MAC Cosmetics Announces A Star Trek Makeup Collection


To live long and prosper – and look fabulous while doing so! That must be the goal with MAC’s newly announced partnership with Star Trek to celebrate the franchise’s 50 year anniversary with a brand-new makeup line.

Featuring shimmery metallics and bold colors, MAC’s collaboration is taking inspiration from four female faces of Star Trek – Uhura, Deanna Troi, Seven of Nine, and Vina, made up as an Orion. As you can see from the colorful and stylized drawings released, MAC’s 25-piece collection for eyes, lips and face is aiming to appeal to a variety of galactic aesthetics.


According to a press release from MAC and,  the line will be available for purchase online this summer, with several exclusives being released at San Diego Comic Con in July. MAC will launch the line in stores starting September 1, just in time for the 50th anniversary date. Creative director of MAC, James Gager, championed Star Trek’s tradition of “storylines [that] pushed gender and racial boundaries”, which fits with the cutting-edge and modern vibe that MAC offers its customers.

While longtime Trek fans know that Seven of Nine is more likely to give you a lecture on the frivolity of makeup than to become a representative of MAC, I still applaud the efforts of CBS and Paramount to offer Star Trek products outside the usual, male-oriented box. This is their first partnership with a makeup brand, and I hope to see more product lines like this in the future. MAC & Star Trek’s team up is indicative of a trend in the market, as CoverGirl partnered with Star Wars to release a line of makeup last year in time for The Force Awakens, featuring Janelle Monae as the face of the line. It is always great to recognize that female fans need products and merchandising, too!

If this line is successful, perhaps Trek fans will see additional female characters – like Dr. Crusher, Captain Janeway, Major Kira, and Lt. Dax added to this glamorous lineup! For now, I am looking forward to trying out the fruits of this new and cool collaboration! Right now I think I most fit the Troi aesthetic – how about you?

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Well, that’s a marketing head scratcher…

This actually makes sense in a wacky way. In FREE ENTERPRISE, the Robert Meyer Burnette character is always hitting on women asking if they are wearing mac lipstick (and they always ARE.)

Guess this is one marketing tie-in AXANAR forgot to include with the coffee.

Understanding that the Trek fanbase still trends heavily toward the Boomer generation….part of me is cringing at the thought of catheters, adult diapers, and Consumer Cellular tie ins….

Boldly Go!…..with Depends!!


One more time, the complete phrase with feeling:

“Boldly go where no man has gone before!” — Depends

Ha. I’m actually surprised at the number of millennials (and whatever the gen after them is) are really into TOS, way harder than I ever was.


Indeed. But no surprise as. JJ previously licensed cosmetics for his STAR WARS brand prior to its release..

I think it’s kind of brilliant. It’ll be interesting to see what the response is. Especially interesting that they didn’t just limit it to the ’60s. Obviously, they’ve figured out that people will recognize Troi and Seven. MAC is usually pretty smart – so they would likely have researched the heck out of this.

What in the world (out of this world?) would the Orion aesthetic be?
One wonders.


Something more on the greener side of skin and skin care products?

What better way to mark the 50th Anniversary than with a makeup collection. WTF?

They really have dropped the ball on Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary from a marketing perspective… Compare the massive marketing blitz the James Bond franchise received for its 50th Anniversary that celebrated the series iconic past + looked to the future to the pathetic/non existent marketing that Star Trek Beyond (yes there is a new ST film coming in 3 months) is getting.

I seriously wonder if the people in charge understand Star Trek’s cultural importance and for that matter what it is?

The fact that the suits at the studio want to make it “less Star Trekkie + more like Guardians of the Galaxy” and then proceed to hire the director of the Fast + the Furious doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

I’m really not that concerned with the lack of marketing. The movie’s not out until late July. Some of these “Year of Hype” promotional campaigns are just ridiculous. If we get to May and there is still nothing going on, then I’ll start being concerned. This far out? No, don’t be silly. The Facebook Crowd has the attention span of a gnat, so I don’t think hyping a movie this far out really makes any difference.

@ Thorny, Actually a lot of the Bond stuff didn’t start appearing until 2-3 months before the movie came out, so I guess I can relax. I just hope “Beyond” isn’t as much of a disappointment as the Bond50 film (whose name I can’t even remember)!

@VOODOO, you could be surprised by the number of cosplayers and collectors (yes even male collectors) who’ll snap these up.

Then there are those of us who simply may want a MAC cosmetic instead of our “usual” and buy a Star Trek 50 one, to honor our favorite shows/movies. You might be amazed to know the number of female Trekfans. Especially those who like Uhura-style “cat-eyes” eyeliner!

@Amy, I’m more in the Dr Crusher color range but could do some Deanna Troi lip color. Just not the awful shade of lavender above!

To each his own. I thought “Skyfall” was great.

I saw GOLDFINGER in the theater before I turned 4 in 1964. I suffered through those long painful Moore years just to get two Dalton films, and it has all been blue mondays again since, with the current Bond incarnation pretty much as bad as the Moore efforts, just in a whole new awful pretending-to-be-realistic direction that only includes Fleming stuff in the most out-of-context way. SKYFALL had precious little to do with James Bond or the universe of Bond, and frankly I’m wondering what happened to push Sam Mendes into making these travesties, as AMERICAN BEAUTY was good and ROAD TO PERDITION was absolutely incredible. It’s like his talent died along with his first cinematographer, the great Conrad Hall.

I’d forgotten the name too — until I went to make a snarky comment about how on every thread there’s somebody fretting that the 50th anniversary Sky is Falling.

The Bond 50th merchandise included a collaboration with OPI nail polish, but nice try.

Yeah, and it also worked with the Olympics (Daniel Craig filmed a promo with Queen Elizabeth) side deals + product placement with Omega, Aston Martin, Tom Ford, Audi, Belvedere, Sunspel, Sony, Heinken…Shall I go on?

Add to the list the nearly endless promotion by the films stars, several trailers, books, all new Blu-ray releases, 50th Anniversary documentary + a monster hit single “Skyfall” by Adele the hottest singer in the world.

Bottom line is 007’s promotion team was working overtime on a film that went on to gross over $300 million domestically and a worldwide gross of over a billion dollars. The past was respected and the future was guaranteed.

Star Trek on the other hand to this point (three months before the films release) has given us one of the worst teaser trailers in recent memory and a makeup collection….They are dropping the ball AGAIN!

And it’s tougher to work those products into a scifi film – and especially tonight to work projects into a scifi film not geared to little kids or full of monsters, creatures and gadgets. Still doable, and the Abrams films had tie ins.

To be fair, the Bond people also delivered one of the worst films in their history, one that pretty much destroyed any shred of confidence I had that they were capable of doing it right (which is borne out by the nearly-as-bad SPECTRE.) It is more a case of marketing creating an expectation or making the movie an event than movie delivering the goods.

All I can say is, I’d better see a flippin Vanity Fair cover (as they did for Bond 50 and for SW:TFA).

I fear we Trekfans *may* have too nerdy a reputation to be featured in the glam world, but why shouldn’t Trek be represented? It’s inspired two generations of scientists, astronauts, filmmakers and more!

Yep! Like it! There is not much, if anything, around for the female Trek fan, so this cosmetic line is a good start. I think I lean toward the Seven-of-Nine complexion. My hair used to be as blonde as her, all mine – no dyes, tints or anything, but age and pregnancy hormones have caused it to darken a lot.

A little while back, the Warehouse (akin to your Walmart, I think) had some Star Trek t-shirts but I only found them because I was looking in the Menswear section for clothes for my sons. Nothing in the Women’s section. It’s a pattern…:(

*Rolls Eyes*

“*Rolls Eyes*” — Capt JW Amick

Is it absolutely necessary to do that when putting on eyeliner? ;-)

Troi’s aesthetic would have to include black contact lenses. Have fun wiith that, ladies. Not really sure of Andorian Blue or Orion Green body splash, but it sounds fun. It’s no worse than every woman seeing Cleopatra and trying to immitate Elizabeth Taylor’s look back in the early 60’s.

But why this again?
Whats with these fragrance and make up collections?

“Whats with these fragrance and make up collections?” — I Khan Believe it Ain\’t Butter

You mean you can’t believe it’s NOT butter?

They should go for snacks…like
Kirk Krispy’s , Spock Sprouts, McCoy Bakes and
Uhara Salad Packs

“Mr. Sulu, Max Factor 8 please.”

Does it come in a big tub if you want to go full orion?

As a female fan, yes please! It’s so great to see the studios realizing that a lot of their fans are fashion conscious women. Sorry boys, this one’s for us!

My son is a theater major, so maybe not entirely…..

There’s a really angry comment on the Star page on this about, and I paraphrase, how Vina wasn’t a strong woman but a victim (also, she was a human not an Orion because it was clearly an illusion – don’t you guys know anything! Can’t you Google!!! Have you even SEEN Star Trek?!?! And so on).

I say Vina was plenty strong, and sexy, as an Orion slave girl (yes, slavery’s bad, but that was retconned).

Someone else there is wondering why there’s not a Janeway collection. And that’s because MAC doesn’t make industrial-strength hairspray.


Oh but it does tickle the mind to contemplate her Chaotica line of cosmetica.

This has actually made news with the kids this week (huffpo/buzzfeed/bustle/Engadget/EW/Vogue). And there have been those ‘gee, people are tweeting about this stories. So kind of a big deal.

I’ll only buy if they include TOS Spock’s blue eye shadow.

Here’s a bit more about it from a makeup perspective –