegas!”

He said that he always looks forward to visiting Vegas, particularly during Star Trek cons, as he gets to reunite with his TNG cast members. “Last night I had dinner with some people you know: Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn. Oh man, those guys lead me astray!”

“It was always like this,” he continued. “I just wanted to do the best job I could, but oh no no no. With them, it was always partyyyyy tiiime. And, you know what? I like it!”


The audience was also treated to some special sneak peaks at Sir Patrick’s new show, Blunt Talk coming out August 22nd on Starz. They screened the recently released trailer, plus some clips of Sir Patrick and his real life (and on screen in TNG) son, who also plays the son of Patrick’s character in Blunt Talk.

During audience Q&A, Sir Patrick was asked a lot of pointed questions by fans. He sheepishly admitted to not remembering many of the details, like having an associate producer credit on Star Trek: Insurrection or Kelsey Grammar’s appearance on The Next Generation.

“Kelsey Grammar was on Star Trek?? Is this true??” asked Patrick. To which the audience responded with a resounding “YES!!”

“This is so embarrassing,” he said. “You sure you’re not thinking of X-Men?”


One fan in particular had a hilarious exchange with Sir Patrick regarding his knighthood, Blunt Talk, and even his love life.

“First of all, I want to congratulate you on your knighthood and your new series,” she said. He replied, “Thank you. What about my wedding?” To which she incredulously responded, “You got married AGAIN?! Who is it this time?”

The conversation inspired a touching moment in which the two shared a hug.


The boys of The Next Generation have a blast on stage
The boys came on stage to a big round of applause and talked about their new projects. Jonathan Frakes has been doing a lot of television directing, including Falling Skies, The Librarians, and Hindsight. LeVar Burton is busy with his work on Reading Rainbow and the upcoming reboot of Roots. And, Brent Spiner is going to be reprising his role in Independence Day 2.

Brent Spiner was getting a real kick out of his George Takei mask!

The three immediately started goofing off, running around the stage, lounging on the couches, and Frakes sitting behind the interview desk like a talk show host (which, subsequently prompted Spiner to do some of his Patrick Stewart impressions).



Eventually, the trio gave Sir Patrick, who was signing autographs to the side of the stage, such a hard time that he had to come up to defend himself.

Sir Patrick signing autographs on the side of the stage




JJ-Trek in Las Vegas
And, TrekMovie would like to give a big shout out to one of our favorite stars, Joseph Gatt, who single handedly represented the Star Trek reboot at the con in Las Vegas. Gatt played Science Officer 0718 in Star Trek Into Darkness and in the STID comics.



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What can I say? He continues to bitch about that wedding thing, but yet, when Shatner invited him to be on Raw Nerve, he declined….what an a-hole.

I wish I had’ve been there. The TNG Stars seem to chummy! What a lovely dynamic. And, of course, the relationship between Bashir and Garak is probably the most memorable in all of the trek.

Class acts all round!

Looks like Gatt is developing a little gutt………

How fun. I wish I could have been at this year’s convention. Perhaps next year — the 50th Anniversary of Trek!

I also like what appears to be the talk show format — complete with desk.

Next step: A house band!

Maybe the next Star Trek TV show should be a variety show. Just a thought.

So much fun!

Well, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to pull myself away from the MGM to poke my head in the door. Maybe next year.

I did avoid the cash machines though, Kayla!

Prodigal Son: “….what an a-hole.” (just shut up, hateful idiot)

…yeah, but Gatt’s not even in nu-trek anymore! =P

Mission Log is co-hosted by Ken Ray not Ken Lay (who was a Ferengi made to look hew-mon).

Stewart forgot, or maybe never knew, that Kelsey Grammer was on TNG
for a split-second (presumably because they didn’t film any scenes together).

If Grammer was Takei and Stewart was Shatner, this snub would launch a thousand, or so, angry TV interviews.

test (ignore)

Update – DUBAI

An open casting call went up on Tuesday on the Facebook page of Miranda Davidson Studios for “the largest feature film to be shot in Dubai in over 5 years.”

We’re still investigating Dubai’s role in the film but what we know is that the emirate was chosen ahead of Abu Dhabi – despite the generous 30 per cent rebate Abu Dhabi offers to film productions – because the producers wanted a location that looks like a “vertical city”.

We understand the shoot will only last for a matter of days, rather than weeks or months, and many extras are required – regardless of the shape of their ears.

Why is it no one will talk about Wil Wheaton’s non-presence in Vegas for several years? The one person who has the strongest connection to fandom pop-culture if anyone in the trek universe – inducing “Uncle George”?

There’s been reports he had a falling out with Creation over comments,or non-comments on his blog or something to that effect. What’s the real story – Facts, not rumors, not blame,etc,

Don’t remove this mods, please, this is a valid question when seeing the rest of the TNG cast in Vegas year after year?

Yeah, if they are looking for vertical (and relatively new) Dubai would be a great location.

@Herbert. Sorry, but Takai needs to give it a rest, life’s too short. His constant b**ching about Shatner just further cements his role in the franchise as Treks own Kim Kardashian. Famous for being famous, and not much else.

you know what would be cool, if they did a 30th annaversary tribute to TNG in 2017, similar to the 25th annaversary special to TOS

6. I am not Herbert – August 10, 2015
Prodigal Son: “….what an a-hole.” (just shut up, hateful idiot)

I hate to admit it but I kind of agree with MJ on this one …


Ditto on what Jack/#9 said. Kelsey only filmed a single brief scene for that episode, and Patrick wouldn’t have been on the set for that scene, which is why Patrick wouldn’t have any memory of Kelsey ever being on the show.

ALSO: BIG BIG P.S. for this website: One of the dealers (the fellow who sells film frames, among other things) had a poster display of Trek performers who died during the past year, and that display board became the first public announcement — literally pretty much anywhere — that Lois Jewell (of TOS “Bread and Circuses”) had died. He told me that he found out only a few days earlier when he called her house to ask if she’d be in the dealer’s room again this year, an her husband answered and informed him that Lois had died last December. The dealer said the only information he’d been able to follow up on about it was one obituary notice he’d located online. IMDB still hasn’t updated her entry yet. So … we unfortunately need a much-delayed obit here for her.

@12. Optimistic Doodle,

Thanks for the update.

In reference to Mr. Gatt’s appearances… how does an actor play a character in a comic book?

“Gatt played Science Officer 0718 in Star Trek Into Darkness and in the STID comics.”

Telly – The character he played was drawn in the comic, that’s all…

You know I went to the Star Trek conventions in NYC way, way, way back in 1973-76. Back then the only stars that would appear were the supporting actors, The great William Shatner would not appear until after The new trek series, which turned into TMP, started into production. There is an old Saturday Night Live skit in which he made fun of the conventions … That he really how he felt at the time. I remember him being quoted an saying something like you do a show and then move on … I’m sure he is glad we didn’t move on …..

Just my 2¢.

#21 – William Shatner’s first convention appearance was at “The Committee’s” February 1975 con at the NYC Commodore Hotel. I was there, and the story of his taking the subway to the convention was documented in the late Joan Winston’s book “Making of the ‘Trek’ Conventions”. Leonard Nimoy made an unannounced visit to the Feb. ’73 con, to address rumors that he hated the show and the role of Spock. DeForest Kelley made an appearance at the Feb. ’74 con. I missed his talk due to overcrowding; that was the first year the NYC Fire Marshals got involved with the conventions.

George is the best. Very fan-friendly and an engaging man. Hope to see him in Vegas 2016!

Any fire marshals actually shut down any of the Trek conventions back in the day?

“He began his talk by noting that Star Trek will be celebrating it’s 50th anniversary next year”

“celebrating it is 50th anniversary”? That makes no sense. The word you were looking for is “its”.

15 Phil,
1 Prodigal Son

While Takei has indeed flogged his differences with Shatner to death, he has done much to advance:

(1) the cause of gay rights and the right to marry, and
(2) American knowledge of the unjust internment of Japanese Americans in WWII. This is the subject of his play “Alliegance.”

Yes, GT has a significant flaw wrt Shatner (but just look at Shat’s responses to questions about their mutual unrest — maybe it’s the way WS said it but it looked really bad in print).

I will not dismiss him as an *hole (lookin’ ar you, ProdigalS).

I think fandom would be much better served if fans stopped asking these questions. If and when GT & WS “make up” I’m sure they’ll let us know.

I love Marc Alaimo’s voice! Next to Avery Brooks, Leonard Nimoy and Sir Pat, the most masterful male voice in Trek. (And … rowwwr!)

# 21. Psytce – August 11, 2015

” There is an old Saturday Night Live skit in which he made fun of the conventions … That he really how he felt at the time.” — Psytce

That skit was written by Robert Smigel, self-described bully comedian and literally the man behind Triumph, The Insult Comic Dog hand puppet that many know for skewering people in line to attend a STAR WARS convention, and NOT William Shatner. That skit gives us a glimpse of how Smigel, its author, really felt and NOT Shatner. Smigel and the other members of the SNL bull pen of the era oft relate that the funniest moment about that skit was at the table read and rehearsal because, while Shatner thought the “Get a Life!” line, had great comic potential, he had never heard it before (So there goes the that’s how he really felt theory right there.) and kept giving it a wrong unnatural read than the one it had in common parlance. The writers relate it was ROTFLTAO funny all the different attempts Shatner took exploring how to say it as each sounded so odd and unnatural.

28. Disinvited – August 11, 2015

Some nice trivia, there. Never knew that.

I’m curious to know if TrekMovie has noticed an uptick in its readership lately. Since Trek Today’s revamped website has turned to be such a colossal failure (excruciatingly slow, ugly to look at, difficult to read and navigate, and in every way WORSE than it was before the change), I have a strong feeling people are now coming here instead. The reader comments at Trek Today have all but stopped entirely since the redesign launched, and the few comments that have been posted have only been about how bad the redesign is. This site, on the other hand, is well-designed, very quick to load, and filled with great content like this convention coverage. So I’d love to know if the visitor stats have changed in the last week or two. I’ll bet they have.

#4: Actually, the “house band” has already been introduced, as of 2014. Having a band for the convention started last year with a group called “Five Year Mission”, which dresses up in original series outfits and is going through a process of writing songs about each one of the original series episodes. Musically, quite a lot of their stuff is pretty well done, with a good deal of creatively crafted lyrics and concepts — oftentimes a somehow-blend of 60s surfer guitar with Bowling For Soup and the Foo Fighters. This year the on-stage band was a group called Sci-Fried — a good band musically — sometimes they were dressed up in Klingon outfits — but I think they almost entirely stuck with covers of popular songs during the convention.

Five Year Mission served as a band for one of the after-hours parties this year. And I’m hoping they’re the group that will be back on the main stage to introduce each performer appearance again in 2016.

@ 19 – Ahmed

You’re welcome! Filming is in October though.

You shut up, you know-it-all jerkweed.

Takei has been the a-hole who never will meet Shatner half-way to end this feud…FACT !!!

6. I am not Herbert – August 10, 2015
Prodigal Son: “….what an a-hole.” (just shut up, hateful idiot)

Thanks — it’s time for Takei to meet Shatner half-way…enough with the offended teenager routine…grow up, George.

17. Lostrod – August 10, 2015
6. I am not Herbert – August 10, 2015
Prodigal Son: “….what an a-hole.” (just shut up, hateful idiot)

I hate to admit it but I kind of agree with MJ on this one …


@ Phil

“@Herbert. Sorry, but Takai needs to give it a rest, life’s too short. His constant b**ching about Shatner…


@ Disinvited

“That skit was written by Robert Smigel, self-described bully comedian and literally the man behind Triumph…”

Otherwise known as Bob Gollum.

@ Majra

“While Takei has indeed flogged his differences with Shatner to death, he has done much to advance:
(1) the cause of gay rights and the right to marry, and
(2) American knowledge of the unjust internment of Japanese Americans in WWII. This is the subject of his play “Alliegance.””

And he should be celebrated for those achievements — I agree with him on all of those issues. But I am not discussing that.

I can like what Bill Clinton did for our nation, but I can also call him a horn-dog and be critical of how his womanizing nearly ruined his presidency.


Wow, check out this fantastic tribute to Nimoy from Shatner that was unveiled this week:

Now for some REAL news: Double Negative is doing the VFX for TREK BEYOND! Terrific company, I consider this a GOOD thing.

#38 Prodigal,
I beat you to it :-) It’s on the convention article with picture of Shatner at top.

#24 – Herb – No, the fire marshals didn’t shut the ’74 convention, or any others, down. But from what I remember about the Feb. ’74 one, it was close. The con was way too crowded. One mother panicked when her son got lost, so the fire marshals were called in. The boy was quickly found, but the marshals were appalled at the crowded conditions. So, they laid down the law about three things. One, aisles must be formed and kept clear. Two, smoking was banned. (I was a smoker then; that was a sign that I should, and did, quit.) Three, the head count in the ballrooms was limited. Which is how I got shut out of DeForest Kelley’s talk at that con. If I had arrived five or 10 minutes earlier, I would have seen him. (I did catch him at other cons). Those regulations were imposed at every NYC con I attended afterward; the fire marshals monitored them all. The Sept. ’81 NYC con was my last; I felt that I was getting too old. I was almost 27 then. Now…you do the math.


Re: GT; well-said, Marja.

@ 40. IDIC Lives,

“#38 Prodigal,
I beat you to it :-) It’s on the convention article with picture of Shatner at top.”

But you forget to put BREAKING NEWS! LOL

Apparently any & all news are tagged under BREAKING NEWS for that guy!

Takei might have done some good and I commend him for standing up for LGBTQ rights, but he’s still an ***hole. No one would care what he said about LGBTQ rights if not for the hard work of people like William Shatner.

Well done, IDIC. Isn’t that just so cool and awesome! I would love an art print of that.

PS: I’m going to use “Breaking News” all the time on these as it annoys Ahmed…LOL

40. IDIC Lives – August 12, 2015
#38 Prodigal,
I beat you to it :-) It’s on the convention article with picture of Shatner at top.

I wish I was there.

The last Trek convention ever held down here in Brazil was in 2003 when Leonard Nimoy visited.

I have heard that news were spread on the LA convention that JJ Abrams is under contract for 3 more Star Trek movies. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

@ Stephan

We will need to run that article past Ahmed for certification.


stephan47, I didn’t click on that, but if it is a for-real link, I hope it came from THE ONION.

Except for Nolan’s BatFlicks, I’ve been disappointed with ALL franchises this century, but Bond and Trek and really running neck-and-neck for bugging the crud out of me.

49. kmart – August 12, 2015

If you click on that link you will read that they name Rod Roddenberry as the source. I don’t know if that page is trustworthy but it doesn’t seem to be meant satirically.