New Star Trek Beyond Promotional Images Appear At Trade Show In Las Vegas; Abrams and Pegg To Appear Monday Night

New promotional material for Star Trek Beyond has appeared in Las Vegas.

The new images are debuting on the eve of CinemaCon, a convention/trade show run by the National Association of Theater Owners where studios make presentations about upcoming films using visual impact productions.  Film site was on the scene at Caesar’s Palace on Sunday and captured promotional images for many films, including Star Trek Beyond.  All images are courtesy




Paramount is sending more than just banners and posters to promote the film – USA Today is reporting that J.J Abrams and Simon Pegg will be appearing at the event Monday night.  TrekMovie will bring you that story.

Star Trek Beyond hits the big screen on July 22.

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Awesome news and can’t wait for the update once JJ and Pegg have made their appearance.

Great….and we are getting a new trailer when????

July 21.

Well played, Salt Vampire. Well played.

IE- “How can we salvage this thing.” ;)

Well can’t wait to hear about the interviews. A lot of cynical people want to know if this thing is going to be anything to really talk about.

I am concerned about this movie. This cast has one good movie under their belt. Into darkness wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t worth the wait either. With the tos or tng cast they had years of chemistry that could overcome a weak script. This cast doesn’t have that to fall back on.

To be honest I am looking forward to the new series much more than this movie. Tha said I will certainly go see it anyway. I love my Trek.

I’m right there with you. More anticipation for the series than the movie.

Paramount\CBS\whomever, better get started on the 50th anniversary marketing pronto. The Trek Beyond marketing should already have been well underway. This move is 3 months away and the general public isn’t even aware of it. Suicide Squad opens later and already we have had 3 trailers and tons of promo, albeit mostly on the interwebs. What’s going on?


I agree. Where is the marketing of this film and the 50th Ann. tie-ins? I would have released a 50th Ann. spot 3 months ago. Something that looks back at where the franchise has been and looks at where it’s going this year.

I haven’t see anything coordinated. There’s different events happening but there’s no “trailer” for the year.

They are not, in short, making a big deal of it.

@dmduncan Not making a big deal of it and really should. In fact, should be making a big deal about the 50th anniversary! Unbelievable.

If I had to guess… Someone at Paramount has already deemed it crap.

Great. Shots of the Enterprise getting destroyed again. That alone continues to turn me off.

well said…..

I’m with you. As much as I dislike the JJprise, I really wish they would treat her with more respect.

PS. I was really annoyed after watching the bonus features for The Force Awakens and seeing JJ gush over the meticulous care that went into the building of sets. I guess a frakkin brewery was out of the question.

The ship in peril thing is just the lamest and most desperate thing, If you have nothing else, you put the ship in peril. Not always…I mean, if you have a really good story so be it.

TSFS did it in what was really not a very dramatic way but it served the “trilogy”

This is just an example of them not knowing how to ramp up the story. At least with STID. We will see if STB is any different

The proper respect is to blow it up to smithereens. I tend to see this in kind of symbolically – destroying the representation of the Abramsverse. I don’t really regard this ship as the Enterprise or a worthy representation of it. Like you said, it’s JJprize, and it’s blown up. What more could one want?

I thought everyone would be happy to see that ugly representation of the original Enterprise destroyed. Nice to know that Apple bridge will be blown to bits and pieces. It’s long overdue.

New interview with Justin Lin over at Trek core about coming on board after Orci got the boot:

Yup. Amazing comments. STID almost buried the film franchise six feet under despite what the aBoblogists want to believe.

@BobOrci – your comments on Lin’s remarks?

Opinion =/= fact. Nice try, though.

Yup only the opinion that STID was great is considered fact. lol

Your aBOBlogist term has to be the lamest thing I have ever heard of.

agree. Term is sTUPid.

Im pleased that the people who shouldn’t like the term don’t like it. Thought Bob had a better sense of humour. Then again, after watching his films its clear he doesn’t. ;-)

STID was a mess. You really BOBbled that film. Your winks to your fans here is really fORCIng the issue.

This is fun. Try one using GOOD, as in GOOD FILM.

That’s your bobpinion.

Trolling, TUP?

Yes, well, when STID came out I described in detail how bad it was, and got widely criticized for it. Now, after pretty much everyone admitting it is a piece of sh*t, I feel vindicated.

Actually I liked STID way more than 2009, and would rate it as one of the better Star Trek movies. Top 3 or 4. And most of all, it is a Star Trek movie. Not an action movie disguised as a Star Trek movie. It takes up typical Trek issues, and I haven’t seen such a beautiful depiction of the Prime Directive, ever.

Now that doesn’t mean it wasn’t flawed, many things went wrong in the movie. I mostly attribute them to Lindelof and Kurtzman, so I would have loved to see Orci freed of them. It’s a shame we’ll never see that movie… but maybe the script could be leaked? I’m dying to find out what could have been. Bob? Please?

will try to get it turned into novel:)

Would love that. I always love ‘alternate timeline’ stuff aka movies never made, script revisions etc. Shame your hard work didn’t get produced, as it sounds like Shatner would have been a part, but I can understand the overall risk the studio may have felt as well. I can nitpick the films no end, but thanks for making 2 solid, entertaining Star Trek movies and good luck on your future projects!

How about turning it into a comic book?

That might be good, too!

Did you get your prize yet?

Not yet. I hope it isn’t lost!!

Orci, is there anything in common between the current script/movie and yours? (I don’t mean they copied LOL, more like some things end up being similar or how you’d write it too)

Ha, are you sure about that? I believe the headline “Everyone admits STID is a piece of sh*t” has yet to be written. Also, have you actually seen an objectively bad movie before? If STID is that bad, then surely half of the early ST film franchise must have seared your retinas off with its awfulness.

EVERYONE has admitted it? Um, don’t think so.

I said “pretty much everyone”, not EVERYONE.

I must be the only one who liked it then. I had issues with the last third, a bit too many nods to Wrath of Khan, and really I think the movie would have been fine if they’d just stuck with John Harrison being John Harrison and not Khan, but it was still a good movie.

Still, compared to the note-for-note remake of “A New Hope” that is “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, I think “Into Darkness” came off pretty good.

I think STID badly needed someone who could edit it…not just the traditional task of editing a film, but edit the writers. Someone needed to say “not good enough” or “how about this” or “why that”. It really seems like the writers just sat around patting each other on the back and we got the first draft made into a film when it needed about 8 more drafts to tighten the story, improve the dialogue and bring the characters to life.

short lived vindication. Sorry,

Well, I liked Into Darkness. Quite a lot. But not as a Star Trek movie (if that makes any sense.)

How is it short-lived vindication? Harry was correct.

Its like people (including me) who came out of Day One of BvS saying it was terrible and having people argue and point to the record profits (ala Bob) and a week later, its like a universal truth that the film is bad, is under-performing and WB is considering changes to their master plan for DC.

STID was like a fancy sports car. It looked beautiful. And you’re so excited to see it and get in it. But then you drive it and it has bad tired, little gas and a tiny engine and you realise its all smoke and mirrors. Sure, there are still people that see it and say how beautiful it is and when they take it around the block they think its just swell…but the ones that get under hood and really examine it realise it’s a lemon.

when a movie destorys a franchise, they don’t continue it. they reboot or start over. so analysis of STid continues to be wrong.

As for the rest, I agree. They brought him in to start over because I was only willing and able to tell the story we had generated.

How come JJ couldn’t convince the studio???

He was a tad busy. Can’t remember what he was up to at the moment.

No excuse .He had enough time to call on Lin

Terminator: Genesys, anyone?

Wow, he came out and said “rescue mission”…

The Dubai con featured the captain’s chair for visitors to take pics. I am SO hoping Paramount springs for it and puts that in US lobbies…and soon.

There’s a new Star Trek movie coming out?

Very poor generic posters.

A new way to watch STB – spread across 3 screens:


Actually not so much new as resurrected and spiffed up, but definitely a most appropriate way to view a western:

Images of the Enterprise being ‘sploded???

Is Michael Weatherly leaving NCIS to be the Captain on the new CBS Trek show?

No, he has a pilot for a new comedy about a TV Psychiatrist or something.

Amazing to hear Lin admit that JJ told him this was a salvage operation after STID and they had to start from scratch. Gee, what does Bob Orci think about those comments. What do the usual suspects around here think of those comments? I thought STID was the greatest film ever according to some.

It cannot be over stated how awful STID was and how much it set the film franchise back.

Well, Orci has hinted around that STB is his last gig with BR. I suppose that answers the question.

No. I’ve been clear that I am done with Star Trek. Would happily work with JJ again.

Trying to be diplomatic, Bob. I don’t like throwing wood on TUP’s ‘I hate BR Trek’ bonfire.

@Phil – get a clue. The problem with people like you, you’re so dishonest when it comes to discussing this. You can argue facts, you twist them because you know your position is weak to begin with.

I dont hate BR Trek. I liked 09. STID was awful though. It was awful from beginning to end.

You don’t even know what my position is, other then I’m not one of your nattering lapdogs. Go troll someone else. You profess to not hate BR Trek, but you’re into, what, four or five years of non-stop criticism of it and trolling those who don’t share your dislike? Look what you’re doing on this thread – you’re trying to bait anyone and everyone who posting anything even remotely complementary to the last two movies. So, go take your ‘intellectual honesty’ defense of your behavior, and lie to someone who’ll believe you.

There is nothing dishonest about what Phil has said. He merely queried Bob Orci’s position re working with JJ Abrams and Bad Robot. Orci answered.

STID was NOT awful. Yes it had its issues just like Star Treks 1-11 did, but it was by no means awful. IN MY OPINION. Sometimes you speak as if your opinions are FACTS when they are only your opinion (and may be shared by others). Even if JJ came out and said ID was the worst movie he has ever been a part of it won’t change the fact that I enjoyed it as did the majority of people who saw it. If some think ID was the greatest film of all time, then what do you care? Their opinion is not going to change because of some article.

It WAS awful.

Oh, and as I’m one of those ‘usual suspects’ you keep shooting your mouth off about, I don’t seem to recall anyone who’s generally been supportive of the BR franchise saying it was the greatest film ever – or even the best Trek ever. It was a pedestrian effort, but not nearly as awful as Generations or Final Frontier.

For as often as you wear your faux outrage on your sleeve, it seems you just can’t resist trolling when the opportunity presents itself. Cue the snappy ‘intellectually inferior’ retort in three…two…one….

If you’re going to wear intellectual inferiority as a badge of honour, no need for me to mention it.

It goes both ways. Those that are critical of STID are far more open and honest in discussions than those that cover their ears and scream na na na na STID was awesome na na na na which happens too often around here.

If you think STID was a mess, we agree, so lets not split hairs when we’re in agreement!

Except that a number of people who have liked for STID have stated their reasons. They are used examples from the film, whether it be from what was shown and/or spoken. They are not the ones covering their ears and screaming that STID is just a mess, a “pile of….”.

“They are used…” should be “they have…”

I have explained various aspects that have been queried or called a “pile of…” by referring to known Star Trek canon as per the characters’ background, natures etc or events that explain what is happening within the story of STID.

To some copying word for word what key characters said in TWOK may seem like “lazy writing”, but given the context within STID, I see those words spoken by Scotty, Spock, Kirk respectively as a homage to the famous TWOK scene and is within my understanding of what could occur in an alternate universe so closely related to another (we call the prime universe).

Also, there is no scientific evidence to say that such could or could not happen. Therefore, such can be afforded a writer’s imagination.

oh, I see how you are reading his comments. I don’t read them the same way. He’s not referring to STID, he’s referring to the fact that Lin has to mount a movie by a certain deadline that is very hard to make.

Final Frontier wasn’t awful. It was flawed, sure, but it was a very, very Star Trek movie. It was thoughtful, philosophical. Likewise Into Darkness, which too looked like Star Trek. A slightly darker version of it, but that’s fine. It completely derails in the 3rd act, but until then it’s a good to great Star Trek movie.

The hate for STID isn’t justified. For 2009 however…

It’s a shame that it’s Alex Kurtzman who is helming the new CBS series. I think you’re a much better fit, Bob. Any chance of an accidental leak of your script?

Wait, isn’t STID an acronym for a sexually transmitted infection / disease? JJ must have spent nights to come up with a suitable title that will share the same acronym with that. Oh, JJ, you devil, you trek hater.

Suicide Squad releases a second trailer. Its not out until November. What is going on with Star Trek???

Suicide Squad is out August worldwide (September in Japan), roughly 2 weeks after STB.

I stand corrected. Its also its THIRD trailer. But everything is hunky dory in Trek land right? Something doesn’t smell right…

Hey BobOrci, why the delay in releasing trailers and other marketing?

Well, at least the date hasn’t changed.

Can’t wait for the interview, but damn… that teaser trailer came out a LONG time ago… I’d like more than some posters… posters that just about anyone could have made in the internet.

Great news, glad to see some heavy-hitters coming out for STB. Fingers crossed that between this event, and the other news today (Dolby, Barco Escape) it’s a sign of confidence in the movie.

Ha….well, those hopes were dashed in a hurry.

Uh Disney, can you please buy the Star trek franchise too, so we can get some decent marketing for a change?

Then Star Trek 14 would be a remake of Star Trek: The Motion Picture called “Star Trek: The Enterprise Awakens”.

wouldn’t that be a remake of TOMORROW IS YESTERDAY when the ship’s computer gets a personality? Actually a trek movie where Kirk has a HER (awesome flick, genuine science fiction movie) like relationship with the ship is an awesome damn idea.

like that, too. played with that idea between Scotty and ship.

Oh yes, her ample nacelles. har har har. But how do you make a ship appear in sexy underwear for no legitimate reason?

ShuTUP troll. You’re more and more like those you like to put down.


Roddenberry’s ANDROMEDA gave Hunt’s ship of the same name just such an avatar. Evolved from hologram AI interface to actual autonomous android which I seem to recall went on planetside missions and even went on dates.

No pressure but this movie needs to outperform STID creatively as well as financially! I hope it does both strongly otherwise Trek on the big screen is going away for a long time.

Paramount will not continue to risk $200m+ budgets when the movies fail to even generate healthy box office outside N America. STID was a massive franchise step backwards after Trek 09 showed strong promise.

Have you even looked at the box office numbers? STID made more than Trek 09 and STID also had the best ST franchise box office receipts outside of the USA.

Look at what ID cost against what it returned and all of a sudden it ain’t the success some think it is financially. Also the ‘take’ on international is only a fraction of what was actually sold in tickets, so the return is much less than on the tickets sold domestic.

artistically, I think ID is a slight improvement on 09, but just flushing a toilet to make the turd go down (which would be enough to improve 09 for me) isn’t a creative breakthrough in my book.


And yet, there must be something Paramount likes about the new film as they are willing to invest even MORE money adding 20 to 30 more minutes for a new Cinerama update edition.

Although, I suppose this could be a reaction to the supposed test screening audience feedback preferring the fan film? That is, pushing the technology in response to perceived competition like they did in response to television’s catching on in the 1950s.

Disinvited –

Where do you get the idea that they’re adding footage? Nothing of the sort is happening. They’re tweaking pre-existing footage, nothing more.

With a new actress.

Brian Drew,

“Rosenblatt said some shots will incorporate production footage that wasn’t used in the wide release version…” — ‘J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot to Release ‘Star Trek Beyond’ for Cinerama-Like Barco Escape (Exclusive)’;by Carolyn Giardina; THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER;April 11, 2016 7:30am PT

“There are new ships and antagonists that are well suited to the expanded image.” — Ben Rosenblatt, Bad Robot producer and head of visual effects and post

Your interpretation is that the end product in this new post can ONLY be 20 to 30 minutes of an ersatz horizontal IMAX widening. My interpretation, with THR reporting JJ intimately involved with this NEW post production, which means two directors involved and Rosenblatt saying production footage shot (Note that he did NOT say “CGI generated but not included.”) included in the wide release version being used is that the end result will most likely be an extended edition in regards to what appears on the center screen.

You have to understand this is quite UNLIKE JJ’s use of IMAX where segments were filmed during production. There’s no matted-in Barco Escape camera footage used in the wide release to open up for this. If all this post churns out is 20 to 30 minutes of computer CGI extended to fill the left and right screens, it will be a tremendous squandering of what a Cinerama type movie experience can be. I’m banking that at the very least if Lin is unaware of this, JJ is not.

Another tool that can be deployed, TrekMovie itself reported in a fan’s Cineramizing panning shots from the original series. This can be done with Barco too but that will shave seconds to minutes off (depending on the speed of the pan) such shots which can throw the timing and beats off of the existing release’s editing. To correct that they are going to have to add footage. Once you start doing that, in for a pound; in for a dollar.

Ultimately, as in any creative development, no one can predict exactly what they’ll end up with, it could end up leaning more towards what you suggest, but I’m leaning towards you don’t get two highly-talented directors in the editing room and end up with only with CGI left and right filler.

” My interpretation, with THR reporting JJ intimately involved with this NEW post production, which means two directors involved and Rosenblatt saying production footage shot (Note that he did NOT say “CGI generated but not included.”) included in the wide release version being used is that the end result will most likely be an extended edition in regards to what appears on the center screen. ”

should be:

My interpretation, with THR reporting JJ intimately involved with this NEW post production, which means two directors involved and Rosenblatt saying production footage shot (Note that he did NOT say “CGI generated but not included.”) NOT included in the wide release version being used is that the end result will most likely be an extended edition in regards to what appears on the center screen.

Imagine if one of the Star War’s writers had said, “We need to make this next movie less Star Warsy”, what would the reaction of fans have been?

From the very beginning, J.J. and company wanted to make Star Trek less “Star Treky”, to the extent that everything that once drew me to Star Trek is now absent. The quality of story telling is dismal and amateurish. Respect for the characters, including the Enterprise, is non-existant: Spock completely flipping out twice (screaming, crying, yelling) a white British Khan, the destruction or near destruction of the Federation flag ship 2x….really?

I expect this film will be even more disconnected from Star Trek than even the last two were. I’m not looking forward to this film at all and I won’t be paying to see it. Thankfully, I can keep myself entertained via the Star Trek relaunch novels, like David Mack’s Star Trek: Destiny trilogy. Now there’s talent!

Here’s to hoping that Star Trek: All Access has ZERO -ZERO- resemblance to the J.J. films. Aside from Ghostbusters, I can’t imagine any other franchise producers treating their fans with as much contempt as Abrams, Orci and company have Star Trek fans. Orci once said, “We moved the planet (Delta Vega) to suit OUR puposes.” How utterly arrogant! Can you imagine how fans would react if J.J. relocated Tatooine simply to suit HIS purposes? He wouldn’t, because it’s a slap in the face to all that’s come before.

“Respect for the characters, including the Enterprise, is non-existant”
First of all, LOL. Why do I LOL? Spock flipped out a couple times during the original series. The Enterprise was destroyed in Star Trek 3 and heavily damaged in Star Trek 2 & 6. (If you count TNG movies, E destroyed in Generations, heavily damaged in Nemesis).
I grew up during the original run of TOS. JJ-Trek brought back the adventure and fun of the original series. IMHO, of course.
But I will point out that Nimoy came out of retirement to play Spock in these movies. That’s a big enough endorsement of JJ Trek for me.

Oh, please! You know as well as I do that when Spock lost emotional control in TOS, there were well thought out and articulate reasons for his doing so. The final act of Into Darkness makes no sense. As Kirk lays dying in a beer factory (what a joke), Spock, who knows him for less than a year at this point, and who has largely disliked him most of that time, loses absolute emotional control in the supposed ‘depths of his despair’; this written all so he can shout, “Khaaaan!” It’s cringeworthy! Furthermore, while I admit that the destruction of the Enterprise has been used in the past as a plot device, it has never been done consecutively. Don’t even get me started on British Khan’s ‘magic blood’, the Apple store iBridge, and the emergence of interstellar transportation technology that renders warp drive all but obsolete. Like I said, I won’t be paying to see Beyond.

To be fair, we aren’t sure what they meant by too Treky. Bob isn’t revealing details of his story and we haven’t read a synopsis let alone script. So its possible the studio was quite correct in not wanting to proceed.

Let us not forget the mess that was STID which necessitated a “rescue mission” by Justin Lin. Even JJ dumped all over that script. Who’s to say Bob’s Trek 3 script was even better. If he thinks STID was a great script, he doesn’t have the credibility to judge.

Most of the key lines in STID was ripped directly out of TWOK’s script… word for word. STIP is at the bottom of my Star Trek list. Even Final Frontier and Nemesis come above it. I will DEFINITELY go see BEYOND mainly because JJ isn’t Directing and Orci did not write this one. I actually have hope for this one with Justin Lin Directing and Simon Pegg writing.

Justin Lin knows how to make the Enterprise crew into the family we know. He did it with F&F. That franchise is an action move… but the theme of family is strong.

“As Kirk lays dying in a beer factory (what a joke), Spock, who knows him for less than a year at this point, and who has largely disliked him most of that time, loses absolute emotional control in the supposed ‘depths of his despair’; this written all so he can shout, “Khaaaan!””

See, this is where I have a problem with some people’s understanding or incredible lack of. It is unclear as to how long Kirk and Spock have known each other at this point, but it is clear that they have worked together on the Enterprise for several months in their roles as captain and first officer. Even though their relationship got off to a shaky start, there is nothing to suggest an appreciation, a bond could not have been formed. Genuine friendship/love are not dependent on time. Some bonds can be forged quickly, while others never really happen over a long lifetime.

Therefore, there is no reason as to why Spock could not have felt a great deal friendship for Kirk, and vice versa, in a short space of time. Kirk’s death was the “*straw that broke the camel’s back” (after Spock losing his mother and world), hence the sudden and unexpected outpouring of anger and grief.
I wish that Spock did not scream “Khan” but the fact that he did is understandable in the circumstances.

I can’t believe I am explaining such fundamental aspects of human nature three years later. (Spock is part human and Vulcans can have even more powerfully driven emotional states, hence the suppression techniques learnt from an early age). Know your Star Trek canon, understand it and embrace it!

“I will point out that Nimoy came out of retirement to play Spock in these movies.”

So what? That doesn’t make automatically everything right. It was more like a gimmick.

I agree, MikeMCP.

One this remains clear, Bob is lousy at taking criticism.

Totally agree.

April 11, 2016 4:44 pm

Totally agree.

***Never thought Bob would agree with me about his inability to take criticism. But hey, at least he’s honest. ;-)

Of course, TUP – “Im so superior”, could only see Bob Orci’s comment as validation of his own previous statement.

It would never occur to him that Bob was agreeing with Phil and perhaps dmduncan’s posts.

“It would never occur to him that Bob was agreeing with Phil and perhaps dmduncan’s posts” — Keachick

What do you mean by this? Bob’s post is time stamped “April 11, 2016 4:44 pm”. Everybody else’s, except for TUP’s root, post is time stamped AFTER that.

How can Bob’s post be in reply to those timestamped “April 11, 2016 9:42 pm” or “April 12, 2016 7:47 pm”?

I know Bob has claimed an understanding of quantum mechanical time travel that few mortals are able to achieve but THIS is taking THAT too far.

That’s all right, you do a s**tty job at handing it out. Call it even.

Lol. Now that is the truth.

and don’t forget, folks. I’m giving away all my Trek books and collectibles that I’ve acquired over the years. Many of the books were referred to during the making of the Trek movies. To win, just follow me on twitter and look for notifications of new items up for give away. Call it Count Down to 50.

Just so you know, I think there are many great moments in your Star Trek Bob.

You’re back on twitter? I thought you left after an outburst a couple of years ago.

been back on the down low. @realboborci

Not really on the down low anymore. Welcome back. While I was not a fan of your work with STID … I do enjoy Limitless and Hawaii Five-0.

Had to lose twitter when I applied for my securities license. Nuts.

Good job taking the initiative to promote the 50th anniversary, Bob. You seem to be the only one doing it! And by giving away your own stuff, no less.

What can I win if I come up with something that rhymes? :-)

My guess is Paramount & Bad Robot are taking the low profile approach with this movie…hoping no one notices it’s release there by avoiding critic reviews.
Abrams will likely talk about what it was like directing Star Wars The Force Awakens and Peg will chat about another Shawn od the Dead film.

Saltine Crackers and Cheese Whiz for every one!

I liked the part of STID where the natives saw the Enterprise. That’s a good 15 seconds right there.

Otherwise, going with Salt Vampire.

LOL funny this is it doesnt sound like you were that off base. When PARAMOUNT is showing clips of Abrams Star Wars movie instead of the film they showed up to promote, you know you got problems.

Annnnnnnd that ended up being a bust! No footage, no real info, just JJ Abrams and Pegg showing up trying to pretend the film isn’t a complete train wreck.

Too late fellas, we saw the first trailer.

I think JJ did a better job bringing Trek back than he did with Star Wars redardless of boxoffice. Listening to his commentary on st09 he really did his research. Im looking foward to beyond no matter what.