Celebrate First Contact Day by Streaming Star Trek Music All Day on AccuRadio’s Newest Channel

In honor of our beloved holiday, First Contact Day, listen to music from all five live action series and 12 movies of Star Trek on AccuRadio’s newest channel created especially for the occasion, Spock On: The Music of Star Trek.

Hey, Trekkies! Happy First Contact Day! Yes, it is April 5, future date of Zephram Cochrane’s historic flight of the Phoenix and meeting with the Vulcans in Bozeman, Montana in 2063. I don’t know about you, but I have future plans to pitch a tent in Bozeman in 2063 and await this fabled event. Until then, however, we’ll have to make do with some 21st century entertainment.

In celebration of First Contact Day, AccuRadio has created a new channel, Spock On: The Music of Star Trek, which will be broadcasting great Star Trek music selections taken from the five series and 12 movies. In case you didn’t know, AccuRadio has been broadcasting for over 15 years and boasts 975 channels. Not to mention it’s free! Pretty impressive!

Click here to listen to Spock On: The Music of Star Trek

Not only is AccuRadio paying tribute to First Contact Day on April 5, its CEO and founder Kurt Hanson pays tribute to Trek every day of the year. Hanson grew up watching The Original Series and even became a graphic artist on Star Trek: Insurrection, the third Next Generation film outing. He designed animations shown on various starship computer monitors in the film. This gave Hanson a chance to make Star Trek a part of his career and further foster his love of the series.

Hanson has an extensive collection of props and memorabilia on display in AccuRadio’s Chicago office. We’re not taking a few tricorders or a comm badge here and there – staff meetings are held at a TOS conference table, you can pretend to order your raktajino from a DS9 replicator, and have a seat at the ops station from the Enterprise E. Sounds like my kind for workplace for sure.

The famous Galileo shuttlecraft model from Star Trek V The Final Frontier
The famous Galileo shuttlecraft model from Star Trek V The Final Frontier


Order up a fresh raktajino in this DS9 replicator
Order up a fresh raktajino in this DS9 replicator


Enterprise E ops station as seen in Star Trek Nemesis
Enterprise E ops station as seen in Star Trek Nemesis

Well, what are you waiting for? Celebrate First Contact Day by adding a soundtrack to your workday or commute with AccuRadio! You can also follow AccuRadio at Twitter (@accuradio) and on Facebook and Instagram.

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I like how the shuttle’s engines are torn off.

Looks like they missed something…what’s that green glowing thing in the upper right-hand corner of the Enterprise E ops station photo?

It was on the Promenade in DS9.

Cardassian replicator on DS9.

Just gotta make it to 100 years old (plus survive WWIII and not be drooling in my quadrotriticale) so I can see the real thing.

I like to dream…yeah right beside my sound machine…

first contact, i so cant die before reaching that date

I’d have to live to 102 years to witness the First Contact. Not fair.

47 years to go (47!)

Love the name of the station! We Trek fans really are everywhere. :-)

First Contact day is not a thing, guys.

Awww, dmduncan, you probably enjoy telling kids there’s no Santa! :>)

Off topic, but I just noticed, we have a new poll! Nice surprise. I already thought we would have the old one up forever.

I might have made a compliment too fast. That poll is not working for me. I can’t vote on it or watch the results.

I can’t, either. Maybe it’s for the same reason that upvoting anything now says that one must be logged in?

Hi Corylea and Mel. I’m aware the poll is broken at the moment and am working to fix it. Apologies!

Trek’s music was the best of any sci-fi.I will be tuning in.

Happy First Contact Day!

Thanks for posting about this. I was not even aware of AccuRadio. Enjoyed the various selections such as Star Trek, Star Wars and film soundtracks . As a huge fan of streamingsoundtracks.com, this provides that much more in listening options.

“You know the expression beam me up Scotty, we used to laugh at it. We physicists used to laugh when someone talked about teleportation and invisibility, something like that, but we don’t laugh anymore we realized we were wrong on this one. A lot of things you see on Star Trek will in fact be possible.” — Michio Kaku

“It’s [dermal regenerator technology] not just science fiction anymore. All indications are that 21st century life sciences will change dramatically during the next several decades.” — NASA press release


blastr reminds us that this year’s also THE VOYAGE HOME’s anniversary too: