Leonard Nimoy honored in final OMAZE clip + Quinto says more Spock/McCoy in STB


Omaze’s final Star Trek: To Boldly Go clip pays tribute to Leonard Nimoy.

The clip is the last in a series of videos to help promote Omaze’s fundraising campaign, which offers fans a chance to win a visit to the set of Star Trek Beyond(and possibly land a role).  In this final clip,  Zachary Quinto pays tribute to Leonard and speaks about a charity that was dear to him, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital:

More information about the campaign can be found here.

Spock “spending most of his screen time” with McCoy

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Quinto says that things are a little different on the Starship Enterprise this time around:

He doesn’t share many scenes with his good friend Chris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk, instead spending most of his screen time with Karl Urban’s Bones. “Those characters are so diametrically opposed that it’ll be nice to see them interacting,” he says.

More from Quinto, including his feelings about Leonard Nimoy, can be found here.

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That was a lovely tribute to Leonard. I hope the film itself has a dedication to him as well.

I’m not too sure about the whole “buddy-ing up” of Spock and Bones. I’d like to think we’d get a good lot of time with the Holy Trinity as a whole.

I just hope they don’t go overboard with the Spock/McCoy dynamic. One, obligatory, logic vs. emotion exchange is more than enough for a 2 hour film.

I’m glad that Spock and McCoy will have more scenes together- those two are quite the pair.

If you follow Zachary Quinto’s Instagram (or Twitter), you’ll see some shots – including a rather interesting selfie posted last night- of him in the new uniform. I’m trying to decide if I like the re-design.

I’m all for more banter but I don’t want them to overdo it and turn it into a painful caricature. Hopefully they’ll explore McCoy’s softer side and give him more depth as a passionate, empathic doctor. But the rest of the crew should also get more time and character exploration.

More McCoy time on screen? About bloody time!

When is Axanar going to step up and doing something like this that benefits needy charities?

I will always treasure the day I spent with a inky talking about life, the universe, and everything;)

Wrote it all down when I got home. This was only months before he was beAmwd up.

I meant Nimoy. I hate iPhones.

Great tribute.

Perhaps there will be a scene where the Enterprise are informed that prime Spock has died on New Vulcan and a moment of respectful silence will ensue… or they might pay tribute in some other way. Here’s hoping.

It is very nice to see so many of the cast and crew showing their respect for Mr. Nimoy.

Nice video. It should gather a lot of support.

I think some of you guys might be taking Quinto’s words out of context. It’s possible that something happens that causes Spock and McKoy to have to work together. Probably something medical/scientific in nature. Either they’re aboard the ship while Kirk mostly is down on a planet or it’s the other way around. Who knows, I could be stretching but sounds like a plot tease to me.

#7 Bob “I will always treasure the day I spent with Nimoy talking about life, the universe, and everything;)…”

A treasure indeed.
Good to see you Bob!

Why is no one talking about Zachary Quinto’s selfie that shows a possible new uniform?

NX01 — Treksinscifi picked it up. I hope that’s legit. The cut is not classic TOS (especially the shoulders) but it’s nice to see an end to the NIKE-style sports jersey. I like a clean fit in my unis. Can’t wait to see the ladies in red.

#7; #12 – Yes, indeed, Bob Orci. How’s it going in Vancouver?

I trust all is well with you and filming of STB is also going well.

Don’t be a stranger. Keep in touch…:)

13. NX01 – August 26, 2015

And bloodied green fingers.


Anychance we could see an article about Aron Eisneberg, for those who might not be aware of his current health.

“Aron Eisenberg

12 hrs ago


It is with a heavy heart that I make this post. as many of you know, I had a kidney transplant almost 30 years ago and that opportunity has given me many opportunities at wonderful life. Unfortunately, the time has come to say good-bye to my kidney, today, and I will be heading to the hospital to begin dialysis treatment. I’m now on the transplant list as well and I hope to be back for round 2 with new kidney in the next few years, if not sooner. Thank-you all in advance for any kind words or posts that I may not be able to see in the next few days. And thank-you for all of your support at all the cons over the years, the show itself and all of the kind words and wonderful people I have been blessed to meet and work with. I hope to be at many more cons in the future. Thank-you all very, very much for your support and understanding at this time.

And a very, very special thank-you to my wonderful girlfriend, Malissa Longo, for her continued love and support through this difficult time. I wouldn’t be able to make this journey without her. heart emoticon

And thank-you to all personal family and friends who are a part of my life for all of the support and love you have given to me over years.

Aron “

Friends in Trek,

I’m listening to “Stairway to Heaven” as I write, by the great Led Zeppelin. And I know that anyone who suspects who am would never think of this as part of my personal repertoire. But I think of classic rock as somewhat similar to classical music — there are eternal truths. There are eternal memes. There are eternal verities.

One of our exponents of what is good and ethical in life, Mr. Nimoy, is gone from us, but he is remembered. For his work, for his life, and for his personal journey among the stars as we are privileged to see it as members of the public.

Life is not infinite. Life ends. The Trek does end, but perhaps only temporarily. We can extend it, by paying it forward.

Ideas do live on, and I hope that we realize, well and truly, how the trek in our lives depends so very much on the steps of those before us.

Bob Orci welcome back! I hope you have a hand in keeping this “Trekky.” Spock/McCoy sounds like a good start. It would be nice to see some TOS elements for the 50th anniversary. I am hoping Justin Lin respects the chair. ;)

R.I.P. Leonard…you will be missed.

I do hope the bridge looks just like that in the film. I like the new toned down look…less Apple Store & more functional. And, please, no super bright lights in people’s faces while they work at their stations! I never did understand why someone designed that so there were lights all the way around the bridge aimed in the crew’s faces. Sit there with that for 8 to 12 hours a day & you’d get a headache. I like all the blue, too.

Sit like that for 5 minutes and I’d have a headache. Also you’d get better artistic lighting choices by turning off some lights, so you actually have a strong shadow side for modelling actors’ faces. Even though the diffusion on TOS was extreme, the dramatic backlighting of faces in darkness was awesome, and something few of the movies have played with (but they should.)

My only fear with the idea of Bones/Spock is that its all played for humor. They really did a dis-service to Bones last film and he cant be spouting one liners and chewing scenery left and right.

And Im not sure the Spock/McCoy dynamic is one that fans are clamoring for. As others said, the logic vs emotion debate is great when it’s in small doses.

Part of the relationship between the three is that Kirk has set up a scenario where his two top advisers are his first officer and his friend the doctor. So he allows, to a point, the doctor to act in an insubordinate manner towards the XO. But Kirk also cuts it off when he’s heard enough.

WOK being a great example of Kirk sitting back to hear the arguments, and then cutting it off when he’s heard enough.

Id be more excited if we were getting more Bones/Kirk, to be honest. But Im not upset to hear there is less Spock/Kirk as for better or worse they played that out the first two films.

From the one leaked clip, we might get more Kirk/Chekov which could be fun if treated properly, in the sense Kirk seeing a bit of himself in the young officer and guiding him along, which would echo the Pike/Kirk relationship to a degree.

@6. PS. You’re joking, right? No, I mean it, seriously….. you’re joking. Right?

#5 well said Harry.


Buzz, my old friend, you’re still alive?


# 16. photon70 – August 27, 2015

” And bloodied green fingers.” — photon70

It’s not easy bleeding green.

My God, some of you folks are never happy.

Yea, I mean people bitching about more time with the Spock-McCoy relationship is just completely asinine — in fact, let’s just call it what it us: troollling.

28. Casey – August 27, 2015
My God, some of you folks are never happy.


“And Im not sure the Spock/McCoy dynamic is one that fans are clamoring for. As others said, the logic vs emotion debate is great when it’s in small doses”

That’s just completely wrong. Two of the greatest episodes in TOS were based on this dynamic == The Tholian Web and The Galileo Seven. Case closed.

Classy tribute. Can’t think of anyone more qualify to narrate then Mr. Quinto.

I can’t believe people are complaining about the idea of MORE Spock-McCoy scenes. Are you people freakin’ crazy?

@ BattleInTheGroin

I hope this movie has less starships, less transporter usage, and less of Warp 8 being mentioned.


6. Prodigal Son – August 26, 2015

“When is Axanar going to step up and doing something like this that benefits needy charities?”

They actually did earlier this year, when they took up for a family who had suffered several tragedies including being burned out of their home, giving away patches and other swag to fans who donated to the cause. You can read more about it on their website if you’re genuinely interested.

30 Prodigal Son – August 26, 2015

“That’s just completely wrong. Two of the greatest episodes in TOS were based on this dynamic == The Tholian Web and The Galileo Seven. Case closed.”

Technical flaws aside, “The Galileo Seven” is one of TOS’ finest, and perhaps the greatest handling of the McCoy/Spock dynamic. The philosophical differences between the two men are real and profound, and drive the story until both are forced by circumstances to see the merit in the other. By the time of “The Tholian Web,” though, the bickering had just become a caricature of itself. Not only is the conflict between the two strictly pro forma, it doesn’t even make much sense in the context of the show, since McCoy is unaccountably giving Spock grief over his doing the human thing by putting the ship at risk to ascertain whether or not Kirk has actually died. Just no pleasing some people, I suppose.

A very nice tribute, indeed! As much as I believe in the “power of three” (Kirk, Spock, and McCoy), Spock was the one regular who always brought me back to the original network series in the 60s and the (syndicated) 70s.

#26 think so mate. I haven’t had my morning coffee yet so its a bit early to be absolutely certain!


So, what you’re saying, Buzz, is that you need your morning coffee to get a buzz?

What, no mention of BREAD&CIRCUSES, THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME and THE EMPATH when the issue of Spock/McCoy comes up? The cell scene in BREAD has always been among my top picks when it comes to TREK performances, and THE EMPATH for me is just iT (I still rank it above DOOMSDAY and BALANCE and CITY and other perennial faves.)

I’ve always thought Spock was miswritten and misperformed in G7, but chalked it up to early-in-the-run development and having to shoehorn Spock into Jimmy Stewart’s FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX role (that’s how the writer representing selling the story,to TREK, anyway, as Ellison recalled hearing from him.) When McCoy calls him Capt Spock near the end of THOLIAN, that’s a really good moment, an honest echo of the sarcastic ‘Captain McCoy’ from IMMUNITY.

Kewl. It sounds like the Tholian Web in which Kirk is off-ship and Spock and McCoy on the Enterprise are at each others’ throats trying to bring back Kirk. I also hope for more of that Ol Southern charming gentleman McCoy.

And that was a nice tribute to Leonard Nimoy.

Recently we’ve seen a picture of Spock with (his own?) green blood on his hands. Given this new bit, I guess it’s somewhat logical that Dr. McCoy stays in close proximity.

Dr. McCoy: “Spock, that green blood of yours may have saved you before, but this time it almost did you in. You can’t deny it!”



#38 – Yes, I agree.

I find the Spock/McCoy dynamic on Galileo 7 rather silly and irritating. However, the scenes with Spock and McCoy on the other episodes were better with Bread and Circuses and the Doomsday Machine being the most memorable. The scene on Bread and Circuses when Spock and McCoy were imprisoned was one of the best yet for those two characters.

From the miniscule amount of what we’ve seen of STB, it does appear that Kirk is possibly stranded on a world with Chekov and an alien woman, whilst Spock is injured in Sickbay on the ship. 8 July 2016 seems so far away right now…sigh.

“When McCoy calls him Capt Spock near the end of THOLIAN, that’s a really good moment, an honest echo of the sarcastic ‘Captain McCoy’ from IMMUNITY.”

Well to each, his own. I found the whole conflict unbelievable, and the “Captain Spock” toast pretty tepid at best, which is why I consider “The Tholian Web,” while certainly a third season standout, to be among TOS’ most overrated shows.

I do agree, though, about the jail scene from “Bread and Circuses.” That’s an episode chock-full of great scenes and performances, which somehow ends up being less than the sum of its parts.

Bread and Circuses has always been one of my favourite episodes and yes the performances by the actors (including guests) were really good. Story too!


Check out Quinto’s pointy sideburns. Pine’s not so much. Can’t see Simon Pegg…

Oh dear – they are smoking. Let’s hope that cigarette is the only one to be smoked for quite a while, as in on a birthday and Christmas.

@ Keachick

One would have hoped that after his DUI issues the dude would have retired from drinking and partying?

And now, despite the plea from Nimoy on smoking, Quinto is lighting up?

How unfortunate.

46 Prodigal, I know it’s not my business but I’m kinda pissed that Quinto is smoking again! He looked at Leonard as a father figure and he’s frikkin smoking!?

Heh — mayne it’s a doobie. And Quinto is always “smokin”” at least to this fan. Who is not as “pissed” as Pine apparently is, but hellz, it’s his b’day ;-)
/end puns/

“Bread and Circuses has always been one of my favourite episodes and yes the performances by the actors (including guests) were really good.”

Logan Ramsay is just awesome as the Roman Procounsel, effortlessly turning from decadent charm to genuine menace on a dime and elavating a relatively small role to something well beyond what was written in the script. One of TOS’ best guest performances, IMO

@45. Keachick,

Thanks for the link.

There is nothing wrong with them having a little fun after stressful weeks of filming.

@ 47

Well, they are in Canada, so it might actually be a doobie. They don’t really enforce much people lighting up in public there.