Shuttle Pod: The Podcast Episode 16 – “Fan Events”, Mystery Aliens, and All Access Rumors (Oh My)

The past week or so has been chock full of news surrounding both the upcoming film Star Trek Beyond and CBS’s new unnamed Star Trek television series. On this edition of the Shuttle Pod, Jared, Kayla, and Brian discuss the Beyond fan event, a new behind-the-scenes photo, rumblings that the upcoming TV series will take place in between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and The Next Generation, and our latest TrekMovie poll. Plus, we talk about Bob Orci’s role in writing the original script for the third installment of the Star Trek reboot and Orci’s comments here on TrekMovie.

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After Star Trek’s no-show at CinemaCon last week, Beyond director Justin Lin et al announced a special “fan event” where the second film trailer will make its big debut. Since then (and, in between recording this podcast on April 13th and publishing it April 18th) we got news that the fan event will be a special screening at the Paramount Lot, complete with celebrity guests and surprises.

We also discuss a very nice behind the scenes pic dropped by Beyond director Justin Lin on social media and on his blog in celebration of First Contact Day. In the post, Lin challenged fans to identify the men behind the latex, and a good number of fans chimed in with the correct guest over the past couple of weeks.

What would the third film of JJ’s Star Trek reboot look like if it were being made from Bob Orci’s original script, which was deemed “too Star Trek-y” by the Paramount powers that be? Based on what we’ve heard from Bob himself, Simon Pegg, and others, it sounds like it was written as a film for Star Trek fans rather that one of the Orci & Kurtzman signature summer blockbuster films.

Finally, the Star Trek rumor on everybody’s mind. We speak, of course, of the story by Devin Faraci of Birth.Movies.Death that CBS’s new Star Trek television show will be set in the prime timeline between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: The Next Generation. What would that look like? What do we hope to see (more Klingons, obviously).

And, for today’s extra content: Kayla presents her first Treknecdote, the term coined by our Jared Whitley to describe those times where Trek invades our daily lives. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to understand why I’m just going to leave you with this image of Thwomp from Super Mario Bros.


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Sheeoot, anybody have a road map to this whole Trek thing?

Hmm..I’m not seeing a working link??

It works for me on Chrome, Safari, and mobile. What’s your platform/OS?

From now on, I’ll add a link to the audio file below the player in case it’s broken for some. For now, here’s the link! Sorry about the hassle!

Works great on Firefox.

Thanks! The link helped :) Enjoyable podcast, as always!

Dandru, I am deleting this comment because it does nothing but trash one particular author and lends nothing to the discussion. You may repost without vitriol if you so wish.

There is something strange that a new trailer hasn’t been released yet.

Just a take a Valium and relax it’ll be there soon

The fact that this movie will blow some

serious chunks isn’t strange at all.

Can you tell the one nice man to stay on mike?

Of the two aliens above….one looks constipated while the other looks like he’s suffering from irritable bowel syndrome which is
pure trouble for this upcoming film. Paramount should save their
money and release this film straight to market…..Hello Walmart!

Those two look like the JemHadar and the Nakuhl put together. How original.

First off, I have really been enjoying the podcasts. I’m a longtime missionlog listener, so I’ve enjoyed having another trek related podcast, and you guys also do a really nice job.

Secondly, no matter my thoughts/reaction to the news on the new show, ultimately I’m just thrilled to have a new trek show. So, whatever little ‘I wish they would have gone this direction instead’ thoughts I might have will quickly fade away once the show starts (I’ll just be giddy at that point).

But until then, and since this forum exist to have discussions, here are my two cents:

So, I’m kinda the opposite of Jared on this one.

First, I would have preferred that the show start post-nemesis.

Is it interesting to know what took place between undiscovered country and the start of tng? Sure, I’m not trying to argue that it’s bereft of any value. But I’ve never big a bit origin story person. Is that a true origin story? No, but when we already know the before and after, filling in the gaps isn’t nearly as interesting to me as having a wide open playing field and having no idea what might happen next (it doesn’t have to fit into a predefined timeline box, no matter how big the timeline gap might be). So, with only a finite number of trek episodes, break as much new storyline ground as possible, please, and keep filling in the gaps to a book series. :)

Secondly, when it comes to the tech (and how far our own world has advanced since the prior trek shows), I’d rather them advance the tech in the show as well. It’s in the future, and I’d like for it to look futuristic. If they were to do so, might we look back in 20 years and say, ‘boy, that was dumb.’? Sure. But when TNG came out, it doesn’t appear that they said, ‘Now wait, we did a pretty awesome job guessing futuristic stuff the first time around. So, let’s not push our luck, and we’ll just keep everything as is.’ They found a new way to use the communicator, they advanced the replicators, they advanced holodecks and eventually use of holograms in the real world (well, the real TNG world), and I loved it all. Keep the interesting ideas coming. In retrospect, we might look back and find out that idea was impossible or we might find that we actually realized the idea in our modern world in 5 years from now. But I’ll ignore the shortcomings so long as we keep thinking big and exploring the what ifs of future life. That’s one of the many intriguing facets of Star Trek.

Ok, those are the two items on which I differ from Jared. Please understand that I’m not arguing that Jared is wrong or that my view is any more valid than his. Another beautiful facet of Star Trek is its diversity in appeal and views, and I just happen to be on the opposite side of the Star Trek mirror (universe, ha ha) on this one.

Final item, the anthology aspect both excites me and makes me nervous. For context, I have never watched an anthology, so I have no feel for it. On the one hand, it sounds cool that they can cover different time periods, crews, and wildly different story arcs from one season to the next. On the other hand, I get a little nervous about what that means for the acting quality and cast chemistry onscreen. That is no dig to whomever they select to be on the cast, as I’m sure they’ll all be more than qualified. It’s more a matter of watching prior Star Trek tv series take a couple of seasons to find their groove and develop that chemistry, and then wondering if an anthology allows for the cast to really hit their peak for our viewing pleasure. But hey, the anthology idea isn’t brand new, so I’m condiment they’ll know how to increase the acting payoff despite the limited run that might be in store for each season’s cast (if they really do hit reset on the cast each season, that is).

For a quick recap, I might have preferred a different approach as noted above, BUT the direction the CBS team has elected to take has not in any way lessened my excitement for the upcoming show. I cannot wait!

Thanks for reading this very long post. I’m sure most of you will be happy to skip it (can’t blame you), but since Jared, Kayla, and Brian take the time to put the podcast together, I thought I could at least take a few minutes to respond in kind.

Thanks for all you guys do!

Thanks for the thoughtful comment! You definitely raise some good points. Perhaps we should discuss the possibilities of a post-Nemesis show in one of our next podcasts. It does seem like a lot of people are into that idea.

Thanks for listening and joining in the discussion!

I agree. Great post, Trektacular.

Hey Kayla!

I don’t know if you’ve had the chance to read some of the great relaunch novels that have come out over the years. They’re really quite enjoyable and compelling. David Mack’s Star Trek: Destiny trilogy is a personal favourite of mine. Anyway, I’d like to suggest using some of the novels as a catalyst for discussion on one of your future podcasts. For example, a topic/question might be: is there anything from the literary world of Star Trek you might like to see developed for the new series?

Keep up the good work!

In reply to cpmment:


I am equally enthused about an anthology approach. Especially given, that the initial series employed many whose curricula vitae included working on THE TWILIGHT ZONE. I hope they study and learn from when that anthology series experimented with the hour long format.

I think it is a natural progression that Trek TV story-telling would branch out to explore this. It feels right.

I’m enjoying the podcasts also. Keep em coming.

I want to say that on the surface, the anthology approach sounds interesting, and I’m looking forward to it, but what frightens me is the possibility of the use of time travel as the mortar for each seasonal period covered. If this happens I will be so disappointed because quite frankly I’m sick to death of the overuse of it. That would be so uncreated and lame. Fingers crossed.

I had a thought…
What would you all cranky people do , those who know who they are,
If star trek beyond is the best trek film ever?

I’d sit back, enjoy the ride, the popcorn, the friends and family with me, and as normal, explain everything to my better half (Snow White) as we leave the parking lot. Why?

@Mike – Im not cranky but I understand your point even if it was condescending and stupid.

If STB is the best Trek film ever, I will say so loudly and proudly. And watch it about 50 times.

Heads would explode. Or in the words of Luke Skywalker…No! That’s not possible!

PS. They’d still find something to complain about.