TrekMovie Flashback: William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy at 1980 Annual People’s Choice Awards


Tonight, the 42nd annual People’s Choice Awards airs on CBS. While no Star Trek productions are up for a win this year, we can take a look back to 1980 when William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy presented at the 6th annual award ceremony. Take a gander, and marvel at Leonard’s epic mustache.

You can watch the 42nd Annual People’s Choice Awards tonight on CBS or CBS All Access.


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Lt Bailey

Just like old times, its great to see them together again in anything!

Ensign Ricky

Shatners hair system was all over the place.

Jeffrey S. Nelson

Yes, I can’t stop looking at Shatner’s amazing hairline…

And Mariette Hartey, another Trek alumn.

I Khan Believe it Ain't Butter

Love them both…but always kind of uncomfortable using Star Trek puns.

They seemed kind of uncomfortable; I wonder what that was about?


Great clip, and yes Mariette Hartley, who can forget the commercilels with James Garner for Polorid…..

Just Another Salt Vampire

Does anyone know who the first guy in the clip is (the one introducing Mariette Hartley)?

Captain Danno

I thought it was funny that the three words Nimoy formed at the end were “Star Trek Enterprise.” They had no idea that 20 years later that would be the title of the fourth live action sequel to their original series!


What a handsome pair they still were! Despite any Shatoupee issues.

6 I KHAN Believe it Ain’t Butter, LOL


3. Tom – January 6, 2016

Yeah, it seems like between this thread and the last, we’re the only two who care much.


12 Danpaine

People care although it doesn’t seem that way here. At least the question is being asked and it is now all over the internet that he is not in the movie.


# 12. Danpaine – January 7, 2016

” Yeah, it seems like between this thread and the last, we’re the only two who care much.” – Danpaine

I don’t get your interpretation. I care. There’s just a large segment of fandom that for some reason wants to blame Shatner for Smigel’s skit and punish him unto his grave. Then there’s the other loud faction that wants to punish him for daring to live so long and not be the spitting image of Kirk that he created for the character in the 60s. And then there’s them that want to punish him for both.

Steven Maines

@Just Another Salt Vampire

(miss america) bert parks


# 9. Just Another Salt Vampire – January 6, 2016

” Does anyone know who the first guy in the clip is (the one introducing Mariette Hartley)?”

Your mean Mister “There she is, Miss America…” prominently featured in the movie, THE FRESHMAN, as himself with Brando and Broderick? Bert Parks.


And that presentation can be summed up in three key words:

Friggin’ chemistry, baby!


The People’s Choice Awards should be sued by Paramount and CBS own the copyright to anything Star Trek. They even had two Trek actors appear on camera!


That was fantastic! Love the tongue in cheek jokes. It is always uncomfortable using Trek related puns but awkward humour is the best kind I think!

Who the hell wants to feel comfortable all the time anyway.


11. Marja – January 7, 2016

William Shatner’s self-branding is SOOO good that it has people like me believing that all that hair is real.

Yeah, I know what everyone says, but I cannot imagine William Shatner bald!

I can’t do it.