Star Trek Beyond Trailer To Premiere At Special Fan Event Next Month

Looks like there might be a very cool reason why there wasn’t any new Star Trek Beyond footage on Monday.

There was a tremendous amount of disappointment after Paramount did not provide any new footage or details about the film during their CinemaCon presentation Monday night.   According to Collider’s Steven Weintraub, the studio deliberately withheld the new trailer for STB because they plan on premiering it at a special event being held in Los Angeles next month.

According to Weintraub:

Paramount is saving a lot of the marketing for the movie, including the next trailer premiere, for a fan event being held in Los Angeles next month. While I’m not sure who will be in attendance at this time, I’ve confirmed with Paramount the event is happening and the details, including how to attend and which of the cast and filmmakers will be attending the event, will be revealed soon..

TrekMovie is trying to find out more about this event and we’ll bring you the details as soon as we get them.

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A “fan event” in May that no one knows about in mid-April? “Paramount is saving a lot of marketing” for this one event? Is the marketing budget $10,000? So far, they haven’t spent a penny, so buy them a new piggy bank so they can save some more!

Marvel did a similar event a couple years ago on really short notice that just showed the just the names/logos of their upcoming films and had a handful of cast members.

Now, see– why would anyone downvote this? He stated a plain and simple fact. It happened. That anyone would seek to downvote is just proof of the Trek fans here being unreasonably hateful.

@ Torchwood

And now you get downvoted for saying that…and watch next, I will get downvoted for commenting on your comment….we have a few bad apples here who frankly are not confident enough in their own viewpoints and views,. and so they downgrade others…that is loser-like “behavior” from people who are exhibiting moron like “behavior”.

Total damage control. This whole thing reeks like the steaming hot turd everyone is suspecting it probably is

“This whole thing reeks like the steaming hot turd everyone is suspecting it probably is” Delusional much? None of what you said made any sense.

You mean, besides the fact that a Paramount exec said there would be no new trailer before the movie gets released, and a day or two later… BOOM, new trailer in May.

Damage Control.

@Meurik What is the name of that Paramount exec? Excuse me for being skeptical.

@ Anthony Thompson

There is no such quote for a Paramount Exec. Meurik just made it up.

@ TommyHawk

Given his bathroom-level comments, perhaps his mommy needs to change his diaper now? :-))

Yup. I’m wondering just how bad this is going to be.

It’s so sad, to see such a respected and well-known franchise brought low by such gimmicks and incompetence

Most of the excitement brewing seems to be about the new television series. At this point the movie is almost an afterthought for many of us.

I’d be so depressed about Trek if that series wasn’t on the horizon.

@Ibling – Great point. The series feels like an impending resurrection of Star Trek. Without it, the franchise would feel on the verge of a long sleep again.

I hope we’re wrong. I hope STB is awesome.

Delusions and more delusions.

And yet I suspect the new show will follow in the vein of the new movies – be heavy on action and adventure and light on boardrooms and debates – which will send those still stuck in the 60’s back to their fan films with bad acting to whine about the good old days of cardboard sets, wooden acting, and heavy handed messages of love and tolerance.

Those of us you seem to think are stuck in the 60s have lots of high-production-value stuff from that era to keep us amused as well, so for every BALANCE OF TERROR that apparently YOU find to be visually pathetic, I have a FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE and a WHERE EAGLES DARE and a whole lotta 2001 …

PLUS the load of TOS that is just so good on an entertainment level that it doesn’t matter what YOU think of the production values (which includes wonderful use of color, some great compositions and occasionally imagination as well), to say nothing of the TIMELESS messages of love and tolerance that Coon pushed to the forefront. Plus all the action and adventure that wasn’t mindless or add-ons to placate a lobotomized world market.


@Kevin Martin Coon pushed the poor humor; Roddenberry pushed the timeless messages of love and tolerance.

Anthony … you’re pushing.

Now go watch TMP again and let me be.

Clearly you haven’t watched Star Trek Continues.

Nailed it…..

I see I hurt the feelings of at least 11 sensitive Trek fans. Please let me clear a spot in the corner so you can all have a good cry.

“I see I hurt the feelings of at least 11 sensitive Trek fans. Please let me clear a spot in the corner so you can all have a good cry.”

What was the point of this post? Don’t be so sensitive about the voting. If it was 11 up votes you’d be bragging.

You aBoblogists are awfully thin skinned.

To hurt their/our feeling we would have to Give a ____ about your opinion. trying to help you see your “failings” is purely charity on our part.

Yeah cause todays society doesn’t need Love or Tolerance cause society is so great atm

And yet they arent allowed to do any marketing for the TV series. I could be wrong, but I bet as soon as they are allowed to, CBS will do a far better job with marketing the series and do a far better job with the grassroots effort of discussing the series and building excitement with the core fan base.

If STB bombs, CBS has an easy marketing gimmick. “Star Trek: The Way It Was Meant To Be”.

I hear rumors Michael Weatherly left NCIS to be the Captain on the new Trek series.

I just watched the full blown trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange. 2.02 long. Special effects, music, everything. It looks great!
The movie comes out in November.

Meanwhile, the knuckle-draggers doing STB can’t do the same for a movie that comes out in July!!??

And don’t count that piece of dogsh*t released a few months ago.


Strange…I saw the trailer, too, and kept expecting Neo to jump in somewhere.

How can you not count that first trailer? – a trailer is a trailer, even if it’s not a good one.

I’d rather the movie be good than the trailer be good (ideally both).

“Man of Steel” looked amazing in its trailer and it sucked. “Suicide Squad” looked so good in its trailers and was so well-received that WB is now doing reshoots since the trailer has nothing to do with the tone of film.

Harry, you actually like Marvel films? Really?

“…you actually like Marvel films? Really?” — Anthony Thompson

What’s wrong with that? Marc Evans, Paramount’s guy in charge of the previous 2 Treks, before he got promoted to its picture group guy, does too.

Anthony, if I’m comparing movies to STID, I even like Plan 9 From Outer Space! :>)

For what it’s worth, Fox markets their X-Men movies similarly, only releasing trailers shortly before the films release. The latest, Apocalypse, has been the exception.

Wow, this is pretty shoddy.

Seriously, all I have ever seen on this site is people whining and complaining about the movies since 2009. I have one question to ask… if you guys hate the new Trek movies so much, why do you even come here anymore? If you don’t have anything good to say and you aren’t gonna bother with seeing this movie… why don’t you just leave and go to a Star Wars site or something?

So you think people that love Trek and are disappointed on its treatment and seeming lack of respect by the studio should
Keep their mouths shut and just be happy they get anything at all? Why aren’t people entitled to their opinions? Why does that mean they hate Star Trek?

This idea that fans who frequent sites like this and demand more are just whiners who hate trek is hilariously ludicrous. I am amused and saddened that anyone thinks that.

It’s a shame the minority can’t wrap their heads around the idea that Star Trek deserves to be treated bigger and better than it has been.

You ARE entitled to your opinion. There are also those of us who enjoyed the last two Trek movies and considering what a steaming pile the last couple of Next Gen movies were, people like me are wondering what “fans” like you are on about when many of us think Trek is actually moving in the RIGHT direction.

And you fail to comprehend that just because some of us didn’t care for those movies that does NOT mean it negates YOUR enjoyment of them (I, for one, enjoy them…with reservations).

What I don’t get is when someone expresses their opinion, people like you complain about those opinions, the people expressing them state they are entitled to them, people like you agree they are entitled to them, and yet you still complain about them expressing theirs, going out of your way to insult them & tell them how ‘wrong’ their opinions are. Just because you disagree with them doesn’t make them wrong. It’s not about right or wrong…that’s why they call them “OPINIONS”.

Yeah I think we’ve been down this road many times. Its perfectly okay to love the films. But its also pretty easy to see why a lot of people didnt. STID in particular had a lot of problems. It doesnt mean you couldnt enjoy it. But others couldnt see past those problems.

It would surprise me if someone said “I loved STID and thought it was really great and I didnt see any issues with it”. I mean, I know a certain someone here will say that but even in loving a film, most people can say “well yeah, that didnt make sense” or “that was stupid” but can dismiss it with “but I sat back, ate my popcorn and enjoyed it”.

I remember when Battleship came out and got lousy reviews. I really enjoyed it. No great cinema. Silly. But escapism theater? Sure, I really had a good time watching it. Its not a franchise where characters were mis-treated or mis cast or poorly written for mind you. So those that didnt like just didnt like it. They werent offended on an emotional level as many Trek fans have been by STID.

The thing is that I do not see any of Star Trek (movies or TV series) as a “steaming pile” of anything. Some I enjoy more than others, but if anyone is playing a DVD of any movie or series, I still get caught up with what is happening because basically, MOST of the time, I like what I see and hear.

Maybe I am too easy to please – or maybe, I realise that I live in an imperfect world peopled by imperfect humans, some of whom are writers/producers/directors etc… and so allow myself to concentrate on what is good, enjoyable, fun, emotionally moving – or I simply do not watch and rarely, if ever, comment on what I don’t like about some movie or series.

Truer words have never been spoken.

The real sham and embarrassment should be shared here by those fans who have absolutely nothing better to do than troll around on these kinds of boards.

We have no idea how much Paramount and Bad Robot have been planning such an event. My guess is that they’ve seen how successful the campaign for Star Wars was and tailored it to fit Star Trek. Launching a trailer and their marketing campaign off the back of a celebration style event.

This is GOOD news people and has no baring on how the studio view the movie. If they weren’t confident in it you’d see another trailer un-ceremoniously released without the expense of launching a fan event.

Anyone not pleased by this is simply only here to spout yet more crap about movies they’ve never liked.

They also likely wanted to avoid releasing a new trailer around the same time as any one of a number of other films (Rogue One, Civil War, etc). However misguided it may seem to some, sometimes studios don’t want to step on each others feet and/or don’t want someone else’s marketing to overshadow theirs.

So how come all those other films dont mind stepping on each others feet, even their own?

I like how “Troll” is used by those with weak arguments to try and dismiss the opinions of those they disagree with.

Just make a thoughtful argument, add your opinion. Dont throw around words like “troll” when you know damn well it doesnt apply.

News flash, TUP – complaining isn’t an opinion. When you pointlessly argue, you’ll trolling, and you’ve been at it harder then usual the last few days.

@Phil – do everyone a favor here and PLEASE take your own advice. Responding to someone painting those with a differing opinion as Trolls when that is clearly not an accurate term is not pointlessly arguing. It’s correcting.

Also, if you and Rose and your ilk make post after post with your opinions why is that relevant but everyone you disagree with is “pointless arguing”? If you feel so strongly, the pointless aspect would be in your continued posting towards others, right? So just dont bother. Let the rest of us discuss Star Trek. You and Rose can hold hands, sing songs and plan your date out to see STB which you already think is a great film.

You don’t discuss Trek, TUP, you berate all who don’t hold to your opinions, your treatment of Rose here is a prime example. I saw your crack about the movie franchise on the other thread, so please knock of the pretense of objectivity.

“My guess is that they’ve seen how successful the campaign for Star Wars was and tailored it to fit Star Trek. Launching a trailer and their marketing campaign off the back of a celebration style event.” — Kirk, James T.

That’s NOT the way I recall THE ROLLING STONE reporting it:

“While the incredible teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens has fans of the series forgetting all about the prequels, the other outer space film franchise that Abrams departed to take over Episode VII was hit with a major blow: Deadline reports that Roberto Orci is “beaming off” the third film in the rebooted Star Trek series, leaving the film without a director.” — “Director Roberto Orci Drops Out of ‘Star Trek 3′”; By Daniel Kreps THE ROLLING STONE; December 6, 2014

So where’s “the incredible teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams'” STAR TREK BEYOND that “has fans of the series forgetting all about the prequels”?

@Disinvited – very good. I love the new narrative is there was no hype for TFA until October. Must have been in the alt universe.

I suspect the same people whining about lack of a trailer are going to be the same ones viciously tearing it apart when it does premiere. This is not just Star Trek, remember this little movie that premiered last December called Force Awakens? It’s official trailer didn’t premiere until October 19th, less than two months before the movie was released. After that trailer there was such a barrage of promotion you couldn’t escape it. I suspect the same thing will happen here.

I doubt any Trek film will ever get the same barrage of promotion we see for anything Star Wars. I wish it were true, but its not a reality I’ve seen yet.

@Harry – thats not really true. TFA had several significant “Teaser” trailers months and months before release date. It wasnt radio silence until mid October.

I could be wrong but I get the sense the studio is really confused about Star Trek. Its a recurring theme over the years. They see the words “Star Trek” and think “big budget mindless action film” or “Another Star Wars” and they dont get it.

They released that trailer and were probably really surprised by the backlash. They likely thought it was really clever. Imagine a Star Wars trailer to Sabotage? lol Geeee

So now they recoil back into their shells and wonder WTF they have and how to market it.

I suspect there will be a large marketing barrage. I dont think it will be half-assed right to the release date. And some people will say “see, you all whined for nothing”. But no matter what happens there is no doubt this has been a ball that has at best been bobbled.

I would guess they lowered the marketing budget which wont decrease the scope but did decrease the window.

Because I want something better. Same reason I still post sometimes on Bond boards, because I’m utterly furious about how bad those films have been this century (post 1989, actually, though the last two, especially SKYFALL, have been railroad spike-sized nails in the coffin.)

I haven’t been very critical about BEYOND because honestly I can’t tell yet, and I don’t see any true indications of a terrible film yet, just a mediocre trailer that actually hinted at a very good film underneath, if Elba’s character turns out to be an antagonist of ethical stature. I pretty much always look at trek baddies to see if they measure up to the antagonist in the final Roddenberry/Coon collaboration, THE QUESTOR TAPES, and against the mighty John Vernon in that role, pretty much all of them fall at least a little bit short.

And another thing … working out problems with films is a great way to see around those problems to solutions, which helps with one’s own creative projects. I remember going into NEM very reluctantly, sitting through it, and then afterward ‘fixing it’ in my mind, and was actually kind of proud of various little things that could have upgraded the thing past marginal, like Data echoing Picard’s earlier, ‘shut up’ as he slaps the magic transport thing on Picard, or salvaging the dune buggy scene by painting out the wheels and having a bouncing jostling antigrav car. Hell, my immediate dislike of ST 3 and 7 led to me coming up with pretty detailed notions for followups that still read terrific to me decades later. And those were pre-‘net, but came out of snailmail correspondence and person to person interaction as well as my own response to the films.

So if you’d prefer folks not bring negativity in, perhaps you need to find a big cardboard box that is nowhere near an electrical outlet, then move in.

@Kmart – you must be wrong. Phil says so.

Kmart – You are just adding to the negativity. Those who have seen these previous films have their own views, some of which may coincide with yours expressed here. Please – no more piling on.

In about three months and five days, a whole new Star Trek film will be coming to screens around the world. The people making this picture are not those who made the previous (prime universe) films.

I also want this film to be good and hopefully even better than the last two films in terms of (main) character development and interaction, humour, relevance, interesting and flowing storyline, with less emphasis on gore and violence. We’ll get what we get. If we don’t like it, then we don’t get the subsequent Blu-ray/DVD release. If liked, then it will be a matter of “can’t wait” for the release.

C’est la vie!

How is saying that I am not feeling critical about it in any way a negative?

It’s fine to be critical, but it does seem that fans online, particularly here, have become unreasonably harsh, deciding, for example, that no new trailer 4 months before release must mean they don’t care, or that the movie is a disaster. If you don’t like these films and want to be critical of them, that’s fine, but at times it feels like fans are unfairly piling on for the sake of trashing something they simply don’t like.

I don’t like a lot of things. There are many things in Trek I don’t like. TOS being one of them. But i don’t spend my time going online to rag on and on about how that show sucked balls.

@ Torchwood – I think I pointed out earlier that this tends to be how BR does business. As I recall, STID ramped up the marketing efforts about three months prior to release…and the same folks complaining now were complaining then, too. Several observant readers also observed that other franchises have ramped up their marketing in similar fashion. Some people just have to complain, must be a genetic thing.

And anyone who disagrees and tries to bring fairness and reason? DOWNVOTE!

As I said, there is room in this world for an action-version of Trek.


Question Paramount:

If this movie is to appeal to mass-audiences, and your first trailer was lukewarmly received by said-audiences (and criticized by key movie people as well)…

…then why would you restrict the revealing of the self-proclaimed new-and-improved trailer to a highly-localized *FAN* event revealed on short-notice via a “scoop” by a third-party blog?

…An event that will mean another another delay until next month no less?

…An event that logistically at best will be attended by local LA fans and/or extremely dedicated fans who have the money and time to travel to LA on such short notice, as opposed to showing the trailer on the Internet where fans and casual movie-goers can all see it, or even a more general and better attended festival like ComicCon or the CinemaCon appearance you just wasted?

I can hear the smallest of violins playing right now….

Besides, once the trailer or whatever other promotional material is shown/announced at this event, it won’t be long until it is all over the Internet. There would be no reason for it not to be. What’s more, it will still happen 6-8 weeks before STB’s international release.

Figures Rose would assume this is great news. How she can still deny this is weird when so many other films have multiple trailers with release dates after STB is beyond me. But I guess that’s tje core audience now. The ones that show up, spend their money and gleefully lap up whatever nonsense they are fed.

Rose would see this as great news because it is great news. You seem pretty pissed off about it, though.

@Phil – you’re posts directed at me are bordering on the obsessive. If you sense anger in my posts, you are a lousy judge. But you seem awfully angry most of the time and certainly towards any fans that dont agree with you.

Its okay if you feel different. But that means its okay if others do too. Does that make sense to you Philly?

I saw your crack about the movie franchise on the other thread. Don’t lecture me on objectivity, when it’s clear you don’t comprehend it’s meaning.

This from a guy that only responds to my posts and thinks everything is awesome . You’re a hypocrite and a child. I feel sorry for you. Don’t accept mediocrity Phil! I believe in you!

I’m still waiting for your link to your exclusive insight on Paramount’s marketing budget – as you are continuing to print commentary on that piece of fiction you invented, and are refusing a direct inquiry as to your source, one can only conclude you are making this stuff up. Then deflecting and attacking posters who point out that you decry rumor while supporting it, embrace honesty while being dishonest, and profess to intellectual integrity while actively attacking it, that makes you the mater of mediocrity and a hypocrite you are busying yourself attacking others for. Don’t feel sorry for me, you’re the rather pathetic excuse of a fan here, attacking others in the name of what you pretend to hold so dear. Submitted as proof and evidence: your own damning words.

You’ve done a wonderful job supporting my point. As a matter of fact, you’ve made it pretty easy. Thank you, you are free to go about your business. I’d hope you learned something, but I doubt it.

TUP, funny, but speaking of obsessive …..
Your 11pm comment on Apr 12, LOL.

They are doing a fan event because they have a small marketing budget and know the fans will do half the work
In spreading the word. The movie might be awesome. It migjt suck. But either way the studio has thus far done it a dis service. That much is clear.

How do you know they have a small marketing budget? Did someone at the studio share that information with you, personally, TUP?

@Phil – I dont know Phil. You seem to know how wonderful everything is. Did JJ tell you?

My speculation is clearly that. I suppose it could be they have a massive marketing budget but just didnt feel like using it.

I’m not shooting off my mouth about small marketing budgets, you are. So either post your source, or quit trolling on opinions you’re not qualified to speak on.

@Phil – you’re always shooting your mouth off. But not towards any of the other posters posting similar things to me, just to me. Message board tough guy nonsense. Why can’t you just engage in mature discussion? Why is it always insults and attacks with you? Shameful really.

And Im sorry to the others that have to wade through this.

Other posters or making conversation and sharing opinions. You are making unsubstantiated declarations then attacking others based on your fictions. So post the links to support your argument, it’s time to put up or shut up.

@Phil – HAHAHAHAHAHA Other posters are saying the exact same thing as me. You’re a message board stalker. Which is hilarious but sad. But I’ll take it as a compliment. My very own stalker!

Obsessed much, TUP?

TUP your obviously dillusional- when other people read your posts they see them for what they are.
You are not fooling anyone with unsupported asumptions & gossip

If you don’t think the trailer will appear on the internet the same moment it premiere’s at this event, I have a bridge to sell you.

It will be in the internet before you can say internet once it premieres— that’s how the world works now.

You said it all right there. Incompetent people at Paramount trying desperately to salvage a film that is the latest dud from a dying studio.

You mean the award-nominated trailer seen by 40 million people?

You can keep posting that everywhere you go on the net like it means something, but it is just a mediocre trailer, not terrible, not good, and no citations to the contrary are going to change peoples’ minds about it.

I mean, I can post a link to BABE winning the vfx oscar over APOLLO 13 and it still isn’t going to make anybody think that talking animals looked better OR was a greater achievement than the 98% successful photoreal recreation of a moon flight.

That trailer was awfully maligned. How many big budget films have their big splashy trailer criticized by key members of the cast and film making crew?

I remember Rose and others getting all huffy and puffy about the criticism saying the trailer was specifically designed for a certain audience (which would be the Star Wars audience I guess and Im not sure how THAT trailer was meant to appeal to Star Wars fans)…and that we could expect other trailers designed for other fan bases…so where are they?

Had they realized a more traditional or thoughtful trailer at the time, I’d be fine with the Sabotage trailer. I didnt hate it. Just didnt think it served Star Trek well. Will the general movie going public take notice of it when Sabotage blares through the theater? Sure. But does that trailer make anyone who wasnt a Trek fan say “wow, I really need to see this movie now”? I dont think so. So if you’re not attracting new fans, why bother alienating core fans?

Ignoring the miserable comments above, I can see great potential in this kind of promotion. Hopefully, all the main actors will attend, eg Chris Pine will probably be freed up to attend in May, but is not available now for such promotional work. It is likely that the main actors have been informed of this some time back but have been told to “keep it under their hats”. I have to wonder what other goodies they and others have not been allowed to mention.

I would surmise that this could be the lead-in for later full-on 50th Anniversary celebrations, which I think will take place on or around 8 September 2016.

@Rose. Lol. Blissfully unaware. If you really loved trek you’d not be thrilled with how the film has been marketed so far.

I 100% agree.

I feel like it’s time to sing the funeral bellows for Star Trek at this point. Sure there’s a new series coming out but that’s all being mired by…

The WORST marketing for anything Star Trek since Star Trek Enterprise

CBS/Paramount’s lawsuit against Axanar…

Star Trek Continues dying because of said lawsuit…

And nothing to take our attention off of Star Wars, Marvel, DC or any other franchise. When Star Trek movies come out, you market the living daylights out of it! Even Into Darkness, with how secretive it was in production, even down to the infamous, “It’s not Khan,” which is now an official Hollywood term, still kept fans of both Trek, and cinema, glued to the franchise.

What has Beyond done?

Absolutely nothing. And, it’s the 50th anniversary too?

THAT is the problem and I think the people who are saying, “This is fine” really need to take a look around. Star Trek is dead! If this new series doesn’t bring it back, it’s gone for good!

Funny how Phil didn’t reply to the above poster. Just searched for me. Is there a rule against a poster obsessing over another? I mean, I GUESS its flattering lol

Lord Jaysis, it’s dead already?
Yes — I feel strongly that Paramount has, so far, not markeed this film well AT ALL.
No — Trek is not dead.
For everyone who hates JJ movies, there is a Trek series premiering in 2017.

True to form, TUP. Again, presuming to define how ‘true fans’ should be reacting to this news, which is really very good news. Why not just stick to just s**tting in your own pool instead of pissing on everyone else’s parade?

@Phil – I can only define how I feel, not you. Feel free to feel any way you want. Why are you allowed to provide an opinion on something but I’m not? Again, stop searching for my posts to rant about.

If you loved STID and feel Paramount is treating Star Trek wonderfully, then great! There is really no reason to engage in discussion with the fans who are concerned, is there? So long.

Then quit posting about how ‘the fans’ feel. You’re not ‘the fans’, do you comprehend? Rose has quite the passion for the characters that makes her a fan, and you have no qualms about lecturing other fans on how they should react. That makes your reply to me, oh so hypocritical….it also lays bare any notion you are objective.

@Phil – why do you keep posting angry, insulting deflective posts? My God, the mods have patience here! Good on them.

Are you able to read? MANY fans feel the way I posted. So what is inaccurate about that? Think about it and reply without huffing or puffing. Or better yet don’t reply because it won’t be relevant or on topic anyway.

People like you make this forum less than the fun, constructive place it usually is. Have some pride and grow up and take part in constructive, friendly exchanges. We’re all fans Phil. Not just you.

They sure do, you were told to knock off your bulls**t years ago, and you’re still here.

“They sure do, you were told to knock off your bulls**t years ago, and you’re still here.” – Phil

You might love me to knock off my thoughtful, insightful posts but that’s just your usual MO – try to shout down anyone with a differing opinion.

Its funny because most people come here to add to the discussion yet you only come here to attack people. Thats really weird mad.

“If you really loved Trek…” who the F are you to decide who really loves Trek? William Shatner was right when he said GET A LIFE.

@Torchwood – use some common sense. I never said someone did or did not love Trek. But your choice to attack that phrase makes little sense.

Ofcourse someone can be addressed in a “if you really loved…” manner. If you really loved your car you wouldnt neglect the oil changes. “Who the F are to decide who really loves their car?” See… please apply logic before attacking. Context is important. Im sorry you missed the point. In the future, when you dont understand something, just ask me to expand on the point and Ill be happy to do so.

Short memory, TUP? Here’s what your SAID…
If you really loved trek you’d not be thrilled with how the film has been marketed so far.

So, it’s a legitimate question – who the hell are you to decide? Don’t deflect, man up and actually answer the question for once.

@Phil the furious fan – its a fair comment. I provided an example but you must not have seen it yet. When you do a search for my handle, read all the posts before you make a usual irrelevant silly comment.

Why would someone who lives a thing not want it to be better? Oh I love it and I wish it was mediocre. Okay. Well, you two got your wish And no one is begrudging your right to love it (or wallow in it). So why are you trying so hard and so angrily to change other people’s minds?

Man up and knock it off.

“most people come here to add to the discussion”

Nobody here has added ANYTHING new to the discussion. Zip. Nilch. Nada. It’s trash Beyond and downvote anyone who disagrees.

I love the obsessive downvoting just because people disagree. That tells me that fans here need to step back and chill the F out.

What about the obsessive up voting? Or is it only votes you dont agree with that are negative? :-)

Maybe the up voters need to do the opposite of chill.

“Ignoring the miserable comments above,” – Peachick

That’s not really ignoring them, deary.


You can smell the desperation, can’t you kids? I live in L.A. I would love to attend if I could but yeah it looks like Paramount is trying its best to turn a bad situation into good. Seriously this entire project has been in trouble since Orci left but ONE good trailer can turn it around in a second. Its just unbelievable to me, this is Paramount’s BIGGEST film of the summer there has been nothing but that crappy 90 second trailer from December. The fact its going to take another few weeks to debut a second trailer they shouldve put out awhile ago spells trouble.

And before people jump down my throats, the movie can still be good but the PR on this is so bad with so little marketing its a shame they are not knocking it out of the park when its the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. Hopefully it will work out but not holding my breath.

As I mentioned above, the Force Awakens promotion didn’t really kick in until after the final trailer premiered, then you couldn’t get away from it.

Harry Plinkett,

You said nothing of the kind. You said after the “official” trailer was released. It’s clear the BEYOND trailer that’s already been released was an OFFICIAL Paramount trailer.

It does seem that Paramount lost focus after STID. Is it too much of a stretch to say they went into STID thinking they had this grand plan and the critical reception surprised them…and they werent sure where to go?

From the hiring/promoting of Orci, rejecting two of his stories, bringing in a new team, little to no marketing…seems like they arent sure what they have or how to promote it.

Probably losing JJ to Star Wars to a large degree didnt help either.

I wonder if Paramount will continue making Trek films without Bad Robot after STB…

“I wonder if Paramount will continue making Trek films without Bad Robot after STB…” — TUP

The answer to that may lie in the reason Sony STOPPED making SPIDERMAN films.

Was it because Bob wrote a lousy SpiderMan film?

The Final trailer, not the first. The first beyond trailer was really a teaser. We haven’t actually gotten a full trailer yet, the final force awakens trailer premiered the third week of October, less than two months before it’s December release.

Tiger, I voted you up. Absolutely right.

It would seem though that for Star Trek to rely on word-of-mouth (if the marketing stays at 0 but the movie is fantastic) is a real risk considering what else will still be in theatres at the same time… Suicide Squad.

You are looking at one HUGE disaster for Star Trek Beyond come opening weekend…

I’m not sure what Paramount’s motivations are but one thing is clear from Weintraub’s article: PARAMOUNT is planning the event which means it won’t so much be a “fan” event as a Paramount vetted “cheerleading” section.

Not to imply that vetted promotional events are unusual in the industry, only that people are drinking the marketing kool-aid when they imagine that Paramount has chosen to premier this at some event next month where Paramount can’t guarantee to its own satisfaction that the audience will be predisposed to gush and rave no matter what Paramount presents.

I would say the 50th Anniversary year actually starts on the 8th September and ends on the 7th September 2017.. just a thought anyway.

* I realise that 1966-2016 carrys a more 50th motif.


It all depends on how you look at it. In court, CBS definitely seems to be making the case that STAR TREK as an intellectual property started with the unpublished common copyright for the first pilot’s script.

Everyone needs to go stroke a tribble and calm down. So many pessimists here its unreal. The archetypal star trek fan..NEVER HAPPY! When it comes to May the film won’t be out your face and then you’ll be complaining that you’re seeing too much of it. Like some are suggesting here name me a film company that has NOT promoted a tentpole movie thats cost them lots of cash to make, (regardless of what people think of the quality of the film). They need to at least break even or they will make a LOSS plain and simple so for those saying they will not market it in time for release are deluded.

I love the franchise, really like the reboot and was looking forward to this movie. But waiting until less than 100 day before the premier to even hint at promotion? Not good.

Overall I feel like everything BUT the movie has been on track for the 50th, from the announcement of a new TV series, to the concerts, conventions and even the restoration of the Enterprise at the Smithsonian.

However, Paramount dropped the ball here. Beginning on January 1st they should have owned the narrative on this movie being a vital part of the anniversary. It is beginning to feel more and more like an afterthought.

Can they pull a win out of this? Perhaps. But even if the movie is good, it will be a struggle. The trend these days has been to invest in a loooooong pre-release campaign, as was done with Deadpool. A movie that might be a hard sell to a mass audience. Doing something in May for July is not good.

I will continue to celebrate the franchise and enjoy the things I can about the anniversary. Sadly, I am very reluctantly beginning to feel like the movie will just be a footnote to this celebration.

Prove me wrong, Paramount. Please, prove me wrong.

wow, an event NO one knows about. This is getting even more ridiculous….

An event no one knows about? Well, we know about it and if we know, then it stands to reason that other Trek sites will be reporting it as well.

“Well, we know about it…” — Keachick

You do? When, where, what time and how do you get through the door?

I mean you do KNOW TrekMovie has yet to confirm Weintraub’s sorce?

lol Rose would “confirm” that Santa Clause lives on mars if Bob Orci said so.

I know as much as you know, which is more than we knew before the articles announcing the event was posted to this site.

There are no details so far, but no doubt, they will be forthcoming – or not.

I think you are being facetious or taking the mickey or something…

I would rather have an announcement that this trailer is premiering at a fan event in Los Angeles than an announcement that they are pushing the film back,So, bring on the fan event!

i think all sci-fi movies coming out in 2016 were afraid to be lost in the shadow of the force awakens….so until it came out bluray / digital download everyone was letting SW have its moment in the sun, and now that is been released you see Rogue One & STB starting up their promotional campaign. when you think about it most summer movies don’t get 12+ month hype / promo…typically its a teaser 6 months out and then an escalation in the 3 months before the release.

if paramount really wanted to this right they would have released a trailer at a major convention, but then again these jj-verse movies are more about general audiences, which is fine. who cares, we’re getting real ST on TV again in 8 months!

The difference between Rogue One ramping up and STB ramping up is that STB is out in July and Rogue One is out in December.

Ofcourse the bigger difference is that Disney has a master plan for their franchise…

Maybe they’re just reshooting the whole thing to give us something better and NOT killing NCC-1701….again! Perhaps it will involve time travel to bring us back to the TOS universe where it should have been in the first place.

The only complaint I have with the rebooted movies is that they take to dang long to get out! But other than that I really appreciate that they took my beloved (and previously dead as a hammer) franchise and brought it back to life. New movies and a new TV series! All I can say is thank you guys!

At the very least, this is a bold move. They better at least think they have the goods if they’re going to premiere the trailer for the most (delightfully!) finicky group in fandom.

Hah! You guys are still hilarious!

Well I knew they weren’t holding back on a reputedly good trailer as a gimmick. It’s tied in to something else. Makes sense.

However, what I would still like to see is some 50th anniversary stuff. Something on CBS that ties it all together.

Is there no retrospective planned? There should be a CBS TV special, and there should be a 50th Anniversary commercial — a mosaic.

I agree. Its a shame none of the original actors are around to take part in any anniversary celebrations. Oh wait…

Usual haters trolling again! Civil war is going to be blitzing the marketing this month why clash with that! Paramount is proberbly going to spend millions on marketing for the film during summer and for once its good that spoilers and leaks havent been all over the internet so we can hopefully go into the movie and not know what it’s all about. Also Xmen and Independance day are been release before then and Ive have hardly seen any marketing for them so far does that mean fox has given up on them.

@Sean – sooooo no other movies will be releasing trailers or information anywhere close to any Marvel films?

Nope just saying there are other big movies that are due to be released soon and not seeing much of a marketing push on many. But Civil War is going to be pushed like crazy this month come may I think things will change.

Interesting – Paramount is building a promotional campaign that kicks off with a fan event, and some ‘fans’ are bitching to high heaven about it…. there’s just no pleasing some people.

@Phil – soooo…nothing about the advanced marketing seems off to you? This is completely normal for a big budget summer blockbuster?

If Paramount feels good about this fan event, they should make sure to invite reps from the fan sites to be there as well as ensuring regular fans are in attendance.

If Im the studio and I love what Im doing, Im making sure that I have some of the vocal detractors there with the idea they will be forced to eat their words.

If this is studio friends & family and a rah rah rah event without a critical eye then it’s a relevant marketing exercise but not a true “fan” event.

Fortunately for the fans, you don’t get to define what a true fan event is.

No and I dont need to.

A “true fan” event would be one where average fans of a franchise are in great numbers and not just family and friends and paid supporters of a studio. I dont know which this will be, but it’s a valid point, one brought up by someone else actually perhaps you should go argue with them rather then doing a search for my handle and getting angry.

Actually, it’s pretty consistent with how BR takes it’s films to market. The fact that it pisses you off pleases me to no end.

@Phil – takes more than this to piss me off. But having an emotional attachment to a franchise and a sense of mishandling of said franchise angering fans is certainly reasonable.

A lot more reasonable then you who gets very angry over short postings by fans on a forum. Remember, deep breaths. Count to 10. Relax. lol

Such condescension from TUP is only to be expected.

@Rose – another irrelevant, off topic post. Do you have anything of relevance to add to the actual discussion or just personal attacks on other posters? Shameful.

Right on cue. …

“Right on cue. …”- Phil

True, Rose is rather predictable with her insults and silliness. Don’t encourage her.

@BobOrci – I realise you dislike me but perhaps you can answer this for everyone else. As a producer on this film, how do you respond to so many fans feeling let down by the studio?

Can you address the marketing plan thus far and the lack of information & trailers?

Can you provide any *real* information to give us hope?

Are YOU disappointed in the way Paramount has handled Star Trek?

…”so many fans”? I’m not Bob, but even I have to scratch my head at this proclamation. The handful of disgruntled regulars at this tired site hardly constitutes even a minute accurate sampling of Trek fans. That’s a pretty bold statement, even for you, TUP! lol Truth is, the base audience, that will make this movie a hit or miss, doesn’t even concern themselves with such things as “lack of trailers” nor, are they even remotely aware of “CinemaCon”. Yes, awareness helps, absolutely…at least up to opening day, then word of mouth takes over.
There is still plenty of time to give this movie enough exposure and promotion, that the average movie-goer will be aware of it…and that is who will, ultimately, make or break this film, not the lumbering fractured fan base, and certainly not the fan base stuck in 1993, pining for more adventues of Riker aboard the Titan!

@Jonboc – “so many fans” is very accurate. Check out other Trek sites too. I didnt say “all”, I didnt even say “most”

So stop splitting hairs and trying to argue over nothing. Or are you not interested in Bob’s answers? I am. I bet others are too.

Or do you feel the marketing of this film is of a superior quality compared to other blockbusters?

By the way, Bob is conspicuous by his reluctance to address the burning questions “many” Trek fans have. Notice that?

‘So many fans’….still the self appointed spokesperson for all of fandom, I see?? All your questions have already been addressed, but in a universe where there are smart, informed people who happen to agree with you, and everyone else, the aBOBlogists (your term), it’s pretty ballsy on your part to try and keep baiting people here. Cue the snappy ‘your kind of people’ retort in 3…2…1…

@Phil – Im not sure why you seem so angry. This is a fan forum, it’s not a hospital emergency room, relax.

Questions were fair. If Bob answered them already then I missed it. It seems to me he’s avoided providing meaningful feedback or responses to fan nervousness about these issues.

“So many fans” is accurate if you actually look around. Again, that phrase does not describe “All” fans or “most” fans. just “many” fans. Do you disagree that many fans are concerned? Can you read and count?

Once again, TUP is demanding that someone do what he is unable or unprepared to do. That is the definition of bullying.

@Rose – In what way am I demanding anything? Do you have a random stupid generator that spits out your posts for you? You routinely make irrelevant posts that only attack or insult other posters on here without actually addressing the topic at hand.

Please engage in relevant discussion or save everyone the time it takes to skip over your drivel.

Thank you.

By the way, Rose, the definition of bullying (since you arrogantly assumed you knew but in fact you dont) is:

“use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants”

So while I appreciate you find me of superior strength and influence, I cannot see where I have used that to force someone to do something. Please provide details. Or dont bother responding (the better choice for all concerned).

Short answer, it rankles me when small minded people presume to speak for me. The questions have been answered, you didn’t like the answers. That’s your problem, not mine. Small mindedness on your part. Look at the posts here, there are concerns, there’s also understanding that the marketing approach isn’t anything unusual. So, as your comprehension seems to be an issue – until they hire you to run a marketing program, most of your opinions are just that – opinions.

So, you don’t speak for the fans. You. Do. Not. Speak. For. The. Fans. Understand? That does not elevate your opinions to the level of fact, or truth, nor does it give you the right to dictate to others how they should be responding or feeling. And considering your comments on the other thread, you’d do the casual reader a huge favor in dropping the pretense of objectivity. You’re not.

Hey furious Phil, when did I say I spoke for the fans? And why do you seem to think you do?

Small minded? Yikes. Projecting much? Why is it the people who didn’t like STID are always the mature open minded ones and the aBoblogists are the mean spirited angry mob that only insults and attacks others while pushing their hypocritical narrative?

Philly boy, just relax man. We can all have opinions. I don’t care about changing your mind so stop attacking people that disagree with you. Its very “small minded”.

I have not seen anything to suggest that those who do not like STID are necessarily more open minded or mature than those who do like STID.

Those who like something have no reason to be mean spirited or angry because happiness tends to be the result of liking something. However, when those who do not like something start berating those who do like something, which has been what has happened since the very first BR Star Trek film was released, then some of that happiness starts to fade. Many who have liked the BR Star Trek have been called MTV ADD crazed only liking mindless explosions and violence etc, when, in fact, for many like myself, it is far from the truth.

So TUP is berating me (when isn’t he?) for not sticking to the subject? Really? I fail to see how TUP’s comment that I would happy if “Bob (Orci) were to take a dump on my couch” or TUP suggesting that I take his (IBob Orci’s) balls out of my mouth had anything to do with the subject matter under discussion. Nobody on this site or anywhere has been that crude or forthright.

Clearly, in your mind, you do see yourself as superior and this is what you think gives you the right to berate, bully, badmouth those who don’t agree with you.

“I have not seen anything to suggest that those who do not like STID are necessarily more open minded or mature than those who do like STID.”

You’re not paying much attention then. People like Cygnus and others spend half their time defending themselves from attacks and the other half making very good, insightful and mature comments.

They rarely if ever post off topic, irrelevant statements attacking other posters, like you often do (and Phil does as well).

Let’s talk the subject rather than the poster. Can we do that?

Actually, TUP, Cygnus makes a point through careful, thoughtful analysis. He doesn’t spend a lot of time on attacking others. He has made some comments about “popcorn-munchers” but for the most part has discussed flaws in the writing and plotting of the BR films.

In other words, Cygnus, primarily, does something called “constructive criticism.” I don’t agree with him 100% in his criticism but he has posted what could constitute a short course in movie writing and film commentary.

“Clearly, in your mind, you do see yourself as superior and this is what you think gives you the right to berate, bully, badmouth those who don’t agree with you.” – Keachicl

Well if that’s why I do it, what’s your excuse? (also you’re wrong).

I would have guessed we would get the new trailer with Captain America: Civilk War. But at least something.

Love your screen name. Thanks for the link

Wow. I just read all of the comments. It really is amazing how pessimistic so many people are, without really having much hard evidence. All we know for is:

* Orci was released from scripting/Directing duties in Dec 2014
* Pegg, Linn etc, were called in to start over on short notice
* The teaser trailer a year later upset a number of fans and was basically apologized for by Pegg, though he wasn’t involved in the teaser edit
*Marketing efforts for the movie have yet to ramp up roughly 100 days prior to release.

Oh, and there’s a motorcycle (that jumps) – which for some fans is harder to believe than warp drive and transporter systems, even though they’re so ubiquitous, Kirk rode one in ST 2009. No unleaded gas in the future, I guess..?

Do these things spell disaster? Maybe, maybe not. I work in TV, not marketing, so I can’t say whether there really is a downside to not marketing this movie 6 months out. I know that I have gotten sick of other marketing campaigns that have started that early, leaving me with very little enthusiasm or excitement by the time the movie actually premieres. Am I the rule or the exception? The answer to that could figure into Paramount’s plan – which they do have, I’m 100% sure. Whether it’s a good plan or not will be seen here shortly.

From a post production standpoint, I haven’t heard of anything that sounds like there’s a big problem with finishing the film. Reshoots are not unusual – how long did Beyond reshoot, a week? Definitely not unheard of. Adding a character is a little more unusual, but in my mind, that’s a good sign. It tells me that someone decided that an extra element needed to be added in order for the story to be cohesive. If they were doing the absolute minimum, no one would bother and Paramount wouldn’t put up the money. They’d just rush it to market as cheap as possible to recoup as much of the production cost as possible, jumping to video and streaming shortly thereafter.

So my question to many here is, why do you seem so preoccupied with identifying a flop ahead of time? The ethos of the show is more optimistic than it’s fans, it seems. What do you get out of being the first to put 2 and 2 together and come up with “IT’S GONNA BE A DISASTER!!!!”

For myself (because I really want the movie to deliver on all levels) I will wait as long as humanly possible before writing it off as a cr@p movie. I’m glad we haven’t been bombarded with trailers and hype months before release – how many good trailers can you make without essentially giving away the whole plot? The answer is not very many – unless you’re fine with showing the same stuff again and again.

That’s my opinion, anyway.

Thanks for reading

Seems fishy that this wasn’t announced until AFTER the negative reaction to there not being a trailer on Monday. That combined with the vague details in this “fan event” screams last minute damage control decision to me.

Still. Better than nothing. Just a shame that it took PR damage control to get it.

Or maybe not. As I have mentioned earlier, William Shatner alluded to Paramount holding a Star Trek fan event late last year when he was in Australia. However, his comments seemed not to be picked up by US media. He said the event would take place in March, but there is nothing to say that this date could not be changed…I have already stated one (ie Chris Pine’s unavailability in March as he was filming Wonder Woman in Europe) (of many?) as to why the event is now planned for May.

(I happened upon the article whilst waiting to see the doctor. It was in an October? Australian New Idea magazine).

For a change here are some rumors regarding “Star Trek All Access” by Devin Faraci:

According to him the series will be set after TUC in the prime universe. And it could be that it is kind of an anthology series which features a different time period every season. Thoughts?


@Stephen – Great post.

Really interesting news an in line what many speculated here. According to the article it would also feature bad guy Klingons, but not take place on a ship named Enterprise. Which seems odd..if its that time period, make it the Enterprise B.

Also, the writer says no cameos for Shatner as his character was “killed” on the EB by then. I also think this would be strange…

But great news is PRIME universe and NOT beyond TNG.

Somehow I am deemed wrong by some here for welcoming this event and seeing it as a good thing and saying that I hope that such an event is just the beginning of more like it as 8 September approaches. So mind boggling really – and sad…:(

I do not live in North America and do not have a current passport. The chances of me ever making it to any one of these events are slim indeed. Getting passports updated and visas, as well booking airline and accommodation takes time and money, both of which I do not have in any abundance. Therefore, my happiness is not for myself, but for others, (mostly North American) who are able to make it to this event and/or any others that may follow.

All I can hope for is good internet coverage of such events and of course, being able to see any new trailer. I can watch it in my own living room and judge its merits accordingly – FOR MYSELF. That may be even better than seeing it for the first time with so many others and perhaps being influenced by their understanding, or lack of, or by their positivity/negativity.

So Yes, this event is a good thing for everyone, both for those who can make it in person and for those reliant on the internet.

“Somehow I am deemed wrong by some here for welcoming this event and seeing it as a good thing and saying that I hope that such an event is just the beginning of more like it as 8 September approaches. So mind boggling really – and sad…:(” – Keachick

Who deemed you wrong? Or is this just your general trend to self martyrdom?

“TUP – Figures Rose would assume this is great news. How she can still deny this is weird when so many other films have multiple trailers with release dates after STB is beyond me. But I guess that’s the core audience now. The ones that show up, spend their money and gleefully lap up whatever nonsense they are fed.”

I think this, among other posts, clearly confirms that you, for one, deem me to be wrong to think that Paramount’s announcement reported here by Kayla Lacovino/Brian Drew, is great.

“TUP – @Rose. Lol. Blissfully unaware. If you really loved trek you’d not be thrilled with how the film has been marketed so far.”

Then there is this presumptuous comment questioning my love of Trek and of my knowledge.

Then there is this one
TUP – “lol Rose would “confirm” that Santa Clause lives on mars if Bob Orci said so.”

TUP has berated me here on this site for not stating anything relevant to any discussion and yet here he is writing this about me. Bob Orci has not announced anything.

I guess it’s OK for TUP to write and describe anyone else’s comments as “drivel” etc but he sure does get uppety and very nasty when somebody challenges him, as Phil is doing now and Marja did a few weeks back.

@Rose – I thought they spoke English in New Zealand but you seem to have trouble with it. Do you speak a native dialect? It seems so odd that you read words and taken completely different meanings from then. Strange.

Stop playing the victim card. Stop playing your little violin. Stop whining and complaining about people not agreeing with you. Stop being over-dramatic. You’ve been among the worst people here for insulting and attacking others but are the FIRST and WORST for trying to conjure up support from the miods to vanquish the people you dislike.

Just grow up please. This should be a place all fans can discuss Star Trek.

Now, the original point was you keep pushing the idea that all of this lack of marketing is perfectly normal even to the point you’ve implied that releasing trailers is not the norm.

Do you think the marketing of STB has been really good and up to the standards of other big budget Hollywood films?

Perhaps it is you who does not comprehend English all that well. I never implied that the low level of marketing, release of more trailers etc was not the norm. In fact, I agreed that it was normal for a big push in marketing to occur. My question was – why do some of you expect that Paramount or any other studio is automatically obliged to abide by such norms?

Why can’t a studio and its marketing department apply a different strategy when it comes to advertising its forthcoming film?

No doubt I will get voted down again. So what’s new? Certainly, nothing that is coming from people like TUP who are constantly dissatisfied and angry with anything they don’t like and throw out their venom on those who do not read as they do and/or do not have the nous to to comprehend that which may not fit in what they think the norm is or should be, according to them.

“low level of marketing” should read “higher level of…”

I guess that affords more downvoting. Wow – who ARE you? Oh never mind…:(

” Wow – who ARE you?” – Keachick

Is that directed at me? Im not sure why you’re seemingly exasperated. Here’s some advice, dont sweat the voting system. But like I said, I’ve noticed a few things that impact the votes. Generally favourable posts about the Prime universe, the new series and TOS seem to garner up votes, presumably from many people that lurk here but dont post as often as others.

Being unreasonably insulting or attacking other people, rather then debating the topic seems to get downvotes. Making favorable remarks about things that defy logic get down votes.

@Rose – you know Rose, once in awhile you’re on the verge of stringing together a cogent thought…and then you ruin it with your insults and attacks, all the while whining that you’re the one being insulted and attacked.

Just make your comment without going after other posters. I suspect the reason you are routinely down-voted is because of that attitude. Its distasteful and does a dis-service to your own efforts..

TUP – It is you who asked who deemed me wrong? I answered by giving actual quotes – yours, as it turns out.
I did as you asked and because you don’t like the answer, a factual one, you tell me to grow up etc and other putdowns.

This is bullying on your part and yes, bullying is the correct term because you clearly deem yourself to be superior in every way to me and others like Phil and Marja.

The labelling you engage in is also a sign of what I am talking about. Suddenly Phil is “furious Phil” or referred to, derogatively, as “Philly boy”. Bob Orci has been labelled “angry Bob” for so long now, even when Bob has been anything but angry with anyone.

With all this, I do have to wonder just who indeed does own the smallest violin, shielded in a boxing glove?

Perhaps, TUP, you should start taking your own advice that you enjoy dishing out to others on a regular basis – ie GROW UP. Now that’d be a first.

Let the downvoting begin.

Im a Trek fan all of my adult life, coming from T.O.S. But the thing that i realized long ago after reading accounts after accounts from cast and crew working on the films going all the way back, is that Star Trek just deserves a better home than Paramount. Paramount and in part CBS have been terrible stewards of this property.
When one watches how Disney and even J.J. himself have lavished so much attention and love and reverence and honor upon the Star Wars universe in every regard, from the actual filmmaking, to marketing, promotions, even just brand awareness, the interactivity with its fanbase, …there is no comparison.
The coming years its going to be all about Star Wars and thats because they have a company that believes in its product/property. They will spend anything and everything to make it the best it can be. And even from a business point of view, they know they’re going to make money, but they still give it the Artistic nurturing and flourish. They’re not coming in saying hey, how can we do this for as cheap as possible…lets spend 5 dollars and hope to make 15. They seem to actually have plans.
Paramount will never be this kind of company. They’ve had this property for decades, and they’re still fumbling around in the dark. there was a chance right after the 2009 film and its reception to really put Trek on the map, but with delays and a second film that no matter how many people may enjoy, still didn’t have the resonance in mass the way the 2009 film did. Add to the equation J.J. and BadRobot, who as gifted as they are, are just hired guns.
And there is a big difference when making a film or any media, when you have some one coming in and just doing their job. As opposed to having some one come in with their own love and adoration and history with the very same product.
J.J. is not a Trek person, he says so…but he clearly is a Star Wars devotee, Star wars is his thing, and good for him….but it also clearly shows, when you watch him how he spreads his enthusiasm , his love for making Star Wars films- thats the kind of artist you want making your films, meaning their devoted love for Star Trek. He is not that person, he, they, are just there to do a job
Star Trek needs to get away from Paramount and J.J. and BadRobot. Its like being friends with some one who only wants to hang out with you when all the other cool kids are busy, but when they ring his door….BYE BYE.
Its the difference between one studio actively working to make their property larger than life, and the other studio content with being mediocre , just getting by.
And Star Trek deserves more than just being mediocre, or a passing distraction until something better comes along. This is an anniversary year, but you wouldn’t know it. I belong to all kinds of boards and communities from model building to memos, collectibles etc…..I know everyone was talking about Rogue One, I know they were talking about Batman/Superman, Civil War…no one is talking about Star Trek, in fact, to a certain degree no one cares-meaning they have been given nothing to care about or be excited by.
I LOVE STAR TREK…but I’m getting the feeling that the cinematic door is closing on it as a film property. And its not because of Star Trek, because there is something wrong with Star Trek….its because of the people who have been in charge of its very existence as a property. The stewards …the shepherds
It deserves a better home and a team of artists who love it just as dearly, who have the same reverence, adoration, honor that any of these other artists have for their respective properties.

Well cbs/Paramont well just do not have the Trekkie passion!!! They do have there own as long as we make a profit !!! Then the hell with everyone and everything else !! Greed way of thinking…

Chris Pine rides yet another motorcycle in ‘Wonder Woman’.


Did Pine’s dad ever get to ride one on CHiPS? If so, then it’d be all in the family.

Pine Sr. was a desk sargent on the show, I think he had one of these black and white station wagons to cruise around in…they may have put him on a bike, though. One of my cable channels runs the old CHiP’s episodes. Man, that show hasn’t aged well….


According to Robert Pine, it is, indeed, all in the family:

“About every three [CHIPS] episodes they screwed up their courage and put me on a bike. Before the pilot, on a Sunday, they took us to the old MGM lot, which is now the Sony lot, and we practiced the bikes, going through the streets of the backlot. I remember going up one street where it came to a T, and you would go either right or left. On most bikes, if you let go, the throttle goes off, just as if you would press a pedal and take your foot off it. Well, on a police bike, if you were going 60 and took your hand off, it stayed at 60. You had to turn it down. So I’m coming to the wall there and had to make a choice, and I panicked and instead of deaccelerating I accelerated, right into the wall. My pride was hurt more than anything else, but people never forgot that.

The only other time I had a thing was, I had to turn onto a dirt road, and the camera was way back and I thought I would goose it a little bit. I goosed it a little bit too hard, and it swerved in the back and it went down, going about thirty miles an hour. But I did a handstand on the handlebars, because I did not want my legs underneath that thing, and the only thing that got hurt was my pinky. They gave me a wide swath when I was coming near the camera.” — Robert Pine

I stand corrected…

Interestingly, I have just read an article about William Shatner in an Australian magazine (August 2015?). He noted that there would be a fan event occurring around March this year to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. Perhaps this event, now being held in May, is the one he was talking about – or maybe, it was some other event.

Anyway, this May event promoting the new film, I suspect/hope will be among several…

March and May are two different months. At least they are here in North America.

Can you find any other abstract items that point to your narrative of everything being awesome?

TUP – Quit your sarcasm and bossiness.
I was merely reporting what I read that William Shatner had said last year while he was in Australia. If the event Shatner noted would be held in March is the same event now planned for May, then it’s been delayed. One reason may be because one of the main actors of STB cannot be available until May. Planning these events does take some scheduling and schedules can be changed…

This is no more “abstract” than people discussing the apparent Pine family fascination with being filmed riding motorcycles. Thankfully Chris is having more success in that area than his father had.

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Reading comprehension problems? Jesus, you’re a dumb ass

“Reading comprehension problems? Jesus, you’re a dumb ass” – Harry Plinkett

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It was directed at you TUP – you are the dumbass. Problem is dumbasses like you don’t seem to know they’re dumbasses – so I’m letting you know. . . dumbass

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Don’t confuse incredulity for anger. I genuinely was surprised at your stupidity.

@ Brian Drew – Sorry I thought this article was written by Kayla Lacovino. Hopefully Kayla is also as happy as you are about this event.

Why is there no room for an action-adventure version of Star Trek? Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

So trek fans now disagree with IDIC? Sounds like they’re not TRUE TREK FANS!

Amazing that some don’t want their presents wrapped!

They are not true Trekies, ignore them.