TrekMovie’s Star Trek Holiday Gift Giving Guide


It’s that time of year again, but what to buy the Trekkie who has everything? TrekMovie’s got you covered with our Trekked out holiday gift giving guide.

Trek the halls

There are some fantastic books, old and new, that any Trekkie would love to own. The TOS and TNG 365 coffee table books make great gifts, since they are something that can be enjoyed and displayed all year long. For the fun-loving TNG-era fan, definitely pick up a copy of Warped: An Engaging Guide to the Never-Aired 8th Season, a follow-on to the hugely popular @TNG_S8 parody twitter account, which told the story of what could have been the 8th season of the most popular Star Trek series.

William Shatner himself has a new book coming out, and it’s all about his long friendship with the man who made Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy. The book is titled Leonard: My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man and is now available for pre-order.

Leonard - 9781250083319

You’ve gotta look stylish and represent your Trek-ness wherever you go. Plus, who doesn’t love cuddling up in a comfy plushy bathrobe (that may or may not make you feel like a Starship captain!) during the colder months (Australians, you can save your robe-wearing for six months or so).

For the lady in your life (or, you know, yourself!) slip into this Uhura-style ladies bathrobe. It’s the perfect gift for any communications specialist!


And, grab a tee or two to add to the wardrobe of your favorite Trek fan.

Star Trek art
Some of my favorite art pieces hanging on the wall of my home are Trek-themed, and the best ones are by far those from Bye Bye Robot. They’ve got artwork in all styles, from colorful impressionist pieces to Star Trek travel posters, they’ve got something to suit everyone’s taste. And, you won’t break the bank here, which tends to happen when purchasing art. BBR has got prints as cheap as $25.


New Arrivals
The Star Trek Shop, ThinkGeek, and Amazon are teaming with new products this year. Check out some of our favorites.

ThinkGeek’s Borg Cube Mood Light

Trek-out for the holidays
Sometimes you need to combine your love of the holidays with your love of Trek. For an over-the-top Christmasy look, how about this Star Trek ugly Christmas sweater and Star Trek leggings?

Star Trek Ugly Christmas Sweater + Card

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 4.17.07 PM
Star Trek Christmas Pattern Leggings



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Um, Engage?

I don’t think that would be an ugly sweater!

Needing some new and exciting merch for the Trek universe

Why are the delta shields on the wrong side on the unis on the sweater? Why are delta shields always showing up on the wrong side? How hard is this, people?????

PS – All I want for Christmas is a tall starship and an all hot gals in go go boots n velour crew.

They should def bring back the STARFLEET ACADEMY varsity-style lettering rear windshield decal. (Except for the name of the academy) it looked exactly like the US COAST GUARD ACADEMY decal and I loved tweaking them with my STARFLEET decal!

Um… we appear to be missing the most important piece of Trek memorabilia to come out this year (but ships in January): The Bluetooth Communicator.

One of my wife’s cousins collects Xmas tree ornaments….and has about a half dozen of the Hallmark Enterprise ornaments. All attempts to persuade her to part with one have met with failure….so far.

At first glance I thought the Borg mood cube was Gary Seven’s little green cube computer interface thingie. I guess I should know I’m really one of the only people pre-occupied or up for that.

I’ve approached several companies to do a Gary Seven pen servo, including the company that’s now putting out a remote control phaser. No one’s been interested in doing it. Not enough interest/profit margin,.. etc. Still, there’s never been any company who’s done an official version of this prop. To my knowledge it’s the only prop that’s never been officially represented. Again, showing, I guess, that those companies are right and it’s a very small niche market. (I still think there’s market for it though)

Who is going to make the action figures for the new Star Trek movie ?