SPOILERS, SPOILERS, and more SPOILERS! Pics and Videos From Last Weekend’s Star Trek Beyond Dubai Shoot


SPOILERS Ho! Despite Paramount’s plea to the contrary, plenty of people have snapped pics and videos of the latest very public shoot for Star Trek Beyond, which took place over the weekend at Dubai’s Central Park Towers. Hit the jump for tons of SPOILERS in what is the biggest STB photo dump we’ve seen since the Xindi Skunk.

Sorry, Paramount. Trek fans just couldn’t help themselves. Despite posting the following warning around Dubai’s Central Park Towers before filming commenced this Saturday, lots of people got snap happy and took to the internet to distribute some spoilerific views of the set.

Photo credit Amanda Fristrom


First off, tons of shots of the outdoor shoot with Starfleet officers running about.

A video posted by Ali Al Sayed (@alsayedcomedy) on


We’ve also seen tons of still images of the set, some showing off lots of cool new (and improved) Starfleet uniforms, plus lots of what appear to be non-Starfleet civilians.

Photo: TheNational

Photo: TheNational

Photo by tehsins

Photo: Asha Murali for emirates247

Photo: Asha Murali for emirates247

Photo: Asha Murali for emirates247

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 5.21.59 PM
Photo: DubaiLuxuryLiving







The Yorktown: A Federation vessel destroyed? This shot shows a memorial for lost crew members from the (USS?) Yorktown. Perhaps, then, the outdoor scene depicts the destruction of the USS Yorktown rather than extensive damage to the Enterprise, as hypothesized by many news outlets after the appearance the first leaked photos of what appears to be the leading edge of a crashed ship.

Fun side note: the names of those lost from the Yorktown are all apparently names of real people in behind-the-camera show business, possibly those connected to whomever in props designed this memorial, including Dan Hermansen who is currently working in the art department for Star Trek Beyond, Kay Di Rezze, assistant accountant on Star Trek Beyond in Dubai, and more.

Photo: poohnicks


The two-piece gray uniforms may also hail from the Yorktown. The shoulder patch is similar to the Yorktown symbol seen adorning an interior wall. The uniforms seem to take cues from several iterations of Trek, plus lots of design aesthetics not seen before in Starfleet uniforms. The design suggests they may be used for hands-on duty or away missions. The shoulder coloring likely designates the officer’s field, a la Deep Space Nine and others. The rank pips are reminiscent of the square pips used in Enterprise, and the color patterns and belt may be nods to the uniforms used in The Motion Picture.





We also got some glimpses of a few cool looking alien races.




Photo: Asha Murali for emirates247

Photo: Asha Murali for emirates247


Someone even managed to snag this surreptitious snap (fear my alliteration skills) of Chris Pine in costume as Captain James Kirk.

Photo by Zack Baginski


But, the biggest news of all may be the update to the female Starfleet uniforms that I for one am extremely happy to see: the short sleeves have morphed into long ones, making room for rank insignia! Finally, female officers are deemed worthy of having their rank displayed! This was a heavy point of contention amongst feminists concerning the last two films. This seemingly insignificant detail points not only to a more progressive Star Trek this time around, but gives us more hope that the story itself will live up to the principles that Gene Roddenberry and his successors created for Star Trek. Am I reaching here? Maybe, but I for one am certainly more excited to see the film after this little nugget slipped out.

Photo with annotation from TrekCore



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Uh oh, so Star Trek 2009, Star Trek Into Darkness, and now Star Trek Beyond has Starfleet attacked and cadets are running around in a panic?



Hopefully the pics and video are misleading. The uniforms look good :)

Maybe you should wait to see the movie before jumping to conclusions. The pictures show nothing. All we see if aliens and people in uniform. Did I miss something? Where in the video or pictures does it say that they are cadets or even under attack?

Definitely looks like Romuluans in the forth last pic. Wild stab in the dark but maybe woman in white dress is Betazoid???

Considering the sheer number of scenes/locations in any big budget film, fans will have to snag several similar surreptitious snaps simultaneously so as to spoil the story.

Anyway, sleeves are fine, but did they have to lower the hemlines? D’awwwww!

So feminists took issue with rank insignia but not the miniskirts? Okay. Fine. Whatever spins your saucer section.

Anyway, the pics look good. Trek on.

Time for a visit to the eye doctor, dude. Nearly everyone in these photos looks older than cadets.

1. Spockboy – October 13, 2015
Uh oh, so Star Trek 2009, Star Trek Into Darkness, and now Star Trek Beyond has Starfleet attacked and cadets are running around in a panic?



In other news, Star Trek Axanar will be way better than this so who cares? Why doesn’t JJ make Star Wars as un-Star Wars like as possible? How about Blomkamp make Alien 5 as un-alien like as possible?

Why is the memorial alphabetized by first names? And is one of the Simons Simon Pegg?

I wonder if this is the opening sequence?

@9 Good question. Also no rank unless they are civilians/non Starfleet???

Maybe Yorktown was a transport?

With all due respect, you guys are hilarious,

“Did I miss something? Where in the video or pictures does it say that they are cadets or even under attack?”

In they video they are all running around in a panic.
What are they all running for then?
Is there a sale on Phasers? LOL
Why is there a crashed saucer section there?

@Prodigal Son
“Time for a visit to the eye doctor, dude. Nearly everyone in these photos looks older than cadets”
My mistake, OCD man, by cadets I meant “Starfleet personnel”
I assume at Starfleet Command there would be people of ALL ages walking around including cadets. Are you suggesting that because not everyone looks 18 that there are no cadets there?

I also stated “Hopefully the pics and video are misleading”

Suggesting that I may be in error.


Well, I hope that the people who were complaining about a lack of articles and updates pertaining to STB are at least feeling grateful to Kayla these days. This movie doesn’t take a sh*t without an article on it for the past week. So, how about some friggin’ gratitude, you developmentally-arrested bratty whining ingrates?

Here here!

Thanks very much for keeping this site going Kayla.
Much appreciated. :)

And where are the spoilers again? A bunch of BTS pics aren’t really spoilers,still know nothing of the story and such. Great pics though,even though I saw them days ago at another site.

Yes Kayla,really great that you keep the site going,had almost given up on it,lol.


Trek Core had these days ago, keep up!

So, the standard costumes are starting to look like hybrids between the Original Series and movies 2-6. Nice!

Hmmmm Interesting.

If there is a memorial to the Yorktown it seems odd it would still have the crashed ship there unless a piece of the ship is part of the memorial.

But a Star Fleet memorial makes you think another scene on earth. And then an attack. On earth.

It could be an out-post.

At least we finally have something to speculate about.

I like the uniforms but as a realist, it annoys me that once again, we’re way off-base as far as “canon” goes.

Perhaps the memorial is similar in concept to the Pearl Harbor memorial with a remnant of the destroyed Yorktown just as Pearl Harbor is the resting place of the USS Arizona.

It’s one thing to do the ARIZONA memorial, it isn’t like that sunken hulk was going anyplace. But to leave the physical reminder of your ship, so you could see the front-of-hull windows your best friends were thrown through to their deaths everytime you go outside … I don’t see the value in that, and even in TREK’s time, I think that’d be part of a recipe for inducing even more post-traumatic-stress than would otherwise develop.

If they crashed at the edge of the ocean, then sure, let it become a shoal, but I’m really hoping it isn’t supposed to be a wreck-turned-monument, unless they have one HELL of a story to go with it.

14. Cygnus-X1 –

“This movie doesn’t take a sh*t without an article on it for the past week.”

Haha! That line made me Laugh Out LOUDLY!!! Haha!!!
First laugh on my birthday. Thanks Cyg.

Thanks Kayla. Loking forward to the satellite photos.

Interesting, the Yorktwon was the ship Kirk delayed delivery of medical supplies so that he could chase after the vampire cloud.

# 4. Max – October 13, 2015

” Definitely looks like Romuluans in the forth last pic. Wild stab in the dark but maybe woman in white dress is Betazoid???” — Max

Looks like a wedding dress, but what would a Betazoid be doing with a wedding dress?

Maybe she is out TrickorTreating?

Happy Birthday. CD.

# 13. Spockboy – October 13, 2015

” Are you suggesting that because not everyone looks 18 that there are no cadets there?” — Spockboy

That’s just a common ageist bent that Prodigal Son constantly runs with.

In the early days, it was common to peg Spock at 50yo when he attended academy and this incarnation’s McCoy sure doesn’t look like a spring chicken standing next to cadet Kirk..

#6. Vultan – October 13, 2015

Something about the style reminds of something I saw Kayla in so she may well have influenced another part of this production’s design. Although, it seems clear the hemline is more likely accomodating local decency/censorship laws.

To be fair, McCoy being an older cadet isnt common. And a 50 year old Vulcan is like a 12 year old human or so.

Certainly if you’re showing a cadet setting you’d cast university-aged (or in appearance) actors.

Wow, the Potato Head and California Raisins aliens leave a lot to be desired…. very strange. But I do like the uniform changes I’m seeing.

I really like the changes to the uniforms. But that fourth photo from the end sure looks like a glimpse of Spock in his Vulcan robes.

There’s another picture, not included in this set, where you can see ZQ getting a touchup- and he’s wearing Vulcan clothing.

I can’t wait for the first trailers.

Keep in mind, whatever is happening in the Dubai shoot does not involve Zoe. Add to the speculation…

@19 TUP, 20 Gary, 21 kmart,

Those are all excellent suggestions.
The bit of crashed saucer section very well could be a memorial of some kind.

Well done!


# 19. TUP – October 14, 2015

” It could be an out-post. ” — TUP

With levitating towers, I’m pondering more like New Vulcan but can’t think of a Vulcan connection to the Yorktown.


# 24. kmart – October 14, 2015

“Maybe she is out TrickorTreating?” — kmart

Or maybe TREK or Treating? ;)


# 28. TUP – October 14, 2015

” To be fair, McCoy being an older cadet isnt common.” — TUP

To be fair, this is the 23rd century we are talking about here, and no such thing has been established as “common” there nor does it make sense given the plethora of civilizations that are members of the Federation.

” And a 50 year old Vulcan is like a 12 year old human or so.” — TUP

So there are 50yo cadets but they all must have the Starfleet standard issue Doc Brown youth upgrade which is common in this incarnation?

@ Spockboy

That’s a pretty weak, “weaseling out” type of response.

Dude, there’s nothing wrong with once in awhile just saying you were wrong.

What I meant was Bones had a career as a doctor and chose Star Fleet to get away from things due to his wife leaving him. He wasnt a 30 year old who said hey my dream is Star Fleet, lets go.

# 35. TUP – October 14, 2015

” He wasnt a 30 year old who said hey my dream is Star Fleet, lets go.” — TUP

You have to remember I was born and raised in the same South as the fictional McCoy where Colonel Harlan Sanders did just that in his 60s.

I’ll give you that in the first 6 Trek films they pretty much kept stressing the “fresh young minds” cadet aspect. But it never set well with me for the reasons I gave that the show had previously established.

Nothing about changing uniforms violates canon.

I never understood how some fans can’t understand this is a movie and not the real world. Just because they change the look of uniforms, or the bridge, or the ship in subtle ways, or the warp affect, or the transporter affect, doesn’t mean that they changed canon.

Those things always change. It’s for the enjoyment of the audience. To the characters in the FICTIONAL universe of Star Trek, nothing has changed.

I’ve never known anyone in real life that ever cared about the fact that those things change with almost every incarnation of Star Trek. Sure there are looks that some people like more than others, but no one thinks it is some kind of violation of canon.

@Jay – Im not going to get huffy over it but unless you or I are misunderstanding the term “canon”, you’re incorrect. Changing the uniform does violate canon since those uniforms were never used.

I suppose we could say we just didnt see them and on the days between the airing of TOS episodes, they all changed into these new digs.

But I also think its silly to change uniforms every film. Feels too manufactured and unorganic for a large agency to change uniforms every two years.

While I *do* like the look of the updates uniforms. Although to be honest, I liked them when I saw Quinto in one but now I see actors standing around, they seem a bit….off. Will have to see.

If I was on the creative team, I’d be hard pressed not to dabble in something akin to the TOS “trilogy” uniforms…even though that wouldnt make sense within the time frame of this film, I’d still be temped to do it.

#38 @TUP – No it doesn’t violate canon at all.

Who says those uniforms were never used? Never used where?

Just because they weren’t in the 1960’s TV show means nothing as it relates to canon.

You don’t have to say you didn’t see them for this reason or that. You don’t have to explain it in any way.

This is a FICTIONAL story.

The reason the uniforms looked like they did in TOS had nothing to do with canon. It was a reflection of the style sensibilities of America in the 1960’s.

When TMP came out, the view of “the future” and “high-tech” in America in the 1970’s was of a more monochromactic color palet and colder colors like greys and blacks and whites. And that film was made WITH GENE RODENBERRY!! That was his vision of what Star Trek should look like given more money and more advanced tools at his disposal.

There was no need for some dumb story explaination. As far as the characters in Star Trek, the uniforms we see today are the same ones they have always had. The Enterprise is the same one they’ve always had.

The warp affect and transporter affect, etc. are the same as they have always been.

Even Gene Rodenberry said the same thing when asked about Klingons in the movies vs TOS. He said this is how they have always looked. It was just with the movies he had the money and special effects makeup technology to bring his vision to life more. It didn’t mean they didn’t always look like that to the characters in Star Trek.

When I saw the first movies – TMP, TWOK, STIII – it never occured to me for one second that the Klingons looked different than they did in the TV show, or that the uniforms were different. I took it for granted becase TOS was a TV SHOW!! and these were big budget MOVIES!! That’s why they were different.

Same thing with all the other things that some people get all bent out of shape over. Canon is about the overall story of Star Trek. Who the characters are. Where they come from. Their personalities. Their shared adventures etc. Not “the uniforms have to look exactly like this” or “the enterprise has to look exactly like this” “the bridge has to look exactly like this”. That’s not canon.

People need to realize that part of making movies is using new technologies and of course more money than with a TV show, to do things you couldn’t do before. To make your vision (as the creator) more like what you imagined in your head.

Its a fictional universe that Gene himself showed us is open to interpretation and different visions – that are also influenced by the time period in which the shows or movies are made, and the budget and technologies available.

I got the impressions from the images that all the exitement happens at a wedding (some people are dressed formally), Or its a flashback to the vengeance crash

To me and the Star Trek fans that I know, part of the excitement in a new movie or show about Star Trek is seeing the things that they change. How will the ship be different? How will the warp effect look this time? How will the transporter effect look and sound this time? The phasers? The uniforms? etc. etc.

That is a big part of the fun of going to see these movies for me and those that I know that love Star Trek. It would be disapointing if none of that stuff changed.

#41 That was my first thought when I saw the pic of the lady in the white dress. Looks like a wedding dress.

But could have nothing to do with a wedding.

It is very interesting with the memorial and the crashed ship. There is rubble around the ship, but there also appears to be “new” things, structures, etc. close to the “crash site”. In other words, if this was a fresh crash there would be a blast radius around the ship you would think, and not clean structures. So I think the idea that the piece of the crashed ship is part of the memorial is a pretty good one.

Why everyone starts running is anyone’s guess.

If you look closely at that video clip posted by Eugenemark_samson, near the bottom left there are two figures in long robes of some sort. The camera operator at the bottom center on the track seems to focus on them. If you watch the action, those two figures walk steadily to the right, as the camera man follows them, while everyone else is running, they are steadily walking.

Then near the end a figure comes running in from the right, looks like he’s holding a phaser, pauses and runs towards the wreck/memorial.

@Jay – it seems silly to argue this but since you insist, ofcourse it violates canon if they have different uniforms at a point in the timeline that those uniforms were not used in the franchise.

The “alt universe” changes everything but if it changes everything then why isnt Kirk black? Why isnt Sulu a woman? Why doesnt the Enterprise look like the Falcon?

How do we know they never used those uniforms? Sure. But like I said, I guess Kirk and Co. just put the classic uniforms on for the weekly TV series and changed into the other ones when we werent looking.

Realistically it means nothing. But if I was the production head I’d instruct the team to come up with whatever fantastic elements they want…that fit within the canon. It forces them to be better.

@41 – Thankfully Zoe isnt there so we can rule out Spock/Urhura wedding.

Maybe its on Vulcan and its Sarek marrying Perrin

Frankly, the uniforms are hideous, and rather unprofessional. With so many variations, I’d hardly call them “uniform”. As for the rest, they’ve certainly thrown money at this project, and that’s reason for hope. After all, uniform are such a small part of it. I’d just prefer to see some consistency and logic applies to the Starfleet Dress and Appearance Regs. Or perhaps that’s my military service talking…

Whoops, Perrin would be to young. I forgot she was human.

I wonder if the film crew added a green dye to the water for some sort of vfx purpose. An aquatic green screen, if you will.

IMO Trek Movie is lacking big time in providing up to date, complete info, and in a timely manor for Star Trek Beyond. 2009 and Into Darkness, exemplary work, this website was the place to be. But Trek Core is far faster at posting with much more content and in greater detail. Trek Movie, yea you have lives but you’re being tardy with up to date info. There are many article found on Trek Core about Beyond which simply have not been posted on this site. Not being a dick, just honest, observant, wanting Trek Movie to step up their reporting game, and for the readers to check out Trek Core.