Details Surface For STAR TREK BEYOND Fan Event On May 20th

After the no-show of a new Star Trek trailer at CinemaCon this week, it was discovered that Paramount was saving up for something bigger – a fan event, the first of its kind, to be held in Los Angeles in May. Details of the event have now surfaced.

Paramount officially announced today that the sneak peak fan event will include the newest Star Trek Beyond trailer, exclusive first-look footage, guest appearances, and more.

Director Justin Lin will soon announce how fans can be there in person at the Paramount Studios lot.

Star Trek Beyond” director Justin Lin announced today a first-ever fan event to take place on May 20 in celebration of the series’ milestone 50th Anniversary this year and the film’s release this summer.

The one-time only special event, taking place at the historic Paramount Pictures studio lot, will include the premiere of the newest “Star Trek Beyond” trailer, an exclusive first-look of never before seen footage from the upcoming film, a Q&A with Lin and the cast and crew, special guests appearances, and other surprises. The Q&A will be streamed via Facebook Live.

Said Justin Lin, “As a lifelong fan of Trek, we wanted to do something special for the fans and we couldn’t think of a better way to do that than creating an event dedicated to them in the year that we also come together to celebrate the series’ amazing 50th year.”

Stay tuned to TrekMovie for the latest news on this exciting event!

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Now just watch as the usual suspects here turn this into a negative.

True that, Prodigal Son. :-)

Yeah, I am really getting tired of the negativity in here too. I have been coming here less and less because of it. Or I just come to read the article and not the posts.

This is great news! I can’t wait to hear more details. I would love to be able to attend and see things first hand. But I will look forward to seeing it.

I am kind of happy that they aren’t over saturating the market. I hate when there are too many trailers and teasers. I almost feel like I have seen the new Avengers movie from all the trailers. Same with Batman v Superman. Nice to be able to sit down in the theatre and be surprised!

Agreed that there too many negative Nelson / Nellie comments here. Are these folks fans at all? Sometimes I wonder.

Ditto. I love Trek, don’t care which movie, series, or universe. With such a bumpy road for years I’m just happy to get it when I can and personally like the variations and diversity.

Exactly my point, yet those nitpicking so called fans have yet to answer my questions from this site, “what would make the perfect star trek movie, for you ( obviously them!)

@Mike – Ill take a stab at your question. To many, STID was the perfect Star Trek film. So to them rhe question is moot.

I dont want a cerebral TOS episode on the big screen mainly because I fully accept that its not practical. On the other hand, “smart” Sci Fi has shown to be marketable in a big budget way in recent years.

So I think what many fans want is a Star Trek that has some thoughtful messaging. STID was based on the War on Terror, so it had the basis for an interesting message. In my humble opinion, the problem with it was that it was a shallow look at one side of the issue, a clearly anti-American, sympathetic terrorist perspective.

Saying that, taking that stance would have been interesting if the complete story had been shown. Everyone in STID was rather one dimensional. There was a lot of good ideas that didnt come to fruition.

The action is one thing. I love action as much as the next guy. But writing a shallow action film and then trying to punch up moments of character interactions and emotion seems more difficult than writing a thoughtful character drama and then punching up the action scenes.

Unless you’re Quentin Tarrantino who took a generic action film (Crimson Tide) and punched up the dialogue and character moments to make a vastly improved film. I think most of the people involved in STID would admit they are no QT.

One thing harder to pinpoint for me is that most of the characters’ voices didnt ring true. I felt they had trouble finding the voice of the characters we all knew so well.

TUP – “a clearly anti-American, sympathetic terrorist perspective.”

This is not supported by what happened in the film. The terrorist, Khan, got to state his perspective, however, he was never absolved of his crimes. Kirk was very clear that he (Kirk) would see Khan stand trial and receive verdict/any punishment accordingly. Admiral Marcus was shown to be a person who thought he could abuse the tremendous power his position as Head of Starfleet gave him. This temptation to abuse positions of power and privilege is surely not just as an American weakness?

The fact that so many (North) Americans see STID as “anti-American” is interesting to say the least.

BTW – I have NEVER stated that STID was perfect.

@Rose – we can split hairs. But as an analogy for the war (i believe using the T word gets a post stuck in moderation), it certainly did take the anti-American, sympathetic-Tword side.

Khan was made sympathetic. But in a pretty one dimensional way. So while I agree he was still considered a bad guy (Kirk was planning to double cross him and take him in), it was because as the main protagonist, they needed to resolve that issue. if Khan and Kirk had shaken hands, it would have made for a lousy ending.

Marcus was one dimensional too. The real bad guy of the film is Marcus and if I was fortunate and talented enough to have been given a draft I would have made that point. Minimize Khan, punch up Marcus. Make Marcus more insightful, someone who knows he’s walking a fine line but making a really compelling argument for why.

We’ve discussed this before buto reiterate. One of the plot points not explored was the Pike/Marcus relationship and the effect of said relationship on Kirk. Had they not killed Pike (which had little impact on Kirk as a character and only served to advance the plot to get Kirk back in the big chair and make Spock moody with his gf), Pike and Marcus could have served as two sides of the same coin influences Kirk along the way.

The James Kirk we all grew up with has elements of both Pike and Marcus. So showing us that…showing us a Kirk who is being forced to choose between them and ultimately concedes that both are right and both are wrong is a more complicated and deep examination and a more interesting story.

In The Avengers universe, the destruction of New York has a lasting impact in that it made people weary of the superheroes. The events of Ultron add to this. And within a bubblegum superhero film, they are and will explore complicated issues. Star Trek didnt. Nero’s actions seemed to just make a crazy war mongerer…no real exploration of Marcus’ motivations.

Including his daughter provided even more opportunity to explore this and they didnt. Knowing Marcus is the grandfather of Kirk’s future son should have added weight but the character had no weight so none of it really mattered.

STID was so close to being a great premise and just ended up a shallow one sided biased “statement” about American politics rather than a full evolved study into that issue. Nobody learned anything by the end. Even Kirk “learning” the sacrifice of command rang hollow. There were no consequences, none that anyone cared about.

There was a lot more to explore but they chose to stay in the shallow end rather then truly getting their feet wet and giving us a really good story.

All this could have been, should have been.

Marcus indicated that he feared that the Klingons were empire building and he pointed out that they had attacked several colonial outposts. He clearly believed that an pre-emptive, offensive approach was the best way of ensuring greater security for the UFP. However, others within Starfleet command did not necessarily share his view, so he and those who agreed with him, went behind Starfleet’s back and found a way to get a large warship built by retrofitting a ship similar to that of the Enterprise, except that it was much larger.

Marcus was clear about what he wanted, however his failing was that he would/could not allow for a more conservative approach in dealing with what he saw was Klingon aggression and expansionism. His attitude was cognizant with his basic personality, although his daughter, Carol, had noted changes and influenced by suffering some kind of loss (perhaps on one of those outposts that the Klingons attacked lived a close friend/family member). These possible factors we did not need to know because Marcus’s own behaviour and manner throughout showed him to be angry and bitter and using/exploiting whoever/whatever in order to achieve his goals.

The other issue is this notion that the writers were sympathetic towards terrorists. The movie did not show anything of the kind. The fact that the main protagonists (Kirk, Spock, McCoy…) wanted to uphold Federation/Starfleet law does not make anyone “sympathetic” or otherwise. The law allows for any criminal the right to his day in court. Marcus disobeyed that dictum and this was something which Spock saw as being fundamentally wrong, hence his raising of the issue with Kirk on the shuttle.

Well, that’s just because you’re not a ‘true fan’, otherwise you’d embrace the complaining….

If you were a true fan, you’d put aside your instinctively and natural dislike for a film, your natural and reasonable concern for the upcoming film and just pretend to like it.

I blame my home team’s perennial streak at failure for my automatic distrust of anything that makes ST seem… meh.

I can see “reasonable concern”, but “dislike” would indicate one has already seen the film.

Some people would rather knock it before they’ve tried it, it seems to me.

@Marja – by dislike for a film, I meant STID, which MANY fans disliked. And that’s a fair statement.

Consider the source of the comment. Enough said.

“Consider the source of the comment”

That is god advice, Furious Phil.

Or *good but God might work too… ;-)

Hey Phil, looks like TUP has gotten on his mom’s, dads, sisters,.brothers, co-workers and friends computers to vote you down already.

Now watch, I’ll have many negative votes from his hi-jinks here within a couple of hours here…LOL…at least we keep him busy, eh Phil? ;-)

Note: Negative Votes on this post by the weak-minded are encouraged and appreciated. Ref:

Another completely off-topic poss attacking people. *sigh*. I guess you’re a lost cause.

The down voting conspiracy is hilarious but completely untrue. Rich coming from a guy who is an admitted sock puppet master. I guess I must be down voting my own posts too, right? *rolls eyes*

Ive never seen ANYONE so obsessed with the votes. Is it really such a huge source of reassurance to you? Its creepy.

Thats exactly what i was going to comment!

I sincerely hope trekmovie takes a firm stand on those who are negative for negatives sake and that those of us who understand this to be a great thing are there to shoot down those who would undermine and show our great fan base to be nothing but miserable, bitter people with nothing better to do than toncomplain about a good thing!

Why start now? May as well shut down the internet.


So those views that are only in line with your own are acceptable? Got it. Huzzah! Gotta love fascism!

@Kirk – so you want this site to censor comments from people who dont universally embrace whatever Paramount dishes out? You want opinions to be censored?

We’re entering fresh territory here folks. Incredible.

Don’t hold your breath….

Who are you to say what is a good or bad thing? You speak with such arrogance in the certainty that this is a good thing & anyone who considers it could be bad is wrong. People are concerned in how this film is being promoted because they care about Star Trek & know how important marketing is.

Prodigal’s usual preemptive attempt to dismiss and minimize concerns of other posters. Remember kids, only the aBoblogists are real trek fans.

Concern and healthy skepticism, even constructive criticism are all healthy and natural and appropriate responses.

Harsh negativity for the sake of negativity is tiresome and aggravating to those who actually want to have a discussion.

@Torchwood – that’s true. So why are you so negative?

I have not been negative. I am excited for Beyond. If it sucks, I will say so. But let me say that the fact that you would refer to rational and fair criticism of the unrelenting hate found on these comment sections as being “so negative” really reveals a lot about your own mindset.

I am in fact quite positive. Most excited for the new show, and while Into Darkness may not have been what traditional Trek has been, I enjoyed it on its own merits. It was not without its flaws, but I am happy to give Beyond a look and judge it for what it is.

Believe me, I am as harsh a critic as you’ll find on movies at times, but i’m also willing to be fair and give credit where it’s due.

Most here don’t seem to be and are just big chest-pounding trash talkers.

A new and intriguing side to Trek fandom that i’ve not experienced in my 35 years as a fan.

@Torchwood – you’ve been “negative” to those who arent feeling positive about things. What’s the difference?

There is plenty of rational and fair comments about the quality of STID and the marketing of STB. If you disagree, thats cool but it doesnt mean you’re right and everyone else is wrong. That would not be rational.

You mistake criticism for negativity. Look at the tone of my posts vs others. A huge gulf. If you can’t see it, then I can’t help you.

And yes, while there have been fair and rational comments about STB, those are not the ones I am pointing to.

And certainly MOST fans posting here are NOT “chest pounding trash talkers” at all. MOST people here are pretty cool. And many are VERY insightful and thoughtful…and both sides of the like/dislike debate.

I disagree. I see very few who are BOT trash talkers, and those are the ones relentlessly downvoted and who i see talk about not wanting to post here anymore. I have been visiting this site since before ST09 and it has become a cesspool of negativity and hate that I begin to question why people keep visiting.

*not, not BOT. My keyboard is funky.

@ TorchwoodToday 12:19 pm

I disagree. I see very few who are BOT trash talkers, and those are the ones relentlessly downvoted and who i see talk about not wanting to post here anymore. I have been visiting this site since before ST09 and it has become a cesspool of negativity and hate that I begin to question why people keep visiting.

Exactly. And TUP is one of the chief instigators of this negativity. He pretends to be reasonable, but that’s a complete farce.

Glad to see that others are not being fooled by his shenanigans!

Note: Negative Votes on this post by the weak-minded are encouraged and appreciated. Ref:

Another attack on me by Prodigal. Have you no shame, man? Really, grow up. You’re dragging everyone else down into the muck with you. Im embarrassed to say it. And Im embarrassed for you.

Please keep this on topic. Contribute to the discussion. PLEASE!

You People just bitch at each other instead if talking about Star Trek.
It is pretty Sad.
I too have been visiting this site since 2006 & the feeds are not really worth reading anymore.

@Trekboi – I agree. Its getting tough. Ive seen a few of the regulars not come around as much.

The two or three people that constantly attack and insult posters rather than engage in reasonable and relevant discussion related to the topics such as Prodigal, Phil, Rose etc…if they did stop posting, it would be a better community here. But they would NEVER stop posting here. They need the attention.

I have noticed less posts from some of the best and most even, reasonable and insightful posters though. And that’s a shame.

What the hell are you even talking about?

I don’t mind some complaining. While I do agree that is it annoying that we haven’t seen basically anything in terms of Beyond, knowing that there is a relative date as to when a trailer will be released to the public is a relief to me. I for one can wait out the month for it to arrive since I have waited this long already.

EVERYONE, notice how I said, “now just watch as the usual suspects here turn this into a negative,” — and TUP posts TEN TIMES in response already here? LOL

Note: Negative Votes on this post by the weak-minded are encouraged and appreciated. Ref:

Where did I reply ten times to you, Prodigal? You’re completely delusional. Please seek help. But again, maybe its a sign I’ve finally made it that I have another stalker!

Unless you’re admitting to posting under several other names…which would be par for the course for you, wouldnt it? lol

The voting comes off as being very skewed. It is quite obvious and not just some blip.

If MJ could work out how to successfully sockpuppet, then it is likely that there are others out there who are able to do the same.

I do think that the moderators should see just what is happening and if someone (not accusing anyone here – have no evidence) is doing as Prodigal Son suspects and then stop them.

@Rose – We agree. Yes, the mods have banned Prodigal before for doing what he is accusing others of doing in an attempt to bully new posters into not posting here.

Clearly the accusations are incorrect. So an apology is in order.

The Mods have my permission and encouragement to publicly disclose the location I post from (Winnipeg, by the way) and if I sock puppet, please tell the world.

Up to 14 times now….

Note: Negative Votes on this post by the weak-minded are encouraged and appreciated. Ref:


Those who basically agree with me:

Joe Canada
Kirk, James T.
I\’m Dead Jim
— Total people = 8 = 73%
— Total posts = 16 = 50%

Those who don’t:
Pensive\’s Wetness
Capt JW Amick
– Total people = 3 = 27%
– Total posts = 16 = 50%
– Total posts by TUP = 14 = 44%

So we have 73% of the people agreeing that there is way too much negativity on the new movie, but we have a vocal minority of three individuals (largely TUP by himself) who provides post after post for a total of 50% of the comments here….artificially giving people the impression that is a balanced argument, when in fact, nearly 3/4 of the people agree that there is way too much negativity on the new movie.

Furthermore, logic dictates that the ratio of positive versus negative votes on a topic should roughly mirror the percentages of what the people commenting on an articles believe – this of course assumes that people are not gaming the system and finding ways to vote more than once. Therefore, for the group of 73% of us that that there is way too much negativity on the new movie – we should have largely UP-VOTES on this issue; in contrast, the 27% of people that do not agree with us should have largely DOWN-VOTES on this issue. Again – this assumes that people are not gaming the system and finding ways to vote more than once.

But if you look at the actual UP-VOTES and DOWN-VOTES, the 3/4 majority here has all kinds of DOWN-VOTES, while TUP and his clan have primarily UP-VOTES….this does not make any sense, and brings into question the validity of the votes here in a major way – you can all draw your own conclusions for what is happening here, but again, it’s interesting to note that TUP has written a completely unbalanced level of 44% of the posts here. :-(

Note: Negative Votes on this post by the weak-minded are encouraged and appreciated. Ref:

I can’t believe that anyone with a sense of shame or pride would make a post that long to whine about people either liking or disliking his post.

There is a serious self esteem issue when that person actually counts all replies to other people as replies to himself unless he’s admitting that all those other posts are also him. Which is possible I suppose.

Its rather sad. I thought it was just immaturity but it could be some genuine mental health issues at work. So I apologize for clearly antagonizing someone with those issues by merely offering a differing opinion.

Oh, I can take your “Mayor Dailey style” multi-votes, but your out of control multi-votes on others here is despicable. Kirk James T simply expressed his frustration with the negativity, and you slammed him with 21 of your negative multi-votes!

21 Negative multi-votes against a dude that simply wants a more positive experience on this site??? SHAME ON YOU, TUP. That’s just pathetic.

@Prodigal Son,

My friend, I believe that you’ve just secured yourself a good position in the upcoming delegates fight in Cleveland! Please get in touch with the RNC office asap.

@ Ahmed

Except that TUP is going to states and stealing my votes.


You’re fine, Torchwood. Keep on posting.

It sounds awful. No wonder the usual suspects have to do damage control.

@ Ibling Caesar

Welcome to the site. I noticed you just start posting in the last 20 days here. I see that nearly every post of yours is negativity on the new movie.

What a convenient thing to have happen here — for a newbie to show up and immediately start agreeing with TUP and others. Keep up the good work!

Isnt there a rule about constant accusations of being a sock puppet? And if it were true, wouldnt the mods have done something? So we can feel confident Prodigal’s accusations are nonsense. And an attempt to bully a new poster into not posting.

Is every post that shares your opinion just you under a different name? That IS the logic you’re asking everyone to subscribe to.

Some people here just like to bitch but are you suggesting there are no reasons to be concerned abut this film, its rushed difficult production & non exixtant (so far) promotion?

Yes. I’m suggesting exactly that. There is no logical/sane reason to be predicting doom. If it comes out and it stinks, then be concerned.

Just because Lin directed Fast and Furious movies, it doesn’t automatically mean this one will stink (and some of his Furious flicks were quite decent heist movies, despite Vin Diesel talking about family every 12 seconds).

Other movies, Trek and non-Trek have been rushed (the Undiscovered Country) and/or had major pre-production script issues/rewrites (Wrath of Khan)

And folks here complained about the marketing for the last two too, predicting that nobody would see them and they’d be epic failures.

If it’s June 17 and there hasn’t been a peep – then be concerned.

For fans of Trek, a few folks sure seem eager for Trek to fail (possibly because of the delusion that a failed film will convince them to put more Trek on TV, which makes no sense).

In reply to:

“(possibly because of the delusion that a failed film will convince them to put more Trek on TV, which makes no sense)” — Jack

Not a delusion, but the very real fact of a successful film in 2009 with a no compete agreement preventing said television series from being made and aired. Ergo the sooner those films were abandoned and their no compete scuttled with them, the sooner Trek would have aired on TV. The logic was flawless as it was Trek’s success in television syndication that lead to the films and NOT the other way around in your chicken without an egg reasoning.

Besides, a Trek film DID fail, NEMESIS, and it did not result in ENTERPRISE immediately being pulled from the air as would have happened in, what you leave me no choice but to regard, as your delusion.

Also note, VOYAGER and DEEP SPACE NINE were also other Trek series that made it to air with absolutely no motion pictures based on them.

FInally some action? What, did somebody wake up?

The Paramount Awakens!

That’s pretty funny, Ahmed. I’d give you a thumbs up except I don’t vote in this forum.

Cool News!!!

You think we’ll get to see the 1701-A at the end of the movie?

I sure hope so. And what if it’s in the shape of the Classic Enterprise-D? Galaxy class.

Here is the first draft of the press release:

“Today, April 16, 2016, the Paramount marketing team came out of hibernation and realized that they have a Star Trek movie coming out in a few months.

‘What the $%!#$!? It’s coming out THIS July?’ the head of marketing was heard to say. ‘Do something NOW! AUGGGGHHH!’

Stay tuned for details of the exciting trailer premiere.”

Yeah, wake TF up, Paramount. I’m really bewildered by their idea of advance marketing and publicity. Maybe they should benchmark on Disney (gasp!)

Careful Marja, your pals on here are going to accuse you of turning to the dark side. According to Rose, the marketing has been splendid.

If I woke up tomorrow and the headline read “Star Trek Sold to Disney”, I’d be ecstatic.

Incorrect. I have never said that the marketing has been splendid or otherwise. All I have said is that it may not necessarily fit the norm of what people expect at this time. Whether the strategy is good or bad only time will tell.

TUP yet again twists what I write and continues to accuse me of being insulting etc. For some reason, he seems more angry than ever and I’m not sure why.

@ROse – believe me it would take more than the usual morons to get me angry. More like amused.

Are you finally admitting the marketing has been sub-par? Or still clinging to the notion that this is perfectly normal for a major Hollywood blockbuster?

Now that you have referenced the term “moron”, I have to wonder who is the real moron here.

All I have said is that Paramount’s marketing so far seems not to be what is expected (or at least what some expect, even demand here). There are two issues here, not just one as you seem to think.

Not being what is considered the “norm” does NOT necessarily make something sub-par or anything else. It is just different, although as others have noted, not that different from how Paramount has marketed other films, including Star Trek, in the past.

Newsflash – Paramount is not Disney, or George Lucas…

It is this very attitude, demonstrated by TUP in particular, which has lead someone like Alec Peters to feel entitled to (arrogantly) overstep boundaries and trespass.

“Now that you have referenced the term “moron”, I have to wonder who is the real moron here.” – Rose

I could tell you, but Ill answer your question by re-posting a statement you made:

“It is this very attitude, demonstrated by TUP in particular, which has lead someone like Alec Peters to feel entitled to (arrogantly) overstep boundaries and trespass.”

The author of that statement would be the answer to your question.

I’d sure love to go, even though I live over 400 miles away. I hate flying, but this just might get me on a plane.

Yeah They should broadcast it on CBS!


Unfortunately, ole’ Les won’t miss a beat, and it will only be available on ALL ACCESS.

Funny I was thinking the same thing!

Not sure it’s going to be as easy as just showing up at the front gate.

Hey Several years back While waiting in line, I won free tickets for a Trek Con.I won a contest for having Star Trek boxers on! You never know.


Hey, even if you can’t get in isn’t 1500 the magic number for getting a free pizza?:

Perfect post for #PizzaFriday. :-)

Awesome! I wish I could be there!!!

Aren’t you living in SoCal now?

I do not live in So Cal.

I suppose it would be cool, for a while–certainly a radical change of scenery. I don’t like earthquakes, however.

It would be awesome to go to the event, though.

Earthquakes are pretty infrequent. Of course, now having said that, we’ll break off and float out to sea tomorrow….

Lol. NEVER comment on the infrequency of earthquakes when you live in a zone.

It’s been a rough couple of days in Japan.

Actually, that happened about 18 months back. I was in Kings Bay visiting my son at the naval base. My wife and I caught a late dinner, and the waitress noticed we weren’t local. When we told her we were from California, she’s ‘oh, my God, how do you deal with those earthquakes’, of course, my reply being ‘big ones don’t happen that often’. Next morning, we had that 6.0 up in Napa…..

Something tells me a contest might be involved.
It could be a “Tell Us Why You Love Star Trek” kind of thing .

Sounds exclusive! LOL

I just think it’s insulting that fan sites like Trekmovie and Trekcore find this out from other sources who are just willing to spread this as gospel rather than ask some hard questions.

Paramount has some kind of marketing team? Treating fans as lemmings. Only those loyal enough get to attend, to say nothing of the press or cinema representatives.

Yeah yeah, it’s a negative reaction, but exactly what has happened to this point that shows how awesome this film is going to be?

This smacks of a political event, packing the crowd with plants, in a scripted show for PR that is as phony as it gets.

Then don’t go.

Maybe you enjoy being a tool, but after Into Darkness, I’ve no interest in carrying water for Paramount. If this movie was good, I’d gladly support it. Everything I’ve seen to this point shows that Beyond has major flaws. We shall see what happens in 5 weeks.

STID changed everything for me. Fifty years a Trek fan and not even planning to see ‘Beyond’ in theaters.

A lot of people feel exactly the same way!

If only KHAN was the one to go into the Warp Chamber… If only Admiral Marcus was a Hybrib Klingon (or other alien disguised to start a war with the UFP)… If only. Nope, just a movie that visually rocked but still left the fan base waiting in line to the ER for Rape Kits…

@Pensive\’s Wetness — STID was horrible in nearly every way, but to compare it to rape is uncalled for and deeply insulting to rape victims AND to the Bad Robot creative team.

STID didn’t rape anybody’s childhood or fandom. The Bad Robot folks made a terrible Trek movie (after making one of the best Treks ever), but they did NOTHING to warrant such a foul, hateful comment.

But mostly, your comment is an insult to rape victims everywhere. I won’t explain why because either you already understand or you will never understand.

B Pleaz, I am a Rape Survivor & my experiance doesn’t invalidae anyone elses feeling of being Violated in other scenarios.
If JJ had Raped peoples Childhoods they have a right to say it.

They were handing out PEP after the Premier.

And a lot don’t.

Yeah right. You will be there in line the first week. And then go to see it at least another time during it’s run.

I hate when people say “I’m not going to see the movie… blah blah blah. You aren’t fooling anyone… you’ll be seeing it. I would bet real money on that.

@Joe – you can’t really speak to what other fans will or won’t do. I’d generally think anyone who takes the time to post here would likely go see the film in the theatre, but you never know. Some people generally prefer to avoid the theatre experience altogether.

I used to watch previous Trek films more. I saw 09 in the theatre twice, STID twice. I watched 09 on Blu Ray several times. But only got through STID once and even then I accidentally put in the DVD rather than the Blu Ray and couldn’t be bothered to switch when I realized what I;d done. It was just not an enjoyable film.

But as a fan, I will be there on Day One to watch STB, And I will hope to love it.

I went into BvS as a huge DC fan and kept chastising my friend for being negative. So I had all the motivation in the world to love it regardless of reality. Unfortunately, it sucked. And Im not afraid to admit it.

That’s an interesting approach. However, intellectually, many would say that Trek was reaching virtually unprecedented global peaks of popularity thanks to Abrams. To Abrams this should be credited regardless of some fan attrition in certain segments.

Come on… get real. People that post that won’t go to see this movie because of one trailer and less marketing than they would like are full of it. You know very well that everyone on this site – regardless of their constant complaining about the 2009 movie, STiD and this movie – WILL go see it at least once. Guaranteed!

They problem is that people have seen snippets of the film (mostly out of context from a trailer) and not heard anything else about what the movie is about and they are already saying that it is a crap movie. Really? How can you actually critisize a movie that isn’t even out and you haven’t seen it?? I am all for people voicing their opinions AFTER the movie has been seen. If you don;t like it and it is crap – fine. You can make that observation because YOU HAVE SEEN THE FILM!! It is like a child that says they won’t eat what is on their plate because they hate it before even tasting the food. How do you know you don’t like it if you have not had it? Sure, you can smell it and see the visual of the plate of food… how do you know what it tastes like? Same goes for this movie. How do you know it is crap if you haven’t seen it?

Same Regarding BvS
I had eaten up the merchendise & went in all fanboy…

I think a lot of it is rhetoric designed to imply sophistication. Real sophistication lies in open-mindedness.

In reply to:

Joe Canada,

I hate when people try to retcon away history by acting as if Trekf fans could never fail to show for a STAR TREK movie as is clearly documented by the film STAR TREK:NEMESIS.

My jury’s still out on BEYOND, but if the marketing to come is as disappointing to me as it was for NEMESIS, I won’t show — EXACTLY as I didn’t for NEMESIS. I’m saying it IS so, Joe whether you want to be indenial about it or not.

Also, while I had every intention of seeing STID in the theaters, I did not manage that. Not because of a conscious decisision on my part, but because the American Paramount marketing was lousy so I never knew when its less expensive Director intended version was in my local conventional theater. When I finally went to my local expecting to see it, STID’s run there had ended.

So the marketing of this nuParamount’s Trek IS an important factor whether you want to believe it or not.

Inexplicable. STID was quite good and much better for instance than the latest Star Wars movie, which was mostly derivative without acknowledging it.

All the Star Wars filmes were derivative of the original.
Light Saber Fight, Death Star, Repeat.

Again, don’t go. As a matter of fact, don’t ever watch any Paramount production, if you feel that strongly about being a ‘tool’….

Folks tend to carry their attitudes with them subconsciously. Let’s be optimistic — Trek itself is!

Please try to be upbeat.

Yay! There’s a new Trek movie AND TV show in the works!!!!!!!
Lets see how many down votes this gets….

Hey, I live out in Riverside. I should go.


Better get in line now if you want at least a shot at JJ buying you a pizza.

I have not vetted this site:

So I encourage you to research before jumping in. BFWIW they are giving away 10 pairs of tickets to the Paramount lot special event, open to any who’ll be in the Los Angeles area on the 20th.

For someone as old as the original series and always wanted to be a part of any cast whether television or film such as I, this is one event that tops a RÉD CARPET for me!!!! OUTSTANDING!!!! LLAP TO ALL INVOLVED!!!!

Good stuff! Let’s keep up our spirits regarding all things Star Trek. In a sense, it’s never been as demonstrably influential as it is today.

I live in Moscow; this is too big a distance for poor old Sergei to travel!

Take a shuttle or use the transporter!

It occurs day before my 44th birthday hope that I am able to make it.

This happens on my birthday. Unfortunately I live in Canada and can’t afford a trip. I hope the trailer is better.


Sorry to hear, but can we count on you to go down to the Vancouver location to see if there’s a lost looking AD there filming scenic shots?

A bigger event? Yeah for the 0.0001% of Star Trek fans that live in LA.


A year ago there were at least 1500 in line for TFA’s trailer debut in Anaheim’s STAR WARS CELEBRATION. You don’t think Paramount’s CELEBRATION can equal or exceed that?

REALLY cutting it close with the PR deluge, time-wise..


Considering that a year ago JJ was buying pizzas for the STAR WARS CELEBRATION line where they were to debut that movie’s trailer for his December release, yeah.

That’s strange…according to some here most films dont start marketing til a few days before release. JJ must have got his dates wrong for Star Wars.


I don’t get it. The man’s name is all over the art at CinemaCon that they were all drooling over and yet, they bend over backwards here to explain away and turn a blind eye to the simple fact that we’ve seen the best that Abrams can muster in scale and time frame in promoting a film last year, and he’s just NOT ensuring that THAT level is being delivered for BEYOND. Is he?

The answer is obvious. It was Disney who contracted JJ Abrams/Bad Robot to make the latest Star Wars film. Clearly, Disney have a different marketing strategy and so Abrams could/was allowed to promote the Star Wars film earlier. However, Star Trek film franchise is owned by a different studio, Paramount, who obviously tend to take a less aggressive approach to marketing compared with Disney. Abrams/Bad Robot are still bound, to a greater or lesser degree, by what the various companies’ ideas and specifications are.

It is not about me saying one strategy is better than another. Both have their pros and cons. It is about stating how it is, ie different studios…


I don’t buy your reasoning which forces us to conclude that Disney bought the pizzas that the report says Kennedy and Abrams bought.

Also both studios are debuting what is being referred to as the “official” trailer at fan events. THAT can’t just be a miraculous coincidence.

So if Abrams buys fans pizza at Paramount will you be happy?

Hat Rick,

It’s not about the pizza; it’s about some similar act involving just as much thoughtful appreciation showing the same level of respect and appreciation for thems that got him there.

At this point, I’m not sure pizza would feel like he was putting the same level of effort into it.

More like merely addressing a Red Buttons’ plaint “STAR TREK fans NEVER got a pizza DINNER!”

Thanks for your reply. However, not all fans are equally fanatic. Perhaps Abrams rates a 8 on the fanmeter for Trek and a 10 on Star Wars. He did say he was a Wars fan first and perhaps foremost.

So be it.

We can’t make people like the same things we do. It’s just not possible.

Although, we can indeed encourage them not to spit on our parade.

@Rose – Both marketing strategies have their pros and cons? So…marketing the heck out of your film has obvious pros. Not sure of the cons. Not marketing your film has obvious cons, not sure of the pros. lol

@Disinvited – I think it’s pretty clear JJ has checked out of Star Trek too. Even without a studio doing mass marketing there are many ways to hype a film and keep it in the public conscious. No one associated with the movie is doing that.

JJ could literally send out one tweet and it would turn into a wave of internet articles. He could call any news agency in the world and give an interview. He has the stroke to generate hype. He just chooses not to (or isnt allowed to) or doesnt care to.

There is a vast difference between a person not caring enough or choosing not to do something and NOT being ALLOWED to do something.

In reply to:


You can’t have it both ways. If Paramount’s calling all the marketing shots and preventing things then how do you commensurate THAT belief with this?:

“As a lifelong fan of Trek, we wanted to do something special for the fans and we couldn’t think of a better way to do that than creating an event dedicated to them in the year that we also come together to celebrate the series’ amazing 50th year.” — Justin Lin

How can Abrams/Lin prevent a Paramount planned CinemaCon Trailer premier and get Paramount to hold a fan event on its property when they are so powerless in the marketing as in the picture you paint?

I did not say that they were totally powerless. What I said was – “Abrams/Bad Robot are still bound, to a greater or lesser degree, by what the various companies’ ideas and specifications are.”
In other words, there can be limitations. What they are and how far they go, it is what they know and what we don’t know.

Justin Lin did not say that he/they got Paramount to do anything. The word he kept using was “we”.

Paramount to reveal details of Kirk’s dirt bike, the “X-1.” 2019 film will be about our crew riding around committing high-stakes BMX robberies in the wake of the destruction of the Enterprise.

You know, if Paramount really just wanted damage control after Cinemacon they could have released a trailer this week. Instead they’re opening their front gates to a horde of Trekkies.

I think being in charge of Star Trek must be an incredibly painful job. You get to live out your dream but you have all these voices on the internet crying out for your blood.

To all the NuTrek haters: Keep in mind that we would not be at this point if ya’ll had been more supportive of ENT and NEM. But, alas, you weren’t and that’s that.

So….fans should embrace sub-par shows/films and mediocrity? Why, because Star Trek fans dont deserve quality? Just be happy we get anything at all?

No, we should be supportive of STAR TREK. ENT was finally finding its “sea legs” by the fourth season (same with the previous incarnations), but it was still cancelled due to lack of support, and no one but a core fandom saw NEM (granted, it was up against one of the LORD OF THE RINGS films). Compare that to how the STAR WARS prequels were received. Most fans hated the prequels, and yet they supported them because of their love of the ‘Wars franchise. That’s the difference. And it is because of our lack of appreciation of ‘Trek that we’re in the state that we’re in as fans of ‘Trek. You think CBS/Paramount is going to take risks with a property they own, if they feel that ‘Trek doesn’t have the numbers to support it? No, so, from a marketing perspective, they are going to “tweak” the property, hence “NuTrek”. Thus, yes, it’s our fault for the state of STAR TREK.

The Star Wars prequels had a drastic drop in revenue from TPM to AOTC. “Supported” is relative. The nature of the property and the money spent ion creating and marketing was going to generate revenue. But the poor quality definitely hurt the returns.

Its absolutely ludicrous to say the fans are to blame. That’s nonsense.

Heck, just compare it to how Trek 09 and Into Darkness was recieved, with open arms and sold out showings! And yet there are still those who long for more TNG style adventures…crying in their raktigeno that real Trek is gone. (like you said, they just didn’t want to go and support the the TNG movies…go figure)

@JonBoc – I dont want a TNG film. I did not like STID. So you statement is factually false.

Also, lets not get crazy about the support for the films. They made a lot of revenue but nothing compared to other franchise films. And there has also been a significant amount of people that disliked them, not because they long for Captain Picard, but because there were many issues with both films, to go with the many good things about both films.

Pretending they were awesome and all fans loved them is basically sticking your head in the sand and living in denial. Im not sure what vested interest you have in denying facts but you’re certainly free to do so.

I don’t even know many people who saw SITH in the theater (I haven’t seen a SW movie in cinema since PHANTOM, though I will see ROGUE ONE), so this support biz is what, we’re supposed to throw time and money away just so we can throw time and money away AGAIN, against the chance we might like something one of these times.

No series deserves to get 50-75 episodes under its belt before it gets good, and that even means DS9, which is the only post TOS series I even like. When I think of what FIREFLY could have done with that many eps when it was good right out of the gate (talking pilot, not TRAIN JOB), it just infuriates.

@Kmart – well said. Revenge of the Sith was up from Clones but well below Phantom, so a lot of people who were in the theater for TPM (even with it having poor word of mouth) never came back to see the complete trilogy in the theater.

I agree about DS9 also which, while it needed to find its footing, was still the best Trek series out of the gate since TOS.

Enterprise was cancelled due to politics, when Paramount & CBS split the rights UPN lost it’s profits on merchendise & other perks from producing a Star Trek series now exclusive to CBS

I believe the point is that neither Trekkies nor non-Trekkies showed sufficient interest in those stories to make it worthwhile to continue. The new movies however have been amongst the most successful and well-received movies in the franchise.

So you are free to embrace ENT and NEM since to people like you that’s when Star Trek ended. But please just let the rest of us enjoy the new movies, which I personally feel are the exact opposite of sub-par mediocrity. I am more than happy that we are getting new Star Trek, so are many other people. Why try to kill the enthusiasm?

@Captain – Neither Enterprise or Nem were top quality. And I say that having watched and often enjoyed Enterprise but it never lived up to its premise.

The prequel idea was really a great idea. It just ended up being Voyager-lite in the past and never paid off on that concept until the final season. It also included some poor casting (or mis-matched casting as I like Bakula but he wasnt that good in Enterprise).

Nem felt like an incomplete movie. It felt like it had been stripped of the fun and chemistry from the cast. The plot was rather silly but there were the seeds of a good film there.

But Trek was also exhausted and the creative team was definitely exhausted by then.

The Bad Robot films generated a lot of revenue but were also made with a drastically increased budget for the film and marketing. Its been stated many places that while STID made lots of revenue it actually under performed expectations.

No fan is obligated to support a TV show or film. The studio is obligated to produce something fans WANT to support.

“No fan is obligated to support a TV show or film. The studio is obligated to produce something fans WANT to support.”

I want to support the new movies. Their job is therefore done.

“Its been stated many places that while STID made lots of revenue it actually under performed expectations.”

I’ve read that before, and I still think it is just plain nuts. Anyone who was expecting a Star Wars or Avengers level box office out of a Star Trek movie was not living in the real world. If $467 million worldwide box office isn’t good enough for Paramount, they should just get out of the business and leave Star Trek to television.

@Thorny – its just common sense (and a bit of guess work) really.

STID cost nearly $200m to make. Marketing, depending on resources, could be anywhere from $50m to $200m with rising costs to market internationally.

If they spent upwards of $400m against a return of, $465m, then it didnt make much at all. Not that $65m is anything to sneeze at.

I’ve seen this argument many times and it’s always confused me because I have no idea what it’s supposed to prove. First of all, STID’s profit is about the same as the entire box office for Nemesis, and secondly, it sort of obscures the fact that $460 million worth of tickets were sold. It matters to Paramount how much profit it makes, but for discussing how many people went to see the movie it’s irrelevant. To me it just seems to be a trick to convince people that the movie was a flop.

If you want to post an informed opinion, you’ve got to get yourself informed, Capain, in this case about what constitutes profitability in the feature film marketplace.

There’s a good reason Kubrick once laid out a case that a film needs to return NINE TIMES its negative cost to do more than break even, which I’ll leave it to you to look up and consider, but even the more traditional 2.5 multiplier would still leave ID in the red.

If you need a more recent example of how things add up (one that INCLUDES homevideo/streaming), they announced that SPECTRE, which did nearly twice ID’s biz on a budget that they are now claiming was definitely far less than double ID’s is only netting 100 mil (25 mil for Sony, 75 for MGM) — and like I said, that is including the whole of the after-theatrical cash. If you figure interest in from when the film was made to when the dollars came back, that 100 mil is actually a lot less too, assuming you really believe SPECTRE cost what they are now saying, but at least it is a recent example.

BvS has made over $800m and is being called a flop and speculation is it has caused change to the franchise plan by the studio.

STID making $400m and being referred to in many places as under-performing could cause a less than thrilled reaction at the Studio.

BvS is not being called a flop. Although it did get savaged by critics.

@Jack – it is. I’ve seen it referred to as a flop in several places. Moreso in that it under-performed to an extent that the studio considered (or is considering) changes to the franchise.

“Flop” is uniquely applied in this case I think. $800+ million is nothing to sneeze at. But when you expected well over a billion and a critical acclaim where the creative vision, tone etc would run throughout the franchise, its a big cause for concern.

I think Snyder is the biggest issue with BvS. And Im concerned about JLA. However, knowing other writers and directors are working on Batman, Wonder Woman etc, provides some cautious optimism. If JLA isnt an immediate hit, Snyder may very well be dumped.

I cant imagine anyone watching BvS before its release thinking it was going to be anything but savaged.

Well said.

TUP – You never leave any room for other perspectives when you write this stuff and it’s become a constant stream within the last few days in particular. What is eating you? Is it that, despite your constant browbeating, some here will not acquiesce to your view of what makes Star Trek good?

All films have their problems and that’s goes for STID as well. I have explained my concerns on this site, and to Bob Orci, since its release in May 2013, but overall the positive aspects of the film outweigh the negative.

Just as there are many people who clearly do not agree with my statement above, there are also many who do. And that is what eats you.

Fans/others tend to embrace shows/films that they enjoy and don’t necessarily deem the films to be sub-par or mediocre. The opinion, on what is considered enjoyable and well done, can and does vary somewhat, whether people like TUP like it or not.

@Rose – stop projecting your self esteem issues on to me. Im as free to give my opinion as you are.

Id actually reconsider my position if you acquiesced to me perspective.

Im not sure what positive aspects you’re speaking of. Aside from the mere existence of the film we don’t know anything that would lead us to say the positives outweigh the negatives. Have you seen the film, Rose?

The last season of Enterprise was good I signed a petition to keep it on. Nemesis on the other hand was bad and I even supported it by seeing it 3 times hoping it would get better.

Nemesis is the worst TNG film by a long shot. Why would people support that mess?

Insurrection was worse. Nem felt like a bigger film. Just rather joyless and silly. Insurrection felt like a boring episode of TNG.

@TUP At least Insurrection *did* feel like a TNG episode, where NEM was a total wreck. I was shocked that I enjoyed Insurrection, and I still have a fondness for certain sequences in the film (except the moronic face-stretching nonsense) despite it being an objectively lousy movie.

Then again, I hated the fan-loved First Contact (and TUC), so I’m not exactly in the mainstream of Trekkie opinion here.

@Paul – I admit to having a fondness for parts of all those TNG films. But man, they are hard to watch in their totality. Insurrection had some good character moments.

I was reading a book about it…was it by Michael Piller? Anyway, the original story sounded a lot better, more action. It got dumbed down a lot by too many fingers in the pie, including Stewarts.

Stewart and Spiner ruined the movies. It wasn’t hard to do.

The combination of ‘Let’s rip off the climax of TWOK’ and ‘Let’s give our big actor a death scene and then cheat and still let him be in the rest of the movie’… Jesus, I wanted to beat the hell out of these people.

This was more than a bad movie. This was the most outrageous bullshit I had ever scene in a movie. Until STID, anyway.

For those of you saying that Paramount isn’t marketing Trek at all, or don’t “believe” in because there aren’t a dozen trailers by now– please look at other movies releasing this June/July and realize several major films are being marketed at similar levels, with just 1, and/or just only now beginning their marketing push with a second.

Beyond had a big first trailer, was showcased over the course of a week on ET, had stills released in USA Today and EW, and now a fan-driven event in late May– still 2 months out from release.

You guys are just spoiled because the likes of DC and Marvel market their films more aggressively, with trailers a year before their movies hit.

But not everyone does it that way.

@Torchwood – Great post. Because yes, everyone is angry and disappointed and concerned because there arent TWELVE trailers. If there were eleven trailers, people would still be upset. *rolls eyes*

I dont understand the people that get so upset when people disagree with them. If you love STID, great. If you love Paramount’s marketing of STB, great.

“You guys are just spoiled because the likes of DC and Marvel market their films more aggressively, with trailers a year before their movies hit.” — Torchwood

You are conveniently ignoring that a year ago none other than JJ Abrams, the man himself, “spoiled” us by debuting at a fan event, STAR WARS CELEBRATION, not far away from Los Angeles in Anaheim, his THE FORCE AWAKENS’ official trailer for THAT film that would not premier until that December.

JJ isn’t EVERYONE; he’s the name on all the STAR TREK BEYOND poster art at CinemaCon!

Hm, the EW story on this also has the first synopsis of the plot that I’ve seen. Not sure where it comes from – Paramount, or just the writer’s best guess. Also not a lot we couldn’t already assume, but anywho:

“In Beyond, which stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoë Saldana, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban and series newcomer Idris Elba, the Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.”

Oh, it’s just going to be people getting punched again. Plot? Bwhahahahah.

beats having a villain who has ‘detonated the fleet.’

So will be on Facebook May 20th :)

I wanna go! How do I get an invite? I’ve always wanted to go to this lot and see Star Trek sets and meet cast members. Sounds like fun!

Looks great. Hope that Idris Elba will be available for the event.

May 20 rings a very nice sounding bell for me. That was the due date given to me by the hospital where I was to have my third baby. A midwife gave me May 22, so my little girl came on May 21!

Hopefully, 14 years later, an awesome package of a different kind awaits us, via the Q&A and another trailer. The first trailer was interesting with unexpected soundtrack (Kirk’s song?!). I think/hope that the second will show a little more (without being spoilery) and have some Giacchino alt.Star Trek universe music to accompany what we are being showed.

Nothing to do but wait and see!

Many of us have high hopes for this film.

Thanks for sharing your interesting thoughts about the date and its significance to you. Happy Birthday in advance to your daughter.

For all the squealing about there being ‘no marketing’ going on, another poster pointed out that there’s plenty over at I took a look, and sure enough, there’s plenty. Including stuff to buy.

It’s not tied to the event date, but my granddaughters first birthday was a couple of days ago. He commented that getting her through her first year is, so far, one of the best moments of his young life. I’d be lying if I said that the old man is feeling kinda proud that this kid is figuring out the joys of parenting and commitment…also wishing your daughter a happy early birthday.

oops….’He’ is my son.

Does anyone know how to get an invite to this event?


Wow, if there ever was proof that there was a silent majority here of readers at Trekmovie who love the JJ-Trek movies, this validates that fact once and for all. Let the couple dozen negative nellies who post 24/7 — who through sheer volumes of post given and artificial malaise to all of us when they are just a few — let them digest this decree from 2000+ fans!!

Bring on Beyond, JJ and Justin — the fans have spoken!!!

Note: Negative Votes on this post by the weak-minded are encouraged and appreciated. Ref:

What are you blathering about?

PS seems to be making a statement that evidence shows fans support the upcoming film and TV show. Easy to comprehend sentences, that anyone with a basic education should be able to understand.

Blathering, on the other hand, by definition, is ‘talk long-windedly without making very much sense’. As you can’t seem to comprehend the statement, the only person blathering here, again, is you. Stick with the down voting, it’s much more mature in here when you aren’t posting.

@Phil – oh look another post filled with insults and personal attacks from a clown with zero credibilitly. Love your remark about down voting. I didnt think your self esteem was as bad as Prodigals but perhaps it is.

I assume you’re a school-aged child, right? That’s why I try to cut you some slack. But you need to grow up and conduct yourself with a little more maturity kid.

Govern yourself accordingly.

TUP – focus. Support your blathering statement instead of deflecting….again, or just shut up. You embarrass yourself.

Cut me some slack, you say? If you’re feeling that cocky and this is your best shot at a witty comeback, you should be checking your underwear for a yellow stain, as you’ve left plenty of stupidity on these pages that I could rip you to shreds over. I’ll make it easy for you…just support your ‘blathering’ statement here in a simple, coherent sentence. Go on. Do it now….or prove once and for all you’re not capable of anything other them parroting other peoples comments, or as your half-a$$ed attempt at an insult proves, just typing random comments on a page hoping to incite a fight.

@Phil – please man, for the love of Trek, knock it off. Grow up. Act like an adult (if you are one). You’re not impressing anyone. Go away or grow up. You’re humiliating yourself and making a mockery of a solid community of like-minded fans here.


That’s all you got? Ooooo, TUP speaks for a like minded community? Go away? A quote to share, from a favorite movie. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper! I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

Oh…and my post is simply an observation, defining words in a sentence for which you didn’t understand their meaning. If you are feeling butthurt over it, then clearly it’s factual and correct.

Before I am branded a hater who is negative for the sport of it let me say I was excited about “Star Trek” 2009. I loved it. I saw it more than 10 times & so many people I knew saw it, with me or on their own. I was excited for the next film & Boldly Going.

I followed “Star Trek Into Darkness” with concern. Earthbound story. problematic use of old villain. Constipated misleading marketing. I still enjoyed it alot & saw it more than 15 times but felt it never realised the promise set up by the first film & was victim to an uncertainty of what Star Trek was & what a Star Trek film should be. The re-staging of the fake ST II “Death Scene” and Spocks “KHAAAAAAAN!” were jarringly bad compared to the rest of the film.

I was optimistic about the next film. I felt they had made mistakes & now would have a better idea of what “Star Trek” was & hoped they would not make the same mistakes & last film in the JJ trilogy would be the best.
Have totally lost faith in “Star Trek Beyond”. I have no enthusiasm or excitement for it. I will see it but am bracing myself for a miserable disaster.

Rushed production. Small Marketing campaign (assuming there will be any marketing between May & July) Destroying the Enterprise. Seperating the crew. Spending the whole film stuck on Planet Canadan backlot to cut costs. All awefull ideas. Not a way to celebtrate 40 years of Boldly going (JJ still hasn’t left earth) for the 50th Anniversary.
The cut budget, rushed production of a less “Star Trekky” Star Trek film with no real Marketing 3 months from release when other films have had 12 month marketing campaigns are all valid things to be concerned over.
Star Trek as action film with no story, no science fiction or thought provoking messages is not really Star Trek.
I have some hope for the series. it’s possible someone could get it right but unlikely.

I am not the only Star Trek fan to feel like this. People may be satisfied with the Abramverse but that does not make the feelings or opinions of people who want more from “Star Trek” any less valid.
Disagree. Discuss but do not Dismiss & Insult.

“Star Trek as action film with no story, no science fiction or thought provoking messages is not really Star Trek.”

So you’ve read the script?

@Trekboi – if you watched STID 15 times then you’re a masochist my friend!! lol Jokes aside, your post is very good and I share many of your same opinions.

Its a shame you have to preface your opinion in a way to try and fend off the attacks that will come if you dont embrace STID. It just wasnt a good film.

I was actually way more fair to it originally. On my first viewing I enjoyed the WoK throw back and even the Khaaaaaan yell, although my friend openly scoffed and rolled his eyes in the theater. Its on second and third viewing that the films’ issues became more glaring to me.

It seemed like a movie where the story needed a few more revisions and instead the first draft was approved and shot.

This proposed fan event is now less than a month away. Is there any new information on who will actually attend, as in actors/producers/director, other and how ordinary folk can get to the event?

Also, some information is needed on any other events planned for later this year, so that those are who are interested in participating can plan accordingly.