Star Trek Beyond Filming at Dubai’s Central Park Towers This Weekend + More Dubai Set Photos [SPOILERS]


This week we’ve seen more photos of the sets in Dubai under construction at the Central Park Towers, where filming is reported to take place over the weekend. [MINOR SPOILERS!]

Residents of the Central Park Towers in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) received notice from building personnel that Star Trek Beyond will be filming outside of their building this weekend, on October 10th and 11th, according to Gulf News.

The shoot will take place on the set that appears to contain the crashed leading edge of a Constitution Class starship, leading many to speculate that the big E will sustain some serious damage in the film.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 6.16.16 PM
Photo credit: dubailuxuryliving on Instagram

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 6.28.33 PM
Photo credit: afristrom on Instagram

A resident of the Towers told the Gulf News tabloid! that a helicopter scene is slated to start filming around 8:00 AM on Saturday, followed by some ground scenes.



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Are you guys going to do an article about Star Trek: Renegades?

Hopefully the Enterprise doesn’t get its butt kicked yet again in this movie. Can we see the Enterprise treated more like the kick-ass character that it should be instead of retreating and getting pummeled again and again.

It is not spoiler. It is speculation.

Read this a week ago at the Trek core news site.

Not Enterprise shape or size if built 1/1 scale.

@3 Yeah the site is called but they seem to be late with the news.. I thought this was for fans of the new movies. During the last 2 movies this site was booming. Now all we get is old news and non related articles. What happened? I miss Bob Orci, at least he made it interesting!

Yeah that’s not the Enterprise. I rekon though that the Enterprise Does bite the dust going from the exterior location pictures about a month ago from Vancouver.

I wouldn’t shed a tear to see this incarnation of the E bite it. More proportionate nacelles next time, please.

I agree with everyone else, the saucer shape is too inconsistent with what we know about the Constitution class.

2 Chain of Command

Both Enterprise AND Kirk have gotten their butts whooped in the past two films! Perhaps Bob or JJ have problems with authority figures? Whatever, I hope both find their cajones in time for Trek 3!

BTW, the skyline behind that set-piece looks rather uninspiring. Why would that scene need to be filmed in Dubai?

Cygnus –

Replied to you in chat.

Enterprise being destroyed in another third movie? How original. :-/

enforcerchannel Shooting an interview for @rayascoop with the talents of #idriselba and #chrispine for their new movie shoot in #dubai

Very odd. If no one told me, I would guess several of these crashed ship set photos were taken from STID. They’re not remaking that movie, are they?

I kid, but it would be nice if they didn’t repeat action sequences from the previous movie. Again.

Starfleet outpost, maybe? I just hope it’s not Earth again. For once, I’d like a Star Trek movie where not a single scene takes place on Earth. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think every single Trek movie had at least part of it on Earth. It’d be nice if this was a movie about actual exploration for once.

Wow, y’all loooove to complain about anything, or making up things to complain about in the absence of anything legitimate.

With these pictures I find it hard to speculate on what is being told here, then again, none of us will know for certain until we see the completed film.

It does look like some wreckage – maybe part of a SF starship? Perhaps it has been brought back to earth for study, then recycling…

Star fleet HQ? Seems sort of the campus feel.

That’s an Instagram photo. Why would you assume that the skyline background lined up in that one particular direction from this cell phone photo would be the skyline background orientation that they are showing in the film???

I expect that the ultra-modern skyscraper background that we are use to seeing is simply in a different direction, or even behind, this photo.

The nitpicking is really getting out of hand.

11. Anthony Thompson – October 10, 2015
BTW, the skyline behind that set-piece looks rather uninspiring. Why would that scene need to be filmed in Dubai?

I know the saucer seems to be too small, and it looks old and rusted, but is it not possible that this is part of a flashback to the crash of the Vengeance?

Forget that. I just worked out that the overall width of the saucer is somewhere around 40 or 50 meters. Both the Vengeance and the Enterprise are much larger.

A NX class saucer section perhaps?

You need to remember camera perspective may be being utilized. That saucer piece, though closer to the actors, may be intended to look like a piece farther away.

I doubt that. In the videos from the filming (which Trekmovie hasn’t posted yet) you see people running right up close to the set. My guess is that it’s a ship we haven’t seen before. the bigger question is whether it’s related in any way to the previous pictures of a crashed ship from Vancouver, and why so many Starfleet ships are crashing.

Said it before…JJ-verse Enterprise looks like a 50’s era bloated Buick. Hope it sees a long burn up thru the atmosphere.

Dunno how people are assuming that’s a saucer section when it’s a slightly semi-circular bit of metal.

More epic destruction and earth based locations. Glad to see that this movie is going in a new direction.

Oh well.


About the set, they also filmed inside the building, which is quite impressive and futuristic. They used drones and helicopters to capture shots as well. When you’re on ground level you can’t see anything but the green screens, and they utilized the ground between the ship and the building, as you can see in other posted pictures. It’s definitely a crash scene of some sort, as people from the building run to the ship to assist injured people coming out of the ship.

Hate to add fuel to a fire, but William Shatner was in Dubai recently, too…