[UPDATED] The First Leaked Photos of Star Trek All Access Pre-Production Emerge


Photos leaked today from a promotional shoot being prepared for CBS’s new Star Trek television series by a camera operator who posted the shots to his facebook page.

UPDATE: Vreenak weighs in… It’s a fake!

UPDATE: The photos, supposedly leaked from the set of a promotional shoot for Star Trek All Access, have nothing to do with Star Trek, according to CBS. The story, originally picked up by TrekBrasilis who found the photos on a videographer’s Facebook page, appears to need some vetting from our good friend Vreenak.




According to Robert Holdsworth, a camera operator in Burbank, California, the photos depict a suited up astronaut walking about on a “rocky terrain”.

This doesn’t mean, however, that they even have casting in place yet for the actual show. According to the source, this was a camera test for a promotional video. “They were testing out the different looks. It was a Promo for the beginning of the tv show,” Holdsworth told TrekBrasilis.

There’s no telling when this spot will air or on what medium. Until then, it’s exciting to get a glimpse into the nascent stages of production on the next Star Trek TV series.

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Better than tos

Based on? “Green screen + dirt”

God, what a waste of comment. Wait until actually seeing some real footage like the EPISODE ITSELF. It might suck bigtime, or it might be the greatest Trek series ever made. We won’t know for another 10 months.

“Wait until actually seeing some real footage like the EPISODE ITSELF.” — Meurik

We ARE seeing the REAL footage. The CGI is the unreal fakery.

Obviously you guys understood what I meant, but chose to act like dicks anyways.

The point is, there is just no way someone can proclaim a statement like “Better than tos” without actually having seen the episode. The fact that they’re using green screens, means environments might be rendered through CGI (which is hardly an improvement over physical models)


Really? What do you call somebody who blasts someone for commenting on the footage shown without seeing the finished episode then proceeds to lament the lack of use of physical models without likewise seeing the finished episode?

I don’t think that is footage, a/ It is only 2 photos, not footage and 2/ it is a test set up, ‘ this was a camera test for a promotional video. “They were testing out the different looks’ The suit looked like a Russian Sokol suit, not designed for lunar or planetary exploration. I expect (and hope) that the production team will have designed a ‘SUIT’able federation space suit, for real ‘footage’. BUT I take what Meurik says, is nothing to get that excited about, wait for the good stuff, but, good to see progress.

Actually, no. Since this for a promo and not the actual show. So we’re seeing real footage of something that isn’t the new Star Trek series.

Bill Binder,

Actual, no, this is TEST footage. It is the nature of the beast that no one knows for sure until it is complete how far its use may go depending on how spectacularly well or ill the results of the experiment turn out to be,

Technically, that IS real footage.

Maybe for immature superficial 20 somethings or teenagers…but most of us marvel at the vfx/sfx that the TOS production staff was able to accomplish in the late 60s for a TV show with hardly the biggest budget….that show launched a science fiction revolution and is still the most revered show out of them all….we’ll see what this one accomplishes….but regardless of that I will always regard the innovative people who worked on TOS a lot more than today’s vfx/sfx people….productions today can just go to a computer and draw in anything they want…not to say there’s not considerable skill with that process too but I’ll stick with the people who had to use practical effects rather than digital anyday….

Doesn’t look very 23rd century, or even 22nd.

I’m predicting this is only for the promo and depicts some 21st century astronaut exploring somewhere other than Earth, looking up at the galaxy, to be shown while an announcer talks about humanity’s history for reaching for the stars or something.



Thumbs Up (since the site doesn’t work for that).

Good one!

“Thumbs Up (since the site doesn’t work for that).” — Harley3k

Really? Because someone upvoted, FlippyHam, Lurker and Keachick.

(re: Disinvited)

Kim Jong-un,

Dude, come on now. You need to have your hackers do this?


Prodigal Son,

Let’s see if we can make that more presentable:


Prodigal Son,


Boy, you never make anything easy. do you?

Said camera operator was promptly sacked…

Not much to take away from these…as Spock was fond of saying, “Insufficient data…”

Configuration of the suit is similar to the Russian Orlan suit. No external backpack for environmental systems, though something looking like an umbilical seems connected to the leg…

Apologies… I misidentified. The suit in the pic resembles a Sokol, not an Orlan. Both are Russian… But Orlan has a backpack and is used for EVA. Sokol is the launch entry suit currently used on the Soyuz.

Well at least now we know it’s the prime universe…. Lol

The prime universe? Really? Sand is sand in both universes.

Star Trek: Deep Sand Nine

Star Trek: Ernest Borg Nine

Ha Ha.

Was a joke

How was that a joke? Those usually involve humor.


thumbs up

(for some reason the feature’s still not on)

It was said that this series would be set in the prime universe.

No, it has not been said that it would be set in the prime universe. To date, that is still unknown.

Why? They don’t have sand in the Abramsverse?


They have, but, like red matter, it’s red sand.

Captain, I see a moon.

That’s no moon!

Wow, there are definitely people that over think everything.

It’s obviously next year’s St Patrick’s day episode.

If I could beat in something, I would said that is part of the the opening video.

Star Trek is back. That looks exactly like Tatooine. ;)

Next leaked pictures you post, could you wait to get some that slightly suggest they have something to do with Star Trek?

It’s a classic green screen planet. What more could you want?


Well, the classic “first” series never used green screen because, and I am reaching way back, I don’t believe it had been invented yet. There was before that an eerie animation process called syncrovox(?) that superimposed the voice actors lips on the drawn characters faces that suggested a possible progenitor tech used in CLUTCH CARGO cartoons

Even if just a promo which I’m sure will depict an astronaut walking on the moon I’m sure or maybe a near future astronaut walking on Mars with a voice over giving a lofty words about exploring and Trek.

If nothing else, it should excite fans that they’re focusing on exploring once again.


It’s still St. Patrick’s Day. If it’s Mars, where’s the potato field?

The space suite looks a lot like current generation Space Station suits… http://www.reuters.com/article/us-space-station-year-launch-idUSKBN0MN2GS20150330

I realllllly hope this guy’s employment contract for this shoot didn’t include a NDA because… well, I’ve known people who’ve been fired for doing exactly this type of Facebook post.


Well, his facebook pictures seem to be gone?

There better not be any Rod Stewart music intro, that’s all I’m saying.

Would you prefer Beastie Boys? :-P

Beastie Boys in (any) Star Trek? [after the reboot]

Never again.

Let´s hope thats a joke…

…perhaps for the intro. Similar to “Star Trek Enterprise”

And as for what the hapless set dresser feels about having his builder’s bumcrack being pored over by the Internet…

So revealing…

Star Trek: Colony?

I´m just glad it started already :) hope to see fresh trek soon!

Seems like it’s just going to be a generic “spirit of exploration” promo. What’s scary is that we’re 10 months out from the show’s premiere and you really get the sense that they still don’t know exactly what show they’re making. No logline, no casting. As in the past, I fear CBS is rushing something into production to meet unrealistic deadlines based on the launch of a new business venture. Most shows get creatively developed by a production company first, then a pilot is made where they work out the kinks, then it gets a series order. That makes for a lot of creative development time. But with Star Trek, first they decide to make the show, then pick a launch date, then figure out what the show will be. I always feel that Trek shows start rough (and lose mass audience) because of that. TOS and DS9 are the only Trek shows that were born of a creative idea rather than a business decision and so they started with a much stronger voice than the others. Phase II was rushed for the planned Paramount Network then quickly re-purposed to a movie. TNG was fast tracked to syndication after the success of The Voyage Home. Voyager was rushed to launch UPN. Enterprise was announced before Voyager had even finished. TOS had almost 2 years of development time. Can’t CBS spare more than a handful of months of creative development for their “crown jewels”?

Oh, you can bet there was much discussion and a foundation of ideas. Long before Kurtzman or fuller ever signed therir name….i expect theyre using preexisting sets to somr degree and are spending their time hammering out story arcs and ideas with Meyer.

Does anyone here know for certain that a proposed Trek TV show storyline was NOT shopped to CBS like, a year ago?

Seems like, with the 50th Anniversary coming up, some enterprising (oops) writers may have done some spec scripts for “the next Trek”.


Could be. But if they went with the anthology concept they could use any nuber of unfilmed scripts from the past as well.

Glad to get some photos.
I hope that we get some story details soon.

They really can save on production costs going the whole Spartacus route. I have no problem with green or blue screen if it is done really well.

I can hear it already… “It’s been a long road…”


It’s our old friend, good ole’ Planet Hell … after budget cuts ;)


‘Scotty what the heck did you do to the transporter?’


‘It’s the story…..’

And then….?

The spacesuit looks kinda primitive.

One green screen shot isn’t much to go by, but when taken in context with Nicholas Meyer’s statements that this will be a different kind of Trek and previous statements that he was really pushing for a different, more dirtied down look on TWOK (he referenced Alien more than once) but was constrained by severe budget limitations, I do wonder just how familiar this version of Star Trek will be when it finally premieres.

I have waited what seems like 50 years for a new Star Trek series. I am a disabled senior and watched every episode of the oringinal Star Trek when it first started on TV and every new Star Trek over the years. up to Enterprise ’til it was cancelled.

I was so excited when I heard a new Star Trek series was finally coming back to TV on CBS until I was told that we Trekkies only get to see the first episode for free and we have to pay CBS a monthly fee to watch the entire series. As I said, I am a senior living only on Social Security which is a fixed income.

I don’t have any premium or streaming channels, just basic Directv and there is no room in my budget for another monthly bill. Why must TV channels try to force you to pay for shows you really want to watch. Are profits the only thing they care about? I am heartbroken that I will not be able to watch the new Star Trek because I do not heve the money to pay for it.

Eva Marie Sinnott,

I get the discount without asking so I know what you mean.

The future can be scary for us, but I if we can hang in there for a few more years, I am sure that, like STARGATE SG-1 which opened on the not free Showtime Network which, oddly enough, CBS owns too, this new series will, eventually, come to syndicated “free” reruns.

And if it eventually comes out on disk, or whatever that evolves into next, it behooves us to make sure our local libraries are aware and that we strongly lobby for its inclusion in their catalogs.

Well since they are a business, yes, profits are their primary concern.

I’m calling it.
Late 20th / early 21st century Mars colonisation series set in the Prime Universe with a Picard (Jean Luc’s ancestor) being the lead character.

Well that ended up being much ado about nothing lol. But it was fun reading all the wild crazy theories over it. Brought me back to the STID days when people were creating entire novels on how Gary Mitchell was really in the movie and the ‘clues’ it was actually him.

Oh well.