Video: Original Series Enterprise Crew Reacts To Star Trek Beyond Trailer


The one and only piece of advertising we’ve seen so far for Star Trek Beyond is the 1 minute 30 second trailer that debuted back in December. The spot was met with heavy criticism from fans and critics alike who were vindicated when the film’s co-writer and co-star Simon Pegg essentially apologized for the action packed advert. Now, YouTuber Auralnauts gives us his take on how Captain Kirk and his crew would react to seeing the trailer.


Bonus: William Shatner says “sabotaage”

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters in the US on July 22nd.

Hat tip to TrekNews.

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It’s almost time for a new trailer, don’t you think?

Well, that’s a problem.

If it’s as bad as the first trailer this movie will be deader than Ghostbusters.

Sunfell, Oh goodness I hope so. Maybe this will provide some motivation for one.

Bailey and Stiles change seats very fast! Everytime I see the flippin’ motorbike, I wonder how in the hell this can turn out to be a good movie. It just stinks of dune buggies and B-4’s head. I really wonder how movies can keep going with the formula of higher budget forcing “sure thing” ideas, which turn out to be crap pulled out of context from successful movies. (aka plagerized) I really hope I’m wrong about STB, but I apparently was not wrong about Ghostbusters or BvS.

I am so glad I can make up my own mind about things without having to rely on critics who have already made up their mind before they see a film or fans who decided years ahead of time they were going to hate something. It makes life a lot more fun.

How is this news?

Because Paramount isn’t giving us any news about the movie, so we, the fans, are forced to create our own.

So funny

You so called fans whine about everything and obviously have no life .
If you are so damn unhappy with the development of this film and also the new series in 2017…. Heres an idea , why dont you write your movie, get your own crew members and do it yourselves

Actually… Many already do… They are called fan films.

Who is the one who has less of a life? The one who complains about “everything”? Or the one who calls those who complain out for complaining when it has absolutely zero impact on themselves?

Only melodramatic twats call people “so-called fans.” Grow up, kid.

Great, name-calling this dude the female sexual organ….so that is grown up then I suppose?

Listen to your own advice, son

Mike, outstanding post. Don’t let all the whiners like Cadet Amick get you down.

Thanks ! I dont understand these morons!

That’s your problem Mike, you don’t understand. Whether or not the film turns out to be good or not you have to accept that not everybody will have the same opinion as you. The trailer is designed to generate interest in the product so of course it’s only reasonable that people will then form an opinion of said product after viewing the advertisement.

You lack politeness, maturity and discipline

Joe, I would counter that it is Trekmovie, for posting this article, that is highlighting a lack of maturity, politeness and discipline.

Lighten up, Francis :)


There seems to be a concentrated effort to hurt these films before they come out because a delusional fan base longs for something that can never be again. The JJ films were critically acclaimed and did very well. Into Darkness was a great film and you have to be a fool to find fault with that film. Many of the themes you moan about were in Star Trek before the JJ films. Deep Space Nine was a violence incarnation of Trek. Brutal at times. The shows last three years had a war story line. Please stop with this faux outrage. Many of you made up your mind to hate the film before you saw one clip. So, stay with that. Don’t purchase a ticket but please spare me your youtube videos and your message board rants. You sound ridiculous.

Even the man who made Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams, HAS APOLOGIZED FOR IT.

‘Great film’…. you’re crazy.

Apologized for making the film? I know he apologized and conceded that lying about Khan was a mistake but what else specifically did he apologize for?

Harry Plinkett,

Well, let’s see, as I recall, he preceded that by explaining that sequels really aren’t his thing because he takes an antagonistic approach to them when asked to consider them (Something along the lines of “If this idea for the sequel really is that compelling why didn’t he pursue its themes in the previous one?)

Then the other thing I recall is he hinted that he got swept up in being with his homeboys again and was having so much fun enjoying that that he didn’t feel he worked as hard to fix some weak points in the story that he knew were there going in.

Make no mistake, he felt the finished product one that he was proud of, but I don’t know how else to describe it as his words felt to me that as good as he thought it was, he thought it could have been better.

So i suppose THAT was what he apologized for?

No director ever thinks his movie is perfect. Even the best directors lament that they wished they could have changed this or that. There’s nothing new in JJ’s comments that would make me think he apologized for making the movie itself, as you insinuated.

“There’s nothing new in JJ’s comments that would make me think he apologized for making the movie itself, as you insinuated.” — Harry Plinkett

Don’t get confused. I was just supposing why BOB was accusing, I had no intention of insinuating anything. The question mark was placed there to indicate I was unsure of his reasoning in making the accusation but THAT seemed to be it.

I believe he apologized for the crappy writing.

He said that he knew on day 1 that the script had problems and wasn’t ready. That’s a huge admission for a director.

Very weak minded argument when you insult everyone preemptively for disagreeing with you. Are you that unsure of your position?

Are you talking in front of mirror? I mean, come on TUP, you are an expert in that tactic yourself…we all know that…Lol

Not at all actually kid. You see my handle and reply without reading I guess. Try harder. You can do better. At least you used to be able to.

LOL – you just copied my critique of you – how lame!

Captain Ransom, this is a well thought out and gets right to the heart of the matter. I am embarrassed for Trekmovie to see this crap here. I GUARANTEE you that fan trash like this would never made the cut during the Antony-Paascle era on this site.

Well thought out to label anyone who disagrees a “fool” or “delusional?” How is that well thought out? A lot of people did not care for the film (STID) and the only thing worse than hearing people continue to complain about it is hearing people continue to bash those people. Debating the merits of the films, in a positive fashion, should be exactly the content that is welcome here.

Get a sense of humour you clown.

A lot of people didn’t like the film. Rather than bash people who disagree with and call them names like a high school sophomore, why not let it go if you’re above the fray? At the very least, debate the film on its merits.

Truth is, STID made Paramount a whopping 29 million dollars in profit. It did not do “very well” by the standard that Paramount had set for it.

Funny. Great editing, but I guess the crew doesn’t remember the time they jammed with the space hippies. Lol

This is from “The Corbomite Maneuver,” which is Season 1; they won’t jam with the space hippies until Season 3’s “The Way to Eden.”

Comemail on we are trekies name calling are for star wars fans 😂

That trailer is absolutely obnoxious.

Why dont you go work for paramount pictures, and fix the whole problem. Oh wait its you who has a problem


It is my understanding that most trailers are farmed out to 3rd party contractors by the studios and these contractors specialize in tailoring the trailer to whatever market the studio has fingered as their target.

Judging from their reactions I’d be very surprised if Lin or Pegg had anything to do with that trailer other than creating the fimed bits that the trailer maker chose to include.

I’m fairly certain that when they said they don’t feel the trailer adequately represents the film that they made that a third party, not them, was responsible for it.

When JJ was promoting his 2009, didn’t he have a 3 minute segment extracted from his cut that he was proud of that he was carrying around to show everybody at cons, etc.?

Shouldn’t we give Lin the same opportunity?

Yeah they already confirmed they had nothing to do with the trailer. Still, no one from marketing created the shot of Kirk jumping off a ramp on a bleeping motorcycle. That came from the film, period.

This was really funny and all in good fun.

Shame on you Trekmovie

That’s the best laugh I’ve had since the Batman mashup.

LOVED Star Trek Into Darkness, but my all-time appreciation will always be Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Yes, I loved TMP more so than fan-favorite Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. BTW, my least favorite film within the franchise is Star Trek: Nemesis. Though technically better than Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, at least TFF had heart; NEM was simply uninspired, heartless and limped to a conclusion. But, in the end, I love all the ;Trek films to varying degrees because I am a ‘Trek fan. ‘Nuff said.

Har, har, har.
Good inter-cutting.

My predictions of Things That Will Happen in this movie:

1. Kirk’s arc is going from wild and brash to learning about what it means to be captain.

2. The Enterprise will be destroyed/severely damaged.

3. It will be full of references.

4. The story will be one we’ve already seen, except it will be slightly modified so it won’t make any sense.

5. Time travel will be involved somehow.

6. It won’t in any way be about exploration or encountering something new.

7. Spock will lose his temper or otherwise become emotionally unglued…more than once.

8. The villain will be something we’ve already seen. Probably Nomad, or the Borg, or Q.

9. It might be worth seeing, but it won’t be Star Trek.

1 out of nine is not a very good score.


Ah, so you have seen it! I thought you promised to give some sort of non-spoilery comment on it once you did?

No…wait…THAT was it. Wasn’t it? ;-)

havent seen it. Only read the script. Looking foward to seeing it. Never seen any of Justin Lin’s movies, only the pilot he did for us at CBS (Scorpion), so it will be doubly interesting and exciting to watch the final cut of Trek.

How come you haven’t seen it? Aren’t you a producer?

but yeah, that was it;)


Obscure fan question on BEYOND that I was hoping TPTB might let you answer:

Does BEYOND address the bad luck Kirk has with clutches[See: A PIECE OF THE ACTION and stick over the cliff in 2009 film.]? Or how he manages the one on his stunt cycle?

Haha, I HOPE I’m wrong on all points, but c’mon…

Well it’s called Star Trek Beyond so it will be Star Trek.

Great Trek,

I am confused. Are you saying the title STAR TREK BEYOND is equivalent to the title, STAR TREK SORRY, or are you saying it will be sorry STAR TREK?

I’m still laughing & sharing this. Timing with reactions & expressions is great, pairings of old\new Sulu & Spock/McCoy shots, etc.

And the loud howl after the phaser blast – perfect.

As someone who loves the STB trailer, I find this video as drab and tacky as that 11-minute atrocity that nerds put out to slag off ST09. Star Trek as an exciting, adrenaline-rush, action adventure? How dare they?!

It seems to me that there’s a breed of Trekkies (probably the sort who get angry about not being called Trekkers) who simply think that Fast and Furious fans are the sort of ne’er-do-wells they don’t want sharing the same auditorium and, God forbid, calling themselves Star Trek fans!

And, yes, the Ghostbusters trailer guaranteed I wouldn’t bother seeing that film.

So…you don’t have a sense of humour eh? I didn’t take this as an insult to STB. I took it as an amusing tongue in cheek video showing the differences between the two. It was funny. Some people are so tunnel visioned that they deprive themselves a little fun.

No, I have a sense of humour. But this was about as funny as the last one like this. Even though the ST09 one dragged on for 11-15 minutes, at least it had Enemy Within Kirk screaming ‘This is my ship!’ at a cutout of Chris Pine.

Trust me, I have no problem knocking the core ridiculousness of a lot of a Star Trek. I simply didn’t think this one was that great.

I have really enjoyed the JJVerse films, but I must say that this mashup is amazing. I am laughing so hard…

Kirk’s response to the Lens Flares – just awesome.

Really want this movie to work. But are the new characters worn and tired?

Or, rather, the “new versions of the old characters.” ;-0

Ha! Nice editing.

That was excellent.

In some ways, the video paints a dismal view of the original TOS Kirk and co. Why would Kirk want to blow up a crew who are clearly facing life threatening dangers simply because the light was too bright and the sound too loud? Surely a prudent course of action could be for the Captain to order the ship to leave the area of proximate danger to themselves. Or, perhaps, have Lt Uhura attempt communication in order to try to determine what the situation is and if they could render assistance.