Canada Post Unveils New Spock Postage Stamp in Vulcan, Canada

The US Postal Service isn’t the only one honoring Star Trek in a new line of postage stamps. As part of a 50th anniversary celebration, Canada Post has been unveiling Star Trek themed postage stamps, including one featuring 1st officer Spock, which was unveiled last week in where else but Vulcan, Canada.

The residents of Vulcan, Canada got the first glimpse of the latest in a line of Star Trek themed postage stamps from Canada Post. The stamps commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise.

The first two stamps, featuring Canada’s own William Shatner and the Enterprise, were unveiled by Canadian superfan Line Rainville in her Enterprise-themed basement:

The newest stamp features first officer Mr. Spock, and was first glimpsed, fittingly, by the residents of Vulcan, Canada at a special ceremony:

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Lick long and prosper!


That’s a good one, but do they make those kind anymore?

Logical. Flawlessly logical.

Thank gawd they went with Nimoy and not Quinto!

It was the proper decision to make. There was no deity involved.

Such an interestingly beautiful face! Not pretty-pretty, but all the more beautiful for that.

I can do without the Shat, but I’d love to get the Enterprise and Mr. Spock. Also love that the IDIC is the cancellation mark!

Fantastic and uplifting news!

Awesome stuff right here!!