The Oatmeal’s Webcomic Homage to Gene Roddenberry


Webcomic creator, cat-lover, and drawer of funny things, Matthew Inman (a.k.a. ‘The Oatmeal’), took to the interwebs today to tell the story of a young Gene Roddenberry in glorious webcomic form.

“This is not intended as an ode to Roddenberry,” writes Inman, “although he certainly deserves one.” The webcomic entitled “It’s going to be okay.” depicts the story of a 25-year-old co-pilot, and how one fateful flight changed the course of his life (and, in turn, of science fiction history).

“This story is intended to remind you that our journeys are short. Roddenberry saw life’s ephemeral nature lit up against a backdrop of stars. He saw that we are all passengers pitching downward into the night. He saw that we’re all helpless. So get up, and help someone.”

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Click to read the entire webcomic at The Oatmeal



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This make me like the Oatmeal even more. Thanks for this wonderful ode to Gene.

I know it’s not meant to be one, but it does show some of his background and how this led him to create one of the best shows in television history.

Very cool! Very touching!

On behalf of our community here, thank you so much, Kayla, for posting this.

If you ever wondered why the original series and the original premise (if not later seasons/movies) of TNG had such a rosy view of humanity’s future…

…now you know why. 8-)

So many celebrities have WW2 or other storys to tell,,
It would be interesting to know them.

Nice. Like it bunches.

Damn, that brought me tears to the eye. Damn


Most of us are familiar with this chapter in Gene’s history, but The Oatmeal gives it such a great stinger that defines the bedrock of Star Trek.

The situation is daunting and we are all struggling . . .
“. . . so, get up and help someone.”

#6. dmduncan – November 11, 2015

Honey bunches? ;)

Me too.

Now, do Gene Coon.

Wow. Just wow.

So great.

“Let me help.”

Saw this yesterday….what a great tribute. Love The Oatmeal. Thanks for sharing.

Ok–so what happened to the young woman he was comforting while the plane was going down?

That was wonderful, although it would have blown my mind if the `his name was Gene Roddenberry` box, wasn`t at the top of this page! (LOL)

I didn`t know this happened to him.


Nice ode to the man. Says a lot about him, minus the great bird nonsense.

14. Kevin DeBeck – November 12, 2015

Ok–so what happened to the young woman he was comforting while the plane was going down?


LOL. It’s art, man. Use your imagination.

For real? Fantastic!

Now I understand why Kirk is how he is. Spock is quoting such bad odds and Kirk is saying “It’ll work…” and somehow it does…:)

This is a beautiful story. Now we know why Star Trek is what it is: Its originator was a true hero.