Celebrate the 50th At Star Trek: Mission New York


If you’d like to attend a convention this year that’s timed just about perfectly for the 50th anniversary, you may want to beam to New York City. 

The Man Trap first aired on NBC on Sept. 8, 1966 – to mixed reviews at the time but an enduring legacy. From Sept. 2 to 4 this year, you can celebrate that auspicious event with fellow fans at the Javits Convention Center, which also hosts the New York Comic Con.  News about the event broke on TV Insider, which reported: 

Presented by CBS Consumer Products and ReedPOP, the event marks a monumental return to the home of the very first Star Trek convention back in 1972 at what is now the Hotel Pennsylvania. That event was planned for 500 attendees, but ended up hosting 3,000 fans.

Chances are this event will see more than 3,000 fans – will you be one of them? Because if you aren’t, you’d better be trapped in a temporal causality loop, exiled to the Delta Quadrant, or too busy saving a planet with no humpback whales.

No information about ticket prices or guests has been yet made public, but you can sign up for updates or request exhibitor space on the website startrekmissions.com, a URL so magnificent I can’t believe it was still available.

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The fact this this is NOT A CREATION EVENT makes me want to try to attend this.

So much for all the doubters who were concerned that the studios were not doing anything major for the 50th.

Whoops!!! :-))

Having a con is great, which I will not be able to go to, what I was hoping for was something for tv, a new doc or better still a film showing how star trek got started,still in hope they may have done something like this

according to the website, ReedPop is putting on this event/convention..the same company that puts on Star Wars Celebration and NY Comic Con…this should be a good show..better than the Creation Ent shows (that are really poorly run, NOT kid friendly, NOT vendor friendly, big money traps, and the same ol’ stuff yearly)..

I really hope that ReedPop makes this Kid Friendly (like Star Wars Celebration)…and Fan Friendly..

looking forward to this..

Just an informal poll–anyone: Which is better..Star Wars Celebration Conventions or Star Trek Creation Entertainment Conventions…

Prodigal – May I ask what’s wrong with going to a Creation event? Have you had some bad experience with them? Just curious since I was considering going to the 50th anniversary one in Vegas in August.

Would like to go to this one too,as I love going to New York,and NYCC,lol,and this is by the same people who do NYCC,so it’s just a win,win for me,lol.

LOL! Thanks Dave,you answered what I Was asking Prodigal about,regarding the Creation events.

I was concerned but if this is the same group who do Star Wars Celebrations, which are pretty much the best and largest fan conventions on the planet, then I’m in. SWC in Anaheim last year was absolutely amazing. I doubt the Trek ones can come as close but it should be good for sure.

They do a great job of NYCC,which for ME is the best fan con on the planet,along with Comic-Con of course,which is much larger than any Trek or SW con,obviously,lol! Of course,I like variety,so a Trek or SW con is just too much of ONE thing for me. That’s my attention span speaking of course,lol.

I might attend this. Sure beats being herded around like they do at the Creation events. Maybe they can get Adam Nimoy to premiere his “For The Love of Spock” documentary there.

@ Prodigal Son

“So much for all the doubters who were concerned that the studios were not doing anything major for the 50th.

Whoops!!! :-))”

Never had a doubt that the studio would have something in store for the 50th. But I still think it was major PR flub, not to announce these things sooner. Including the fact that the first trailer for “Beyond” was incredibly late being released (and almost universally hated, by those not wearing rose-tinted glasses).

Well, this one’s in my backyard.

If anyone’s interested in getting a group together to attend this thing, I might be interested.


Also, the Creation Cons have kind of been taken over by the Berman-era fans. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not my cup of tea.

The first teaser trailer for ST Beyond wasn’t incredibly late at all,some have them a year in advance,some have them six months,like Beyond. I actually enjoyed the trailer,guess I’m one of very few who did,lol! And no,I don’t wear rose-tinted glasses,lol,I just enjoy what I enjoy. Plain and simple.

Thanks Prodigal,certainly made me think twice about attending or not.

CRUMBS!!!!! Double post,my bad. The first one never showed so posted again. Stupid computer….or whatever. lol

There no actual information this convention other that the date and location.

Sorry have not read all the comments so I apologize if this anyone has asked already. But does any think they will have any news on the new series. Foe example ethere JJ universe or Prime universe, time frame and or possible cast. This is probably just whis fulle thinking.

Creation has left NY out for some time in regards to conventions. They have moved them to New Jersey. Nice that someone else thought to bring it back. Have to see how much different this will be from other cons before we declare it special

@ Brian

I am sure one of the main focus areas of this event will be previews and panels on the new series. This is CBS-backed event, after all.

@JRT and All:

–According to the website..this Star Trek: Missions New York is being put together by ReedPop (based in NYC)–the same company that organizes the Star Wars Celebration and NY Comic Con and EmeraldCon (Seattle).. I haven’t been to EmeraldCon or NYCC.. but Star Wars Celebration was amazing…1 price/1 tickets gets you into everything..a room just for kids, fans are invited to exhibit fan films, artwork, Legos, Laser Tag area, etc… lots of props/static displays…nice program guides, good entertainment..

–Compared to Creation (I’ve been to over 20 Creation Conventions over my lifetime)–but have stopped for awhile.. because:

a) Not much for kids to do.. no kids family room/kids things to do…this con caters to older folks.

b) The “parties”, “concerts”, “smaller mtgs” with the fans…ALL EXTRA Fees/All require SEPARATE Ticketed event

c) Creation Website clearly states that vendors are not allowed to sell anything that competes with Creation’s own product line/license line..no crafts/no original artwork/no this… no that… etc…

d) They have these “auctions” to sell overpriced merchandise and they treat the “auctions” as Live Entertainment ? *shaking head*…

e) and until recently they didn’t even have photo op/cosplay photo op areas…

f) No fan films allowed and no fans films can be promoted…no fan created artwork/props allow to be exhibited much less sold

g) The real lowest moment was when they took down (in front of the audience)–their vinyl posters promoting this convention off the wall ..and then auctioned it right there :( that was so sad/silly…

h) Very few Star Trek Licensees as exhibitors..compared to Star Wars Celebration..

who else agrees ? thanks

@ dave

At someone who, earlier in my life, was a volunteer on numerous science fiction conventions, where the goal was to maximize fan fun while hopefully just breaking even on the costs, Creation has always struck me as having the priority of maximizing profits as their main goal, with fan fun being less of a priority.

WOW Dave,sounds like…..not much fun. I usually do Comic-Con and NYCC because it’s FUN,I like BEING there and meeting all kinds of weird and wonderful people,who are also there to have FUN,just like me. lol. And thanks for giving me the lowdown on their kinda con. Sounds like a…..con,lol!

Prodigal – y’know,I’ve been hearing that for several years now. Never done any cons run by Creation,but that’s more down to me liking variety. Not very good at doing cons which only have one theme,which has a lot to do my short attention span of course,lol! I tried Destination ST,or whatever it’s called,in London one year,but I was in and out in less than half an hour. I’m sure it was heaps of fun,but I quickly found out it just wasn’t my thing. So I went in,breezed by the guest area,talked with some vendors,bought the latest ST Magazine,and left. lol.

Never enjoyed Creation cons, they were always autograph cattle-calls with a huge admission price just to get into the door so you could spend more money on photos and autographs. Seems like 90% of my time was spent standing in a line. lol I stopped going in the late 90’s.
This one may be no different, will have to wait and see what the details are, could be fun. Anybody remember the great old conventions, when you paid to get into the door and the autographs were free? The last actor I visited with at a convention who didnt charge for his autograph was the late Richard Biggs (Dr. Franklin from B5). He said it was his first convention and he was already paid to be there, he didn’t feel it was right to be charging his fans. Classy guy. (sadly, with subsequent appearances, he would go with the flow…that’s showbiz!)

I’m soooooo sooooo GLAD that ReedPop is doing this and NOT Creation Entertainment! This is gonna be TRANS WARP SPEED AWESOME!!! Was about to get Vegas Creation tix but now not even gonna bother with their overprices. But no matter the price for STM tix, this one is gonna be WORTH IT!!!!

I went to most of the early New York conventions. I missed the first one in 1972 for a simple reason – I didn’t know about it until it was over. I kept tabs on the next one, in ’73, and made sure I was there. The stars (who did the early cons for expenses, not outrageous appearance fees) would walk around just like the attendees. I met James Doohan, Walter Koenig and Harlan Ellison that way. I went to conventions until 1981; I stopped then as I felt I was getting too old. I was almost 27 then. Now…you do the math. If I was too old then…

You are NEVER too old to go to conventions! lol.

And speaking of paying to get in the door at cons…..I remember when you could do that at Comic-Con,line up and pay at the door,lol! Would NEVER work today,sadly.

@ Prodigal Son  I would love to see a cast reveal. And some more information about thw over all direction of Star Trek. What would you like to see in the new series.

Hmmm, I may go to this one. For old times sake.

@ Brian

This is a bit of a departure, but my show would be called:


A concept for the new CBS Television Series

In the alternate time-frame, roughly around the time of Star Trek Beyond, the Federation launches a large starship flotilla towards the base of our spiral arm and eventually into the galactic center, led by the dreadnought Magellan, and including a Science Starship, three Constitution Clas-s starships, a mas-sive Starbase construction ship, a colonist ship that carries 100,000 colonists in hibernation that will be dropped off on 50 worlds over the course of the ten year mission, and multiple support/cargo and lesser ships.

The mission has both strategic and exploratory purposes. Strategically, by leapfrogging the expansion of the Romulan and Klingon empires, and setting up a Starbase in deep space (i.e, “behind” the Klingon and Romulan Empires), at the base of our spiral arm (BTW, this would happen around Season 2). And exploration-wise, this is deep unexplored space, and eventually (starting in season 3) exploring the galactic center region, and encountering really weird and strange life and intelligence’s that populate the region around the super-mas-sive black hole in the center.

Most of the characters would focus on the crews of the Dreadnought – the U.S.S. Magellan, and the science ship, the U.S.S. Sagan, and with one of the Constitution starships (the lead escort ship), the U.S.S Endeavor. The Captain of the dreadnought would be a flag officer Admiral, who is more of a Sisko type of personality – I envision a bit older more seasoned person – thinking like Ken Watanabe; his Exec would be played by an Andorian character – this character will be a difficult personality, but will have a background with the Admiral that can’t be challenged, and will have good advice over the course of the series that will lead the crew to put up with his personality.

The Captain of the science ship Sagan would be Dr. Richard Daystrom, played ideally by Cirroc Lofton (Jake from DS9); and his first officer would be Carol Marcus, ideally played by Alice Eve. Dr. M’Benga (yes, from TAS), and alien done in CGI, will be a key science advisor.

The lead escort ship, the constitution clas-s Intrepid, is an all Vulcan-manned ship, the Intrepid (yes, the one that was destroyed in the TOS … but not in this alternate timeline). On thought here is to bring an older T’POL and have her be the Captain. There will be ongoing tension in the series where the Vulcans feel that they should have the lead science role versus the Sagan.

This is what I have completed so far…I am excited enough about this that I am going to continue to flesh this out, and may have updates later….

@Prodigal Son  I personally want this series to be sometime after Star Trek Nemesis in the prime universe. peppermint in this paper dierection it would be really interesting I would definitely read a book about this. I really like the idea of the Andorian and a older T’POL. I have been watching Enterprise in really love the designs of the Volcan ships so would love to see more of them.

@ B Kramer

WOW — they are going all-out on this restoration!!!

Thanks for sharing!