‘Star Trek Beyond’ teaser trailer makes online debut


Paramount Pictures officially released the first trailer for the next installment of the Star Trek saga this morning.

So – what do you think? Give us your thoughts and reactions below!



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what a sad, irrelevant piece of footage for star trek history

It’s abysmal.

This is not STAR TREK at all.

Yikes. Fast Stars and Furious Trek in Blue and Orange. No thank you…

Really, this looks like it could be quite good!

Wait STar Trek doesnt do action trailers? lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W-Fwgirzqw

Wow I had pretty low expectations after they hired Justin Lin to direct, but this is even worse than I expected. Lets celebrate 50 years of star trek by… destroying the enterprise apparently?

Oh boy, this comment section is going to get messy!

Excellent trailer. It’s everything that was asked of it…new mission, new aliens, new worlds.

Enterprise destroyed.. AGAIN. No respect for the Great Lady.

I agree with the captain. “Let’s never do that again.”

Cool! I enjoyed it. I’ll definitely see it at least once. :)

Looks like fun can’t wait.

Action, explosions, Enterprise gets shot to pieces… Is this the trailer to Star Trek (2009)? Oh no, it is the Trailer zu Star Trek Into Darkness! No, wait it is… Star Trek Beyond?

I mean… really? Come on. This is for the 50th anniversary? A rehash? Again?

90 seconds does not a movie make. I like the energy and have faith in Pegg.

Well….. the Enterprise gets destroyed again. Shocker! What a let down.

Looks good. I look forward to it! Save the cerebral walk & talk Trek for the TV series ;-)

I’m just amazed that destroying the Enterprise AGAIN never seemed to be repetitive to the people making this film. Otherwise, I’ll keep an open mind.

Well, that’s different. ;-)

I think choices were made to cut through the noise when it comes to trailers. On that basis: Mission accomplished.

If it’s irreverent but good, I’m down with it. And I won’t have that answer until 7/22.

lol, can’t wait for the “trekxperts” coming in and telling us it was so much better back in the day

I will reserve judgement until I see the full movie or at least the other trailers.

But if I had to say anything, it does look quite tasty. Explosions and fight scenes are exactly what’s needed in this trailer as it’s showing IN FRONT of star wars. Makes sense from a marketing perspective.

Next trailer is bound to be more character driven.

Lady Enterprise :-(

Goodbye, Star Trek. It’s been nice knowing you.

I could see this being a great movie, a lot of fun, and a welcome addition to Star Trek….IF we had the plain vanilla Trek we’re all craving. If there was a baseline movie or TV show that was what we all wanted out of Trek, there would be breathing room to make a crazy-ass action spectacular that is fun and roller-coastery.

But in the climate Trek is in…just…no.

Looking at the comments… what a bunch of wet blankets. When was the last time you folks enjoyed ANYTHING? Not sure just what the h3ll everyone expected… a movie trailer that dissected the human condition? Good grief.

I really dont wanna be this guy, but i will be: This looks like the worst trek film ever made. After into darkness, i thouht about never watching a JJ verse movie again. Now I know I will skip this one. Its sad. Im nearly 25 years old, and ive been a life long trek fan. My parents were divorced growing up and Trek was something for me and my father To bond over. Now when he and I watch the new films, we just feel sadness and shame. I know its just a two minute preview, but come on that was awful. Hopefully the new series isn’t a turd like these movies have been.

Will we get a new Enterprise at the end?????

Great Trailer!!! Great to bring back the Beastie Boys again. We’re getting, for want of a better term, the best of both worlds… with a new trek show on the horizon and a summer action flick too.
Take Us Out!

“Let’s make a Star Trek film so bad that Into Darkness will look like a masterpiece.”

It’s cool if you didn’t like the trailer, but Lady Enterprise? Stop it. The ship was made to explore the unknown. It’s supposed to get dinged up in the process.

So this is into the five year mission and Kirk already has grey hair?

Let’s say it is in year 4 of the 5-year Mission. So Kirk is how old? 30? And with so much grey hair?

Yes, 18, the wet blankets and their whining would not be welcome in the 23rd century….

Looks great! A very nice intro trailer.

Pure crap, but what else is new?

I did not think it would be possible to make a Trek movie worse than Into Darkness or Insurrection, but congratulations to the writers and director. The 5 year mission starts out with the Enterprise being destroyed. This truly is a alternate timeline, a bad one. Pee yeww! This looks like a stinker. The good news is that I don’t have anything to look forward to so I can’t be disappointed when it is released.

@18 nscates
I agree, people need to chill out.

I’ve followed Trek from late 80s and it’s all part of its evolution into a modern day blockbuster action movie. Trek was never going to be like Gravity, Interstellar or The Martian. For those who wish to stay in the past, please do but don’t drag everyone else down with you!

Star Trek 3: Tokyo Drift !!! Happy 50th Birthday Trek you poor soul & RIP…

So those guys look like Jem Hadar. The blue skinned leader dude (Idris Elba) looks different from the brown ones the white skinned girl is fighting.

I like it.

The first trailer is never the best one, but this one is still pretty good.

That’s the most un-TREKkie trailer I’ve ever seen… :-/
At least the new beam-fx looks and sounds a bit closer like the classic.

WIll we finally get an ENT which looks closer to the TOS-version in ST IV?

What did I expect? Hmm. It is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. So I expected something special. Something epic. Something that would tie together all of Star Trek from the beginning to now.

So I can’t understand why they did not not bring together as many of the old cast as possible in one epic adventure. As long as some of the old cast is around I think it is a waste opportunity to not do it…

Many will cry “fan service” now, but hey I am a fan and I want service!

Honestly, you are going to make an opinion of a film by 1 minute of footage, and I thought Doctor Who fans were grumpy.
It looks fun! Why does it have to look like Solaris all the time

Well, I was never enthused by this ship’s design anyway. If they give Kirk another ship (I wouldn’t at this rate), maybe it’ll be more like Andy Probert TMP-era Enterprise.

Well that certainly looked equal parts stupid and terrible. Idiotic rock song. 20th century motorcycle. Goggles. Enterprise gets blown up again. Bad king fu fighting. I thought it could not get worse. I was wrong. Star Trek really is dead.

something seems off with it.. didn’t get any sort of trek vibe

LOOKS great, but would have preferred a different ‘modern’ cut of music.

Before I watched, I wondered if it would make an attempt to attract with plot hints, emotion, or something character focused or if it would just be a bunch of action sequences mixed with loud music.

I got my answer.

I desperately with the O, P&M script had been green-lighted. Though with Nimoy gone, I’m not sure that movie could’ve been made anyway.

Thank God Paramount’s current brass will not be involved with the new TV series.

I wish I could unwatch that.

I realize that a lot of directors don’t have control over their trailers, but this was abysmal. No story. No characters. Just the Beastie Boys and a lot of explosions.

The only good thing that will come out of this is that the new TV series may learn from the mistakes of the past three movies.

I have a feeling this movie going to be garbage and worst than the previous one.

Star Trek III? Minus the search for Spock?

Well, hopefully the movie will be better than this trailer makes it look. Admittedly, the bit where Spock was beamed away was pretty funny.

Star Trek: Triskelion Drift

24. Trek was never going to be like Gravity, Interstellar or The Martian

Why not?

Trek did things like that years earlier and did it well. Those movies just PROVE it can still be done with a modern audience.