Idris Elba: Captain Kirk and the Star Trek Beyond Villain Are Like… “Jaws and Dory”??

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Idris Elba spoke about his upcoming role as the villain in Star Trek Beyond and gave a puzzling statement about how his character and Chris Pine’s Kirk will interact. He also revealed that his favorite all-time Star Trek character is Captain Kirk.

“Captain Kirk!” exclaimed Idris Elba when asked by EW what his favorite all-time Star Trek character is. “Kirk was just smooth, man. There was nothing fazing him. In times of ridiculous peril, Mister Kirk was the coolest actor on the set.” Elba also spoke about working with the Captain Kirk of Star Trek Beyond, Chris Pine. “Working with Chris was a good old laugh,” he says. “He’s a funny boy, and a wicked professional.”

When asked about the relationship between his character and Pine’s, Elba remarked: “Can we say,” Elba says, a smile somehow audible over the phone, “Jaws and Dory?”


Now, we’re not exactly sure what that means… Elba’s character is like a giant scary force of nature, while Kirk is the playfully forgetful comic relief???

We can’t help but wonder if the EW misheard Elba utter “Jaws and Brody” referring to the famous shark and Police Chief Martin Brody who quested to capture the great white thus protecting the public.

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Elba’s character eats people? Cannibalism would definitely be beyond what we’ve seen before…

Its not cannibalism if he’s an alien.

Humans. A delicacy….somewhere.

How would it be cannibalism? He’s not playing a human.

No, he meant Jaws from ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. He won’t eat Kirk; he’ll just take a good bite.

The title, “To Serve Man”….it’s….it’s a cookbook!

“Cannibalism” or people eating would rock, especially if it had some deeper reasoning like a cure for an alien plague or a means of trans-dimensional travel.

‘Replicator, I’d like some Kirk liver, with some fava beans and a nice chianti”
Coming this July, Silence of the Star Trek Lambs….

I think you’re reading too much into it. I think Elba means that Kirk stands absolutely no chance against something as ferocious as Elba’s character. You put Jaws up against Dory and Jaws is going to kill her without a second thought.


Yeah, but they aren’t killing Kirk (again), and Trek has a glorious history of killing it’s villains. Odds are Elba gets iced in the end.

Kirk is Jaws.

Hannibal Lector… SPACE!!!!

“Elba’s character is like a giant scary force of nature, while Kirk is the playfully forgetful comic relief??? We can’t help but wonder if the EW misheard Elba utter “Jaws and Brody” referring to the famous shark and Police Chief Martin Brody who quested to capture the great white thus protecting the public.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if Trekmovie just reported the comment and not add all the negative conjecture at the end of this article?

Look at the negative votes piling up…LOL

TUP’s lurking around here somewhere. Rose can post ‘good morning’ and she gets 10 thumbs down. It wouldn’t bother me if they turned that feature off for good.

Agreed, Phil. Attention is focused upon votes instead of the substance of the actual comments.

Im not sure what is more amusing, Prodigal’s obsessiveness over down votes or Phil’s conspiracies about them. I cant down vote someone ten times.

A lot of projecting going on here, no doubt. Accusations of rampant down voting is a good indication of the behavior of those people.

I think you vastly under estimate how much people are sick of the constant insults, off topic posts, personal attacks and attempts to overwhelm and ridicule anyone with a different opinion.

Instead of obsessing over me, try staying on topic and discussing Star Trek.

And yet, you continue to spew them. You got schooled on your nonsense yesterday, and you’re back for more? That’s some strange pain fetish you have there. What’s your safe word…aboblogist, perhaps?

@Phil – you’re still furious and still projecting. And still bringing down the collective intelligence and character of this community. Please have some pride and knock it off. Its very tiresome. And I am embarrassed to even reply.

Apologizes to the good people that have to wade through all these posts from these people.

“Attention is focused upon votes instead of the substance of the actual comments.” – Marja

Only by the few people who are obsessed with votes. For the vast majority, they ignore the votes (or at least dont comment on them) and simply contribute to the discussion. It’s mostly Prodigal, Phil and Rose who go on and on about the votes…oddly they dont get upset about up votes though. I guess there is only a grand conspiracy in one direction.

I must be down voting myself too. *rolls eyes*

Except that since the moderators restored the up/down voting application, I have not said a single word about it, not one, until now.

For the record, I have never voted either way nor do I intend to. If I agree or disagree with anything, I say so in the form of a post, just as I am doing now.

I stand corrected Rose. I assume you’re as aggravated as the rest of us with Phil & Prodigal’s constant off topic posts about votes and accusations towards others.

19 and counting. TUP must have found his way to the public library.

Isn’t there a rule here about constant accusations of sock puppets and whatnot? Its a nice conspiracy but while amusing me and others does more to expose your low self esteem.

I’ll keep it short, so you understand, TUP. Evidence. If you have it, post it. If not, shut up.

@Phil evidence of what? Are you off your rocker?

I don’t think the conjecture is negative if Elba’s comparing Kirk to Police Chief Brody in “Jaws”. Rather, that would be an intelligent, committed man of law versus a huge, incomprehensible force of nature.

Whereas Jaws versus Dory would be a shark versus a fish that can’t remember things after 3 seconds. Really bad reflection on Kirk there.

@Marja… the Jaws/Chief Brody comparison would be more in line with the protagonist/antagonist relationship, which may make sense in the context of how previous Trek movies were developed. As I recall, Bruce from Finding Nemo, despite being fearsome in appearance, was rather polite. Now, if we really wanted to speculate, and take Elba’s ‘Finding Nemo’ reference at face value, that might imply that Elba isn’t the main villain here, just someone who appears villainous.
Again….just speculation.

Oh my……

Hmm, imagine meeting up with a species that could only survive on eating humanoid brains? And what if these aliens not only needed brains for sustenance, but in addition the consumption of human brains is also a religious custom for them?

How would general order number one apply to that situation?

The food chain. Creepy and beyond indeed.

Darn it! I had a really good spin on that idea. But for the life of me, I can’t imagine any possible way to write it without Dick From The Internet* twisting it into a pretzel!

(* See Dilbert for an explanation of Dick From The Internet.)

Oh, what the heck… Here goes…
A species that survives on eating humanoid brains? I suspect they may already have dined on a fine sampling of screenwriters, film producers, politicians and blog-posters. Without, it seems, a noticeable diminution of output volume.
[OK, now waiting for Dick From The Internet to out-twist Chubby Checker.]
“Brain and brain! What is BRAIN?!”


Cant wait for the new Trek movie! Bring it!

And bring on the down votes! :]

The downvotes are a badge of honor…seriously!

Do you feel ashamed when your posts get upvoted then? Very transparent!

Could you be an more obvious about what you are doing here…you are +5 for saying this, Hugh and I are around -5 each.

LOL. At least don’t post right after you do this where you rub it in our faces — it gives you completely away, son.

Note: Negative Votes on this post by the weak-minded are encouraged and appreciated. Ref:

Sorry “son” that makes no sense. Im at work, with ONE computer. Im on central time and work all day.

You’re a -8 at the time Im reading this. Im a +5. That’s a disparity. Or have I somehow managed to influence that too?

And if down votes are a badge of honor why are you trying ton convince people not to down vote you by preemptively insulting those that do?

Star Fleet are people!

Soylent Green. 100% natural, and organic, too!

Yeah some one got my ref!!!

Red shirt lives matter!

Don’t you mean Red Short LIVERS Matter?

He describes a Captain Kirk that has not existed in these films. Hey Idris, THAT Kirk was my favorite too.

Jaws: A mindless killing machine that swims, eats and makes little sharks.
Dory: A mindless blue fish that forgets who every one is and doesn’t know where she is.

A perfect match.

” He also revealed that his favorite all-time Star Trek character is Captain Kirk. ”

I knew I liked that Elba.

Lin’s favorite character is McCoy, and Elba’s is Kirk. Here’s hoping someone involved with the production likes Spock!

Hmmm another film about the big bad United States and their evil intentions policing the world?

Here’s hoping.

More like another dumb movie with muddled attempts at referencing anything but itself.

If you say so.
There are other countries with a level of hegemony as well, like China. They’s even bigger, population wise and have a good deal of economic grunt and little, if any, regard for human or animal rights.

I must have missed when James Kirk was declared Chinese.

Don’t forget that you argued with me that STID was an analogy for the War on Terror until it was confirmed as such.

I haven’t seen the film yet so it could be anything. But the remarks would seem to indicate my theory. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. STID’s premise was good. It was the lousy execution that hurt it.

Really? You missed nothing. James Kirk is not and never has been Chinese.

My point is that the US is not the only country that can be a accused of degrees of hegemony. So why automatically assume that the writers are pointing accusing fingers at the US again? Perhaps this indicates some kind of North American guilt in operation on your part and that of others on this site? If so, not much I can do about that…

Bob Orci informed us that he used the 9/11 Conspiracy theory as a basis for the STID story. STID’s story and execution has not changed in any way since his revelation and is therefore open to individual interpretation. Besides, Orci was not the only writer…

“James Kirk is not and never has been Chinese.” – Rose

Hey, I actually agree with you for a change. Good girl.

Better insight is that fans wouldn’t want his character back after what he does in the movie. Interesting.

Its hard to take that statement seriously Elba looks and sounds like a parody of the bad guy from Galaxy Quest.

As much as I keep cheerleading that we should all wait and see, I’m not thrilled by the little we’ve seen of Krall so far. I’m a little afraid of Battlefield Earth-level production values (and a little worried that the costume designer did Insurrection) – but I’m sure hoping I’m very, very wrong.