Star Trek Las Vegas Convention Kicking It Up A Notch for the 50th Anniversary 5-day Event


The annual Star Trek convention at The Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas is going to be bigger and better than ever in 2016, the year commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first run of the Original Series. Creation Entertainment, hosts of the Vegas convention (among many others), sent out a press release teasing a “non-stop five-day convention” in August 2016 that will feature over 100 stars from television and movies and cater to thousands of guests.

Bigger, better
In August 2016, Vegas convention goers will have to prepare themselves for an extra day of craziness in Sin City. For the 50th anniversary, Creation is celebrating (and adjusting for larger than normal crowds) by adding an extra day to the con. That’s right, five crazy nights.

“This event has always been uniquely innovative and in tune with what the Star Trek fan wants and expects. Every attendee, no matter what their ticket price, has a chance to see all the stars when they want to without fear of waiting or not getting in,” said Adam Malin, Co-CEO of Creation Entertainment. “It’s the ultimate space where like-minded folks can meet the franchise stars, argue trivia, look at the scientific and philosophical pop culture impact of the brand and of course make friendships that have lasted generations.”

Who you can expect to see
This early in the game, not many stars will have officially confirmed their attendance at the con. Among those already confirmed are William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Garrett Wang, and a couple dozen more. We at TrekMovie won’t be surprised if Creation negotiates hard to get some JJ-verse actors on the docket, who will be done filming Star Trek Beyond come convention time.

Also expect to see more guests than usual. Creation doesn’t release their official ticket sale numbers, but from our informal polling, we can safely advise you to buy tickets early (like, as soon as tickets at your preferred pricing level are available for sale. General Admission tickets aren’t on sale yet) and book your hotel room at the Rio now. Pro tip: make sure to book via Creation in order to get the special convention rate! Either use our link or look for reservation information on the official convention website.

The 50th Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas will be held August 3–7, 2016 at the Rio Suites Hotel. More information can be found at the official website. will, as always, be reporting LIVE from #STLV16!



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It’s Vegas, baby!

Woot. Wish I could go.

Someone started a rumor claiming Orci got banned from Paramount lot and it was in part to him plagiarizing one of his rejected Trek 3 scripts because it was too similar to Planet of the Titans…. Any truth to any of this craziness?

Also hearing the production of Trek 3 is bad and Paramount moved the start date mainly because they think it’ll do “less bad” on the 22nd even though they view it as a clunker.

Don’t pay any attention to rumors it’s just people trying to stir up talk and creat negative publicity to the movie. Ignore it and wait for official word unless of course you like rumors then by all means soak it all. I’m sure there are many people who love a good debate and controversy. I personally try to ignore the politics of Hollywood and wait to judge a movie for myself.

Idle chatter…those same folks were spinning all sorts of tales at the start of production. Tales of plagiarism, breach of contract, lawsuits, canceled production contracts, none of it true, obviously.

Not only will the actors from ST: B be “done filming,” the film will actually (theoretically) be in the theaters come next August.

I would think they’ll be wrapping up filming before year-end.

This is great news!

Trek Lives!

I do hope that The Powers That Be will we make a major announcement that Trek will return to episodic television.

Someone — quick — start a petition on the appropriate website!

Oh how I wish I could attend. Just far too expensive for me to travel.

8. Ciarán – well, you can start saving, you know…

#3 Derek – “Someone started a rumor claiming Orci got banned from Paramount lot and it was in part to him plagiarizing one of his rejected Trek 3….”

You said this exact same thing under the name of “Ryan” in post #241 in the most recent Trek Beyond article, what’s your game, anyway??

9. dswynne – I’d never save enough on time. My job isn’t exactly the best paid in the world.

Derek at post 3 is a troll.

This exact post appears on the ST Beyond thread in position 241 posted by Ryan.

Rick Berman has announced plans to attend!

#3 “Derek” and #10 jonboc

Yep, that “someone” spreading rumors appears to be Derek / Ryan. I wonder who he is a sock-puppet for? Anyone care to confess?

What I don’t understand is why people feel the need to spread these crazy negative rumours. Why do you want the movie to stink? And moving a movie by a couple of weeks isn’t a sign of a lack of confidence. Hell, they moved Star Trek 2009 from winter to the following summer because they *were* confident.

Do you think a failed movie will somehow get Trek back on TV? So, what, suits will think — the movie did horribly, let’s spend money on a series! That’s not how it works.

TNG happened after Trek IV broke Trek box office records and did well with a mainstream audience.

Or do you think that a few Internet rumers will convince them to dump Bad Robot and trot out Shatner, Takei, Nichols and Koenig for a new movie franchise?

I just don’t understand how you could be a Trek fan yet want a Trek project to fail.

Whoever it is, is just bored with nothing better to do than stir up anonymous internet trouble. He/she should be ignored.

I for one would like to see Shatner “trotted” out for this 50th anniversary film in some way, though.

This is from the SW forum I think it may help with why jjST has been so awefull

Just 15% of fans surveyed cited director J.J. Abrams as fueling their high hopes for “Force Awakens.” Most of the excitement surrounds VFX: 36% of respondents said “more advanced CGI” technology is a reason it will be the best “Star Wars” movie yet. Meanwhile, 25% cited a “more interesting story”; another 25% expect the movie to be “more true to the ‘Star Wars’ series”; and 14% pointed to a better cast.

Did you get that 35% think its the CGI that will make the movie better. And only 25% think a story and plot is relevant. And only 14% think actors have anything to contribute.

Was the JJST bad no they were shite. Why bother making a satisfying movie when 50% of the audience dosn’t give a crap if there is a plot or any kind of acting. So if we ignore Story and acting we have 50% of the audience covered. STB will be another dog of a movie as there is no need to do any better FU2 movie industry.

Son of Jello – I think you are miss-interpreting those poll results. If you are given one choice from a handful of meaningful options, picking your favorite doesn’t mean that you have no regard for the other options. It’s simply a limitation of the poll itself.

In that poll people are asked a question and asked to pick the thing that most intrigues them about the new Star Wars movie. People getting excited about better quality special effects seems pretty natural to me.

I’m not at all sure why I’d expect the direction of JJ Abrams to excite Star Wars fans more than the fact that they’re getting a new Star Wars film – so I don’t see how that 15% of the vote for him means anything. Why should he be the most exciting thing about the new movie? Star Wars is kind of a big deal – bigger even than JJ.

I was so elated with the 2009 ST movie, totally blew away my reserved expectations. But I was at least as disappointed w/the heavily borrowed, and terribly written Into Darkness. Was I watching Indiana Jones or ST?? Opening scene was same as Jones fleeing jungle natives, and bookend closure was same as Ark being shelved in cavernous basement.

To say nothing of the uselessness of the great Carol Marcus character, and on and on . . .

I am really really hoping this next one is better. Maybe like the “every other movie is good” pattern?

p.s. And, what they did to Kahn? Unforgivable. I barf on Cumberbatch.

18. Bob M – September 29, 2015

Yes you are correct poll results can be made to mean anything. Of the 100 people I asked 90% replied “no shite dh’ the other 10% just snatched their lunches back from me and told me to…………………..

Gee, Will Wil Wheaton return? I heard he either had a falling out with Creation (Something on his blog?) or something happened not related with Creation and he’s just preferred not to attend.

Why is Trekmovie not keeping up with all the latest news for Star Trek Beyond? Yahoo news has repeatedly released article after article on the subject, and yet Trekmovie seems to be trailing behind on these reports. Why?


Because they don’t need to engage a blog reaching thousands when they can get Yahoo which reaches hundreds of thousands.


The hardcore fans no longer hold any control on the outcome of Star Trek as a movie property.

Either way, ‘we’ are not that important.