Explore Strange New Timezones With These Star Trek: The Next Generation Smartwatch Faces


Celebrating the show that practically invented wearables (com badges, anyone?), this new line of Star Trek: The Next Generation smartwatch faces from Little Labs is a sweet way to show off your favorite franchise.

Wearables are the current cutting edge in everyday consumer technology, so it makes perfect sense to combine 24th century design with your 21st century wrist computer. The smartwatch is the kind of technology that Gene Roddenberry may have dreamed up back in 1987 and really jives with the level of tech that we saw the crew of the Enterprise-D using every week. In fact, one might argue that Captain Picard and his crew were among the first to make wearables a thing. A single tap to the chest transformed the relatively bulky TOS communicator into a communication system that was integrated into the uniform itself. We are speaking, of course, of the com badge.

Enter Little Labs, the company that created facer.io, a platform for downloading faces for smartwatches. Last week they released six beautiful The Next Generation themed watch faces compatible with a handful Android smartwatches. Here they are in action:


Make it So

Captain’s Log

The Final Frontier

Simple Starfleet

The Federation

Designed by fans for fans
“I was raised on Star Trek,” Diamond Fischer, social media manager at Little Labs, told TrekMovie. “Both of my parents were obsessed, and my older sister is one of the most competitive fans I’ve ever met. My mom once pushed me out of the way so she could get to a booth at a convention faster. Anyway, you can probably imagine how excited I was to get to work on the official Star Trek smartwatch watchfaces.”

Currently, the Next Generation watch faces are available for Asus Zen Watch (1 and 2), Huawei, LG G, LG G R, LG Watch Urbane, Moto 360 (1 and 2), Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3, and TAG Heuer Connected Watch.

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I do like the federation watch!

Yup, Federation logo is very nice!

I like it too.

I think a Starfleet command logo one would be pretty sweet too.

Now, if they can only include displaying the actual stardate (and startime?), this would be more
awesome.. :) Im sure there a
re some converters somewhere on the net that would convert 21st century dates to stardates.

p.s. i think the first aliens who will get this are the Tholians. ;P

Time for me to update my Moto 360 face!


I LOVE the simple Starfleet watch!

By the way… Horizon (Star Trek: Horizon) is here:

Yeah remember the days when trekmovie was reporting on this and it was the go to site for trek news! ! Thanks for the link

Your welcome.

Pretty slick. A real labour of love for those involved. Just goes to show you what’s possible. I enjoyed it. I guess I have mixed feelings because of how great an Enterprise TV Movie could’ve been, done with not much more expensive a production than that. CG set recreations are mostly fine. Epic climax revealing who Future Guy was. Never likely to get this cast together again however, for anything less than official studio-made production.

Ok, I’ll be that guy,…no TOS watch faces?

And while we’re at it, a Gary Seven face with the blue swirl behind him would be great visuals!

No love for the Gear S2 :(