Trekonderoga celebrates Star Trek this Labor Day weekend

Attendees of Trekonderoga will get to tour the New Voyages sets.

Attendees of Trekonderoga will get to tour the New Voyages sets.

Star Trek fans looking for an experience uniquely geared for them need look no further than what’s beaming in to Ticonderoga, New York, from September 4th – 6th. The new convention, Trekonderoga, will be celebrating all things Trek. In attendance will be an array of guests who were part of Star Trek both in front and behind the cameras. In addition to the more traditional celebrity aspect of a convention, they will also be hosting tours of actual sets, conducting make-up workshops, and special episode screenings with creators adding commentary along the way.

The brainchild of Star Trek New Voyages creator, James Cawley, he’s created something that is designed to be an intimate and special experience for attendees from start to finish. “What makes this convention stand out is our incredible lineup of active stars and writers that will be here to host screenings, participate in sessions, and of course, sign autographs. We’re holding registration to just 300 people so that it can be a really intimate experience for the fans,” said Cawley. “The photo-ops alone will be fantastic. Getting your photo with original stars on the original “bridge” of the Starship Enterprise is pretty cool for a Star Trek fan.”

Even as the next official Star Trek film is still a year away (slated for release in 2016 in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary), the Trek universe is anything but dormant. With a myriad range of independently-produced series and films, fan interest is as strong as ever, especially with TOS fans (fans of the ’66-’69 original television series). New Voyages, Continues, and the feature film Axanar are all going full tilt at creating new episodes and story arcs.

With that array of projects, one of the key aspects of the weekend’s activities will be a series of filmmaking workshops, conducted by individuals who’ve worked on actual films and episodes from both the independent as well as studio productions. During the convention there will be tours of the New Voyages set, where you can see the bridge, Kirk’s quarters, conference room, engineering, sickbay, transporter room, and the corridor span that connects all of them.  Except for some changes to accommodate the new studio’s space, the set is laid out almost identically to the original Desilu Productions studio.

Some of the celebrities in attendance will include actress BarBara Luna (Marlena Moreau) hosting a special screening of the “Mirror, Mirror” episode, and author David Gerrold hosting a screening of “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode that he wrote. There will also be viewing of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Yesterday’s Enterprise, with narration and commentary by the episode’s author, Eric Stillwell. Other special guests will include actors Sally KellermanDon MarshallSean KenneyLouise Sorel, and writer Dave Galanter.

For the latest news and updates about Trekonderoga, you can follow along on their Facebook page.

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We will also Beaming people off/on to the ship !! A convention First!! Our Award winning VFX Artist Pony Horton will dematerialize you off the pad what a Conveention Memory to have!! Dont miss out LIMITED TICKETS TO BE SOLD!

This looks very cool, particularly for us hardcore TOS types.

Fun idea – hope they get a huge turnout!

It would be worth it just to be on that bridge set.

Awesome!!! I have been waiting for this. Thank You James Cawley for your vision and fandom! Trek Lives.

Cawley would be better advised to apply the time and expense of this event to instead finishing The Holiest thing, which is over 1.5 years late now and counting.

Further information at the Trekonderoga Websiite, including ticket sales access. Further updates and additional photos and videos as well as schedule changes will be posted to the website as needed until thye end of day September 6th, 2015!

See the “Zhang Heng,” Dr. Yee’s Prius Shuttle Craft vehicle, “The B-Movies Bluesmobile,” the B-Moves Blues Band vehicle AND a “Batmobile” replica – GET your photo taken sitting in the Batmobile!

… latest offer is a beam-up onto the Enterprise Transporter platform at New Voyages Studio (includes studio tour)!

5. How can a fan project be “late”? if Paramount misses the 50th anniversary, then complain. But when a fan film is making a film for the fans for free, it gets done when it gets done…just do your best New Voyages, we can be patient.

Unfortunately, do to unforeseen circumstances I will not be able to make the convention. I just informed Trekonderoga of this, and apologized for the late cancellation. I AM, however, sending them a few autographed books to give away in some fashion. I hope, however, to make the next convention, as I love New Voyages and the folks who make it all happen.

Meh. “Do” should be “due.” *sigh* I’m supposed to be a writer. ;-/

@Prodigal, THT is in its final post so it will be out soon. Now if you are willing to offer your services to help us get episodes out faster, we would welcome you.

The Holiest Thing got a redo.
We refilmed some scenes in July.
The VFX got redone.
We apologize for the wait.
THT will be MUCH better with these tweaks.
Hang in there, New Voyages fans!
Thank you!

It’s worth it to come to Ticonderoga and explore around.
Of course, we want you to enjoy our convention but other landmarks are around.
Fort Ticonderoga is great to see.
It’s a beautiful part of the country!
We hope you come and see us!

A little birdie tells me through the grapevine that James Crawley has ordered all work be stopped on the Holiest thing. Is that true?R

I had a blast going to the bridge set and getting pictures @starbase studios in Oklahoma City, I can only imagine how fun this would be with all the other sets. For a hard Core TOS fan, it doesn’t get much better than stepping onto the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Wish I had more notice for this event. Oh well, maybe they’ll do it again next year for the 50th. Best of luck on attendance, sounds like a fun time for all!!

Would love to do it. What a cool thing to have. Cheers to Cawley and company for making this happen.

Putting on Trekconderoga in no way detracts from efforts of post-production for episodes already filmed.

Why would anyone think that?

The people editing and doing the VFX on those episodes are not the people who are putting on this Convention.

We can have both things. New episodes, and a wonderful Trek event for the fans.

Dragoncon in Atlanta is happening at the same time. Glad to see this event didnt steal away any of the big trek-headliners from DC.

If it only wasn’t so far away for me, I’d love to be there. The closest thing to actually visiting the original Enterprise. Good luck to everyone who’s making this possible.

Go to hear that The Holiest Thing is close — thanks guys! Really looking forward to the seeing the hybrid TOS/TMP coming out of spacdock!

@CDR Arch

It’s late when you it’s publicly advertised as premiering at the Austin Cinema and Drafthouse in Feb 2014, and then it never comes out. That’ how.

@13 lawrence Talbot
I am curious to know where it is you heard this, as James Crawley does not run Star Trek New Voyages, James CAWLEY does. And we are continuing to press forward with our improved version of ‘The Holiest Thing’

That being said this thread is not for ‘The Holiest Thing’ or ‘Torment of Destiny’, it’s about TREKonderoga, and I believe it will be a unique experience for the most hardcore or even a novice in the fandom will appreciate this convention. Especially with perks that no convention has around such as a custom beam out, a tour of the starship Enterprise photo ops everywhere on the set just to name a few.

#20. Fez – August 21, 2015

“Crawley” — Fez

Ah, give birdie a break-key. The fact that his post ends in a capital “R” is evidence enough that he’s struggling with a stuck “r” key.

One thing with New Voyages that is troublesome is the inconsistency with the view experience. Several years ago, we had a debate on this site about why couldn’t The New Voyages be offered in a widescreen version, since it seemed that about half of the audience would have preferred that. However, several The New Voyages staff and their supporters vehemently defended using 1:33 to 1, since it was suppose to look cla55ic, and insisted that now widescreen option should ever be offered.

Yet, now for Mind Sifter, The New Voyages staff has offered a “modern viewing experience” option for the special effects:

“As a special treat, two slightly different versions of “Mind-Sifter” are being released (differing only in their visual effects–VFX). One version will have visual effects (ship fly-bys and such) as realized by our VFX partner Mr. Tobias Richter and The Light Works, in Germany. These effects are modern-day style VFX–something akin to the VFX in the recent “remastered” TOS episodes. The other version of “Mind-Sifter” cotains VFX as realized by our VFX parter Mr. Daren R. Dochterman in Los Angeles. Mr. Dochterman’s effects have a definite 1960s quality to them, and hew more closely to the original TOS effects style.”

This seems hypocritical to me — so why exactly can’t the “modern version” also incorporate widescreen 16×9 format? What am I missing here? Why is it OK for The New Voyages crew to release modern VFX versions, but yet it’s a huge no-no to give many viewers who desire the widescreen formation that viewer experience? Makes no sense?

Prodigal Son, I think you’re confusing Continues for New Voyages/Phase II. New Voyages/Phase II have generally used 16:9 for their releases. Star Trek Continues, on the other hand, have rather strongly defended the use of 4:3 in their releases.

@23. Nick

I don’t think Prodigal Son is confused between ST NV/P2 and STC. If I understand his concerns correctly, STC has done their releases in 4:3 to closely resemble the original 1966-1969 TOS show. ST NV/P2 after also starting out in 4:3 for its first few episodes switched to widescreen 16:9 and generally uses that format now. I think the point of contention is that for “Mind-Sifter,” ST N/V P2 returned to using a 4:3 format–one with modern VFX and one with more retro VFX, but both in 4:3. It looks look like there might be a couple of reasons for the change: 1) they want to be more like STC since STC is popular; 2) Star Trek really does look more like Star Trek in 4:3–and 16:9 looks super cool but not super TOS.

It will be interesting to see what formats they use for their next few episodes.

@ Nick @Larry Talbot

Ah, right, I am mixing and matching here. Thanks guys.

As an old school film guy, I’m all for 4:3 unless your work is meant for the general public and money-making movie theaters. That said, a couple of the PII films shot in widescreen were among my favorite ST fanfilms. I am glad however that they made The Mind-Sifter in 4:3. It is IMHO the most purely “classic style” of all the TOS fanfilms, regardless of which group made it. I love 4:3 and will always prefer it over 16:9 or any wider formats.

At New Voyages, we have had that conversation for both of our last 2 episodes filmed. Do we shoot in 16X9 or 4X3?
While it’s James Cawley who ultimately decides- we usually go with what serves the story better.
With Mind-Sifter which was such a character driven piece, 4X3 was the better choice.

HOWEVER- we’d like to see everybody come out to Trekonderoga in September!

@ dennycranium

Appreciate what you guys do – thanks!!! I would just suggest that if you are going to offer a “modern VFX version” in the future, then make that version widescreen as well?

@ Prodigal Son

Thanks for your input.
I, personally, wish we could offer both versions.
People don’t understand what a monumental effort putting these episodes out really is- UNTIL you help make one.
Sometimes, a decision is made so we can actually get the episode in the can. A lot of times it’s budget pressures or James Cawley makes the decision due to artistic reasons.
We do have Star Trek New Voyages Facebook page.
Offer your input there.

What ever happened to completing “Bread and Savagery” after the untimely passing of it’s director? Another episode lost forever?

I for one know what a Herculean effort it is to make any kind of film, let alone something sci-fi. I have a story given me almost 30 years ago by a late friend who made low budget sci-fi films in the 50s and 60s, and I’ve been trying to make a film from it ever since. It’s finally within our reach and we’ll be shooting it as soon as the weather cools down here in AZ.

I think you can go to st nv FB page and offer only positive feedback. Any criticism perceived as negative will just get deleted. Easy to Delete than debate or discuss a matter. Probably best to keep polite but negative feedback on a site not controlled by ST NV mods if you have any hopes of having your feedback survive. (STC does the same thing)

I can´t confirm that – I have left several statements there, some with (hopefully constructive) critism and never had a problem. But if they do so – of course it is their right to do so, as every other FB page.

#32: That’s how it is at as well. If you post anything negative there, you’ll either have your post deleted or your account outright banned. People have been complaining about the recent failure of a redesign, which has left that site slow as molasses, difficult to navigate, and just plain ugly. But all of the complaints are being removed by admins, which is why there are pretty much no comments being posted over there anymore. Instead of dealing with the fact that the readers hate the redesign and consider the site broken now, they’d rather delete, ban, and pretend everything’s fine. Meanwhile, people are leaving the site in droves. That leaves TrekMovie and TrekCore the only relevant Trek sites these days.

I think their fan-page is not very well moderated. My sense is that comments are made and no real response from the production gets generated. A thought is to post constructive criticism in duplicate places–both on their FB page and on other sites (like here on Trekmovie) where they can’t exercise a right to suppress the content others post. They can only defend if they so wish, rather than quash.

We have no problem with criticism.
It’s when you hear- you guys suck! You tend to just tune out.
If we hear hey film in 16X9 instead of 4X3 we will take notice.
Don’t attack us or any other fan film.
The constructive criticism that helps us make better star trek is always welcomed.

Also, please remember, we are all volunteers.
We have spouses, children, mortgages like most of you people here do. We do have moderators on our page but attacks like I mentioned above get deleted.
Polite questions and feedback always get read and discussed by the production team.
The best way to make ANY fan film better is to donate to their crowdfunding drives.
You’d be surprised what $5 can do if a bunch of people donate

I love Phase 2/New Voyages, but the fact that they have had one completely shot but unused episode (Origins:The Protracted Man) and one almost complete but in limbo episode (Bread and Savages) is kinda of a concern – regardless of where the funds came from, these resources have been tied up, and in the case of “Origins”, wasted and lost. (let’s not rehash the politics here,folks) Who knows what they will do with “Bread..” be nice if we had a heads up on it, guys – your loyal supporters want to know.

“The guys across the street” have managed to put out episodes of similar high quality episodes on a more timely basis – clearly their production model is more efficient.


As one of the moderators of the New Voyages/Phase II facebook page, I can tell you that we TRY (because we are all volunteers) to read every comment and post a reply. But, unfortunately like DennyCranium said real life tends to interfere with our hobby.

I will say although the status of the two episodes (“Origins” and “Bread and Savagery”) are not my call to talk about, I will say that the two episodes coming your way will knock your socks off. There is a ton in store for you guys, but be patient. We’d rather take the time that is needed for the episode to be amazing rather then rush it out and be half-assed.

Either way the comments and criticisms will be there because we cannot please everyone, but please just be respectful when commenting

@ Fez

Understood, of course. But I do imagine that you all are feeling a bit of pressure given how STC is banging out episode after episode, and Axanar has raised over $1M now. I am simply stating this as a likely realism. It’s human nature, and a healthy competition between fan productions I think benefits the viewer.

There is something to be said when others, who also are doing their productions in their free time, get their episodes out when promised, fully polished and ready to view.

It would be pretty darned amazing to see those sets — and meet James Cawley (big fan).

I’m not a fan of the griping here about late episodes. Fine, you’re anxious to see them — which is cool.

As to late episodes and such, we simply do not have the resources some other groups have and thus it takes more time. We do our best with what we have. We did have a rough 2-3 year period and many changes were made and we are still coming off all that. However, 2 new episodes will be released in fairly short order and we feel, we are finally getting back to full steam.

Some of these fan films have great production values, especially in the amazingly accurate reproductions of the Enterprise sets, which are astounding to look at. But by and large, the acting is painfully bad, ranging from wooden and dull to cheesy over-the-top impersonations, which knocks me out of it every time.

Personally I prefer the wider screen format, whether it be for a movie or TV episode.

Of course, most of us grew up with the 4:3 ratio so it is what we are used to. However, I enjoy the 16:9 ratio far more so. It feels a more natural way of watching something. It is closer to how we actually see the world, which tends to be as in a hemisphere (brain converts to a 3-dimensional image), particularly if a person has good peripheral vision, which is me.

I recall my father saying that he wondered why they did not make television sets with a wide screen (which is finally what we have now) because the picture would look better – one of the pleasures of going to the movies. That was more than 40 years ago. One of his passions/hobbies was painting pictures of landscapes… I agreed then and now.

Well, I do love the series and the quality :)

What’s this talk I hear that “Origins:The Protracted Man” might actually be savaged/reworked/reshot/redone?

A shout out to Nichelle Nichols on her NASA mission!!!|carousel|dl1

It looks like a good time; I wish my health allowed me to travel.

Hey, what’s up

No coverage, AT ALL, of the recent on-line release of STAR TREK RENEGADES? I don’t understand?

Sadly and very unfortunately let down by Renegades. I certainly appreciate their hard work and effort but (in my opinion) it all fell very flat. It felt like it did what fan films are NEVER supposed to do, which was to be a weird mesh of fan plots blended into one incohesive film. There were some really talented actors in it but the performances they delivered was at times over the top and amateurish -compared to their other work I’ve seen (minus Manu who I’ve always wanted to see have a chance to expand on Icheb, who had a pretty compelling post-Voyager backstory in this. Bring on an Icheb book series). The space/starship vfx were nice but it’s Tobias so I had no doubt those ships would look epic. My biggest problem might be that the end-product felt incomplete and rushed. The physical sets aside from the Interior of the Icarus… I apologize, I don’t mean to rant but Star Trek Continues, Axanar, and Phase II have all put out beautifully looking episodes on hardly a budget with good acting. Maybe I’m spoiled by the epic and beautiful Prelude to Axanar and the INCREDIBLE STC but STR just didn’t do it. I wish them well and hope it grows with each episode. I say all of this with love as a serious Trek fan (from TOS, TNG, prime universe AND JJverse).