“The Red Shirt Diaries” Season 2 debuts today


The fan series “The Red Shirt Diaries” launches its’ second season today, and we have the first to episode to share with you.

“The Red Shirt Diaries” is a parody of TOS and stars Ashley Robinson as Ensign Williams, a young security officer aboard Jim Kirk’s Enterprise:

Williams soon learns that she may well be the only sane person on board. Violent alien plants, overly-friendly superior officers and the Naked Time plague wide-eyed Ensign Williams as she struggles to follow Starfleet protocol and make it alive to the end of the episode.

The first episode of the new season deals with Spock assigning Williams to guard some very special “property” Spock took from Starbase 11.

You can find all of the previous entries in the series and info about the production here.

There are a few more clips from the coming season, including an encounter with “General Trelane, retired”.

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The Red Miniskirt Diaries – Sneak Peek ;-)

This is a fun show that ought to go international. Imagine e.g. a UK (humor) version or other.


#2: But enough about your family.

Well, I for one love this silly thing and I’ve been looking forward to its return (with improved production values). Ensign Williams is hot! I enjoy Robinson’s cheeky performances. She’s both sexy and funny.

TOS is the Trek I love most. And this series provides a great excuse to re-enter the world of TOS. The humor is good fun, especially for we trekkers who catch every reference.

It’s a silly reverent/irreverent revisiting of the entire TOS series, all from the goofy perspective of a lowly “red shirt.” It’s a great idea and I love it!

I’ve only watched one…way back…but it was cute. I’ll try to watch these new ones.

Yes, she’s a cutie.

Yes, Ensign Williams is a cutie and, like Shatner, is Canadian.

I miss you Williams!!

It says quite a lot about the state of Trek fan productions when the acting by this spoof fan production team far exceeds what see on STC, Phase II and Axanar.

Ashley Robinson — awesome job!!!

Hooray!! Love me some Ensign Williams!
Great to see her back. I was starting to think that wasn’t going to happen.

This just isn’t amusing, it’s incredibly pedestrian.

Personally, I think “Red Shirt Diaries” is worlds above other fan productions, particularly in the acting department.

Maybe we can get Ensign Williams a bit part in an upcoming NuTrek movie? Great work Ashley…..from a REALLY old Trekker!

Fun stuff!! Nice job, Ashley!

Yeah, this WOULD be fun to watch if stuff like that wasn’t the only news these days concerning Trek. We are but one year away from our 50th anniversary and all we got to look forward to is one little movie and even that one keeps everything under wrap.

Fan productions – silly or serious – only make sense within a viable franchise. Trek 09 was a giant hit for Trek standards and Paramount / CBS has had plenty of time to bring Star Trek back big time.

But no, all we got was lame excuses such as “studio politics”, “extended first-look agreements” or the outrageous notion that there was still some oversaturation due to the old spin-off shows that ended ten and a half years ago!

So while there are tidbits of Star Wars news every other day, while there are 10+ comic-based TV shows on air this season and while long-forgotten old shows such as The X-Files or Heroes are getting reunion projects, yeah, while Galaxy Quest is actually becoming a TV show on Amazon, all we get is stuff like “The Redshirt Diaries”…

X-cuse me, but if Sony and Marvel are able to bring Spider-Man into the MCU, there HAS TO be a way for CBS and Paramount to bring Trek back to TV despite those “studio politics” issues. It is that simple…

Every day that’s passing without any serious movement within the Star Trek franchise as a whole is one day I’m moving closer to Star Wars another genre franchises. Trek used to be THE no.1 franchise back in the 90s and it was abandonded for no reason…

In our day and age, with 20+ huge genre franchises expanding beyond the boldest expectations, one Trek movie every 3-4 years cannot be enough to satisfy this fandom.

Chris, you are too kind!

Fun stuff – always nice to see someone exercise their creative chops a bit.

#14: Blah blah, blee blee, bleh bleh.

Your negative rhetoric has nothing to do with this story.

@ smike

BattleInTheGroin is correct…you are full of crap with your negativity and whining.


Ashley, nice to have you here!

Can you share with us what you’re hoping to see in “Star Trek Beyond”, with it being the 50th anniversary of Trek?

Well, Mr. Ballz (if that is your real name), I’m hoping to see a lot of exploring, Uhura used to her full potential and VULCANS ALL OVER THE PLACE!

#20. Ashley Victoria Robinson – September 15, 2015

Given the decimation of their original home world has artificially and severely reduced their numbers, wouldn’t the most likely Vulcans “ALL OVER THE PLACE” be from the subset of a plethora of Vulcan toddlers spawned shortly after?

Love THE RED SHIRT DIARIES and thank you for it.

My Mom would have said that Ashley is “as cute as a button”. I would, too! : ) I Enjoy that fan production very much. Never miss an ep. And very happy that it’s back.


Please, Ashley, call me Harry.

Oh, and keep up the good work!


“Catfish & Plasma.” Interesting… :P

love this show,i put some cash into the kick starter to make sure it got made

14 lighten up its just meant as a bit of fun,even in some dark episodes of star trek they had some fun

I am impressed how much they stepped up the quality for season 2! The basic feel and tone I loved from season 1 is still there, now supported by improved sets, effects, and production values.

Ashley, great job!

@14: Only reason nobody is talking about the 50th anniversary is that nobody will be talking about anything but Episode VII by the time STB finally comes out…

I wouldn’t mind seeing a crossover between RSD and STC, with Ensign Williams making an appearance on STC, and Kirk and company making an appearance on RSD. I mean, even on TOS, there was the occasional “light-heart” episode…

I enjoyed the first 8 seconds. The rest gave me cancer.

@30 It’s a shame that your cancer has compromised your sense of humor. Get well soon.

@ lostrod

Good god, man, I would have been just fine if you hadn’t shared that sad and pathetic story here. The poor lady needs some help — why does crap like this always have to go public?

it’s a story sad enough to (thankfully) get zero air time.

This is really funny stuff, and I really appreciate the effort that has been made to make these episodes; thank you so much!

Ashley is a very pretty lady; in my country, we would say that she has an ‘Okinawa’ type figure!

This is an inventive addition to the fan film genre.

Best of luck and wishes for continued success with your series Ashley!

She’s beyond hot….she’s got the trifecta….smart, cute, & a Trekkie 😍