Trekonderoga celebrates Star Trek this Labor Day weekend

Attendees of Trekonderoga will get to tour the New Voyages sets.

Attendees of Trekonderoga will get to tour the New Voyages sets.

Star Trek fans looking for an experience uniquely geared for them need look no further than what’s beaming in to Ticonderoga, New York, from September 4th – 6th. The new convention, Trekonderoga, will be celebrating all things Trek. In attendance will be an array of guests who were part of Star Trek both in front and behind the cameras. In addition to the more traditional celebrity aspect of a convention, they will also be hosting tours of actual sets, conducting make-up workshops, and special episode screenings with creators adding commentary along the way.

The brainchild of Star Trek New Voyages creator, James Cawley, he’s created something that is designed to be an intimate and special experience for attendees from start to finish. “What makes this convention stand out is our incredible lineup of active stars and writers that will be here to host screenings, participate in sessions, and of course, sign autographs. We’re holding registration to just 300 people so that it can be a really intimate experience for the fans,” said Cawley. “The photo-ops alone will be fantastic. Getting your photo with original stars on the original “bridge” of the Starship Enterprise is pretty cool for a Star Trek fan.”

Even as the next official Star Trek film is still a year away (slated for release in 2016 in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary), the Trek universe is anything but dormant. With a myriad range of independently-produced series and films, fan interest is as strong as ever, especially with TOS fans (fans of the ’66-’69 original television series). New Voyages, Continues, and the feature film Axanar are all going full tilt at creating new episodes and story arcs.

With that array of projects, one of the key aspects of the weekend’s activities will be a series of filmmaking workshops, conducted by individuals who’ve worked on actual films and episodes from both the independent as well as studio productions. During the convention there will be tours of the New Voyages set, where you can see the bridge, Kirk’s quarters, conference room, engineering, sickbay, transporter room, and the corridor span that connects all of them.  Except for some changes to accommodate the new studio’s space, the set is laid out almost identically to the original Desilu Productions studio.

Some of the celebrities in attendance will include actress BarBara Luna (Marlena Moreau) hosting a special screening of the “Mirror, Mirror” episode, and author David Gerrold hosting a screening of “The Trouble with Tribbles” episode that he wrote. There will also be viewing of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Yesterday’s Enterprise, with narration and commentary by the episode’s author, Eric Stillwell. Other special guests will include actors Sally KellermanDon MarshallSean KenneyLouise Sorel, and writer Dave Galanter.

For the latest news and updates about Trekonderoga, you can follow along on their Facebook page.

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