BREAKING: Rod Roddenberry, Trevor Roth Announced As Executive Producers on Star Trek All Access


Rod Roddenberry, son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, and the COO of Roddenberry Entertainment, Trevor Roth, have both been named as executive producers for CBS’s upcoming Star Trek series. The pair join Alex Kurtzman, Heather Kadin, and Bryan Fuller in the executive producer lineup.

“Gene Roddenberry, the Great Bird of the Galaxy, left a finely feathered nest for all who love Star Trek to enjoy,” Bryan Fuller said in a statement. “And it is only fitting that Rod Roddenberry and Roddenberry Entertainment join our new Trek adventure to ensure that his father’s legacy of hope for the future and infinite diversity in infinite combinations runs through our tales as Gene Roddenberry intended.”

Rod Roddenberry has carried on his father’s legacy via Roddenberry Entertainment, a company that has helped produce a number of science fiction films and comics, including Rod’s own documentary Trek Nation in which Rod explores his father’s impact on the world. According to the company’s mission statement:

Roddenberry Entertainment is a science fiction leader, passionate about providing thought-provoking, quality science fiction to audiences around the world. We create substantive entertainment, carrying on the legacy that was handed down by our founder Gene Roddenberry. Roddenberry is devoted to producing viewer-centric entertainment that actively recognizes the central role that those watching play in the creation of any concept. We strive to create entertainment that surpasses the objective of entertaining; providing people and opportunity to think, question and challenge the status quo of the world in which we live.

Roddenberry’s statement to the press regarding his new appointment as executive producer is another indication that the new Star Trek series wants to bring the franchise back to it’s “roots” exploring the human condition:

“Moral dilemmas, human issues, complex characters, and a genuine sense of optimism: These are the cornerstones of Star Trek and are what have made it such an influential and beloved franchise for the last 50 years,” Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry said. “While I will always be humbled by its legacy and the legions of fans who are its guardians, it’s a genuine honor to be joining a team of imaginative and incredibly capable individuals whose endeavor it is to uphold the tenants of Star Trek’s legacy while bringing it to audiences in a new era and on a contemporary platform.”

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This just keeps ticking more and more boxes for me.

Yep. Only one box left to tick called Prime Universe and I have strong feeling they will.

Rather hoping for a completely new timeline myself. Not connected to either the “prime” timeline nor the “JJverse”. The existence of the TNG episode Parallels means that in Trek canon the theory of quantum reality is fact, meaning the choices are a lot more than just limiting themselves to “prime or jjverse” if indeed they ever even considered limiting themselves to established canon.

That’s certainly a feel-good move on the part of the producers, but, um, what training and experience does he have for this? His IMDB page … doesn’t show much.

You are 100% correct about this!

Speaking of which, Janet, it almost makes me wish Orc’d get a position on the new GALAXY QUEST series so there could be some humorous fun Jack Benny and Fred Allen fake rivalry between the two productions.

The Galaxy Quest series might have died with AlAn Rickman according to some comments by Tim Allen. Sad if so, but not surprising.

He created Trek Nation. He studied and knows sooo much about his dad

Thank you.

I’m thinking its a consulting role on the part of Roddenberry, which is cool. He can give the Roddenberry perspective. I think that has been missing a bit. Your point about it being a feel good move is spot on though.

Did Gene have a lot of expertise back in 60s?

What about Chris Doohan?

I completely agree!!!

Rod is involved now? Now I’m certain CBS is trying to do all the right things (except, of course, an ad-supported paid subscription to All Access, required to see the show)!

Did you read the recent article about how CBS was offered a bunch of money by Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu? All of them were willing to pay through the teeth for this! CBS made the exact right call from a business sense. They want to grow their streaming service, this is what is needed.

So? Is “it’s either Netflix/Amazon/Hulu or CBS All Access” the only viable option to broadcast a TV show now?

Partly, it’s because CBS’s schedule is completely filled right now, as is CW. And, unlike the other networks, CBS has no cable presence (besides Showtime, which is a premium).

It also lets it be free from Nielsen ratings. Basically, as long as the network is happy with the viewership, they’ll keep renewing it, a la Netflix and Amazon Prime.

A genuine sense of optimism? If this is the case then consider me sold.

Dear Star Trek. You had me at Nicholas Meyer.

To what end? It sounds like stunt “producing ” to me…what do they know about grinding out day to day television production? His son was completely disassociated with the Trek series and Trek in general…by choice, he was a kid. What could he possibly bring, creatively? Oh well, it looks good in print…and at the non-creative, executive level, I don’t think it can do much harm.

Stan Lee is an executive producer on all Marvel movies, and has next to zero say in anything. It’s a symbolic move to have a Roddenberry attached to the show. It would bother me if it also didn’t give me a fuzzy feeling. I think it’s smart.

You are probably right? Why else would they bring the other guy over? I bet they approached Rod for his namesake and Rod said something like… “Not without my friend!”

The title of “Executive Producer” is normally for those who do NOT have anything to do with the day to day function of the show or movie. I would agree that his resume is weak in that respect, but I don’t think he’s being asked to do more than lend his name and perhaps consult a bit which is customary with such a title.

Keeping fingers crossed for D.C. Although I don’t know if she want to get back into the game.

I’d love to see D. C. Fontana involved; her “Journey to Babel” and “The Enterprise Incident” were standouts!

Would be nice, but after her nightmarish tour of duty on TNG, I bet she would have nothing to do with the new series.

I think she’s been doing some work on Phase II, so I don’t think she’s burned out on Trek per se.

And I loved almost every episode she wtote.

Executive Producers are mostly glorified titles for folks who don’t do a lot, but it’s a gesture towards both fans and the Roddenberry family. CBS seems like they want to make Star Trek for the Trek fans, which appeases us. Meanwhile, Paramount makes Trek movies for the masses, which hopefully generate enough money to keep the franchise going. Good things all around.

I’m fine with this as long as Trek series continue to be made, and made well. I’d like for the movies to be deeper than popcorn action flicks, but like you said, if it makes enough money to keep the franchise going, I’ll put up with it.

I have never thought the movies were that deep.

Whaddaya mean, Aaron? One was SO deep it was literally underwater!



better that than taking the actual Big Dive (a la INTO DARKNESS’ dip in the deep end.)

TMP was probably the only deep movie in the franchise. That format got jettisoned for more action, and TWOK was the result.

You do know this site has an executive producer who regularly contributes bon mots to these chains that can clear up these misconceptions if you’d care to appeal to him?

DIS, Whut.I thought APascale had gone dark and the site is now run by others. Althpugh the change in site comments format indicates he may be back….


I was speaking of Orci. But I do have a vague recollection of AP’s name being attached to some filmed effort. Can’t recall if he was just an advisor or an EP or what?

“CBS seems like they want to make Star Trek for the Trek fans, which appeases us.”

Thank heavens! (fingers crossed)

Isnt the idea that in film the director has more creative stroke than the producer. But in TV it’s the reverse?

It may sounds like a publicity stunt but perhaps there is something we don’t know yet. Or CBS is simply getting as many familiar faces as they can! It would be interesting to see if they will do the same in their casting process.

I don’t disagree with you, but let it be said that there are some publicity stunts that are worth it.

ALEX is building quite the roster of Trek All Stars for this production. Keep up the good work!!!

Have always liked these two. Wish them all the best.

Hi Bob! Miss ya man.Yeah! Alex, Fuller, Meyer,Rod and Roth! Wow ,ya think you might get a call ?

No. I am retired from Trek, but thanks.

Retired from Trek? In this universe maybe. There are always possibilities in others

“Retired” is an interesting way to put it. When I was a kid, I told my boss at a restaurant I worked at the go F himself. I was “retired” shortly thereafter too.

Give it up already. We know where you stand.

As for the news, very promising so far.

Wow retired from Trek? I think Paramount did a real number with you over Beyond. Sad to hear but understandable.

They are really getting their Shat together. Get Shat for a show!

Please oh please keep William Shatner as far away from this as possible. Cast him in Star Wars Episode 9.

The number of sad, pathetic Trekkies that wax the Shat’s balls is really astounding.

Maybe I’m being cynical, but a lot of the announcements of late feel more and more like trying to buy goodwill from the fans rather than necessarily the best choices for the new series.

Now, I could be totally wrong and the new show could be terrific, but I’m personally more concerned with the quality of the show rather than who’s running it. This announcement doesn’t diminish my anticipation, but it doesn’t boost it either.

I’m not to worried at this point. A TV show will have members of the production team come and go. It’s also ten months or so before the first show hits the air, so I’d expect a number of announcements now on the core nucleus of the production team, and casting to follow.

There is always a possibility that, even with a Trek A list production team, the show could be a dud. We really won’t know until January 2017

Now if they announce David Gerrold, DC Fontana, or Ron D Moore joining the crew I might have to check if I am in Star Trek heaven….

VZX, agreed. Add Manny Coto or Vince Gilligan!

An interview with Rod Roddenberry from last week with The Baltimore Sun.

50 years after its premiere, Rod Roddenberry on the bold future of ‘Star Trek’

The Baltimore Sun: Do you have any insider info on the new “Star Trek” series in January 2017?

Rod Roddenberry: I don’t know more than anyone else. I think it’s going to be a different “Star Trek,” along the lines of the movies. I’ve only met Bryan Fuller, the showrunner, once or twice, but he gets it. While he’s not Gene Roddenberry, he will do it justice. I think they will be looking for new formulas and ways of telling stories. I don’t think they’re going to create a new Starship Enterprise with a new Captain Kirk. It will probably upset some classic fans but gain new ones.

Classic fans save your 6 bucks ????

“…a different kind of “Star Trek” along the lines of the movies..” Nice…having had enough discussions and negotiations to seal the deal of his participation with the new series, I think this is a fantastic nugget of information.

” I think it’s going to be a different “Star Trek,” along the lines of the movies.”

What? Oh, this is bad… very bad…. along the lines of the [reboot?] movies…? This is catastrophically bad.

I think Roddenberry was referring to what Meyer said in his interview with ‘Den of Geeks’ about the influence of TUC on the new series:

Meyer: “The one thing I can relate to you is that The Undiscovered Country—according to Bryan [Fuller]—is a real sort of taking off point, or touchstone for how I guess he’s thinking about the direction of the new show.

Then I probably misunderstood his comment.

Maybe he just meant more drama like in TUC. Trek TV has always stood out as quality TV, but the movies have been so-so action flicks that celebrated some version of the characters we love, at least the better ones. So yes, I also do hope they are getting that Trek TV has been hugely successful because of being quality scifi, filling a certain niche and demand. This trend in television, producing for special audiences, has even intensified due to streaming, and it works so well. CBS as a traditional network might be newer to this than Netflix, but I hope (and think) that they are not that dumb to assume they have to imitate the movies to reach ‘the masses’ (which would never ever work). Keeping fingers crossed. But really: Rod was probably not on board yet at the time. No Trek TV series in history ever had better preconditions to do it right than this one. I doubt even CBS could screw this up.

“Rod was probably not on board yet at the time. No Trek TV series in history ever had better preconditions to do it right than this one. I doubt even CBS could screw this up.”

I guess you’re right.

Hopefully he really knew nothing when giving this. Why on earth would anyone want to make a series like those two awful movies?

Oh for heaven’s sake Trek fans, let’s all calm down. We won’t see evidence one way or another until 2017.

How’s about we save the naysaying until then.

Well it will be sooner than that if the show is premiering in January. We will probably know quite a bit about it by the end of the summer when casting and production starts but what he said sounds fine to me but I dont have a problem with the new films as others do here. They are fine, no not as good as some of the classic Trek but fine. And I know with people like Fuller and Meyer on board its gong to feel very different anyway so not remotely worried. In fact I’m glad to at least know it won’t be another version of Kirk and TOS which would sound ZZZZzzzzz. I mean didn’t expect it either way but still. We already have the films for that.

So far, great. I think it’s time that CBS announce that some of these producers are not white men.

Well, one is a woman.

Agreed, Cafe. Diversity being a theme of Trek, this seems like a very important goal.

Proportionally to the world population, women should outnumber the men, but there aren’t as many women on production teams as there are men. The ol’ Catch-22. I hope women writers and directors and others will come into the production.


I feel some sympathy for any of these people who plan to be involved in the making of this new TV series. If any or all don’t measure up(in terms of what TUP, Cygnus and others decree as being “good Star Trek”), then they can expect the same malicious treatment that Bob Orci got and is still getting.

I mean, what if an episode questioned present day politicians handling of threats of terrorism or other (just as STID did) and people like TUP didn’t agree with the writers/producers’ perspective? If so, will these makers of the new TV series get roasted (as Orci has been) in the same way, simply because they presented a slightly different take on events from what the masses are supposed to believe?

STID was about the nature of the human condition, when faced with murder and grief and the choices individual make as how to deal with these problems. Too bad that so many people could be so easily distracted by whatever violence and other ramifications of an explosive nature took place because of two acts of terrorism.

Personally I am more interested in the latest movie in its post-production phase now.

BTW – STID was a morality play in the finest tradition of Star Trek!!!

I know this isn’t the place for this discussion, but some people genuinely disliked STID for reasons other than what the story was about and I think that’s why Orci is getting so much heat. The folks involved in this new series shouldn’t have to feel weighed down by any negativity surrounding STID. (I realize some folks liked. Nothing wrong with that. I didn’t.)

Actually, women do not outnumber men internationally. They do in places like Europe, USA, Canada, NZ and Australia, but in many Asian, African and middle eastern countries, it is the other way around.

In these places, the preference has always been for boys, and they have made sure that more boys get to survive to adulthood. Girls have always been more likely to be the victims of infanticide or more recently, abortion. They also receive less food and other essential care, which also limits their survival chances. In some parts of India and China, males can outnumber females drastically. China has 50 million more males than females and even the Chinese government has caught up with a self-evident fact that this does and will be the cause of many social problems. Like I didn’t say this 30+ years ago when the one-child family policy was first introduced. Actually I did!

Now get DC Fontana and Manny Coto on board and everything will be perfect!

On a sad note: Gary Hutzel passed away :-(

That is really sad. I had hoped he might come aboard the new series, after his stellar work on TNG, DS9 and especially BSG. Rest in Peace.

An exec prod job can be hands on or just a title, although I am confident that Rod has connections which could greatly benefit the show. It would help the discussion to know his job description.

This is awesome news!!!!

Will Mike and Denise Okuda be part of the team for this new Trek series? Let’s hope so.

I second that

and Doug Drexler! oh wow would this show be amazing

I third it! And they are releasing another Encyclopedia book after 20 years out later this year (just in time for the 50th). I know every Trek nerd back in the 90s had the original book as part of their collection to be considered true fans but I loved that book. Of course the internet today makes things like that less relevant but its still great to have as an actual publication. And supposedly is updated with Enterprise and the reboot films.

Not bad. But, well… could we please get some actual SF authors as script writers, too? I dunno, Greg Bear? Andy Weir? Stephen Baxter? Maybe even buy TV rights to some East European sci-fi – maybe the Strugatsky brothers, half of their works is basically Star Trek.

Paul, I agree emphatically. Some of TOS’ s greatest stories came from SF authors. I hope they will remember this while looking for stories so the outlook and “universe” are not too insular.

Most of the Sci-Fi writers are fans as well, and I think people like Peter F. Hamilton, Alastair Reynolds, Vernor Vinge or Robert J. Sawyer would love to be part of a new Trek series. Hopefully Kurtzman & Fuller will reach out to some of them.

The announcement of Manny Cotto’s name to the production team would now be the icing on the cake. As for familiar names amongst the cast….for me they should be cameos only. New show, new cast.

Why? “New show, new cast”. Why? “Hey, this name would make the series better and more successful?” “NO! NEW SHOW NEW CAST”. I mean, if you have a real reason that is more than a lame slogan, Im all ears.

Did you see The Force Awakens? New Film, New Cast AND Old Cast. Respect the franchise. Utilize the case that is still alive and working and wanting to be involved.


Are you suggesting they bring back some of the old cast as regulars & not just cameos?

Depending on the era they can use them in either. Id generally say cameos. Or recurring. If I was the studio Id ask if they have a good idea to use William Shatner on a recurring basis. Why not?

Thus far, CBS/Paramount is making, in my opinion, all the right moves. With Brian Fuller, Nicholas Meyer and now young Roddenberry on the staff, CBS is proving they want this project to go where no TREK series has gone before. More great news!

Roddenberry’s credits are more behind the scene. He did some intern work on TNG. He was with the family’s “Earth: Final Conflict” early in the series run. His documentary about his father was moving. Adding him to the staff may be merely symbolic (something I doubt) , but I think Rod has proven himself with Roddenberry Productions. I am getting more and more pumped about this series.

Yeah I saw his documentary about his father on TV which was really good. That was really the first time I even knew anything about him. I had heard he did some production stuff on Earth Final Conflict in the first season (which was VERY good but went downhill from there).

Yeah its probably more symbolic but I’m sure he will have some actual responsibilities. I think they wanted to have the name Roddenberry on a Star Trek series again since there hasn’t been one since TNG.

All I can say is so far they are making all the right moves. We still don’t know of course how the show itself will shake out but I know everyone is breathing a sigh of relief hearing who is joining up so far.

How long before they announce that the Reeves-Stevens’ are on board too?

I legitimately believe the best announcement is yet to come – the inclusion of William Shatner.

You really think they will include Shatner? Would be awesome but I think it is wishful thinking. I don’t see anything yet that would indicate this. What exactly makes you believe…

These announcements thus far seem designed to elicit support from the TOS fanbase. No disrespect to Rod, but theres little he’d add that someone else wouldn’t other than his connection to his father and perhaps the knowledge of his father’s vision of Star Trek.

So with that in mind, William Shatner would be the ultimate “valentine” to the TOS fans. It might even be a thumbing of the nose to Paramount to a degree, who seems to have blackballed Shatner somewhat.

We all saw what happened when it was leaked that Shatner was in Orci’s story for Trek 3…massive free (and positive) advertising. And that was an unconfirmed report. A presser to announce some key information about the new series with William Shatner? Huge PR.

Im not sure they’d make him a regular or spend the time needed to do a story arc about undoing his death (mostly because of the unfortunate reality of having to revisit the stupid Nexus idea) but I’d be game.

How about this..series starts right before Generations with Kirk meeting with Chekov as they are about to board the EB. Some banter, establishing their thoughts and feelings on things. Perhaps Chekv tries to hurry Kirk along “Scotty is waiting”. Kirk waves him off and makes a call to someone… Spock? Bones? Carol? Says he’ll be right back…flashes the grin and steps into the transporter.

Next scene is the ship limping back to port, Kirk “dead”.

Yadda yadda yadda, two hour premiere ends with someone (an actor playing an old Spock?) reporting that Captain Kirk may not be dead after all…. To be continued…On CBS All Access.

You could be a real service to fans by continuing to pitch anything and everything you can think of that you would do with this show. Then, the rest of us can eliminate that as a possibility and narrow it down.

What else?!?! Sooner or later, whatever is left, no matter how improbable, will be the truth:)

While I agree that what TUP is proposing here is highly unlikely, Not giving William Shatner another chance to play Kirk for the 50th anniversary is a huge injustice. I appreciate your efforts to have him in your movies and personally is my biggest disappointment with the new movies that it never came to fruition. I never let it spoil them but just feel it was such a huge missed opportunity. If the could do something cool for even an episode or two in this series it would make up for the choice not to include him in Beyond

Agreed Tom. I had meant to add to my previous post that I was being tongue in cheek but I assumed posting a wild idea was pretty apparent. However, the benefit to my idea is its already better than the premise to STID! :-)

But certainly including William Shatner is a no brainer. Too bad we didnt get that in the films.

It would be a great idea to include William Shatner in the premiere broadcast. However whether it be the films or now the series, they seem to want to focus on new viewers and fans. I think they feel using Shatner will associate too much with “old” Trek and not feel new. Not to say that old trek is bad.The merchandise still sells like crazy.

Makes sense. Using Mark, Harrison and Carrie sure handcuffed Star Wars.

Funny how the movies and the shows all have staffers claiming to be fans of TOS. They all want to capture the flavor, tone and essence of TOS. Yet they don’t include Shatner

Hey Bob, You could do a real service to fans by finding some red matter, opening a black hole, traveling back in time and firing yourself before you have a chance to make the two films.

If you dont like fans spitballing admittedly crazy ideas, dont read fan forums.

Its most likely not even him, i would hope the real boborci would be moving on from trek or working hard to help it.

Its the real deal. He’s just like this. Childish. Weird that he hasnt moved on eh? I suspect he’s *very* interested in critical feedback to the new film and while publicly he will hope for acclaim, privately, he will hope everyone hates it. :-)

oh,but I do like it — I get to do it, too, again, finally. I am just a fan, here.

TUP, just between you and me, I have to tell you that comment made me laugh out loud.

Bob, agreed. All we need now is Admiral Bumblebee. Yokes.

Hi, Roberto. Nice to see you in here gracing us with your presence. Will you have any interaction with the production?

All good TUP , However I just cant seem them doing it. I truly hope you are right

Congrats To Rod and Trevor. Keep up the excellent job on the Vault. Happy 50th LLAP.

Saw some reports that Rod wasnt a fan of the Bad Robot films. Might this be an indication the rumors are true that its a “Prime” Universe setting? One can hope.

Also, the Trekcore guy says Kurtzman has little to no creative power in the series and is basically just shooting it. Dont want to say thats good or bad because you dont want to throw the baby out with the bath but STID was a pretty stinky bath so maybe just as well.

If all these people have a say, thats a lot of cooks in the kitchen.

Hung out with Rod a good bit. Told me he was a fan.

See? this is working!


Actually Rod was in fact a fan of the reboot movies. This is what he said last year during an AMA on Reddit. He also mentioned in the same AMA that TNG is his favorite show, which just made my day :)

And I agree with him about ST09, but not STID.


Q: What do you think about the recent Star Trek movies ( the ones with Chris Pine)?

Rod: I actually like the movie. I think JJ Abrams did a great job. The first 10 minutes of the 2009 Star Trek brought me to tears – and still does every time. I know the fandom is split – but I’m less critical and realize that no one but me will every replace or duplicate the work of GR. As long as there are still messages and they are still talking about a better future for humanity – it’s still Star Trek.

Q: What is your favorite Star Trek series?

Rod: TNG all the way.

Q: Who is your favourite Star Trek character?

Rod: Fav character is Data. Each ST incarnation has an ‘alien’ character that allows us to see our humanity through a unique prospective. These are the characters I generally like the most.

Well he and I agree that the first 10 minutes of 2009 are the best. It was as if different film makers made it compared to the rest of 09 and STID.

Good news so far, but like others have said I hope some of these hires aren’t just to appease fans. It has to work on the screen. I’m sure Meyer will come up with some good dialogue though hope he cuts down on the Shakespeare! Not that I mind it, but TUC was a bit much!

I like what Alex has put together so far. We’ll see where this goes. IF, like one report suggested, the series takes place around same time frame as STB, I wonder if there will be anything in the movie that will spark the new series. STB looks like it could deal in some political situation in that there is resistance to the Federation expanding. The nod to TUC is similar.

Excellent points. Trek has always been a metaphor for current-day issues and TUC was a broad allusion to the collapse of the Soviet Union and its internal struggles post-Chernobyl, post-perestroika.

Today it’s rogue militias, proxy wars, older countries struggling to deal with an influx of younger refugees, oligarchs vs workers, and nations trying to balance their best selves vs. giving in to their darkest impulses. All great grounds for drama, sci-fi or not.

I feel Trek is best when used as a metaphor for current events, not that the ones that do not use this are bad. More relatable I guess. Yes TUC was very current which in some ways makes it seem more aged than others. But it was a great idea. The aftermath of STVI could be a very neat idea. Kirk and company have gone away, leaving a new group of crews to handle the conflict and tensions that would’ve arisen from the fall of the Empire.


I take Nick Meyer’s to reference to TUC to mean that the new show will focus, to some degree, on the political landscape of the galaxy and how the Federation plays into it. An idea popped into my head this morning. It’s a bit heavy-handed but, if the show takes place after the new movies but in the Prime universe, then the surviving Vulcans could have settled on a ‘New Vulcan’ which is a planetary body nearby that harbors a genetic signature to the earliest Vulcan ancestor. The surviving Vulcans lay claim to a small region of this planet, displacing another species living there. This region claimed happens to be the most resource-rich of the entire planet and the displaced species are pissed at their now marginalized position. They constantly stage guerilla attacks in the New Vulcan capital and the Vulcans respond with brute force in the displaced regions, inflicting collateral damage to the displaced species.

When the Federation Crew attempt to temper the Vulcan’s response, the Vulcan Prime Minister responds with “New Vulcan has a right to defend itself” and the Vulcan people respond with slogans like “Never Again.” The Vulcan Prime minister smugly goes over the Federation captain or Admiral’s head and campaigns directly to the Starfleet brass, who side disproportionally with the Vulcan people over the other species.

Dude, this stuff writes itself.

If it’s in the Prime Universe, then Vulcan wasnt destroyed.

Vulcan was destroyed in the Prime universe, its most likely still there in the future of the Abramsverse reality

Romulus was destroyed in the Prime Universe. Vulcan was destroyed in the Alt Universe. What a great idea eh? Real confusing.


I think you got your Romulus and your Remus crossed.

Ummm, no, despite Prime Spock’s efforts to deliver Red Matter into the forming nova, ROMULUS was destroyed in the Prime Universe by the supernova; Vulcan was destroyed in the AltVerse by a mentally ill Romulan from the PrimeVerse.

Sure, as a metaphor for the Holocaust / Israel, or in a broader sense the Syrian refugee crisis, or coming refugee crises due to climate change (Bangladesh will be under water, etc…)

Yes, I think the SIX billion Vulcans were an uncomfortable allusion to the six million victims of the Holocaust.

That Vulcan wasn’t destroyed in PrimeVerse is a problem. However, Prime Vulcan could experience sudden, life-threatening ecological disasters, and settle their populace per your suggestion, via some delicate diplomatic agreement headed by the Federation, on a planet with some Vulcan genetic material.

And this is what Rod said in an interview with EW back in 2013.


‘Star Trek’ creator’s son: The Enterprise’s best destiny is TV and online, not movie screen
April 26 2013

I think Star Trek belongs on television and while what J.J. has accomplished with the movies is fantastic and he’s done a great job with the characters and the canon, I think it’s really hard to make Star Trek be Star Trek on the big screen,” he said.

My definition of Star Trek is that it has to be more than entertainment; it has to have a moral dilemma. A lot of [the movies] are the cowboy in the white-hat and cowboy in the black-hat. So I’m excited for it [to get] back on TV, although that comes with apprehensions as well. I’m pretty sure I won’t be the one running the show.

“..I’m pretty sure I won’t be the one running the show.”

I’m pretty sure he’s right about that.

Yeah Rod is saying what all of us says here and Trek belongs on TV more than anything. The films are great and fun for what they are but they can never give us those really thoughtful and innovative stories like you can get on TV. I mean to this day I still look at something like “All Good Things…” which was the TNG finale of course and then the film “Generations” that was the TNG movie and that tells you right there the difference between the show and the films.

AGT hit all the right chords. It was sci fi in the geekiest way possible and it truly gave us an insight to all the characters on a really interesting level with a grand adventure. And then you have Generations which was sci fi for the masses with the Nexus that is just one big plot device and can do anything it want and the film focused much more on action and punching people than any real development. To be fair they did insert that with the stuff with Picard and dealing with death but still on a smaller level you got on the shows and why Trek exceeds so well on TV.

So they already said the Trekkies will support AllAccess to watch new Star Trek. Ok I agree. What happens when they make a show thats not like our Star Trek? What new audience are they trying to pull in with a pay service show? I see trouble coming

“Our Star Trek” ? If trouble is coming, it’s from this type of thinking.

I dont have a problem with the streaming ideas as others but same time I DO wonder what will happen if CBS realize that a lot of people will just sign up to watch the show and then cancel after they finished? After all if they go the Netflix route and dump it all on a single day most people will happily sign up for the $6, binge watch it to death and dump it again. Its no secret a lot of people do that for Netflix now to watch shows like HOC or the Marvel shows and cancel again soon after. Thats why Amazon no longer offer the pay-per-month deal because too many people would just watch something for a month and then cancel it.

I think though All Access will probably release the show week to week to at least keep people on the site for a few months and hopefully keep them on it when the show is done but I seriously doubt it UNLESS there will be other things there besides reruns of other shows. Netflix of course has tons of movies and a lot more original programming. They have a loyal following because Netflix is A. Cheap and commercial free B. Lots of options and C. A very flexible monthly plan where you can run the service on every device out there. But even then they still lose people they just now have a growing base where it doesnt matter too much.

That is my concern. If they make a show that has no characters, ships, history, etc. from what has gone before – is it STINO? Star Trek in Name Only?

Still not going to pay for #CBSAllAccess. I won’t let the Paramount/CBS monster extort my fandom.

The future of broadcast will be online networks such as this. And we’ll all pay for them one way or the other. My hope is that CBS will have their bundle worked out with Apple by the time the series launches, and it can be had with all of the programming I love for $30/month on my Apple TV.

It’s not 1968 anymore, and the best entertainment isn’t available for free via a pair of rabbit ears. The upside is that the internet will allow for better tracking of those who actually do watch the show so that travesties like TOS and ENT getting cancelled despite having a large audience, won’t happen anymore.

Probably more of a ‘vanity credit’ in this case, but a smart business move on CBS’s part! When you look at the wider team, we have a guy who created the modern movies, the guy behind the ‘good’ original movies, a guy who worked on Berman Trek, who has a pronounced love for TOS, a man who handles the Roddenberry business interests and the son of the original producer, whose name is ‘Roddenberry.’

Either this will be the series that unites the different factions of Star Trek fans or a schizophrenic mess that puts the concept in its grave!! ;)

I hope there is a singular vision…somewhere in all this. Too many cooks in the kitchen…different styles…different techniques…different tastes and ideas…all trying to cook the same meal. yep, this could end up quite a mess. Let’s hope they all happily get on the same page, averting the turmoil that plagued TNG’s start-up and can deliver something solid.

CBS: All Access works both ways.
Look at it this way: for $72 a year, or $6 a month a month,
you get to decide if the show meets up to your expectations
or not. We want a great Star Trek series, so what’s wrong
with paying for it? It’s a heck of a lot better than getting
a crappy show for free- that no one watches.

This gives us the opportunity to have a show without the
typical budget restrictions.
But in order for something like this to work, Star Trek would
need to have it’s own tier so that they could determine
how many users are paying specifically for the new Trek.
However they work it out, the concept of this ‘All Access’
could turn out to be a win win, IMO.

I’ve met Rod on several occasions, and his Trek cred is legit. With him on board, I think we can all rest very reasonably assured that this new series will be steered on a true Trek course.

That being said, change is inevitable, and change is the only true constant in the universe. So obviously there will be differences.

I am now even more optimistic that this new Trek is in good hands.

What’s with this down voting the truth?


I’m a sentimental guy, so this all good stuff. I would love to see more alumni from Trek involved in some way. They won’t be with us forever so honor them while we can.

After all, Trek fandom is all about family and community. At least it used to me.

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Please, no shaky cam. Please.

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I actually don’t agree with my own comment (most shows have plenty of execs) — I just typed thinking it might log me in.

Although, like some here I’m wondering if this is a PR/FR (fan relations) move. Just make a good show, period – the fans will watch. And I disagree that the best Trek episodes were the moral allegories. I think later Trek (TNG/DS9) got much less clunky (everybody knew racism was bad before the black/white white/black episode) and looked at moral/ethical/human dilemmas.

Curious what kind of input other potential execs, like Lin or Marc Webb, (who coproduce with KO on other shows) might have.

Frankly, I would have liked to have seen Bob involved. As long as he’d promised (even with fingers crossed) not to listen to any of our terrible, terrible suggestions.

I’m still excited for Beyond, btw.

Looks like CBS is going in the right direction with this. It also looks like this will be set in Roddenberry time line not the Abrams time line. As the next generation gave a nod in the first episode Encounter at Fairpoint with Dr. McCoy coming on board the Enterprise – D I would like to see some sort of handoff in the new series from one of the old series, maybe Worf or Data or could we have a new Q…cant wait

Just how many producers do we need? I want writers!!

Please, please, please call Manny Coto….