TREKZONE Speaks to Axanar’s Alec Peters

Axanar producer Alec Peters spoke to TREKZONE’s Matthew Miller in a wide-ranging video interview about the film and some of the questions surrounding it.

In part one of a two-part interview, Miller speaks to Peters about Axanar, other fan films, what he considers to be ambiguous guidelines from CBS, and more.

Those hoping to get Alec’s perspective on the copyright lawsuit filed against him by CBS and Paramount are going to be disappointed – due to the ongoing case, the interview stays away from any direct discussion of it.

Part two of the interview, where things get heated when Miller presses Peters about banning people from Axanar’s web pages and social media, hits the interwebs later this week. A preview of it can be seen at the end of the interview.   Also appearing will be Axanar‘s PR representative Mike Bawden and AxaMonitor‘s Carlos Pedraza.

Miller gives more background about how the interview came about here.

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