Star Trek Beyond Set For IMAX Premier in 2016


Paramount Pictures, Skydance, Bad Robot and IMAX announced today that Star Trek Beyond will be released in IMAX on the same day that it his traditional screens: July 22nd, 2016.

On July 22nd, 2016, Star Trek Beyond will be the third film in the rebooted franchise to hit the larger-than-life IMAX theaters.

“IMAX provides a one-of-a-kind movie going experience to audiences all over the world,” said director Justin Lin. “I am excited to bring the newest journey into the ‘STAR TREK’ universe to its screens.”

Star Trek Into Darkness was the first, and it appears only, Star Trek film to have some of its scenes shot in 3D and on IMAX cameras. The press release from IMAX concerning the release of Beyond indicates that none of the latest feature was shot for IMAX, but instead will be remastered for the larger screens.

The IMAX® release of “STAR TREK BEYOND” will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images, coupled with IMAX’s customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.



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Do we seriously have no plot leaks or spoilers yet?

Looks like no 3D either?


Saw a double feature of ST’09 and STID on the premier night of the latter — at the time it really seemed like the best movie experience of my life.

The fans! The costumes!! All eras finding representation.

Despite the STID fallout I am now VERY excited for the future of trek ^^

the future of trek is insignificant to the power of the force

Don’t try to frighten us with your sorcerers’ ways… we have photon torpedo’s and Starship captains who know how to use them. Aside from that, sounds like fun when this movie comes.

1. Ensign Kirk – November 24, 2015

Do we seriously have no plot leaks or spoilers yet?

I think they learned from the mistakes of marketing last movie.
Instead of telling us all the things they aren’t going to tell us, they simply aren’t going to tell us anything.

I hope nothing gets leaked, because I have terrible will-power when it comes to these things.

I max is only worth it if the movie was shot in that format and if you can actually watch it on a true imax screen. I will definately see the movie in traditional theather. If it is a good film, then I will see it in imax.

If what I heard is true about a certain captain and a certain villain’s blood, I’m gonna be annoyed.

I am looking forward to the film and am cautiously optimistic about the film.

Fingers crossed that they don’t muck it up for the 50th anniversary outing.

22.July?? That is a friday. Sure?

I turn 50 on July 23rd. Hopefully the movie will be a good one.

@1 Ensign Kirk

It’s strange how this movie has had more spy photos than the first two put together and yet we know nothing at all whereas with ST09 and STID we knew a fair number of things about the characters and plots at this point.

@ 2. DaiMonRon – November 24, 2015:
It doesn’t say about the new movie being in 3D, only that STID was the only movie “to have some of its scenes shot in 3D”.
Note that very few 3D movies are actually shot in 3D. Most are converted during post-production.
Almost all blockbusters these days are released in 3D, so I would be very surprised if Star Trek Beyond wasn’t. It will be post-conversion 3D, not native 3D.

No 3D? Oh, poo! Actually, it’s most recent fad phase is over. Not much is being shot in 3D anymore, thankfully. Quite a reverse from when Paramount threatened not to make Star Trek 2 unless JJ filmed it in 3D! I wonder, though, if the IMAX format is also in trouble?

@Ensign Ricky.

Ditto, only I’m 50 in the fall, closer to the TV premiere month in ’66.

Man, time it do fly. Seems like only yesterday I sprawled out on the shag carpet, in ’76 poring over the Franz Joseph’s techmanual.

In any case- we’re too old to be ensigns – Give yourself a promotion, man!

I’m not sure it’ll make more than $200 mill domestic, which means it’s going to lose money. I think this version of Star Trek has ran it’s course.

I like IMAX but not so much 3D. Being able to see the movie in IMAX 2D sounds good to me.

@12. Ensign Ricky –

I met William Shatner for my 50th bday. Hope this movie makes yours equally awesome. Looking forward to seeing this in IMAX. I have not seed a 3D movie that was worth it.

17. VZX – November 25, 2015

If it makes more than $200m?

Both ST09 and STiD had multipliers of about 3.2.

For STB to make less than $200m, it would have to have an opening weekend of under $62.5m.

I think STB will open quite comfortably in the $80-$85m range.

The Pegg factor is quite noticeable amongst sci-fi fans.

The Lin factor would ensure some cross pollination with the Fast Furious crowd.

As for long suffering fans, anything that’s quite original, has a good ol’ Trek message, and some of the trade mark Lin action, would have ‘repeat’ appeal.

Anyway, until the Monday after opening weekend, we won’t know.

Does this mean the film will not be released in any form of 3-D, only IMAX-remastering? Wow, Paramount and JJ sure are demonstrating little confidence in this film and the franchise? It is becoming my hope that movie-audiences reward them appropriately – that is, by opening big (like most all TREKfilms do) then plummeting in appeal as other, more worthy franchises release their sequels.

What about Dolby HDR and Atmos?

Rogue Nation had it – so should STB. Even a clunker like Pixels was released with HDR and Atmos. Come on Paramount, don’t cheap all the way out with this.

It does look like the trailer will be early/mid Dec as the ‘first’ look will be during the Dubai International Film Festival.

I have a bad feeling about that movie. Feels like more and more action. Orci is out, so the real Trek is out.

While Orci understood Trek, his scripts, although good in some places, had massive plot holes and logic errors in them.

I know every story isn’t perfect and has holes, but these were some pretty big holes, the kind a pro should not be getting away with.

But having said that, I still enjoyed the two JJ Treks. Just wish they payed attention to the scripts more. (Even Sci-Fi has to make sense.)

@5. Darth Vader

The hocus-pocus of star wars is insignificant to the power of science.

Can we please keep the ship intact this time?

And no more beaming from one planet to another! It defeats the purpose of having a starship.

The hocus-pocus of pretty much everything about project Genesis and especially Spock’s handy-dandy regeneration makes most original trilogy SW goofs seem insignificant by comparison.

And that doesn’t even get into the Abrams takes on science. TREK started off by taking a relative high ground in terms of accuracy and intent, but from what I remember, that hasn’t been an enormous factor post TMP.

Closest thing to a spoiler I’ve heard about Star Trek Beyond is when Idris Elba let it slip in an interview that his role requires two hours of prosthetic makeup:

While the IMAX format is immersive, shots have to be planned to properly utilize the format. In fact you probably don’t even need IMAX..just a huge immersive screen. POV motion shots always come to mind. STID had seldom, if any that I recall. And they should last more than just 1.5 seconds on screen.

If and when they ever do an IMAX conversion of the older Trek films..start with TMP. The VFX were done on 65mm would be that much more impressive (cleaned up) on an IMAX screen.


Sorry, but I’m failing to see how the Genesis storyline and Spocks regeneration is hocus pocus compared to Star Wars. Youve made a ridiculous statement, please back it up with a ridiculous explanation. Thanks

BennettTrek movie science isn’t based on science, it is magical like alchemy. David Gerrold said TWOK (which he LIKED) was about as scientifically accurate as the 1803 Farmer’s Almanac. For me, SFS science of regenerating Spock in the same form, sans terminal radiation exposure, and then pulling the chestnut out of removing him from the dying planet in order to stop his aging, is about as arbitrary as you can get.

It is about as smart and well-thought out as, say, beaming down to a world that is in the process of blowing up and then trying to talk your opponent into beaming you up to his ship, instead of beaming to his ship directly in the first place. (yeah, I think SFS is a HUGE squandered opportunity in all sorts of ways.)

Anyway, I’m not a big SW fan at all, but at least folks seem to stay dead in the SW universe, at least only making their reappearances in a non-corporeal form, which is sorta okay given that they are supposed to be enlightened in what I guess is a beyond-the-physical way, something that is easy to buy into if you’ve seen ERRAND OF MERCY or read sf about beings in future evolution. Not saying their isn’t moron city stuff (why does Ben’s ghost have to sit down on a rock in his plot exposition during JEDI), but you’re not throwing away a ton of credibility built up in the past when they pull this.

Put it one more way: if in a Burt Reynolds movie he jumps a car across snake river canyon,, folks would have rolled with it. If you had Steve McQueen doing same in BULLIT, that would NOT have flown. Once you have some baseline cred, don’t throw it all out the window, and yet that is what TREK seems to have done all the time post-TMP. Not saying they got it right on TOS all the time, but it was often a consideration.

Only 8 month. No teaser, no trailer. Shame. Paramount must really hate Star Trek…

Count me in with Spock’s resurrection being dismal and anti-science hocus pocus. I could just about get with Spock uploading a copy of himself into McCoy’s brain if there’s scientific explanation available (nanites in his body cross over to McCoy, say) but the same body? No way.

I’d rather Star Trek III had been a standalone story about Kirk and the new crew of the Excelsior – I never had a problem with them eventually getting a different ship – followed by STIV involving a ‘mirror universe vs our crew’ battle. Mirror Spock could have joined ‘our’ crew and perhaps downloaded the copy of our Spock from McCoy’s brain. That way, we could have brought Leonard Nimoy back as a slightly different character and respected our Spock’s sacrifice. As the great David Gerrold would point out, though, this is all very well in hindsight!

It’s going to be a terrific year for me as a fan of the original Star Trek series and someone who likes the original Star Wars films. Justin Lin’s a very good action director, excellent at handling ensembles and I already know JJ’s great. And IMAX means I’ll be seeing them more than once!

Lin did well with the first couple eps of TRUE DETECTIVE season 2 as well. Guarded optimism on that basis.

@ 33. Sad Red Shirt,

“Only 8 month. No teaser, no trailer. Shame. Paramount must really hate Star Trek…”

Justin Lin did mention on twitter on November 16 that a trailer is coming soon

And a Dubai based newspaper, The National, reported that a preview will be screened at Dubai International Film Festival in December


DIFF to present exclusive Star Trek Beyond first look
Chris Newbould – November 25, 2015

Star Trek fans can look forward to an exclusive preview of the forthcoming Star Trek Beyond, which was partly shot in Dubai this year, at December’s Dubai International Film Festival. Details were still being confirmed at the time of writing, however our sources at the festival tell us that an exclusive ‘sizzle’ of the movie, which is set for a July 2016 release, will be screened over the course of the event, which runs from December 9-16.

@34 Dom
“Count me in with Spock’s resurrection being dismal and anti-science hocus pocus.”

Also, as I realized some time ago baby Spock would have had to open the coffin that was no doubt sealed from the outside and then crawl through the jungle.

37. Captain Slow – November 28, 2015

Things were not just “aging” but evolving so fast on Genesis that it’s hard to say what stage of development his regenerated body was when it got out. However, rather than concentrate on that, along your lines: when did katra-less Spock ever show the mental acuity to figure out that the coffin wasn’t just the extent of the world to which he was born into and that it was something he needed to exit?

Since Spock was already dead in the coffin as it plummeted towards Genesis’ surface, I just as$ume it sustained a harder landing than people tend to imagine a living person surviving and that’s what popped the top’s seal, but again, even at that, the lid didn’t just flop open as it was closed at the end of TWOK.

I recall in my science clas$es there was mention of an experiment where they hatched and raised flies in a container with a glas$ lid which wasn’t removed until the flies had reach “adulthood”. When the lid was removed none of the flies exited because their world model that they grew up with had conditioned them that that was the boundary of their “world”.

Ok Genesis had whacky weather and I suppose THAT could have blown the lid of the coffin open, but how did regenerated Spock at any age he might have been when that happened figure out that he had a bigger world to move around in than the box he was born into?

Ummm… there had better be a trailer for this attached to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. I’m just sayin’…

@31. All you have to do to pull apart the science of TWOK is realize it is utterly impossible to hide a ship in a nebula. The particle density is so low nebulas only look like clouds from light years away, from inside it would just look like more space. When the entire climax of the film is based on a completely false idea its pretty easy to see how all the other “science” of the film is just handwavium hocus pocus.

It’s spelled “premiere.” “Premier” is an adjective.

#40. Who cares – November 29, 2015

Not all nebulas are alike. There was clearly a star visibily throwing enough light on Genesis that Mutara had to likely be one condensing down to form planets after igniting its protostar’s fusion as opposed to, say, one expelled from a dying star getting less dense as it expands travelling away. In fact, there’s no way to account for how the Genesis device could have formed a planet if the Nebula’s density in the area were Khan set it off wasn’t high enough to start clumping to form at least protoplanet gas giants already.

“So my take on the whole nebula fight is that some artistic liberties were taken, but that’s fine. It is in the ballpark of plausibility, and it makes for an incredible, suspenseful climax. Plus it adds many layers of thematic resonance.” — Copernicus (aka Andy Howell); professional astronomer; March 12, 2015

I agree with the astronomer, the concept is plausible and given Paramount cut the production’s budget I don’t fault the artistic FX liberties that had to be taken in inadequately portraying the type of nebula the script clearly required.

@Disinvited. Huh, first and only scientist I have ever seen defend that scene, but I suppose one can find someone to rationalize almost anything if you look enough. Still, it does not change anything, even if this was a condensing nebula it which could obscure visual observation it still wouldn’t affect sensors. It’s just like the whole “hide a ship in a planets magnetic pole” trick first credited to Riker and a staple Trek tactic built on utter bunkum. Today’s radar is good enough to pick out a man sized object over a planetary magnetic pole yet we are supposed to believe tech centuries more advanced will be stymied. And that one sequence in TWOK has lead to the repeated use of “hide in a nebula” whether its Picard in Best of Both Worlds, or Janeway on multiple occassions, or Sisko and his crew trying to flush Maquis out of a nebula, or Riker planting charges on the hull of Cardassian ships in a nebula. Not one of these later uses ever even attempted to specify the type of nebula, it was just nebula = place to hide.

# 43. Who cares – November 30, 2015

“Still, it does not change anything, even if this was a condensing nebula it which could obscure visual observation it still wouldn’t affect sensors. ” — Who cares – November 30, 2015

Well radar is far from something like the Trek sensors which have to function at warp “speed” when they are perfectly functioning. All we have to go on for the specific movie at hand which we were discussing, is that charged ions disrupt them and the recent discovery of lightning discharges in planet forming nebulas, again, seems to support that that is the type of nebula involved in that movie’s blinding.

Star Trek ist dead. The new movie is scheduled for July, the new series for Jan. 2017 and there is nothing to report…

Lucky Star Wars fans…


After JJ is done with Star Wars, you’ll wish it had stayed dead.