BREAKING: The New Star Trek TV Show Will Be Set Post-Undiscovered Country, Pre-TNG

CBS’s new Star Trek television series, which will be aired exclusively on the network’s new online streaming platform All Access, is rumored to be set in the time period between the original series film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, BirthMoviesDeath is reporting. What’s more: it won’t be set in the JJ-verse timeline.

BirthMoviesDeath is reporting that the new Star Trek television series “definitely isn’t in the JJ rebootverse.”

A trusted source has chimed in and told me that it looks like the show will be a seasonal anthology, which means the first season will be set post-Undiscovered Country. After that the entire Star Trek universe is potentially open. So those of you hoping for a post-Dominion War show… don’t give up hope. That could come some day.

When Nicholas Meyer was announced as a member of the Star Trek All Access writing staff in February, he made some remarks that had people speculating that the new show would take place precisely after Undiscovered Country:

The one thing I can relate to you is that The Undiscovered Country—according to Bryan [Fuller]—is a real sort of taking off point, or touchstone for how I guess he’s thinking about the direction of the new show. I don’t want to be misquoted and I don’t want to misquote him, but he’s fond of that film. Let’s put it that way.

This news comes out just as the writers of the new show started an official, verified twitter account @StarTrekRoom.

CBS’s new television series comes to it’s online platform CBS All Access January 2017.

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Sweet! I like it!

On the one hand, I like it the idea of filling in this ‘missing history’. On the other, I don’t. Placing the show in that time period handcuffs the writers’ freedom, because they can’t do anything that will conflict with future canon. I would have preferred something post Nemesis with no limits to what they can do going forward. All of that said, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens, and if it is a good story that is all that will matter.

Relax. Supposedly this will only be for 1 season. Season 2 could be set post-Dominion War, or it could be set during the Earth-Romulan War (22nd century), or something else entirely.

Plenty of writing freedom. This is literally 250 years of Trek history that can be explored. We’ve only seen 10-15 years of it.

What do you mean “relax”? Nothing I said was emotionally charged. Just because you may not agree with what I said is no reason to be childish.

Probably because many “fans” around here are anything but relaxed, no matter what the news.

Then tell those people to “relax”, not someone who is acting sane. Telling someone to “relax” when they aren’t doing anything crazy is just being asinine.

@Darren – its the usual MO of the vocal minority. They try to minimize your opinion by calling you angry and telling you to relax. If that doesnt work, they call you a troll. And if that doesnt work, they accuse you of trying to speak for all fans when only THEIR opinion represents “all” fans.


Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. LMFAO

“Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.” — Prodigal Son,

OK, I believe it was William Penn who said:

” For a Covetous Man to inveigh against Prodigality, an Atheist against Idolatry, a Tyrant against Rebellion, or a Lyer against Forgery, and a Drunkard against Intemperance, is for the Pot to call the Kettle black. “

You there, relax !

you need to relax

Relax dude, really hahaha !

I love the fact that the seeming majority of people here are not confident in STB but very enthusiastic about the series. Just kind of amusing.

“What do you mean majority? Its one person!” – lol

TUP, I think it’s amusing too, but probably not for the same reason.

Like he said, RELAX


Get your facts straight. We’ve seen far more than 10-15 years of Trek. There was 75 years between original and next gen alone.

I think they meant that while the shows and movies might span about 75 years, doesn’t mean we have seen every year of it and what developed in that time. I could be wrong in this, but I think TNG, Voyager and DS9 take place at about the same time, but that’s only about 10 or so years right there. And the length of time between those shows and the original show movies is a long time anyways. There are huge gaps in what we’ve been shown. I could be completely wrong with all of this but whatever. Haha

“I could be wrong in this, but I think TNG, Voyager and DS9 take place at about the same time”

You’re close. :) They don’t take place at EXACTLY the same time, but there is a LOT of overlap. Like the first couple of seasons of DS9 were occurring in the final couple of seasons of TNG, and the same with Voyager- it’s first couple of seasons overlapped with the end of DS9.


That would be taking place at the same time.

When did they show us the 75 years on screen? Id like to buy those DVD’s. Must have missed them.

Really? 75 years between 1969 and 1987?

if i recall, they said tng was set 78 after the events of the 5 year mission, 18 years would not be long enough

Excuse me, but I’m 67 yrs old, Trek came in while I was a senior in high school. Get your numbers right.

10 to 15 years? Star Trek comprises thirty seasons and thirteen films, spanning more than a century of time.

But did the shows and movies show us every single one of those years? No they did not. They made references to certain things between TUC and TNG. But not actually seen. The war with the Cardassians while Picard was Captain of the Stargazer for example. Conflicts with the Klingons (until the Narendra incident). Fighting with the Romulans (until their isolationism after the Tomed Incident).

Plenty of rich story content to draw from, without feeling handcuffed. Oh and Nagus: Your hilarious man. Reading so much into a simple word as “Relax”, that you and your cronies felt the need to downvote me and anyone who might’ve agreed with me.


28 seasons, actually.

12 films (Beyond has not yet been released)

The span of time of the series is actually approximately 230 years. (2150 to 2380ish). But the stories do not actually cover that amount of time. The span of the stories actually only cover a total of 28 years (not including JJ Verse).

While we have directly “witnessed” only 10-15 Years, the Universe is pretty much set, we know what came before, we know what comes after to a certain point. So Setting the First Season right in the Middle of it could potentially be a very bad decision even when we know next to nothing about this time period but we know that they cannot do something “grand” and “surprising” or radically different…

Just remember how Enterprise was looked at because the ships didn’t look like some Fan Websites imagination and a Single Line of Dialogue.

No more Prequels!

Indeed! After the TNG Era, post-TOS stuff will seem boring, especially with those horrible -B & -C ships. Harriman & Rachel What’s-Her-Face? No thanks!

Plus, we know what’s gonna happen and we already went through the “How Did Pre-TOS Such & Such Come To Be?” routine with ENT. No need to do it again with Pre-TNG.

The TNG Era bought “Star Trek” into modernity, and an “After The Dominion War” theme would be cool.
Jumping around eras every season won’t give you a cire group of main characters.

No more TNG Era stuff? Fine. Then zap forward approx. 75 years & give us another memorable crew to fall in love with, like TNG did.

But the main point is, THIS WILL NOT BE NUTREK. And that, my friends, is a very good thing.

Doesnt handcuff them at all. TONS and TONS of space to fill in. The fact they cant blow up worlds (look how well that worked for BR) doesnt handcuff them as much as it defines perimeters with which to tell really good stories.

In a way, it can challenge the writers to over come a reflex to use shortcuts that would otherwise conflict with canon.

Hmmmm is the opening scene a James T Kirk funeral?

Kirk dies in Generations on Enterprise B, not in TUC

Kirk Lives! YES!

i kind of agree about the story limitation. hopefully it wont stop them from doing anything cool

You could do just about anything as long as it doesn’t follow a ship named Enterprise (which if it’s directly after Undiscovered Country it definitely won’t). There’s so much we don’t know that can be used and filled in.

You never know— Enterprise-A could have been given a new crew.

At the end of TUC wasn’t the A retired and used for war games? That’s not how I want to remember my favorite starship lol

Nope. That Boat was decom’ed (eventually). The question is the length of time from the end of VI to Generations for when construction of the ENT-B start?

@Pensive\’s Wetness

It’s the same year, 2293.

You dont have to factor in construction time. If I understand correctly, names arent always finalized until ship is ready to officially launch. So EB could have been built and then the name Enterprise was decided shortly before launch.

In canon, this happened with the Enterprise A also.

But was the “boat” decom’ed eventually? If I recall, at the end of TUC, Kirk and co. ignored Starfleet’s command that they bring back the Enterprise for decommissioning and took off! Ah yes, that’s “my captain”…:)
I am sure there is a story or two in there.

Can’t happen. Remeber in beginning of generations on the bridge of Enterprise B the reporters asked howe Kirk felt about the first Enterprise without James T Kirk at the helm.


Actually the events of the beginning of Generations (2293) happen later in the same year that Undiscovered Country happened (also 2293). So, actually the crew we see in Undiscovered Country is the last crew of the Enterprise-A

The events at the beginning of Star Trek Generations happen the same year. This will be during the era of the Enterprise-B.

Star Trek authors have been writing in this “box” of not disrupting canon for decades and still managed to find interesting stories to tell, I’d like to think. :-)

A lot of people live on food stamps, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best situation. So yeah, if we’re talking about a *preference* between a time period where you have total freedom or a time period where you are boxed in, the one with the freedom is certainly preferrable.

A lot of people cite the budget and network limitations on TOS as having spurred quite a bit of creativity. “Freedom” sounds good but it can also lead to complacency. Comfort is very often the enemy.

This is great news. I’m so excited

Pretty much my reaction as well- glad it’s Prime, was hoping to see post-Nemesis as well, but it should be interesting to fill in the history. As to this – “because they can’t do anything that will conflict with future canon.”

Didn’t stop ’em with Enterprise! ;)

For me, I never cared about the Big Future History of the Trek Universe. I cared about good stories being told week to week, and I’m sure these writers are good enough to find those.

Hey, everyone got excited over AXANAR, and we all know how that slice of Trek history turned out. :)

I think there’s plenty of “Undiscovered” continuity to be played with… that’s something that surprised me when I finally got to see the final season of Enterprise.

I agree great story? Then I am down for it….I like the idea of seasons rotating in different times….

Its going to be delicious. Fuller and Meyer are on to a winner with an anthology format and have the cream of Trek to play with and room to be daring, add bold strokes to the canvas, and keep it going with a self-sustaining regular jolt of energy when it changes settings.


I like it. I like it uh-lawt.

Just the logistics of the Klingon Empire integrating with the Federation would make a great season or two. Kinda like North Korea trying to assimilate into South Korea, or East Germany into West Germany.

As for the seasonal anthology – sure, why not?

I don’t like the anthology idea because if there are jumping to different times each season are there going to have to change the cast every season. If so how do you develop the chariters in one season so you get attached to them? If they keep the same cast each season are they time traveling around?

Think American Horror Story (The Series). you could have the same cast RECAST for different roles each season…

NNNNOOOOO! Those accursed Khitomer Accords! They have weakened the Empire!


Find a new word.

Interisting era to set the show in. Excited about the posibilities of diferent times in a single show

Cool idea! Lots of different directions they could take that. Really looking forward to it!

as long as it’s not jj-verse, i’m sold. i wanted anything from the TOS era to post-nemesis/romulus exploding.

Prime universe!!! Great news!!!

Yup ding dong the alt universe is dead. Finally.

If by dead you mean that it’s continuing in the movie franchise, then yes, it’s dead.

Nah its over. Beyond will dribble out like diarrhea on Pegg’s pants and be forgotten a week after it’s released, only living on in smug posts by Dennis on the trekbbs forum for the next ten years.

It’s actually very much alive. Finally the smart thing is being done (probably some form of an agreement between Paramount and CBS) that TV will be prime universe and film with be JJverse. It allows both to thrive and live as it’s own things with its own sets of fans essentially and for the rational minded of us, they can enjoy qualities of both.

Prime timeline is definitely the way to go but I wouldn’t be adverse to a ‘Mirror Mirror’ type crossover episode with the movie universe that’s if they’re allowed to do that.

Im not so sure there will be films after STB. And if there is perhaps they will hire the series people to do it. The series already has way more hype and good will then the movie thats out in a few weeks.

If you think you get to be the arbiter of rational minds, you’ve got another thing coming. You just have a soft spot for junk food and bad taste in films.

There is absolutely nothing in this post that suggests the alternative universe is dead. Unlike your continued claims of objectivity towards the current film franchise, which by your comment are very, very cold and dead.

@Phil – furious Phil here to rain on everyones parade. I guess “its set in the PRIME universe” doesn’t necessarily mean the alt universe doesn’t factor in but its a pretty good guess. *rolls eyes*

Re-read the article. The first story arc is set post TUC. Future arcs have yet to be determined – there’s nothing stopping from visiting the alternate universe, or any place else in Trek. I won’t be holding my breath for your apology, though.

And, again, who’s this ‘everybody’ you speak of – your pocket pal doesn’t count.

Maybe it takes places after ST:VI – the alternate version! Wha…?

There’s a thought. What might that look like?

“Yup ding dong the alt universe is dead.”

It’s dead, Jim.

Really disappointed to hear its in the past. Happy to hear its in the proper universe.

I do appreciate the idea of seasonal anthologies; but that also strips us of the opportunity to get to know the characters.

Mayyyyyybe. I too think that it could hurt long term replay-ability. There may yet be some way that reoccurring characters could exist in this story. We do have time travelers and multi-generational creatures that exist.

We’ve got to know the characters pretty well in other anthology series like True Detective not to mention fan favourite shows like Firefly. Just because each season will tell it’s own story doesn’t mean we won’t be able to revisit characters. I attended a con recently in Wales and my brother asked Garrett Wang what he thought about the new series and he replied that there was a rumour that an existing character will be in it. Sulu would be a good fit or maybe Captain Harriman. You could even have Michael Dorn reprise the role of Colonel Worf.

I like that idea a lot. I think both Dorn and Takei would jump at the chance to reprise a role to help pass the torch. I was more on the lines of Takei as Sulu has a more prominent role in Trek than Colonel Worf. You could also get Denise Crosby on the Enterprise-C and maybe see the aftermath of “Yesterday’s Enterprise”. Just some thoughts.

Id be happy if they used the Enterprise B. Sure, they will re-cast the crew. But keep the Sulu daughter angle. And have Sulu cameo.

Undiscocered Country is set in 2293. I’m pretty sure that’s still the future.

If you can’t get the audience to know the characters in 13 episodes, you’re not writing them very well.
Traditionally Star Trek has been very heavily plot based in its structure, which you need in a show that’s supposed to last for several years. Character moments tend to be few and far between because you need to drag things out over a longer period.
If you know, from the start, that you have x episodes to fit an entire story into, you can absolutely flesh the characters out enough and give them the kind of growth they need provided you’re smart about it. Writers have been doing it for novels, movies, and plays for centuries. It’ll be different, sure, but potentially a much richer experience. I say bring it on!

Yeah I’m a bit disappointed as well it takes place in the ‘past’ as well BUT it being an anthology show that can change on a dime obviously. I’m just happy its at least when the Federation and Starfleet is thriving and none of the prequel stuff ala Enterprise. I mean that may happen to but for now I’m happy its in a period where the universe is pretty set and it can still bring in both TOS and TNG species like Romulans, Cardassians, Bajorans and everything in between. It doesnt stop others like Q to show up either. Its going to be interesting to see what they do. I’m just excited we are getting back to prime universe again.

I’m also not extatic about it being in the past (again), but I’m very glad, happy actually, to hear it’s in the original universe. I also appreciate the seasonal anthology idea. I think, all in all, this series is on the right course.

oops, ecstatic.

I’d prefer post-Nemesis, but this should be cool.

Post Nem doesn’t really work for some very good reasons. Fill in the past. There is so much to draw from to create a really deep enriched universe.

LOL post Nem would be fine. Its silly to suggest it. And luckily with the new anthology model they can go that way in the future (and I didn’t down grade your post. Just felt I had to say that lol).

Obviously these rumors could be true, but Devin Farachi also has a track record of frequently getting things wrong.

like you did his name?

The only problem with that is, as we all know, Spock was an integral part of Federation-Klingon peace talks. Spock was still alive in TNG. What is the solution now that Leonard is no longer with us?

@Josh – either a recast or creative story-telling where Spock is referenced freely but never shown directly. You could show him from behind, far shots etc.

I’d even be fine with casting Quinto in aged make up to play the role on a cameo or recurring basis.

Or a CG option. I’ll get raked over the coals for this but Quinto just doesn’t capture Spock for me in any way, shape, or form.

Hard to imagine that Spock is the only diplomat that is capable of talking to the Klingons. For that matter, why would any post ‘TUC’ story arc necessarily even need to take up that story further.

Didn’t Spock set his sights on Vulcan-Romulan reunification after Khitomer? Given that there wasn’t much movement on that until the late 24th Century there’s no real need to have Spock in the story. Perhaps we could see Captain Sulu involved or even Colonel Worf

Sure glad the negative nancies are here to tell us the canon of the trek franchise post TUC. CBS can save a lot of money by just reading their posts here and not bother hiring writers.

@THX – I really disliked Quinto in Star Trek but STID, he was better. Everyone fawns over how he resembles Nimoy but thats where the similarities end. The voice, the tenor, the mannerisms literally everything else is nowhere close to the original.

But like I said, I’d be okay with using Quinto in aged make up if only because he’s clearly identified with the role now and it would be a bit of “stunt casting”.

I dont think that would really matter. All they have to say is Spock is somewhere else handling it. And we don’t even know if the show will directly deal with that just set in that era. For all we know the ship could be set in a completely part of space just with the ramifications of the Federation-Klingon accords as a back drop.

Who was Dax’s host at this point in the Timeline? We could; as others have suggested maybe have Quinto do a Cameo as Spock passing the torch to a young Kurzon Dax or something. That could be an interesting way around it.

I like it. I hope we get to spend time with Klingons and figure what happened to the empire after the Praxis fiasco.

I also hope it means we get good Starships from that era (Constitution class, Miranda class, etc). TOS movie era ship design is still my favorite

Constellation class too!

I would prefer to see some creativity going on where it concerns ship classes… Lets see a new, never before seen class that we can all drool at!

Sounds great. The only thing that I am not sure about is this anthology thing. I don’t see how they could evolve the characters so that the viewer can relate to them as they do to Kirk, Spock, Picard, Sisko, etc.
And will they have to do a complete recast every season?

It depends on the writing. It works for a current generation who have short attention spans and it also works for people who like, say, anthology books. It will mainly depends on the level of writing. American Horror story has kept audiences interested in their characters and stories from each series. You can get invested and fall in love with an ensemble even if it’s just one season as long as it’s well written. I think the hardest thing Trek fans will have is getting their mind away from the usual format of a Trek tv show. If they can do that, I believe this show will have a much better chance at living.

Perhaps not all the characters will need introducing. This time period would be a great opportunity for us to see Captain Sulu in action. A future season could give us a Titan showmaybe we get to see life on DS9 after the dominion war has ended or the Romulan war. We could even get one more season of TNG!

Happy to hear its in the prime universe – a little disappointed it’s not set post Voyager/DS9. Given the talent of the writers room, I am very much looking forward to it.

Hmm, the anthology idea is a mixed bag for me. Pro: More opportunity to explore wildly different parts of the ST universe, and less long-term commitment could be a great way to nail down busier acting talent for the show, and reuse existing talent in new an exciting ways each year. Con: Less time to spend with characters we (hopefully) grow to love each season.

I suggested the idea on fan forums ages ago with the Temporal Cops as the basis for an anthology series.

I DO love that its called heavily serialized.

All of the “Anthology” ideas I’ve seen discussed in fandom have revolved around each week being set in a different period/ship/culture, maybe arcs of 3 episodes at a time. This is the first I’ve heard of season-long anthologies.

I like it.

This just sounds like speculation.

Considering that Fuller is enamored with TOS, and that Nicholas Myers was brought on board, I am not surprised by this. And since this is an anthology series, I can see each season jumping every decade, with the first season set just after Kirk goes into the Nexus, and the last season set just before Picard takes command of the Enterprise-D. That would give us a good seven-season run right there. And, if the format does well, we can go with an eighth season set just after the events of NEM. In fact, we could actually see a season that ties into ST09. After that, we can go on to tie into the STO stuff if the producers care to do so. And again, if they do a format like this, I would very much want to the fate of the Enterprise-C retold somehow.

At any rate, here’s hoping…

What if the first season ended with Kirk “dying” on the EB and the second being his revival? Ah dreams. lol

Hey, I’m game, though Shatner’s age might be jarring in terms of looks…unless Kirk’s return to life happened off screen, and that he was in “hiding” since the destruction of the Enterprise-D. A lot of possibilities, I think.

I believe the 2009 movie altered history a bit. I would like to see Kirk have his plans changed where he does not go on that inspection tour and end up in the Nexus. Kirk is called away by Admiral “Smith” and given command of a new Starship with a brand new crew. KIrk and crew would have to deal with rogue Klingons who do not like the peace treaty etc.

Or maybe we could get a glimpse into some of the missions of the USS Stargazer with the young Picard when he used to have hair. That’d be nice.

This is great news!

Certainly in line with what many of us speculated. And great news that its NOT the alt universe.

Its a great point in the time line too.

I am surprised about no Shatner (though it sounds like speculation more than anything) and no Enterprise. using the Enterprise B seems like a no brainer.

Anthology? Sounds great and makes it flexible.

Enterprise B or early Enterprise C missions? Excelsior?


This is great news especially following on the heels of “Beyond” not being previewed at CinemaCon.
Nothing against the film reboot, but I’m glad this is taking place in the Prime Universe. A lot of story potential to be mined in the time period they are exploring.
Nor do I mind the anthology format, which seems to work on a number of current TV programs. If the characters/situations warrant it, who is to say they couldn’t be featured in a later season.
I’m starting to get really enthused by the potential for this series.

Not sure if I read correctly but it said a “seasonal anthology”. Meaning different seasons and different era’s … kind of like American Horror Story?

Sorry I was kind of upset that it was set in the past as I first read it and was blinded lol.

I am kind of curious about that idea BUT I am wondering how we will grow to love and get to know a different crew every season.

Tell CBS says something Offical I have my doubts about this…

@Bill you keep pushing this negative attitude. You realize that most people here aren’t morons right? We know this is rumour and speculation. Its okay to discuss it. If you don’t want to, then don’t.

CBS is getting closer to getting my $5.99 a month….

I’m ponying up for the commercial free subscription….in for a penny in for a pound. I almost want cbs to pull all ST tv shows from Netflix to help me justify this cost

Agreed. Was thinking the same thing. Then I can also watch all the “Brady Bunch” I want, too….(kidding)

Dude I bet you majority of Trek fans will be ponying up the $5.99. At least the first season. I mean I get why people are a bit upset about it but I live in L.A. and I paid $21 to see STID in IMAX 3D. I will gladly pay $6 for 12+ hours of a new show as long as its GOOD! I mean I joined Netflix just to watch the Marvel shows and thats $8. Worst case scenario I’ll cancel that for a month or two and watch Trek if it comes down to money issues. This is seriously not a big deal. Especially because you know most people will happily buy the whole series on Blu Ray when it comes out. I’ve spent 4 times the money on a Trek T-shirt this isn’t exactly a huge deal for a fan IF you love the franchise as much as some of us do.

Give us Captain Sulu!!!!!!!

Oh Myyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

I love where this is going. Prime timeline. After the Undiscovered Country. Great writers and producers. This could be Frackkng awesome.

Thank you Emperor for putting a link on FB to this article. I don’t come here all that often.

My pleasure. Now that things are heating up I may be more of a regular here again. Lol.

More good Trek news!!

If this is an anthology series. I hope they do a season or 2 in the Enterprise Era. Tell the story of the Earth Romulan War. A lot of things can be told there.


I think we can safely guess Nichelle Nichols will be making an appearance as Uhura. That’s undoubtedly what she was referring to last month when she said she couldn’t comment.

This is an exciting idea! I loved everything about Undiscovered Country (except the reused effects). And there is plenty of unexplored territory between then and STNG. We could even possibly see and young Picard in the early days of commanding the Stargazer. So many areas no TV show or movie has really dig into.

I’m sticking to my guns here: I don’t care who you are and I don’t care if I know you or don’t know you unless you provide me with facts, names and something solid I just can’t believe or trust anything that is said. It’s that simple.

@Bill – Okay. Well, come back to the site in a year then.

YES I love it Have a chance for the Crew of Either Enterprise-B or C

A re-fit 1701-B please. A tad less ugly.

Just thinking about at least one season full of my favorite Trek uniforms is glorious

Yep. Those uniforms are cool.

The most important news, to me, is the possibility that Star Trek returns to the Real Timeline. The Familiar Timeline. The Timeline with Vulcan (and hopefully Romulus) still orbiting their respective stars, which given the time FRAME that is suggested wouldn’t be an issue for the first season anyway.

Now if we could only figure out a way that I didn’t have to be sitting at my desk in my office watching it on a laptop……

A a seasonal anthology might actually work.
Think of it as sort of what Disney is doing with Star Wars.
Telling different side stories, history bits and references spoken of but not seen each season…instead of doing major yearly movies each year.
Meaning of course every season would have a new cast of characters and some reoccurring characters if they can find an interesting way for them all to connect.

Sound better then the oad of dung coming out this summer.

Sadly I still enjoy the actors playing TOS series crew because they are so perfectly cast…except maybe Scotty, we new a new Scotty.
Maybe we can get Welchy from the Futurama episode
“Where No Fan Has Gone Before”

Interesting idea, but I’ll wait for some official announcements before I get excited about this. That fellow can be way off with his scoops sometimes. Either way bring on the show!

All of this is rumor

My God, I can’t believe I’m FINALLY saying this about Star Trek again, BUT, I LOVE the sounds of this!

Qapla to the new show – especially since it won’t be set in the JJverse!


For me, since 2008/2009.

It might be nice to have one character return for each season, a Vulcan or Android of some sort, who can be a bridge for the entire anthology. It will be difficult to part with characters after they’ve been fleshed out for a season. That’s challenging. Inevitably, there will be one season that people are less interested in than others (The Wire: Season 2, or True Detective: Season 2 for example).

So it’s an Enterprise B or C tv show? Or they gonna do a federation centric show like syfy s show the expanse

Thank Gosh!!!!! NO JJ Universe!!!! IMHO JJ ruined Trek, I hope this gets it back on track!!

“NO JJ UNiverse”

That alone is worth celebration.

Without the 3 movies, there would likely not be this new series. The movies have raised the popularity of Trek which was dead back after ENT was cancelled. So, no I don’t believe ST was ruined at all by JJ. He reinvigorated it and made it alive again. And now we all benefit by getting a new series!

i read the original article, and it doesn’t seem credible to me; we only have the author’s word that his source is reliable.

I wonder what other eras they’ll show in later seasons. I’d like to see some stuff after Nemesis, the Romulan War/Early Federation, the Cardassian War, the Time of Awakening, and anything involving the Dominion or the Borg.

I’m really, really liking the idea of an anthology series. So much potential!

Sounds good! And really like the anthology treatment. Keeps it fresh, new scenarios, new characters, different times. And great opportunities to explore the future of characters we know without retreading where we’ve been.

If this is true, then this is great news! I have to say that I’m impressed with overall positive response this is getting (go us!). And yet some posters brought up a good reminder to be cautious about the news received. It is “rumored” at this point.

But I do like the idea of an anthology. I think it’s a smart one. I’ve seen some shows start off with a fantastic 1st season, only to lose traction in season 2 or 3. Usually because they are unsure how to continue the narrative from season 1. With an anthology, it will always seem like a season 1. If a season isn’t doing so well, there’s flexibility to go a different direction next time.

BirthMoviesDeath is reporting that the new Star Trek television series “definitely isn’t in the JJ rebootverse.”

Hallelujah! Hallelujah, Hallelujah , Hallelujah!!!!

@cgrest – careful, you will upset the delicate ones. What will the aBoblogists say about this new series? Let me guess, it already sucks right?

Wrong again. Unlike so many here, fans of the new movies are fans of ALL trek and are looking forward to the new series no matter what universe or reality it is set in. I find it exciting news and I enjoy the new movies. I know its hard to comprehend that anyone could like both!