Simon Pegg comments on reaction to Star Trek Beyond trailer


While at the London premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens,  Simon Pegg spoke about the online reaction to the Star Trek Beyond trailer.

Speaking to UK site HeyUGuys, Pegg was honest in his assessment of the trailer, and wants fans to know there’s more to the film than non-stop action.

It was very action packed.  I was…it was surprising.  I found it to be kind of…the marketing people sort of saying ‘everybody come and see this film, it’s full of action and fun’, when there’s a lot more to it than that.  I didn’t love it, because I know there’s a lot more to the film.  There’s a lot more story, and a lot more character stuff, and a lot more of what I would call ‘Star Trek stuff.’  But, you know, they’ve got to bring a big audience in, they’ve got to bang the drum.  So to Star Trek fans, I’d say hang in there, be patient.

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Simon. We trust you. Please don’t let us down.

The music was probably the wrong choice, but it’s just a trailer. Looks fun overall, I’m still in. Clearly they’re going to Guardians of the Galaxy style which I’m not sure is the right choice (see the trailers for Star Trek and STID and compare the difference in tone), but I still have high hopes for the film.

Good.Honest.Answer. Thanks Simon. I think most figured that upon watching it… I did. I’m oooook with it as a starter, but more anxious to see the next one, and hopefully it’s better!.

After seeing all of the hyperventilating about “action” in this trailer I decided to go to Youtube and check out the previous ST trailers from TMP to ID. Except for TMP, they all had one element in common….


Even the STII trailer showed scenes of the Reliant and Enterprise duking it out or STIII and Generations trailers showed the Enterprise being blown to smithereens. ST: Insurrection had a TV spot boasting how it was the #1 ACTION MOVIE IN AMERICA, which I remember seeing back then but had forgot about. Either way, that this trailer was action-oriented is ok and fits in with other Trek trailers. Star Trek doesn’t have to become modern Dr. Who where they pretend that the character never used violent or action-oriented means to solve his problems (to which late-comer Whovians have to ignore a huge chunk of classic Who to arrive at…poor 3rd Dr. and his Venusian Karate).

The Beastie Boys “Sabotage” was the best choice in music .
love that song more now.

Wish Kirk would take better care of the Enterprise,
Poor Pike would be rolling around in his grave if he knew what a beating she was getting !

That’s a hell of a statement.

Anybody remember when somebody commented here that they wanted to see the Enterprise win a fight for a change in the 3rd movie, and Bob Orci responded to it with some sort of verbal equivalent of a thoughtful nod?

Honesty from Pegg? Refreshing, to say the least. I feel somewhat reassured.

i knew it ! Some people are so anal. They need to dislike new Star Trek. I called them losers before and stick with that comment… This proves that they will complain after the first trailer because they are trapped in the past.

6. Billy – boy

Sounds like you may not be getting the low-brow noisy action fest you were expecting. On 7/22/16, YOU may be the anal one! Muhahaha. Muhahaha.

Here’s a hilarious recut of the trailer. The pay off comes in the second half but watch it from the beginning for context.


Anthony, to use the “Muhahahaha” sound to your laugh implies an evil delight on your part.

On the contrary, Billy is the one displaying horns with his “two dimensional thinking”.

By the way, the proper way to laugh at anything posted here is………


This way it sounds like you burst out laughing with having read the absurdity of any given comment.

Shame billy doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the opinions of others. I bet he wears a bib to the movies to catch his drool.

Nice to hear honesty from a member of the production. However it does confirm that once again the decision makers just don’t get it. And Wasnt Lin working on the trailer….so this idea it’s just the marketing department doesn’t fly…or does it? I have no idea.

I just wish Pegg wouldnt endorse the myth that the trailer has to be all action to appeal to a wide audience.

Damn.. Look at how much Pegg says non verbally!

That’s a relief to hear.

#9 No, it proved that the trailer sucked. Look, even the writer of the bloody movie agreed it sucked!

I have faith in you Simon!

My first reaction was the gut ‘generic sci-fi movie trailer’ one, but seeing signs of the depth to come, I think this movie could be very clever, and very topical.

The Enterprise destroyed, or the FRANKLIN?

A film challenging what the FEDERATION is all about? VERY Star Trek – challenging the very entity Kirk, Spock and McCoy stand for.

The question: who ARE the good guys, and WHY are they the good guys?

A good question to ask on the 50th.

I’ll sit on my hands now and await the movie :)

Okay Simon, I’ll reserve judgment until I see the movie, but did you have to destroy the ship?!?!?!

If this goes belly up though I expect you exile yourself to some desert planet and be forced to watch the Jar Jar Binks segments of the Star Wars prequel movies to the die you die.

Even Pegg didn’t like the trailer? Well, that proves the whiners (I’m one of them and proudly so) were right, of course.

#13. TUP – December 16, 2015

When it comes to marketing, i.e. trailers, the director rarely gets final cut. His working on it was likely just making sure the fx and sound elements from the picture proper were adequately mixed together correctly for the clips that marketing marketing chose.

I think if they didn’t destroy the Enterprise AGAIN we wouldn’t be complaining so much. That is the one thing I wanted to not see in the 3rd movie.. but of course.. and I wouldn’t be surprised.. but I had hoped it would be different enough that they would not destroy it like they keep doing. It’s like it’s just a disposable chariot now. They don’t understand that the Enterprise is a character just as much as Kirk and Spock.

The prime universe USS Yorktown ended up as the 1701-A. Maybe there is something in that … Look forward to reading any thoughts on that ….

From everything I’ve seen & read about Simon I think there is a clear & reassuring message between the lines here. Least of which is not to judge this book by its cover, or marketing.

Ok, great to hear about it. I have a faith in trek3beyond again.

Glad Simon Pegg is saying something. The frothing at the mouth from some people over a 90-second teaser eight months before release is remarkable. I expect teasers to be a bit wild: they’re a calling card to put the existence of a film in people’s minds, not a full trailer.

Then again, certain ‘fans’ were claiming ST09 was the ‘great Satan’ based on that film’s ‘blowtorch construction’ teaser, which couldn’t have been a gentler introduction to the JJ films.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I felt Guardians of the Galaxy had a bit of a 1960s Star Trek vibe and I think Justin Lin’s a terrific action and ensemble director, so I’m really quite confident.

In all fairness to those who are feeling wary or skeptical after having seen the trailer, it’s an entirely warranted reaction, given the last film -and the blatant dishonesty involved in its promotion..

Thanks Simon :) Thumbs up.

I call bullcrap.

Nope. Not buying it.

We’ve been held on the edge of our seats with the promise of a great movie just around the corner three times in a row now, and what did we get? Mindless action fest after mindless action fest.

Didn’t go to the movies for Into Darkness (thankfully, caught it on TV, and was appalled), and most likely will be sitting this one out completely.

Thank GOD for Star Trek Continues (yes, I know, I’m an old has-been… it’s outdated and slow and uneven in pacing… well, at least doesn’t make me feel like a lobotomized drone watching it).

I honestly liked the trailer. After the scars that Into Darkness left on me, it looks like a refreshing original story.

Okay…I haven’t been round these parts for a couple of months now, and I look forward to catching up on all the comments on the 2 big issues I missed during that time – namely the CBS announcement of a new ‘Trek’ show in 2017 (YAY!…I think…depends on a lot of factors)…and the release of this first ‘Star Trek Beyond’ trailer…

I haven’t read anyone else’s comments about the trailer in the last few topics yet, but now that I’ve seen it, I have a feeling some of my own issues with it are bound to have been brought up by others too.

As Simon said…it was ‘surprising’. Personally, I have no problem with any trailer playing up a movie’s action beats…but I personally found the relentlessly noisy Beastie Boys track to be laughable for this latest ‘Trek’ preview – however, that’s because I never liked the track being previously used anyway…which is why that was one of the scenes I edited out of my own version in the first place.

On the other hand, I realise it was likely an attempt to catch the attention of the ‘Fast & Furious’ crowd, it was not the biggest issue I had…

So let me get this straight…’Star Trek Beyond’ has surprisingly turned out *not* to be about ‘bumpy-headed’ Klingons after all…but is going to give us a whole new bunch of ‘bumpy-headed’ humanoids instead, rather than something more ‘alien’-looking altogether! And my biggest disappointment about the fact that it looks like we’re getting some generic-looking ‘aliens’ that we’ve seen a million times already…is the fact that the writers/directors have turned Idris Elba into one of them!!

I can’t believe it! – Idris was the *main* thing I was looking forward to seeing in this, and he’s been slathered in ‘bumpy-headed’ make-up to the point where he’s unrecognisable!! Unbelievable. I recently saw him in a new ‘Luther’ storyline which is currently being shown here in the U.K., and he was as immensely watchable as ever. I was so looking forward to whatever character he was going to play in this…but I never thought we’d never be able to see him properly! – sadly, this has totally ruined whatever storyline the makers have come up, as far as I’m concerned, as even his make-up seems generic and overly-familiar. A real missed opportunity to see the nuance and presence this guy’s face can bring to a role. Too bad.

Other things that rubbed me up the wrong way –

The motorcycle jump (naturally), as it harkened back to both the awful ‘dune buggy’ antics of Picard for me, as well as the silly ‘Corvette’ scene from the first NuTrek movie.

And the shots of ‘action-hero’ Nu-Scotty falling, but managing to catch onto the precipice was ridiculous-looking too, I’m afraid – again it harkened back to the over-the-top moment where ‘youngster Kirk’ managed to hang onto the edge of the cliff in an unconvincing way in the 2009 movie – which was another reason why I edited that whole scene out of my 2009 version..

Still, the strangely unmoving destruction of the Nu-Enterprise at least offers some hope…due to the fact that this movie just *might* finally end up with a better-looking version by the end of it!

So that’s my own initial impressions sadly…and am I the only one who reckons that the desctruction of the Nu-Enterprise was actually *too much* of a ‘spoiler’ to be showning at this early stage to begin with?

As I said in the other thread, its only a trailer. They don’t produce trailers for Trek fans cause they know we will go any way. That trailer is to get Star WARS fans (& the rest of the lowest common denominator) to go see it!

We should all show some optimism that the Trek stuff will come out later! We’re Star Trek fans, optimism is a pre-requisite isn’t it?!

I think this movie will defy the expectations of the nay-sayers. I liked the first to reboot Star Trek films and I’m sure I will like this third one as well. As some people here may know, I’ve been with Trek as a fan since the TOS days.

I hope to see many more new Star Trek films after “Beyond.”

Star Trek was fun. I hated the Enterprise design and defended the science. Think about it, you have a FANTASY world that uses a substance invented in its future to collapse a planet. 250 to 350 years into a future. Not suspending my belief, just accepting that we could do it. LHC may have just found a new particle, so why not?

Star Trek Into Darkness was a little interesting, but I was not happy with the transporter or with Khan debacle. The tie-in comic helped explain a lot of backstory though with Khan.

Star Trek Beyond gives us new uniforms, and hopefully a better Enterprise, or not. They could wait for Star Trek Return Home to do that (or whatever they dub the fourth one). I will give it a chance. Just like I will give Transformers a chance.

For the record, I liked the uniforms in the first two movies, they looked light and easy to wear. The new ones seemed a little heavy to me.

23. Killamarshtrek

I resent you implying that anyone who isn’t a Star Trek fanboy is ‘lowest common denominator.’ That’s bigoted and simply not true. I love Star Trek (TOS and JJ versions) but it’s one of many ‘franchises’ I love.

As Blackadder said when Mrs Miggins told him not to perturb a bunch of writers in her coffee shop because they were being ‘intellectual:’ ‘There’s nothing intellectual about walking around Italy in a baggy shirt trying to get laid!’

Star Trek is a generally underperforming franchise and with a sneering attitude towards the human race like yours being common among Star Trek fans, it’s no wonder people want nothing to do with Star Trek.

I might not trust a studio hack, but I DO trust Mr. Pegg. The jury is still out on Mr. Pine’s Kirkian bangs.

Refreshing comment from Pegg. I didn’t love the trailer, but if nothing else it made the film look like a splashy, funny theme park ride, and I mean that in a positive way. The apparent loss of the Enterprise seems a little repetitive, though not necessarily final, but the classic Bones reaction is priceless.

What the trailer lacked was a real sense of story, suspense and character. And for those unhappy with the Abrams Trek films’ over-reliance on propulsive action-spectacle, it offers little respite.

But, it’s only a teaser trailer, and it’s there to seize the attention. For me, the song works great, but I liked it before I saw the 2009 movie.

Frag this trailer. Frag it in its stoopid bunghole.

It’s just marketing folks, breathe in – breathe out…

Lin and now Pegg have said there is actually a real story in this movie.

I anticipate we’ll get more story fodder in the next trailer.

My confidence in this pair and the upcoming movie are at an all-time high.

Mad Cow Trek – enjoy having your brains eaten.

You nailed it Dom!

Seems after the “mixed” reaction even in mainstream channels (40% negative reaction on Youtube) Paramount is now in full damage control, with Justin Lin interview yesterday and even more direct Pegg comments today. Even they realized this “craving for a bigger audience” backfired! Treating people like braindead idiots, like this trailer does (“Come Come Big Action Big Fun Come Come”) rarely works well. This is the film industry equivalent to web spam.

And what audience are they adressing with this anyway? Why are they not adressing the big audiences of Interstellar, Gravity and The Martian which made those movies bigger successes than NuTrek ever was? This is the fold that Trek belongs to! But the audience they are adressing with this boomfest – they won’t fall for this for a minute either as soon as they read the words: “Star Trek” they are out! This is like the “unfunny teacher” suddenly trying to be a “cool” airhead, it’s just embarrassing!

It’s the TNG generation that is crying about the action, the only Trek they knew for almost 20 years was practically void of it. The thing is, this is not based on TNG or it’s spin-offs, it’s based on TOS…BIG difference.

@ 29. jonboc,

“It’s the TNG generation that is crying about the action”

Dude, WAKE-UP! The writer himself is complaining that it was non-stop action.

@13. TUP,

I guess that Pegg needs to “stick a tooth-pick in his eye” for hating the trailer, like some people were saying! /S

OK—- 1…2…3…everyone start complaining that it WON’T be all action in the movie now!
But seriously of all the complains based on the trailer, I agree that destroying the Enterprise is totally not cool and way overdone. Then again, I never felt a connection with the new ship in these movies the way we were made to feel about the original Enterprise or the USS Defiant on DS9. I actually felt more of a “OMG” when the Defiant was blown than I did for the E in Star Trek 3- seeing the refit ship blow up had no where near the same effect because it didn’t even look like the ship from the 60’s show at that point. So, overall I’m not sure there will be an emotional loss for the E in Beyond. I’m hoping its going to be a good thing that the E gets it and the story will focus on characters more. Time will tell.

Justin Lin’s “Guardians Of Trek Are Furious”

Pegg: “There’s a lot more story, and a lot more character stuff, and a lot more of what I would call ‘Star Trek stuff.’”

Sounds really great. I’ve more faith now in Pegg & Lin after reading & watching the various interviews. After acknowledging that STID was a lightweight & had some serious problems with the story, it seems the new team is trying something very different this time around.

30. Ahmed:
‘@ 29. jonboc,
“It’s the TNG generation that is crying about the action”
Dude, WAKE-UP! The writer himself is complaining that it was non-stop action.’

Actually, it’s called ‘selling cars.’

Pegg’s job is to placate the whining TNG fanboys. It’s much the same with how Abrams would say publicly that he was a lesser Trekkie, while Bob Orci would come here to engage with Trek fans.

It’s all spin. If Pegg was ‘complaining’ unsanctioned, he’d be slapped down by the studio immediately. There will be huge clauses in his contract preventing him saying anything without studio (and marketing) approval.

@ 31. Ahmed – December 17, 2015
@13. TUP,

I guess that Pegg needs to “stick a tooth-pick in his eye” for hating the trailer, like some people were saying! /S


Damn straight!! :-)

But he wasn’t going all stupid ballistic about it, so maybe not.

Trailers are almost always big on action.

Oddly, we get the impression the creative people and the studio are working against each other. There really needs to be a cohesive vision for the franchise which is an issue and has been for awhile.

Now you’ve got the writer expressing less than glowing opinions of the trailer. Which supports what seems to be the majority response of the audience that the trailer was noisy, silly and didnt bring to the fore anything that makes Star Trek Star Trek.

Hopefully the studio hears the response and provides some more story and character oriented trailers in the future.

@Cervantes – I agree 100% with your concerns. There is a segment that doesnt want to see previously known aliens and I get that but the only difference between using Klingons and using these new make-up-of-the-week aliens is that Klingons have a known history and emotional connection with the audience. Why should we care about these humans in masks?

I didnt hate the song…but agree it was silly in 09 and silly here. I guess I didnt hate it because it fit what the trailer was trying to be (if even that was all wrong for Trek) and connected to 09 (if even that was silly at the time).

Can’t wait to here some 90’s music in Star Wars and see them ‘grounding’ the film for us moronic viewers by showing us 20th century vehicles. Because you know, sci fi is so inaccessible to the general public.