Star Trek Fan Film Wrap-Up: Farragut Finale Episode w/Stan Lee + Successful Renegades Kickstarter + Star Trek Continues New Engine Room and Global Accolade Awards


It seems like the golden era for Star Trek fan films, with more great content coming out now than ever before. This week, Starship Farragut began the Kickstarter campaign for their finale episode, “Homecoming”, Star Trek Renegades successfully completed their Kickstarter, earning $378,181 for episodes 2 & 3, and Star Trek Continues won four Global Accolade Awards – three for “Divided We Stand” and one for “The White Iris”.

Starship Farragut debuts Kickstarter for finale episode Homecoming
After 10 years of episodes, the Starship Farragut team is finally raising funds to film their final episode, after which they will fast forward to 10 years in the future where new episodes, part of “Farragut Forward”, will be set in the Wrath of Khan TOS movie era. They have a couple of pretty exciting cameos lined up, too, including the one and only Stan Lee!

Star Trek Renegades successfully funds episodes 2 & 3 in latest Kickstarter
After their first successful film, the Star Trek Renegades team has raised funds to film episodes 2 & 3, which will be one two-parter and has been announced as Walter Koenig’s final performance as the character Pavel Chekov. The group surpassed their goal of $350,000 in 30 days, with donations totaling $378,181 from 3,379 backers. The episodes are set to go into production in early 2016, with the first of the two being finished in the summer of next year.

Star Trek Continues gets new engine room + 4 Global Accolade Awards
Star Trek Continues has added to it’s already incredible TOS Enterprise sets. With the help of 2,619 backers, the STC team raised enough money to fund two episodes (currently in production) and build two new sets: Scotty’s engine room and a planet set. Well, the engine room is complete, and boy is it beautiful!

In addition, the team was just honored with four Global Accolade Awards for their two most recent episodes, “Divided We Stand” and “The White Iris”. Congrats to the whole team!



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Looks like they are giving her all they’ve got. Warp Speed to your destination!

DIck Dyzel! Count Gore DeVol! LOLOL I used to watch him every Saturday night on Channel 20 – Creature Feature! That show was a hoot………

Star Trek Renegades only funded one episode not to two. Please correct as to not interfere with future crowd funding efforts.

We need to see some comparison shots between STC’s Engineering set and the one being built by Star Trek: New Voyages.

Can’t believe that

Renegades didn’t get much appreciation around these parts, but I actually found it enjoyable enough, apart from some excessively long action scenes. The premise is simple, but compelling. The execution left much room for improvement, but I found it watchable, which is more than I can say for quite a few Voyager episodes, for example. The acting was solid all around, which one would expect from the number of professional actors (many of them Trek vets) in the cast. All in all, I found Renegades enjoyable and compelling enough to be interested in a sequel. But the sequel really needs to improve upon the original. My advice to the makers of Renegades: (1) Make the action scenes shorter and sweeter. On a relatively low budget, action scenes are not your wheelhouse. (2) When writing the narrative, have the main theme in mind and involved somehow in the story from the very beginning. For example, if the main theme is related to sacrifice, as I believe it was in the first installment, start setting it up subtly at the outset—such as with a certain character’s failings or concerns.

Farragut typically has some really good writing (though not in the last episode), but the acting is very hard to sit through. When people stereotype fan films has having unwatchably poor acting, there’s no rebutting them when it comes to Farragut. The last episode actually had very impressive production values, but the acting totally dragged it down. I’m sorry to be so direct, but Broughton really belongs on the other side of the camera exclusively. As head of the production company, his accomplishments are impressive. But, if he wants people to enjoy his productions, he really needs to get someone passably competent to play the lead. To quote Harry Callahan in Magnum Force, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

I was actually very disappointed by Divided We Stand. I don’t know what the point of that story was supposed to be. One of the aspects of STC that I love most is that their stories are typically theme-driven and impart some sort of meaning. Divided We Stand was the first STC episode so far to be lacking in depth of meaning. I found the story boring and was left somewhat bewildered when it ended without trying to make some sort of point or to justify its existence. Hopefully the next STC episode will get back to the winning formula that we saw in Lolani and Fairest of Them All.

Thanks for the coverage of Starship Farragut, Kayla! This promises to be a game-changing episode!!

re: 7. Cygnux-X1

I agree with you. I was also disappointed with DWS for your stated reasons. I was especially disappointed since it followed such a strong episode. The White Iris, I felt, was particularly powerful. I haven’t gotten that emotional over a Star Trek Episode since… Well, I actually can’t remember. But I will admit that TWI holds a special place in my heart, since I am the father of a young daughter myself.

I have yet to enjoy a single Star Trek fan film. I’ve watched a number of them, hoping to find one I can really get into. But the acting in most of them is so amateurish that it always knocks me out of it.

RENEGADES is just godawful.

I think Renegades siad that they would only do one more episode. That was decided after CBS announcement and after the crowdfunding started. It will probably be a longer episode, but not two.

As far as I can see, STC has built only one side of the engine room. How is that a full set that was promised in the Fundraiser?

What’s Renegades? :P

I watched a Honest review on Youtube:
And he said it’s bad. I trust Blunty, couse he ist geniunly honest in hes reviews.

How cool is that: STAN LEE (of “Avengers” fame) as an Admiral on Star Trek! (Above image) He has cameos in every one of the films based on his creations, and now he’s on ‘Trek. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, Stan!

But we all know that Stan Lee’s favorite starship is the EXCELSIOR!

(Someone had to say it.)

Apparently, Admiral McCann is also allergic to Retinax 5.

It’s even better in person!!

Stay tuned (early 2016) to see the engine room in action!

I think at this point, Stan Lee doesn’t even remember what he created. He’ll just cameo in any nerdy thing he’s invited to, just to be on the safe side.

The lighting, costuming, acting,writing, and directing of Renegades was horrible. Sad because there were multiple seasoned actors and Tim Russ is no rookie when it comes to directing. I really dont understand who was drunk or what went wrong with this project.

Sounds great Chris.


@18 Chris Doohan. I once met your father passing through an airport many years ago. He was sitting by himself in an empty boarding area and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him. I hesitated to approach him, but when he noticed me, he smiled and waved me over. We chatted for a few minutes–as much as I could being totally star struck. He was gracious and kind and I’ll never forget that encounter.

It’s a thrill to have you posting in the community, interacting with the fans, and making fan fiction. You’re carrying on your father’s legacy while creating your own. I just wanted to say a big “Thank You!”

Renegades was sooo bad. And they just crowdfunded almost $400,00. for more episodes…wow…really exploiting Walter Koenig and now Nichelle Nichols. Sad.
Well, somebody is making money, too bad it isn’t invested into the quality of the production. Can’t say I’m surprised, Conway was behind the horrific of Gods and Men.

My biggest problem with Renegades wasn’t it’s production values, which I didn’t think was THAT bad in the grand scheme of things. It was the story. The whole idea of the show, it misses the whole spirit of Trek. The sense of exploration. Raising an issue to ponder. The things Trek does when it’s at it’s best. That’s why it failed for me.

That said, I have read messages from their team on Trekbbs and they seem to be willing to listen to criticism and adapt accordingly, which is refreshing compared to some of the arrogance coming out of other productions (who I won’t mention).

I’m more than a little bit surprised that Star Trek: Excelsior’s 50th Anniversary Kickstarter didn’t get a mention — Nichelle Nichols is going to be in it, as is Walter Koenig if they can raise enough money in the waning days of their Kickstarter.

Renegades reminded me of the cut scenes from 1990s PC games. I think Tim Russ is a wonderful actor, but I think the best thing for that series would be to get someone else behind the camera.

Hey Chris Doohan. Care for a Game of Fisbin.