The Star Trek Strange New Worlds Writing Contest Is Back – Get Your Fanfic Published In An Official Star Trek Anthology


In celebration of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary in 2016, CBS has brought back the popular Star Trek: Strange New Worlds fan fiction writing contest, which gives amateur authors the chance to get their stories in an official Star Trek anthology book published by Simon & Schuster.

Are you a writer who wants to explore the universe of Star Trek? Now you can do that, in print, officially, and sponsored by CBS. The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds writing contest is being brought back by popular demand. The contest originally ran annually, compiling short stories written by fans from 1998 until 2007. The new contest offers similar rewards, with the ultimate prize of publication in the official anthology going to the 10 best stories. According to

“The new contest for 2106 will result in 10 grand prize winners who will have their stories published in the print and eBook formats as part of an all-new and official anthology from Simon & Schuster. Additionally, the two first prize winners will receive a free self-publishing package from Archway Publishing.”

The deadline to submit your stories is January 15, 2016 and is open to U.S. residents only. The winning stories will be selected by a panel and will be announced on March 31st, 2016.

Check out for more information and to enter to win!



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So, thwarted childhood dream… re-enabled? This is fantastically exciting; even if I don’t think I have a snowball’s chance on Vulcan of getting selected, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to submit a short story for this…!

Good news. Now Bob Orci can submit his rejected stories for the masses.

Joking. Sort of. I’d love to read them actually.

Nice, loved the earlier volumes, my favorites being a story called 0.68 Seconds, a brief tale of what Data can accomplish during a period of time equal to the “near eternity” he was tempted by the Borg Queen’s offer. Then a fun little story by a fellow Rasmussen about how Matt Frewer’s character Berlinghoff Rasmussen sold the idea of Trek to Gene and his family provides the stories via time travel.

Can I re-write 09 and STID and submit them?


…. who is Bob Orci? OOOHHH right, he ruined star trek and spider-man. Sorry, my childhood was trying to block him out of my memory. I hardly hear the name anymore and was doing a good job of it.

Gotta start all over again.

I am may have to copy and paste a couple old posts of mine hereat TM.

; )

Typos. Sorry. It’s my droid’s fault.

2. TUP – October 9, 2015

Good news. Now Bob Orci can submit his rejected stories for the masses. Joking. Sort of. I’d love to read them actually.

If they’re like some of his previous stories (The Island), you can read them because they were published by someone else. ZING!!

Just keeeding!! I keeeed!!

“It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly a phaser shot rang out.”

That’s all I’ve got so far.

8. Just Another Salt Vampire – October 9, 2015

loving it so far, intrigued by the phaser shot ringing out.

7. TrekMadeMeWonder – October 9, 2015

Your droid is an idiot.

US Residents only. :-(

8. Just Another Salt Vampire – October 9, 2015

When my phaser rings out, it goes straight thru to my voicemail.

The Klingons kept circling Uranus, then, with one wipe, they were gone.


lol i remember Bob Orci said “there is a reason I write movies and you don’t.” When there was a backlash of his Trek movies.

So…. how is Trek 3 coming along? Or that new spidey movie? I hope he never does anything with: Bond movies, Trek movies, any marvel property.

Maybe i’ll just re-write Into Darkness.

Yup. Bob had the brass pen, for a moment.

10. Son of Jello

Its my droid tablet, actually. But I still cannot get used to the onscreen keys.
There has to be an app for a better keyboard.

@Maximus, Bob quit before Amazing Spider-Man 2 was filmed so you have to lay the blame for that one elsewhere, sorry to burst your bubble but it was reported right here on trekmovie. As for ASM 1 it was a fair, though not fantastic, adaption of the darker Macfarlane era of Spider-Man.

Why in hell’s name are you picking on Bob Orci? Answer – because you can…duh…:(

It seems that PTB do actually believe that the “real” world starts and ends with the USA – and Americans wonder why non-Americans may have a less than positive view of aspects of US citizenry behaviour? Yes, once again, those not living in the US do not get a chance to offer their stories or the opportunities to win in a lottery and go on sets etc. What – can’t take the competition, despite being the nation/people who bang on to the rest of the world about how competition is healthy, being a free nation etc and one that we all should aspire to be like? Hmmm

Re Dubai – I just read an article in a local magazine about a group of kiwi cooks having gone to Dubai to do a TV cooking reality show. They were also told of the rules about touching etc. Generally, they found the people in Dubai to be very hospitable and were also amazed at the architecture/artistry of the many new buildings. One person also described it as being “rather narcissistic”. Interesting comment, I thought. I suspect that it is likely that pride/hubris is a “deadly sin” in Islam as well. Just like much of what has gone in the west, that religion has not stopped a lot of hubris and egotistic behaviours in those parts either. Far from it, in many respects, especially when it comes to the general male/female relationship.

Better go – feeling a bit bitchy right now…:(

@Kayla – where do you live, not the US?

@Maximus – funny when Bob made that crack about making films and the rest of us don’t but when he was fired he accused people of
Kicking him when he’s down. Bit of a hypocrit.

But I would like to read his treatments for ST3.

It’s a real shame that this is limited to US residents … and I say that as a US citizen, myself. Not only is inclusion, not exclusion, the Star Trek way, but I’ve read some wonderful fan fiction by British authors and German authors.

I wonder if there’s some legal impediment? If so, I wish they would mention it, so that limiting the contestants to US residents wouldn’t seem so cold and arbitrary.

Anyone considering entering this contest might be interested in the comments of Dean Wesley Smith, the editor of the previous Strange New Worlds series, when asked about it on his web site:

#22 – I cannot recall Bob Orci ever accusing people of kicking him when he was done, but I do distinctly remember ME, KEACHICK, writing that here on this site.

All Bob Orci stated was fact to most of the posters here, ie he does get to make films and we don’t. Not opinion, just plain fact. Deal with it.

Bob’s detractors are just grumpy members of the old-farts fan club that hate the fact that he wrote the most financially successful Star Trek movie, ever…and used dialog and events from the often-worshipped Wrath of Khan, to help achieve that newfound worldwide success. This ancient 90’s fanbase is dying off and they feel threatened by the millions of new fans and old TOS fans that support this version of Trek. The lifestyle, within Trek fandom, that these fans have enjoyed since TNG premiered, is being threatened by the new kids in town and they fear being left behind. They will always attack the Trek that they don’t recognize…will continue to live in the 1990’s through DVDs and internet message boards, no matter how successful the new Trek is…and will never conform to new ideas.
And they will be left behind. And that’s ok.

@ 19. Who cares,

“@Maximus, Bob quit before Amazing Spider-Man 2 was filmed so you have to lay the blame for that one elsewhere, sorry to burst your bubble but it was reported right here on trekmovie.”

I think you got confused with AMS 3.

Orci & Kurtzman co-wrote ASM 2. The movie was released in May 2014. They were supposed to write ASM 3 but Orci left the project in July 2014.


Roberto Orci Off The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise, No Clear Timeline for TASM 3, Venom, or Sinister Six
11 Jul 2014

@ 25. Keachick,

“#22 – I cannot recall Bob Orci ever accusing people of kicking him when he was done, but I do distinctly remember ME, KEACHICK, writing that here on this site.”

Guess you have an issue with your memory then!


674. boborci – May 27, 2015

644 [TUP] u r such a dipshit. it is not a loose reason. I am still a producer on the movie. I still have responsaibilities to protect the movie, releasing my work could spoil the movie. im not writing or directing the next film, yet you kick me when Im down.

712. Keachick – May 27, 2015

I stand by what I wrote – you are being rude and disingenuous to ask that Bob Orci show anything to you. You really are a “dipshit” (good word, Bob Orci).

OK, you got me. It seems that Bob Orci also wrote of being kicked when down. I’m not sure if he wrote those words after or before I wrote what I did.

Irrespective of who of us wrote them, the point remains the same. It was disreputable of TUP and others to behave as they have towards Bob Orci.

@27. Ahmed, ok your right, I mixed that one up, I do however remember seeing something said about at least part of the reason for Bob’s departure from that franchise being studio directives which lead to the haphazard final state of the film. Much like the current situation with Fantastic Four over at Fox, there is blame to go around for the Director, for the Studio, and yes for the writing team, but only so much can be put on any one person, and quite frankly claiming that any one of those people is wholly responsible for “destroying” a character or franchise is just ignoring reality.

Thanks Corylea. I live in the UK, I’ve loved Star Trek for as long as I can remember, and it’s infuriating to see that a franchise that preaches ‘inclusivity’ repeatedly comes up with contests that are anything but.
Incidentally, it’s not just good fanfiction that gets written by British writers – there are a couple of excellent official novel writers (James Swallow and Una McCormack) who live in the UK. If they can get contracted and paid, I fail to see what the problem is with ‘Strange New Worlds’ expanding their remit.

OK, Universe. You task me! You task me and I shall have this prize!

Seriously, I just banged out a first draft. It felt good just to do it, so what the hell. I’ll be submitting it in a few weeks, after I’ve given it a few coats of polish. Good luck to all!!