Star Trek Beyond Wraps Filming PLUS The Trek Movie Caption Contest!


With a tweet heard round the Alpha Quadrant, Simon Pegg today announced that principal photography for Star Trek Beyond had wrapped. He and co-writer Doug Jung are seen staring off into the Final Frontier.

But what are they saying? What are they thinking? Is it “Second star to the right, and straight on till morning”? Or is it “Let’s see what’s out there”? Or perhaps they’re staring at a fan cosplaying as the Goddess of Empathy. What do you think? Put your idea for the perfect caption for this photo in the comments below, and return back here every week for more news related to Star Trek Beyond, the 50th anniversary next year, and much more Trek-citement.

Star Trek Beyond will hit theaters on July 22, 2016.

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That’s no moon, That’s Bill Shatner !

JUNG: Trek fans are going to hate us after this.

PEGG: My god…what have I done.

Simon peg.

Doug Jung thinking to himself. He could be right calling it “the 3 summers of ice cream” is a good way of celebrating playing scotty 3 times. :)

Man, I hope it’s good!

#1. Walt Kozlowski – October 15, 2015

“That’s no moon, That’s Bill Shatner !” — Walt Kozlowsk

No. It’s worse than that. It’s Shatner’s MOON!

Seems like it went pretty quickly………too quickly.

Simon Pegg is thinking, “Damn, I’m wearing the wrong franchise baseball cap!”

LOL @ #2

Yeah, it seems like they just started filming. Must’ve had a lot of fiber to force this new piece of S*** out.

And he’s wearing a Star Wars Episode VII cap?

Wow. Are You sure that’s not J.J. “I didn’t like star trek, I was a star wars kid growing up” Abrams?


Do you think anyone’ll remember Helen Pollak worked on BENJAMIN BUTTON?

I have several critiques of the Bad Robot films. Hopefully this one is better.

A lot of the character work isn’t very good. They’re blockbuster films but the characters can still be more flushed out and real.

Frankly, a lot of the details just don’t make logical sense. For example, in Star Trek (2009) the Enterprise is under construction in Iowa, where the Federation shipyard is located. During the construction process, for whatever reason, requires a large and long chasm in the Iowa farmland (Iowa has some of the most fertile land on the planet) that has probably polluted the ground water and destroy the environment. Why in earth would they put the shipyard in Iowa and destroy such valuable land. They wouldn’t put the Federation Shipyards there of all places. Why not put the shipyards someplace dry, such as in the Californian desert or Texas. Someplace with very little water and little biodiversity.

This is just one obvious point. Who would have the time to point out all the irrational details or plot points.

Or Star Trek into Darkness only makes sense if you’re a “truther” of some kind The movie has a ridiculous conspiracy theory that doesn’t have any basis in reality. Star Trek is supposed to take place in some sort of reality.

This is supposed to be science fiction, where’s the science or rational thought.

I was thinking; since there was no shooting in USA, What will engineering look like? Ya think they will just use stock footage of the brewery?

Caption: ‘Oh $£%^, we’re actually going to have to find _work_ now.’


If Simon Pegg wrote the thing, I certainly hope he let Scotty overhaul engineering. Of course, Canada has beer factories, too (and much better beer).

comgrats to all!

“We’Ve created a monster…”

It was fun…. oh my.

“We might’ve created the ‘Batman & Robin’ of the Star Trek franchise, Doug” – “Awwwww crap.”

Just kidding. “Nemesis” already was the “Batman & Robin” of Trek (i.e. the failed sequel that necessitated a reboot of the entire franchise years later).
I actually still have some hope left for “Beyond”. The title actually implies that it MIGHT contain at least some elements of the old Star Trek formula:
“Hey, we’ve discovered something COMPLETELY unknown! Looks creepy as f**k.” …[plot]… “Oi why is it eating our starbases???” …[plot]… “Ohhhh, that’s why!”

And sorry for (kinda) double posting.

What is this sh…..?


We’re Boldly going again!

“Just kidding. “Nemesis” already was the “Batman & Robin” of Trek (i.e. the failed sequel that necessitated a reboot of the entire franchise years later).”

The reboot itself wasn’t the problem, neither on Trek nor Batman. Both Trek09 and Batman Begins were great movies and great reboots for each franchise!

What I am afraid of is YET ANOTHER reboot down the line… They’ve already done that for Batman, as the Batman on BvS won’t be the same one as seen on the TDK trilogy. I wonder whether the same will happen for Tre at some point. I seriously hope not… One reboot (set in an alternate timeline that’s officially established on-screen) is fine with me, but a straight-forward reboot with no further connection to any of the previous timelines would be the end for Star Trek, at least from my POV.

The next movie should be Star Trek Forever and it should involve the Guardian of Forever, the Doomsday Machines, the Borg and the Q… And epic adventure spanning millennia and featuring time travel and the birth of either Borg and/or Doomsday Machine planet killers…

# 11. Josh – October 15, 2015

“They wouldn’t put the Federation Shipyards there of all places…” — Josh

As for pollution, well this is the 23rd century one hopes construction technique advances would have minimized that. I will say the plethora of hand welders does give me cause to pause for your concerns.

I believe Alex Kurtzman explained that the shipyards were moved there in one of those political moves local politicos use to ostensibly honor a hero from there, George Kirk, but what I recognize as usually used to inject contract monies and jobs into a depressed area to gain said politicians future votes.

It’s been a while, but wasn’t there a name plaque that revealed its name as “The George Kirk Memorial Shipyards”?


I disagree with Nemesis being the batman and robin movie of Star Trek. It’s not among the best but it’s definitely watchable. I would say a slight step up on Insurrection actually.

Simon Pegg: “Funny, I remember there was a line in Spaced about certainty,” he says. “I said, ‘As sure as eggs is eggs, as sure as day follows night, as sure as every odd-numbered Star Trek movie is shit …’ – and I am now writing Star Trek 13. I think I would have been apoplectic with the irony of it all, you know. And I love thinking about that, the circularity of having been a fan of these things as a kid and now being part of them. And I feel very lucky and I feel – in my quietest, most private moments – proud of myself.”

Good luck, guys!

Congrats! Looking forward to STar Trek Beyond, and, hopefully, much more new Trek, from this team, beyond that!

Simon Pegg has earned my trust. I’ll go in with an open mind, hopeful for a good, new Trek story.

PEGG: I dunno. Do you think this is better than “Into Darkness”?

JUNG: Dude, anything will be better than “Into Darkness”.

I’m cautiously optimistic. I just hope the science is better in this one!

do they have sandwhiches in the future?

Pegg: “My God… How did this happen? I knew it was going badly, no escaping THAT vibe on-set… but HOW did I end up making another anodyne romantic comedy? It’s MEANT to be a Star Trek film!”

Jung: “Face it dude, you’re toast. No escaping this puppy. You still got that one-time-only Spaced Season 3 card you can play?”

“Doug, I sure hope this movie makes enough money so that I can pay for my apple watch”

actor Bruce Hyde passed away he played the part of kevin Riley in the origonal series……

We’re touching our arms, we’re…touching…our…arms, my heart’s beating fast…Shut Up!

32. captainspock – October 16, 2015

Thanks for that. Another classic joins the ranks of the departed this year. Very sad. Seems like he was a real nice guy.

“And now we’ll hear ‘Kathleen” one…more…time!”


Jung: I TOLD you it was a mistake to put the ears on Pine instead of Quinto!

Pegg: Don’t worry, we’ll have Karl remove them in the next movie.

“Maybe this Keenser underwear scene was a bad idea.”

Pegg: “mate, do I look like a f**king comedian?”

Jung: “No, you look like two f**king comedians!”

12 Walt it will be like the Molson Canadian brewery instead of Bud Weiser’s ;^)

Yeah the ship yards in Iowa was silly. Regardless of the reason. It was done so Kirk could stare at it. And it could loom over him. I get that. But still silly. Just one of those amazing coincednces.

Like there being a bar in the middle of nowhere that star fleet cadets frequent. For some reason. On their way to the academy. And thank goodness Pike needed a pee break at that fortuitous moment.

Pegg: After Star Trek, what sci-fi media properties should we remake for today’s North American audiences?
Jung: Not yet a clue, Simon. The list of good options is very huge.
Pegg: Time to start a month of researching.

its star trek but not as we know it


Iowa isn’t a poor state. It has a high per capita income and a lower cost of living. Iowa also has top rated public K-12 and public research. Because Iowa’ land is so fertile, the state is the number 2 agricultural producing states in terms of cash receipts ( This would most likely continue into the future. I’m not even from Iowa and I can find this out. The Appalachian region needs the jobs. Or Bakersfield really needs the jobs. Frankly, Palmdale makes sense because that’s were there are a lot of aerospace and its in the desert. And Palmdale is near LA, which has 46,000 homeless people. So the reasons given aren’t all that’s logical. They placed the ship yards in Iowa because that’s where Kirk is from, so the writers did if for convenience purposes.

Pegg: “So, do you think there’s life after Trek?”

Jung: “Nope, we’re screwed.”

Two and a half centuries is too far out to reasonably extrapolate any economy, especially given the kind of upheaval that an invention like, say, the replicator would have on an economy largely driven by its agricultural strengths.
The transporter would also have a huge impact on farming, being able to move food anywhere on the planet in seconds would make the idea of “perishables” kinda silly.
So who knows, Iowa may still be trying to recover from the big corn bust of 2216.

@ 38 B Kramer I know Canada makes great beer! I was just wondering if they were going build a engineering set like in other Trek movies or or stick to the location settings like the brewery or Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility for the warp core. I’m sure Molson Canadian brewery would do fine :)

#42. Josh – October 16, 2015

You do realize that how things are now, is no indication of how things will be hundreds of years in the future of Kirk’s childhood, after the effects of global warming, permanent El Ninos and the Third WW alter things?

I don’t even have to go that far in time to recall that no more than 30 years ago the 1980s’ Farm Crisis recession the area experienced:

Generations that forget history are often condemned to relive it.

Also, even in states doing well over all, there are areas that for various reasons fall victim to economic decay. Quarries, specifically, are known to play out.

Frankly, the lack of historical perspective in your analysis makes no sense to me.

I’m still trying to figure out why someone would think that a huge chasm (that Kirk crashed the car into as a young boy) had anything to do with the construction of a starship that Kirk saw years later as an adult.

More than likely, that chasm had nothing to do with the construction of the Enterprise.

One could argue that given the “history” of the earth between our era and the era of TOS that that chasm could have been created by any number of other factors. Perhaps, during the violence of the Third World War, precious elements needed to maintain an extended post-nuclear conflict were ruthlessly minded from that area? Maybe their were minerals in that area that were critical in the rebuilding process after the war, where their excavation was more important than the farm land…

I didn’t see anything in the chase scene with Kirk in the car that led me to believe that that chasm was anywhere near the construction site, other than they were both somewhere in BFE Iowa…

That’s the problem when we try to “make sense” of things with no context leading up to the event. Who knows what the economy of the 23rd century looks like?

Can’t be all that good with the short shooting time. As a long time trekker, I’m worried.

Zachary Quinto posted a short clip on Instagram.


this. maybe for the last time. maybe not.

Pegg: Was that supposed to…?!?

Jung: Whatever. I’ve already cashed my check. *shrugs*