Video Review – 1:537 USS Enterprise Cutaway model from Round 2

AMT891-06-Enterprise-Cutaway-small (2)

With the three-day holiday weekend now behind us (at least in the US), perhaps a new kind of labor is in order – one that involves plastic, hobby knives, styrene cement, and some spray paint. Marking 49 years of Star Trek, TrekMovie takes a look at the latest release from Round 2 Models, a take on the beauty that started it all, the 1:537 U.S.S. Enterprise Cutaway in this video preview of the kit.

The model is now available from online retailers, and if it hasn’t arrived in your local hobby shop yet, it should soon. Priced in at about $33.00 (varies by retailer), this kit is a bit larger than the classic 18″ Enterprise model that is so ubiquitous, but still manageably smaller than the 1:350 classic ship, which many modelers don’t realistically have room to display. As such, it’s a good mid-sized display of the classic Enterprise, though it will take some effort beyond the basic to build her in the non-cutaway mode.

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This reissue is one of my favorite models I’ve ever built.
Even though I built it over 15 years ago, I think its worthy of another try at it!

I remember building it, then drilling holes and adding blinking lights and an external battery pack. It was so much fun!

so what does it look like assembled?

Looks like a great model!

Just got the model and was disappointed to find out that only half the saucer section was included?

#4 – There should be four pieces for the saucer. Two upper, two lower. If they were not included, you should either exchange it at the point of purchase, or contact Round 2.

@4 Contact Round 2 and tell them that your kit has some missing pieces, and they may-well send you the parts that you need. Do you still have the sales receipt? Emailing/faxing a copy to Round 2 will help

I have the previous edition of this (I bought it about 1996 or so). It is a nice model, even though the insides are somewhat lacking in detail (which can be easily remedied with a bit of creativity and a set of colourful sharpie pens). The only problem is that those snap-on cutaway parts don’t hold very well, even a slight draft is enough to make them fall off. Especially the secondary hull with the left nacelle: those tiny stubs just aren’t strong enough to keep the entire heavy part on. I tried to fix it with a rubber band; the result was rather unsightly, so I eventually gave up and glued the entire piece on.

Kind of surprised that there isn’t an anniversary thread here.
It wasTuesday Guys .
49 years .
Maybe it can still be done .
There must a roundtable of activities on Trek Anniversary week .
Something to think about.


Jerr – I’ll let you know when I get it built. It’s currently in sub-assemblies. When I have her together, I’ll make a second video. This is prime model-building season in the Midwest, so I have a window of a few weeks on a kit this sized to get her painted, detailed, and sealed before the temperatures get too cold at the hours I am home to work on her. Paint and clear coats are tricky, and get really persnickety with regards to humidity (which makes summer hard) and cold (which makes winter difficult).

@ Father Robert Lyons

Sorry, that was my attempt at humor.

11 Prodigal Son

Well, I got the joke and thought it was quite witty…

Where is the second part to the Round2 story? It’s been well over a month now!

Is it me, or are there more ads here than there used to be?

Oh, it was me. I’d forgotten that I’d disabled Ad Blocker so that I could watch the first episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS’s annoying web site. Have to say that it was worth it, though. It was the most that I’ve laughed from a late-night talk show in a long, long time.

This looks like a great model. I could try to attempt it… as long as I finish the 19 various other models I bought by saying I will start this one day first. While I have been doing models for 50 years, I found this overview very helpful, you can never have enough help with tips and skill sets.

Looks great.
Not sure they got the number of decks correct.

The oval section just under the bridge should, by all other schematics, contain two decks, not one deck.

But no matter. It is fabulous

@ Mr. Patience: Same question I’ve asked several times; WHAT HAPPENED TO PART 2 OF ROUND 2 STORY?????

Why does this sight bother to start a story they don’t want to finish?

Well, Mr. Patience and Mr. Wonderful, I do hope to present Part 2 very soon. In part, I am waiting on some more detailed photos than I was able to capture on the visit, as well as some updated information on progress on a few things I’ll be discussing in the article.

In part, I’m balancing a family, a full time job, and some post-grad work along with my Trek-based modeling hobby.

@ Father Robert Lyons

I have a suspicion that “Mr. Wonderful” and “Mr. Patience” are the same person…aka a “Mr. A-hole”

Keep up the great work…this was fantastic.

I like the concept a lot. The actual build seems very daunting.

Made this one 40 years ago. Also had the Spock diorama where he’s shooting the three headed monster. Built all the TOS kits as a kid and blew them up as a teenager. Built movie and TNG sets for my kid’s room 20 years ago and finally tossed them due to space issues. Maybe I’ll build some again for the grandkids.

I would love one of those massive lit up polar lights kits. They’re just gorgeous!

Just watched a bit of the video. Does that camera EVER focus?

@ Prodigal Son – I am not posting as 2 or more different people. Never assume. Since when does asking a question about a promised article make them an “A-hole”?

All I was looking for was an answer to my question, which I’ve asked several times. I am looking forward to the 2nd part since I’m a long time model kit builder and a fan of Round 2 Star Trek kits in particular. Mr. Lyons answered the question, I’m glad that part 2 is at hand and that is the end of that.

What, exactly do you have to do with this? Who has made you the “moral authority” of this site?

I still have the old version of this kit on display. I modified the shuttle bay and the secondary hull to include more detail.

Can’t say I would ever want to build this kit again. I would really love for R2 to re-release an accurate Galileo shuttle craft.

@ THX-1138 – R2 is releasing an accurate, 1:32 scale, NEW-MOLD kit of the Galileo next year, in time for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. The original kit will not be released as they considered it too inaccurate (which it is). There are plenty of the original kits on ebay if you want one.