General Admission Tickets for Star Trek Las Vegas Convention Go On Sale, Sell Out, Go On Sale Again


Hoping to make it to Las Vegas for the 50th Anniversary Star Trek convention event of the year? Well, you’d better hurry. General Admission 5-day tickets for the Creation-run con, the most affordable way to attend all 5 days of the convention, are selling like hot cakes.

On again, off again
Originally on sale for $250 on Friday, General Admission Weekend (5-day) passes sold out in days, leaving many Trekkies heartbroken that they would not be able to attend what’s shaping up to be the biggest Star Trek event of the decade. Earlier today, Creation Entertainment, the company that has been running the Las Vegas convention among many others for decades, found some more General Admission passes in their couch cushions and put the coveted passes back on the website, but with one caveat: the price had jumped to $325.

This afternoon, tickets became available once again at the original $250 price point with a note on Creation’s website offering refunds to those who paid the higher $325 fare. No word from Creation yet as to whether this was some kind of clerical error or in response to the backlash on social media today from upset fans.

No word, either, on whether other ticket prices, also increased after high demand, will return to their original values. The Copper Weekend package originally rung up at $499 but is now on sale for $549.

Last year’s General Admission tickets were $149, with the $100 price difference being attributed to the fifth day added to the convention schedule for the 50th anniversary, which normally runs as a 4-day Thursday–Sunday event.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 4.29.26 PM
General Admission weekend passes on sale now for $250

Tickets to #stlv16 – What are my options?
At the time of writing, most of the ticket packages that have gone on sale for Star Trek Las Vegas 2016 are sold out. But, the popular General Admission weekend passes (good for all 5 days of the con) and the Copper Weekend Package (which comes with some extra perks above and beyond Gen Admission) are still up for grabs. More tickets, including single-day passes, are expected to go on sale in the coming months, so keep an eye out on Creation’s website for those.

  • Gold Weekend Admission Package: $879 SOLD OUT
  • Captain’s Chair Admission Package: $689 SOLD OUT
  • Commander’s Seat Weekend Admission Package: $799 SOLD OUT
  • Copper Weekend Admission Package: $549
  • General Admission Weekend: $250
  • Single-day General Admission: Not yet for sale

The moral of this story? The 50th Anniversary Las Vegas event is going to be utterly huge. Get your tickets now if you plan to go.

The Star Trek Las Vegas 50th Anniversary convention runs from August 3-7, 2016 and will be held at the Rio All Suites Hotel just off the Las Vegas strip.



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Who can afford to go to these things anymore? What a money pit rip off.

Fun doesn’t come cheap!

Yeah. A friend of mine used to always say. “You wanna dance, you gotta pay the band!”

Way too much Berman-era focus for me. They should be using this convention to really focus on the 50th anniversary of TOS, but sadly, it’s like 90% Berman-era stuff.

Thanks, but no thanks.

4. Prodigal Son – The Grand Return

It’s been 50 years. Half of the TOS cast / crew are dead; the other half are very elderly. What did you expect?

The 50th anniversary should celebrate all eras: The Berman stuff, especially after TNG, brought in new generations of fans. The focus for the franchise has to be on the next 50 years at this point….

Hopefully the new series will have something to show next year, alongside the shiny new movie.

“The 50th Anniversary Las Vegas event is going to be utterly huge.”

Good to hear that.

@ Anthony Thompson

So why aren’t Dorthy Fontana, Susan Sacket and David Gerrold, and many of the still alive writers and production staff on the guest list?

There should be a major “origin component” to this, and there are quite a number of people around that could contribute who are not deceased or in wheel chairs as you would have us all believe.

They are missing a huge opportunity here to really celebrate, for one last time, some of the still alive great creative staff who made TOS what it is.

Creation cons are all about the greenbacks…I really miss the real Trek conventions from the mid-70’s through the 80’s.

Well, we can always wait for the next 50th Anniversary.

Pretty underwhelming guest list so far tbh. You’d think they would’ve booked the five captains years in advance for this one. Shame they haven’t gone all out to try and also perhaps get someone big from the new film series like Pine, Abrams or Lin. Would also have been nice to see some guest that are often at conventions.

I’ve never attended the Las Vegas con since I live in London and had a very business work life, but if there was one convention I would’ve attended it would’ve been the 50th, but there’s nothing that stands out about this from the many other conventions held over the years, and having met a large chunk of the guest list there isn’t enough to attract me to it so I won’t be investing.


Merry Christmas.

I’ve not seen you since 2008, Admiral.

I look forward to a week with you in Las Vegas.

@ El Chup

Yea, it looks like its a “business as usual” Berman-centric Trek Creation Con like they might have any year, with 50th Anniversary slapped on it, and with ultra-high prices to boot to make the most money they can.

The general admission tickets went up to $375 (not $325) before dropping back down. Also worth noting that the Commander seats at $799 were originally $649 – like the general admission tickets, they sold out, more magically became available – but at a much higher price.

With the amount they are charging, better be the best convention ever!

Creation has always been shady. I remember a Fangoria con where at the door they would say the 25 dollar day pass was sold out but we could still buy the deluxe 75 dollar pass.

“Commander seats at $799”


“A fool and his money are soon parted.”

#4 Prodigal Son

Damn well said. The main reason, more than anything, that even as a lifelong fan I have no interest in attending.

i miss the days of old cons where it was cheap to attend most of the time autographs and photo ops were free you actually talk to actors with out a meet and greet expense I usually drop 2500.00 at vegas

It’s the same old Creation Con every year with an extra day and more higher admission fee… The issue with Creation convention — lack of good programming and the even greater issue— not generating new /younger fans !!
(As compared to Star Wars)

-Star Trek needs an animated series for younger kids

-who else agrees ?

@Dave re: “The issue with Creation convention — lack of good programming and the even greater issue— not generating new /younger fans !!”

I’d say that conventions in general have been on the decline for decades.
Web pages and/or live streaming have largely replaced conventions.
The holdouts are conventions where attendees can dress up in costume.

@ Dave

I AGREE 100%

It is early days as far as guests go. I have some TOS actor friends who have been asked but contracts not yet finalised. Yes this longer weekend will cost a lot of money – even more so personally in that I will be travelling from the UK but one thing I will say about Creation – They run the best conventions in my opinion. I have such happy memories from the three Vegas cons I have already attended. This will be my fourth in Vegas. I just could not miss the 50th. Happy New Year folks and Live Long and Prosper