Zoe Saldana Shows Off Uhura’s Uniform in New Pic From Reshoots


Zoe Saldana is taking a break from the set of Guardians of the Galaxy II to reshoot some scenes for Star Trek Beyond this week. Today, the actress shared a shot of herself in uniform on her instagram page.

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A photo posted by Zoe Saldana (@zoesaldana) on

The new uniform for Beyond looks generally similar to those from the past two JJ Abrams films, with a couple of important changes. First, the fabric appears to be made from a solid red color rather than the delta-patterned fabric from the first two ‘reboot’ films.

Fabric used for Starfleet uniforms in the first two JJ films

Second, the collar and sleeves are distinctly different. In the previous two films, the female dress-style uniforms were short sleeved and lacked rank insignia. They were also made to resemble two piece uniforms, with a black dicky or undershirt beneath a red, blue, or yellow dress. The new uniforms have a sleek, built-in black collar and, as was gleaned from photos leaked during principal photography, have full-length sleeves that include rank braids. That last bit will be a boon for feminist Trekkies who were outspoken at the lack of displayed rank on females in JJ’s first two Trek films.

Nyota Uhura as portrayed by Zoe Saldana in the first two JJ films

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FIRST! The uniform is still short – an important detail for male fans.

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It says “You must be logged in”

They haven’t fixed that yet. It was subject to abuse when first introduced.

I don’t consider one vote per human as availing itself of any kind of abuse.
If everybody likes you then they should be able to upvote anything you post. And vice versa.


What are you afraid of?

Abuse??? HAHAHAHAHA One vote per person. How is that abuse??? Because a few goofballs got downvoted? That’s not abuse, my friend.

Yet here it comes to derail another discussion. Pointless.

If they change it, then please in a way, that you can see the amount of up and down votes. Having 10 upvotes and 5 downvotes is not the same as just having 5 upvotes in my opinion. Or 0 could mean zero votes at all or 3 down and 3 up. There is a difference.

Because fan sites can create little gangs who like to push people around and it can lead to ‘playground bullying.’ I really don’t see the need for them: if you like something someone says, why not just say so?

Nice to see the long sleeves, but cuffs?

Where is the butt cuffs photo? Please provide link ASAP!

I saw that, too. I thought her sleeves were too long at first.

Hurrah, rank stripes! :-)

Too-short skirt will give male fantasies a boost. (Feh.)

Don’t be so sexist. We ‘Trek fans, male and female alike, are above “titillation”. Now, if we’re talking about “Star Wars”, then I can see your point (i.e. the infamous “Slave Leia Outfit”).

I assume you’re being sarcastic.

Slave Leia made sense in context. Carol half naked so a drooling Kirk could ogle her, didnt.

Sure, because a 3-ton amphibian based owner who probably mates like frogs do, of course would want his 140 lb human female slave to be sexy for him. (sarcasm)


Prodigal, think before you type. Disinvited explained it perfectly.

Well, I will give you both that submission is part of slavery, OK. But D’s other point that Jabba maybe could have sex with Lea….eww! I am not going down that discussion road.

Prodigal Son,

Such wanton ignorance, even if it had any bearing, which it doesn’t as I just explained, taxonomists well know that you can’t judge the compatibility of the reproductive systems of organisms solely based on outward resemblances. The seahorse in no way reproduces in the manner of a horse. The Tasmanian wolf or Tasmanian tiger was in fact a marsupial and neither a wolf nor a tiger, etc.

You ae the first person I have ever run into who had a secret yearning for Jabba the Hutt.


Prodigal Son,

Man your turban really is on too tight these days.

I revealed your reasoning as falacious and you still glom onto it to yank out even more fallacies.

You can’t judge Jabba’s sexual equipment by outward appearances as I said taxonomists know. But you won’t let go. She could just as well be female for all you know. In which case, we both know, Captain James T. Kirk would find a way. He…would…find…a…way.

The only way Slave Leia made sense in context was if Jabba was going to eat her. It was pretty obvious Lucas was having his damsel in distress moment, and taking full advantage of it to show some skin.

Prodigal Son & Phil,

Slavery shares one aspect with rape. Both have everything to do with violence and using it to feel powerful through domination and humiliation. Neither are initiated as acts of love or part of a sexual courtship. Sex has nothing to do with it. It’s all about the violence and power that the perpetrator feels it gives them over others.

In that context, it makes sense that Jabba, garbs Leia scantily for the humiliation it gives her – not for the sexual stimulation it gives him.

Disinvited, within the story, I agree completely.

Yet the costume definitely made a certain impression on males around the world. I doubt the reaction was, “how humiliated Princess Leia must be!” I think it went more like, “Wow, she’s hawt!”

The Male Gaze doesn’t often discriminate wrt context.


Indeed, if we change our focus from the story to as what motivated “Hollywood” to include that and other “underwear” costume scenes in their movies, of that there can be no doubt.

But as I read of the pressure on Carrie to get into that “hawt” state, it has always left a bad taste in my mouth evoking memories of what was done to Judy Garland.

It’s even creepier if we try to ponder for whom the Jabba character may have served as a surrogate.

That’s why I supported Fisher’s strong lobbying to keep TFA’s heroine, Rey, unencumbered by that or its other variants including the wet Tee.

I had not heard that about Carrie Fisher going to bat for Rey’s character to be depicted in a non-sexist way. Rey was such a cool heroine. Leia was, too.

I know Fisher went thru a lot of crap with drugs, and I think depression as well. Are these the result of diet pills to start with? Jaysus.

And I am 100% in agreement about Judy Garland. Shame on unrealistic standards of beauty. With their melting brown eyes and lovely rounded faces both she and Carrie looked feminine and beautiful. So what if they were size 6 instead of size 2 ! (Both very small sizes by the way.)

And people wonder why there’s an epidemic of female self-destruction in America.


The specifics of the story I read was that Fisher was constantly on the phone encouraging, lobbying her, and giving moral support to Daisy to remain firm and not budge an inch to studio pressures to change the character and her costuming to those ends.

Carrie Fisher has done a young actress a great service. Good on ya, Carrie!

Agreed. Lucas wasn’t the type to hire a biology advisor to check into that …LOL

Marja, did you notice the lens fares in Zoe’s selfie? Kind of funny!

Hee! Poor Uhura, dogged all her professional life by lights shiniing her eyes ….

Let’s hope Lin used a “lighter hand” with the lens flares.

At the risk of sounding cynical, by Lin saying this, Paramount kind of wins, because the law suit marches on, but some fans who might have tried to punish the studio by not seeing Beyond, will likely have second thoughts about punishing Lin, who now is seen as taking their side.

I agree with you. The timing of both this uniform marketing and Lin’s remarks is too close for comfort (i.e. playing off the Beyond awareness provided by Lin’s comment for additional publicity).

Furthermore, as we’ve seen since F4tastic, studios now thoroughly muzzle up those involved with movies with much stronger NDAs. So I think it unlikely that Lin would be allowed to say this without Paramount’s approval behind the scenes. Definitely smells like a publicity stunt.

So, Papamount is spooked at the thought of a few hundred Axanerds boycotting their film in July? Possible, but it seems doubtful.

I think people are waaaaay over thinking this Anaxar thing. No one in the real world besides Trek nerds on boards like this knows what it is or cares. I mean I think its silly CBS is suing them over a production that still costs peanuts to them at the end of the day but very few people have any inkling whatt his is about or will stop anyone from seeing Beyond. We’re talking a few thousand people who was even waiting to see it vs the millions who will be watching Beyond.

Please, please, please accidentally tape over anything with a dirt bike in it, or Beastie Boys music, or The Big E getting trashed for the third time, or… Actually, could you just start over?

Kirk, in this timeline, like the Beastie Boys. It’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

It’s good I guess that some alternate universe exists where the Beastie Boys aren’t overrated and don’t suck.

Beastie Boys are awesome! I like Alternate Reality Kirk! Mr. Pine doors an admirable job of capturing Kirk’s personality/character without outright imitating Mr. Shatner out stepping on his toes. I just wrote a paper in a recent class about Kirk Prime, Alternate Reality Kirk and the topic of Nature vs Nurture.

It just sort of makes me role my eyes that they also have someone who is a “historian” that just happens to love “present” time. I think OUR Kirk would describe the Beastie Boys much the same way he described the music in TVH. Noise

But JJ is the type of guy that has to put his own liked and dislikes in his films whether it works or not. Like the USS Kelvin. It was a JJ think. When it should have been the Enterprise.

Kirk liking the Beastie Boys is like a kid nowdays liking Sousa marches.
I’d compare it to Mozart in terms of the time difference in music, but let’s get serious: Mozart>Beastie Boys.
Not even a contest. Nobody will be listening to the Beastie Boys in 300 years.

Yep – lets do a timeline where Kirk likes Sinatra, smoking is cool, and Enterprise looks like a spacebound Essex Class aircraft carrier.

Certainly the choice of one Beastie Boys song is unexpected, but not necessarily impossible. The fact that this is a recorded song means that it has a chance of being in late 20th century music archives and Kirk just happened on it and liked it. He does not have to justify himself, just as JJ Abrams does not have to either.

You’d be surprised at what people may request be played on the NZ’s National Programme (radio)…

I *marvel* at the *clairvoyance* demonstrated by one or two posters here.

This is when Trek fanboys just make the rest of us look like uptighter nerds than society already thinks we are. My god who cares what music Kirk likes. Why is this even a thing? He likes Beastie Boys. Its OK to like Beastie Boys. Not everyone in Starfleet has to listen to classical Mozart or Bach like Picard and Janeway did all the time. Maybe Archer listened to Tupac. Maybe Sisko was a Fleetwood Mac fan. Its all old stuff for them now not everyone has to listen to the same stuff. Its MUSIC people, let it go.

I think one of the things that ‘Trek television failed to do well in the world-building aspect of the ‘Trek world. I mean, what is Earth’s culture like circa 22nd thru 23rd century? We know that baseball and television died out as a recreational past-time, and we know that there were artists and writers out there. I seriously doubt that music, for instance, is the same as it was in the 21st century, but I would hate to think that Rock & Roll, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Punk and variety of other music styles simply disappeared, and all we have left is Classical music. At least in the NuTrek Timeline, we see that there is a night life in San Francisco, where you can go to a club to listen to some sort of EDM, or go to a local bar to listen to some Blues. I would think that Kirk, being the explorer that he is, would try new things, including listen to different music, that’s all.

Still, can you imagine a young Kirk pop-locking and break-dancing to some ’80s Hip Hop, after finding a copy of “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo”? Horrible sight that would be…

Well it seems rather inconsistent with how things actually are now. Speaking as a professional musician I can tell you that it is rather anomalous to have people listen to 300 year old music. I am not discounting that there will be examples of current music available to people 300 years from now but generally the music that makes it that far is the work of genius. I contend that the Beastie Boys is fine in and of itself but it isn’t master work. If we’re showing a vision of the future why not be bold and show the protagonist actually enjoying the music of his time period or something that can legitimately be considered a masterwork of our time that has transcended the centuries? And why personally attack someone for having an opinion? Have we still not moved beyond that on this site? It’s an opinion no more or less legitimate than your own. Certainly it’s open for discussion and debate, but can we try to rise above typical internet interaction?


Hmmm…I’m surprised that as a professional musician you haven’t noticed that most people have eclectic musical tastes. I have found that while one form may dominate, it very rarely is absolutely solely one genre that people enjoy.

I was raised in a household where one parent liked swing, jazz, Sousa, Hawaiian pop traditional and Hawaiian slack key, while the other liked country, swing, musicals, and Elvis. Out of that, I picked up an appreciation of jazz at an extremely young age, such that, when I heard fascinating new permutations of it on the nascent television I had to find out who was creating it: Jerry Goldsmith. And as I started paying attention to who was writing interesting music on TV that grabbed me, I later discovered Johnny Williams’ Irwin Allen work and from that I discovered classical music, romantic, baroque, etc. and the list goes on.

While I can’t say the Beastie Boys’ SABOTAGE does much for me, I can certainly understand someone else liking it – even 300 years from now.

Now as a matter of corporate product placement, the re-centerpiecing the SAME song as before from their repertoire puzzles me. I mean is THAT the extent to JJ’s love for the group that he’s not only featuring SABOTAGE in two movies but in trailers for both? It sort of gives them a one hit wonder vibe which I’m not entirely sure is his intent.

I just think it’s a song Kirk ran across, stored in the memory chip of his dad’s car. So George may have liked “Sabotage” and Jimmy may have loved it from that moment he found it, something his dad liked, something to cling to.

After all he ditched the car, might as well keep the song. ….

Go figure

The song would probably be easy to find again. I’m not sure if young Kirk actually wanted to ditch the car, but that’s what happened and he only just made it up from hanging off the cliff.

Marja & Keachick,

I don’t begrudge Bad Robot that for their Kirk character. What I grouse about is of all the songs that have ever appeared as part of a Trek movie or episode plot THAT’s the one they recycle. It’s the only song that I can recall that’s enjoying the privilege of appearing in more than one Trek script’s plot.

FWIW I always thought it would have been a great inside joke if for the elevator music in THE VOYAGE HOME they did bland instrumental snippet versions of I BERATE YOU and past songs from THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER, THE WAY TO EDEN, CHARLIE X, etc.

I believe song snippets may have appeared in the radio broadcasts featured in the episodes, A PIECE OF THE ACTION, BREAD AND CIRCUSES, and PATTERNS OF FORCE but I have never been able to identify them from memory.

Perhaps that’s the only song Kirk or his father, George, found of the Beastie Boys and liked it. Also, sometimes there may be only one or two songs, musical compositions that a person may like of a particular composer, so that’s what they buy/download and play.

A while back, I mentioned part of a story I wrote where Kirk had a whole lot of various music downloaded and as he entered his quarters, when he said, “Music”, whatever was next on the playlist would play. In my story, Kirk had had one of those days, so what played, appropriately, was “Help” by the Beatles. Of course, he could also override the playlist order…

Hey, if it works for you, then that’s cool. It seemed remarkably incongruous and out of place to me. I never mentioned anything about anyone’s taste in music; I was pointing out that in my estimation The Beastie Boys weren’t the sort of timelessly classic music that would transcend centuries. I think your last paragraph alludes to just why that song was selected:
Some form of product placement or related tie-in. Again, that’s totally not my call to make on someone else’s movie production to be sure. It just makes me roll my eyes, once again.

Looks fine to me .

So….more than one character for the reshoots..m.hmmmm

CBS Says ‘Star Trek’ to Help Reap $400M From Online Channel


wow interesting news. And I think it will mean they are going to keep renewing this show no matter what the first few seasons because they want to attract people to this site so badly they see this show as the main focus to build up viewers for the next few years. I suspect its going to go 3-4 seasons minimum now.

Agreed. They are forced to really think much more long term than typically for TV, which means this show will have a chance to find it’s audience still in Season 2 in case it starts out a bit weak, as every series after the original series has.

I am so immensely happy that they ditched the stupid micro printed deltas.

I kind of liked them, adding interest to what otherwise would’ve been pretty shiny man-made fabric.

Chacun a son gout

Is it my imagination or does Zoe’s leg look a little rough? I see blemishes and hair and bruises. It looks like it needs to be shaved or photoshopped, or something……see what happens when you take your own candid selfie without the benefit of Hollywood magic?


I could make a fool of myself about how good that leg looks, but I won’t

Nothing wrong with her leg… I like it aloooot

Well if it was a studio shot and was photo shopped, I’d suspect they’d make her leg appear more “toned”. But everything you’re seeing is, I suspect, just her natural skin tone. Looks like a normal attractive female to me.

…I’d check the display of the device you are using. The whole pic is in the same low quality filter, anyway, typical of instagram pictures (look at the wall behind her).

Looks fine to me. Are you suggesting, by any chance, that sans photoshopping Zoe actually bears a strong resemblance to Harry Bellefonte?

I was thinking more along the lines that if that is her right leg then a slightly different camera angle would have resulted in a cootchie shot.
Perhaps not the most ladylike position to sit in given the length of her skirt.

What a waste of space, letters and pseudo-words. I feel dumber for having read it. Didn’t your mother teach that when you have nothing nice to say…that should keep your bile-spewing piehole zipped? No? Too bad.

And I’m sure Zoe Saldana lays awake at night worried that some basement-dwelling troll sees flaws in legs.

You are a Richard Cranium.

Harry is not a bad guy. But I do suspect that he spends too much time dream-surfing over at Anastasiadate.com

I would love to massage that leg….ha ha.

I’ve always liked the idea of women in the future being judged on their technical and leadership capabilities instead of their choice of clothing or personal lifestyle.

Thank you Carlos, I like that idea too!

I think this might be the first ever Trek movie or TV series promo pic in the form of a crotch-shot, albeit a SFWV one that is more of an implied crotch-shot.

Part of me thinks, If you got it, flaunt it.

But, another part of me thinks it seems desperate.

Projection, much?

What, you think I subconsciously yearn to have hot legs and do implied crotch-shots?!?

Well, I don’t. For the record.

Umm, you did see the part where it’s an Instagram shot right? Not a production photo.

A part of me thinks you sound desperate to criticize anyone connected with JJ Trek …

Oh never mind

She finnally has got her rank! :D

She had the rank all along, but it could not be shown on her former fantasy costume. It certainly didn’t seem to have room for rank stripes.

Or even tights.

I wonder if the feminist Bob Orci will object to rank insignia being used for women. Or how many irrelevant-to-the-plot underwear scenes he had in his two stories… Hollywood seems like a great place to be a man!

Don’t forget that Damon Lindelof, JJ Abrams and Alex Kurtzman along with Bob Orci wrote the script for STID together. I do hope there isn’t a repeat of scenes like that. But remember, he’s not writing the script for this one so you shouldn’t be worried. If we see a repeat of that kind of crap after how we responded last time, I’d be very surprised.

I’m all for the rank braids SOMEWHERE, but don’t the long sleeves look a bit odd with the short skirt? could be just me.

They were long sleeves in TOS. I never thought they looked odd before.

They could just as well have used shoulder tabs like they did for short-sleeved uniforms in TMP.

Looks like they’re reshooting a major scene. Beside Saldana and the new cast member Aghdashloo, Taslim also is back, and perhaps the entire crew.

Quinto also was back (some fans saw him) and John Cho made a comment over twitter about his uniform being ‘tight’ on him now

When attempting to vote on a posting with thumbs up or down I get a message saying “You must be logged on to vote.” How do you log on to this website?

that seems like a picture someone stole from Spock’s phone. ;) Zoe Saldana is such a tease I love it. I hope they are just fixing something that needs to get fixed or even add more good stuff.

“That last bit will be a boon for feminist Trekkies who were outspoken at the lack of displayed rank on females in JJ’s first two Trek films.”

That is not just a “feminist” thing. It was plain stupid not to have a rank on a female uniform, alas the “more T&A!” won over common sense. That’s good they finally corrected it.

I was going to say exactly the same thing!

Agreed sir!

There is a rumor about a test screening and the audience did not like the end of the film. I don´t know if it is true. If all cast is in the reshoot, so I can imagine that they are re-shooting the end.

Won’t be the first time.

I am going to be kind of pissed if for once they had a realistic, not necessarily happy ending, but now they are going to make it all happy and perfect, avoid say Chekovs death, etc.


They killed Spock at the end of TWOK. Does that count as a not necessarily happy ending?

Good point. Can you imagine though is some studio exec overreacted to a test screening of WOK, and then had them re-shoot it where Spock lived?

Regardless of the source’s opinion of Bad Robot Trek, things like “test screening was a disaster” is either true or a lie, not just an opinion swayed by bias.

Ill take a guess on the re-shoot dovetailing with the news of a negative screening and say they bring the crew back together at the end to give them a new Enterprise…

They telegraphed enough info to suggest that Spocks death was only temporary….


Did you get the rumour from there? Quoting the relevant comments:

I was talking to Gustavo Leão, ex-Trekweb, and he told me, according to his sources, during the test screening, the audience did not like the end of the film, so they decided to do a reshoot. I do not know if it’s true. Does anyone have any information about this test screening of the film?
he told me that the test screening was a disaster, but it is his opinion (or his source) and I know he does not like the Abrams movie. I hope it’s not true.

Gustavo Leon reveals his source:… “The source is Leo Roberts, a producer of B movies in Hollywood. He has his sources. He is the author of the fan film STAR TREK PHOENI. According to him, Paramount was doing several test screening, and they are worried. There was a screening test in Los Angeles, then, he said, it was not difficult to notice that the public did not like the movie (apparently the Enterprise only appears at the very beginning of the film and Kirk does not receive another Enterprise) and the same public hated the end. That’s no secret, I am a friend of Roberts since he produced his fan movie in 2010 and he posted the information with details on my Facebook page which caused several trolls. Justin Lin praises AXANAR the same week that Paramount politely asked him to reshoot BEYOND.”

Of course the E appears only appears at the beginning of the film, because we saw it get destroyed in the trailer.

Incredible inside info! LOL

This dude is a huge TNG fan, who produces mediocre future-TNG based films (25th century derivatives), and has been constantly bashing Beyond for months, with several regular cronies on his facebook page who always “yes-man” whatever he says.

I remember when this dude claimed Frakes was in line to direct this movie. Whoops! LOL

It’s possible Beyond is in trouble and may not be a great movie, but this dude’s intel is hardly compelling to me.

A source that says a TNG fan who doesn’t like JJ-Trek didn’t like Star Trek Beyond? Ok, that’s pretty encouraging, hope it’s true! lol Now, if we get reports that Bjo Trimble saw a test screening and didn’t like it, I’ll start to worry!

The cuff at first had me thinking that her sleeves were too long.
And yes, that was the first thing I noticed. I did notice the second thing a microsecond later.

What a shame if they blew this movie for the 50th anniversary. The curse of the less Trekky


I am not seeing this anywhere else.

Can someone translate….

“They are just camera tests , as he said, but it is the first step of a long journey . We do not have a formed cast, but everything indicates that the tests are taking place.”

From the comments section it looks as if this this is part of a promo shot or perhaps opening credits type shot.

Google Translate suggests it’s test and promotional footage being shot at CBS. Perhaps Ralph can comment on it the production is staying in LA?

Director vs Editor: Who finally won the foosball tournament?


Gosh – the dress does seem very short. Then again, it makes it very TOS TV series like. The dress that Nichelle Nichols Uhura (along with the other female crew members) was incredibly short. Alt. Uhura’s dress/skirt has been longer. Perhaps it still is.

Cuffs/no cuffs – meh. Good that there is an insignia here. Hopefully other female crew (hopefully there are some) will bear similar insignia.

I personally think a pair of black tights (a little thicker than stockings, almost like pants) underneath would be a nice tweak to the female uniform. Or at least an alternate version for other females to wear if they wanted.

I agree – definitely. I have mentioned this before, some time back on more than one occasion. Wearing those sort of tights (they can come in a couple of thicknesses and some have designs) means that the top can be of any length and you don’t feel (or look) exposed. Perhaps these tights, if Uhura and/or other, were to wear, could have a Starfleet motif on them as well.

What’s with these costume designers? Honestly…

Probably men who think the movie going public needs to be titillated or they wont buy tickets. Ask your pal Bob Orci why they do it…afterall, he wrote one of the most eye rolling gratuitous scenes in recent memory in STID…

Then again, if you cant impress them with good writing, blind them with hot chicks

Come on, TUP, it’s a fairly light, causal thread. Can’t you turn off that Buzz Killington part of your personality every now and then and lighten up a little?

Rose made a remark about costume designers. It was fair comment. Yours on the other hand was a waste of time. Now we’ve both made irrelevant posts. sigh lol

No, the comment referring to Bob Orci’s scripting of some STID was not fair comment and NOT relevant to this discussion. I was talking about costume designers.
In fact, both LizardGirl and I were commenting on the style of legwear worn by both women in both universes, NOT on the dress or sleeve lengths. The prime universe has been and gone, but this alternate universe is still in its “prime”…

Then it depends if Bob (and/or his fellow film makers) had anything to do with the decision to shoe horn Carol in her underwear. If they did not, if it was the decision of a costume designer, then so be it. But clearly, it was part of the story. And thus, fair comment.

Are you defending that decision, Rose?

They just had to have Ms Saldana’s legs bare, so little boys could imagine seeing up Uhura”s skirt.

Either that, or dress the guys up like Zap Brannigan.

I love Zap and his look ;-) The perfect answer to sexist ’60s costumes for TOS!


@Lizard Girl, @Keachick re: Tights for the tunic-length dress

What is “Today”s date. Here, it is Thursday 17 March 2016, 5.44pm

Reshoots? Oh…that’s not good. Axanar didn’t have to do any reshoots. Granted, they didn’t shoot anything, but still…………


Shameless plug. Add a little magic to your summer after you go Beyond Star Trek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzZh8kJJwe4

Hi Bob Orci – How are you? A little point – Now You See Me is released on 10 June, six weeks before STB. I’ll say it for you, “Ooops!”. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is a *magician* – good for a ride there and Morgan Freeman is always good value.

The trailer was very dark which makes the characters difficult to see. I do hope that most of film does not take place at night.

You take care. You did good in Star Trek, no matter what anyone else says. I mean – what’d they know, right?

ha! By the way, how did you like the draft of Trek that we wrote that I sent you? Have you read it yet? Remember, don’t post it online or anything. Keep it to yourself. Just tell me a letter grade when you finish it. Thanks.

Can’t resist stirring the pot, can you?

NYSM was a fun movie – it didn’t hurt that I’m partial to Woody Harrelson and Mark Ruffalo.


Hmmm…why, given the current litigious tide, would you even flirt with saying THAT in public?

Or is it that as the original author you’ve had your right to publish and disseminate restored?

Bob Orci – I assume your post commenting on the draft of Trek was meant for me. Sorry, I have not received it. Although I have never asked to see any draft, I would love to read.
Then again, you may be having me on, along with everyone else …:)


Perhaps you need to sign a NDA first :)

No kidding. lol

num num num

Looks good Bob. LLAP

Re-shoots have/almost wrapped up. Big, deep breath, that didn’t take long.

While we cannot see it all, what I can see looks like a far better uniform. The short sleeves on the female uniform did not work at all. How are you supposed to tell their rank? Minor point in the grand scheme of things in the movie, but it looks great so far.

This is one Trek film I will watch on dvd. The first trailer lost me. The music …MEH !

People should be asking why there is a motorbike in the film in the first place. It’s an old style bike? Where did it come from? The past, the present or the future? Or a museum nearby? There’s the shot of Kirk with greyer side burns. My guess is that the Enterprise has found herself at the Nexus of the Universe where time means nothing. Past, Present and Future are intertwined. The old style Uniform worn by Uhura points to this. Obviously they encounter multiple versions of themselves during the efforts to escape the Nexus. Hence why one version of the Enterprise is destroyed, but from which time. The crux of the story appears to be that everyone is trapped in the Nexus and it’s ruled by Krall and that’s where the conflict results.

Peter Loader,

If he had a functioning ship, the replicator could easily spit out the parts which someone (Kirk?) could readily assemble. But as that trailer seems to indicate, no ship, then one has to ponder other possibilities as you have.