Give Thanks and Trek Out Your Holiday With One Free Month of CBS All Access and These Five Thanksgiving Episodes


As you’re celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, we wanted to share a few Thanksgiving-appropriate episodes of Trek to enjoy with loved ones while you’re digesting turkey, pie, and plomeek soup. And, as a special holiday treat from CBS, you can stream all of Star Trek ad-free with one free month of CBS All Access.


As we gear up for the year-long wait until the new Star Trek television* series premieres, we are anxious to check out this CBS All Access thing. Since we always love snuggling up with our loved ones to watch Trek during the holidays, we might as well take advantage of CBS’s Black Friday sale in which we get access to the entire Star Trek television catalogue, ad-free, at no cost for the first month. After that, it’s only $6 anyways, and I can justify the cost by streaming new episodes of Supergirl until January 2017.

To get your free month, click here and use promo code THANKS at check out. The offer is good until Cyber Monday (11/30).

5. A Matter of Honor (TNG)
In this the episode where Riker is on a Klingon ship, we learn that it’s Starfleet tradition to have a feast before a transfer. Riker indulges himself on Klingon delicacies before the big assignment and we are introduced for the first time to gagh – truly something to be thankful for!

4. Sins of the Father (TNG)
Here we have the counterpoint to that episode where Kurn serves as first officer aboard the Enterprise. To welcome him, the senior staff also hold a feast where Capt. Picard slices off pieces of turkey for all to enjoy. Kurn is polite, but isn’t super interested in the “burned, replicated bird.” (It’s about two minutes into the clip.)

3. Breaking the Ice (ENT)
So I wanted an episode about pie, and at first I thought it would be cute to mention that one where Spock has the evil computer recite pi to the last digit. (Spoiler alert: the Enterprise crew outwit the computer.) But this episode features a delightful discussion by Trip on the merits of pecan pie, which is my favorite.


2. Blaze of Glory (DS9)
The Maquis episodes of DS9 kind of get overshadowed by the fact that there was another series entirely dedicated to members of the Maquis. But this one features the galaxy’s favorite chef Ben Sisko reminiscing with Maquis member Michael Eddington about a Thanksgiving dinner on DS9.

1. Charlie X (TOS)
Well of course this is the definitive Trek episode for turkey day, in that the Enterprise crew actually celebrates Thanksgiving. Kirk is a little sour because they have to eat meatloaf instead of turkey – and he learns that sometimes he should be careful what he wishes for!
And check out this TrekMovie video featuring clips from both episodes:

And if you listen carefully there’s an uncredited audio cameo for the cook character who exclaims that the meatloaf in the ship’s kitchen’s ovens has turned into real turkeys: one Gene Roddenberry.

We’re thankful for a Star Trek Beyond and a brand new Star Trek television* series in the works! Also pie. Trekkies from America and abroad, what are you thankful for?

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We should all be thankful for many things , especially next year when , star trek : beyond , will be released, and the following year , series 6 will premier

Happy thanksgiving

Why does one need to buy All Access for episodes of Supergirl? Just dvr them.


Watch Trek commercial free on Netflix.

There we go!

@Captain Amick… Probably not for much longer! CBS will probably remove Trek from competitors services in gearing up for the new show and to get more AA subscribers.

@ML31: I have neither cable, nor reception for OTA shows, nor a DVR. Cable cutters unite!

I’ll admit, this is a fairly effective way of convincing people to give CBS All Access. Someone in a position to make these kinds of decisions may be hearing fan complaints (for good or for bad).

Thank you, trekmovie, for giving me a reason to be thankful. As Spock and Data might point out at such a moment, gratitude is a concept not only valued by many different spiritual traditions of earth, but its benefit for psychological well-being have been scientifically proven during the early scientific awakening of humanity at the turn of the second century. Just ask the computer, if you don’t believe me. Thinking of that I am also quite happy the eugenic’s wars never happend in this timeline.

Thank you star trek, for giving me a positive vision of the future. Thank you for being there for me as an escape, when I needed one, with the crew of the Enterprise D as friends one would wish for, with their 23d century kindness, wisdom, courage, freedom, equality, adventure …

Thank you Q, the traveller and the prophets, for giving me a glimpse into the possibilities of human evolution, may they even be in a distant future.

Thank you Benjamin Sisko, for showing me how to overcome adversary, open up to new cultures.

Thank you Gene Roddenberry, for your vision of a better future.

Thank you trekkies for keeping this vision alive.

Thank you for everyone who keeps positive attitudes when he could just as easily use his energy to post negative, pessimistc, cynical posts about how every new possibility will not live up to our expectations or something …

Thank you to everyone, to you, if you try to see the good in things, the positive, the opportunity, the chance to learn something, to grow in everything.

Thank you everyone who loves star trek for its hopeful message and tries to put it into practice.

Thank you for the prosperity in the western culture, that allows us to have first world problems like “I don’t like the new movie in my favorite franchise”, instead of “oh shit hellfire raining from the sky again” or “no breakfast again, ok”.

Thank you for my girlfriend who I love so much, for the opportunity to study and educate myself, for my flat, that I had food today, that I can dream and work to achieve my dreams, for the communicator and tricorder-like device in my pocket, for all the luxury, for Space X and the real possibility of exploring the stars some day …

thank you for the hope that one day “we work to better ourselves and humanity”:

What are you grateful for?

8… I’m thankful for being cancer free, and have a job. The last couple of years, I was battling cancer and out of work

“I will try some of your burned replicated bird meat” made me cackle hysterically for years every time I saw that scene.

6. Kayla Iacovino – November 25, 2015

I have neither cable, nor reception for OTA shows, nor a DVR. Cable cutters unite!

I’ll join your Cable-Cutters Union, but this doesn’t mean I’m committing to CBS All Access. Les Moonves will have to earn my business. I’m no doormat.

Why do I get the sudden feeling the new Trek series will not be for sale on iTunes after air? I hope I’m wrong

Of course you can get all of these on DVD or BluRay anywhere…..or borrow from a friend. CBS All Access requires some of your personal info to get the free month……(credit card etc). I’ll pass. As I said before….there’ll be a million different ways to get the new Star Trek Series without CBS Access.

So they might want to rethink this.

@#8 and #9 – THANK YOU, both, for your posts. Have a great Thanksgiving!

This might be the day that I dine!
This might be the day that I dine!

Got em all on DVD already so luckily I can watch Star Trek anytime.

Happy Thanskgiving. Everyone eat some burnt bird meat :).

#15. Øystein Håvard Færder – November 26, 2015

Did someone say pie? Time for some mangled lyrics:

Buy. Buy. Miss american pie.

Drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry.

Them good ole’ boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye.

Singin’ “This’ll be the day that I dine.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all at!

Is this is only available from residents of the US?


And the Klingon opera cast was singing “Try, try our Ro-keg Blood Pie. If you can’t drink the bloodwine, order up some Bahgol – and give it a try.”

/apologies to my college classmate: Al Y.

Do we at least get the remastered versions on all access?

Shoot I just saw this and missed the one month free trial by 3 hours lol. Can still do the one week thing. May do it to binge watch Supergirl. I got Netflix so can watch Trek any time.

I guess I should get use to CBS All Acess as they will be mt new overlords Jan. 2017. ;)

But if Netflix lose Trek for this site I think I will bite the bullet and just buy the entire series movies and all. It will be a lot but its worth it. Nearly 800 hours of Trek a dream for all Trekkie who loves it all.

And a new movie and show 5 months from each other whoo hoo!