New Star Trek Beyond Image Features Jaylah

With the release of Star Trek Beyond now less than three months away, a new image has hit the interwebs.

The new picture is featured in the latest issue of Empire magazine, and features Spock and McCoy flanking Jaylah, a new alien played by Sofia Boutella, who is best known to moviegoers from her role in Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Information about the film is trickling out VERY slowly, but with the big fan event happening next month, it appears things are about to get interesting.

Star Trek Beyond hits the big screen on July 22.

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McCoy looks pretty bored. Hope this movie doesn’t suck as bad as it seems it is going to be.

That was a stupid comment.

That’s star trek fans for ya

…says the leader of moronic, infantile statements.

If you go into the movie with that attitude, you’ll come out of it exactly the same. Must be hell seeing only the negative in everything.

@Harry – you’re admittedly going in loving it already. Isn’t that the same?

Well, which will leave you happiest?

*facepalm* no TUP, it is not the same. Look up the results of people going into major surgery with positive vs negative outlooks and tell me it’s the same. Besides, I’m not going in positive it will be good, I’m going in optimistic. There is a difference.

@Harry – HAHA so you’re comparing going to see a film to having surgery? Like, if you try really really hard to think positively then the film will be better? In other words, you’re hoping people will convince themselves to ignore the negatives.

Because I’ve gone into movies super excited and convinced I’d love it (BvS comes to mind) and been terribly disappointed. In fact, I went into STID thinking it was going to be epic. It wasnt.

I love the dynamic here. Those that didnt like STID and are cautious about STB are perfectly accepting of the opinions of those that loved STID and are giddy about STB. But the reverse isnt true. Like some people think if they can just shut up the negative people that it will somehow make the movie better. Sounds like self denial.

I am not sure if comparing going into surgery with going to see a film is the best analogy. However, in both cases, nobody knows for sure what the outcome will be, but there is nothing to stop a person from being (cautiously) optimistic in both situations. Even if past events turned out to be not so good, that does not necessarily mean that this event will be the same, hence it is OK to be optimistic.

People tend to be negative, either because they actually believe in a bad outcome (from past experiences) or fear such. However, the fear in itself may become a hindrance, in some cases, to there being a good, or better, outcome, as in surgery or perspective.

The trick is not to be overly optimistic or overly negative, because the result/outcome is simply not known at this stage, ie try to take the “middle path”, to have a clear perspective, one which is neither too bright or too dark.

@Rose – there is nothing stopping a person from being pessimistic either. Both opinions are valid, are they not?

What nonsense! The previous 2 movies were pretty bad, so it is a logical deduction to say that the 3rd one may go the same way. That doesn’t mean one sees the negative in everything, it means one learns from his mistakes is all.

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That was by far the most negative comment I’ve read here. In fact I would say most of your comments are pretty negative generally. Unlike some people who are just being realistic about some movie :)

@Raffie – no kldding eh? “Negative idiots”. Like the people that simply disliked STID somehow made the movie bad through negative thinking.

And you’re right, to a point. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion of the first two films. You come here and post so its not like you’re a casual fan. I thought 09 was pretty good start but STID was awful. Im cautiously optimistic about STB but I cant begrudge those that arent…we dont know much but what we do know combined with the past tell us we shouldnt bet money on it being a winner.

Some people dont think you’re entitled to your opinion. Those people, we all know who they are.

different folk making his one, you might like it!

I’m with Slick1KO, I HOPE the film doesn’t suck as much as seems it will. But am losing hope.
I have no interest in watching an earthbound (planet Canadian Backlot) film without the Enterprise (destroyed) with unnesesary ugly uncomfortable looking costumes & Without a united Crew

BTW I loved the first film, saw it 10 times & liked Into Darkness seeing it 15 times dispite it’s cringe worthy 3rd act flaws

ST4 was Earth-bound with no Enterprise, without a united crew.

Useless comment about a movie you’ve seen 93 seconds of.

Boy, haven’t been over here in a bit, and TUP just started right in on Harry. Next thing you know he’ll be demanding an apology from Harry for having the audacity to be making a positive comment about a pic.

@Phil – And again, you make an off topic post that is nothing more than an attack on me. Hilarious! This thread was going well. Please don’t ruin for everyone with your usual schtick.

You’ve made four negative posts attacking others, TUP. Pointing that out is very on topic. Don’t be so negative.

@Phil – so in your world view, disagreeing with an opinion you share is “attacking others”. When you do it its “on topic”. Go back to clown school please. lol

When you attack people for no reason then other then they don’t agree with you, then, yes, it’s negative. Go read the new etiquette section, the whole first section is all yours. Oh, the clown school crack – now it’s five negative.

I hope that this new film has lot of excite, but also lot of thought. I do not want a Star Trek films with lot of explosions and peoples running around, I want to see people using their brain and thinking about things

Remember the away missions in TOS in which they walked around and met aliens etc?

I suppose they’re going more of a predator than TOS vibe in this movie huzzah


In reply to your comment:

I’m not sure what you mean? Are you referring to the Kirk character rounding everone up by using a motorcycle to get the word out?

Come one man, kirk riding a motorcycle on a foreign planet is cool!!

Kirk riding a motorcycle might be cool if there is a reasonable explanation for it. And not just “oh Kirk loved *gasp* antiques circa 2000’s (how convenient) and carried his childhood dirt bike with him just in case they came across a planet he wanted to ride on”.

It could be as silly as Picard and the dune buggy. Let’s hope not.


In reply to your comment:

The problem with the dirt/stunt motorcycle and dune buggy is we of the now, know the great ecological harm the tires of those off-road vehicles can inflict on planets where the Prime Directive would demand that they not be used off-road on THAT basis alone.

However in the case of this particular planet we know its ecology is being destroyed to a much greater degree by derelict spaceship crashes and possibly illegal slave mining so I could see Kirk fudging an excuse to use a crude tool at hand. Besides, it might be a native technology.

And the Beastie Boys song might be from an alien house band that came up with it on their own in an amazing coincidence.

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[This comment has been deleted by a moderator]


In reply to your comment:

Well, STAR TREK does have Hodgkins’ Law of Parallel Planet Development from BREAD AND CIRCUSES for just such an occurrence.

The band is E Plabnista.

Of course, we could also safely assume that, given the advanced state of technology, that scientists found environmentally-friendly alternatives for things like tires and internal combustion engines. Just like we’ve found ways to replace the old leaded gasoline engines in historic vehicles to allow modern collectors to restore and enjoy a piece of history.

So, it would make perfect sense that collectors in the 23rd century would find ways to replicate simple things like tires and gasoline engines that give the look and feel of the original, without the harmful side-effects.

One of the things that I like about nuTrek is that it does acknowledge that OUR era did exist. Before that, anytime someone had something “classic” or “historic” on Trek, it was usually Shakespeare or Melville, or stuff circa 1800. However, why would we think that 23rd century folks wouldn’t look back at our music, transportation, and icons and want to restore and collect those, just as we do with stuff from our history? Is it so hard to believe that Kirk would take pride in restoring a circa-2000’s motorcycle, using his modern alternatives to produce an authentic-looking reproduction, without the bad stuff?

If we can do it now (for things like reproducing the look of old, leaded-glass windows while using safe, modern low-E glass,) I certainly think they’d be able to do all that, and more, in a future such as that depicted in Trek.

Just my two cents!


In reply to your comment:

The ecological damage isn’t caused by the material making them up but the mechanical action of their primary function: to gain traction through friction with the unpaved planet’s surface at a high rate of speed.

It’s specious to say the 23rd and 24th century tires solve the problem when you can see them kick up dirt and laying down tracks, causing the irreversible ecological scarring on screen before you.

I would hazard that the ecological caused by someone riding a motorcycle is NOTHING compared with the damage caused by a spaceship crash landing on the planet, if that is what happened. The Federation frequently mines planets, moons, asteroids and we know the real, sometimes devastating, damage mining can cause.


In reply to your comment:

Which is exactly what I told TUP two days ago in this very thread:

Nice to have you onboard. Thanks.

Kirk is trying to get over the barbed wire before the nazis catch him. Actually, that might be cool. Otherwise, I really don’t care for anachronistic fanboy service.

@CmdrR, “The Great Farscape”

Picard took his saddle so he could go riding when he wanted, used it on the holodeck while on ship. TNG “Starship Mine”.

A big screen episode “out there” would interest me and I’m sure I’m not alone.
I saw trek 09 multiple times, trek Khan lie only once because I was lied to.

This movie? Who knows, but I’m willing to give it a fair crack of the whip and am happy to watch it more than once if it has that trek X factor that makes it Trek.

I wonder can I say trek any more?

Looks good, more McCoy and Spock interaction suits me.

Rod of Rassilon,

In reply to your comment:

I’m not sure what looks like it could pass for the Ewok homeworld is as “out there” as the world they visited in the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS opening?

” I was lied to.”

I will never understand some fans’ need to be drama queens. It’s a movie. That’s all it is, just like the rest of the films.

Dandru, I couldn’t have said it better. :-)

More Spock and McCoy together = more gooder. Karl Urban has always been the best thing about these movies.

Urban was terrific in 09 and lousy in STID. In the latter, it wasnt his fault so much as the awful dialogue written for him.

He wasn’t lousy. The dialogue was. The two are not the same.

Thats what I said.

I never lied. For the record.


In reply to your comment:

How BIG a whopper could that have been, that you only had room to include it on the expanded editon 3-disc CD box set, but had to omit it from the less spacious vinyl? ;-)

Can’t open the link. Your point?


The link just calls up your message to which I was replying as does this:

The point was just a joke for my fellow senior members of the audience for whom a record is a vinyl LP.

Spock seems to be holding a different phaser.

I think they went in the right direction with this one. So far, It has the feel of a classic original series script, based on what we know to date. Moving ever closer to the edge of my seat.

Nimoy looks bored. That episode is probably shit.

David Oakes,

In reply to your comment:

I don’t know about the episode but McCoy certainly looks like he’s trying to pass a big one in what passes for restroom facilities amongst the local flora.

Looks like it will be fantastic!

I don’t know if it’s going to be fantastic, but I’m sure the plot is going to be better than the plot revolving about some tattooed bald guy seeking revenge or a white guy in a leather coat seeking revenge.

Sounds like it’s about a lizard guy seeking revenge.

Lizard guy with a point of view seeking revenge. It’s an important distinction when you’re talking TREK.

I don’t see anything in what we’ve been told so far that indicates a revenge story.


Well, Elba did say his character was “angry” about something and his acts were predicated on that. Revenge is considered an angry act.

Disinvited, Being angry about something and acting on it does not mean “revenge.” It could be about protecting something precious to Krall that he perceives might be lost if the Federation intrudes. This could be something bad that he is doing, or it could be the loss of his planet’s culture or planetary resources. What a novel idea, compared with ST2009.


I* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *SPOILER ALERT* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In reply to your comment:

I was merely going to explain that in response to an “anything” challenge it nevertheless is something but I recalled Elba also said:

“What’s interesting about him is that he has a real beef with what the Enterprise stands for. Krall’s a character who’s deeply steeped in hatred — in my opinion, a well-earned hatred — for the Federation. It felt quite political. There’s a relatability to what’s happening in our world. Not everybody’s happy with what everybody calls the good guys.” — Idris

Isn’t hatred something that usually stems from some act or acts worthy of revenge?

Well, I’ll hold onto the “quite political” part of his comment, and a “beef with what Enterprise stands for” :-)

I hate whale-hunters and land developers, but I’m not about to go out and take revenge on them.

Who knows. We’ll see the movie and find out!

So you think that anyone who is angry is out for revenge? That’s a ridiculous line of reasoning. Nothing we know about this film yet in any way points toward a revenge story.


In reply to your comment:

I was addressing your statement that there wasn’t “anything” to indicate a revenge. While anger doesn’t always indicate revenege, it can be a component of it and its presence is therefore “something” as I explained to Marja in comment:

Where Elba explained the anger is “deeply steeped in hatred”.

The licensed therapist, Mitchel Rosen demonstrated the hate/revenge link when he wrote in the concluding paragraph of his recent column, ‘Seeking revenge? Best to get over it’:

“There are maybe a handful of people I used to say I hated; now I don’t think there is anyone on the list. There are people who disgust me, those I want to be the opposite of but few I think about long into the night with fantasies of revenge” — Mitchell Rosen / CONTRIBUTING COLUMNIST , ‘Seeking revenge? Best to get over it’,, 4/22/2016

Well we know with the reboot movies its always some one pissed off at the Federation because reasons and wants revenge. The only question we don’t know yet is when will Kirk do a space jump in the film and exactly how does the villain plan to destroy Starfleet in this one? Questions, questions.

What about it looks like it will be fantastic?

Skunk lady!

Even though the promotion is slowly building to the theatrical trailer in may i cant wait to see this movie and for once it good that the story hasnt been spoiled by leaks and internet chatter.

But what about the tie-ins and THEIR promotions? As A. Pascal observed about the expected 2009 novels, nothing happening 5 months out pretty much kills a tie-in’s riding the film’s advance and run promotions. And a film that’s made no bones about wanting to ride the 50th Anniversary’s promotion into the theaters with no tie-ins 3 months out has thrown away EASY money. And THIS while said studio auctions away a piece of itself to pay its bills, makes it pure business madness.

@Sean – some of us are spoiler junkies so I miss the fact that no one seems to care enough to provide the leaks. If you frequent fan sites, you cant complain about being spoiled.

Although the more modern trend is to put spoilers in the trailers and since we only got the one goofy trailer, aside from a seeming destruction of the Enterprise, we havent been spoiled much.

I’m a little sad that there are no standee figures/promotions in theatre lobbies for kids and Trek fans to take photos with (Zootopia did a terrific promotion, a “subway car” in which a fan could actually sit with depictions of the characters).

And that there’s not even a poster in theatre lobbies yet.

Maybe they’ll do some mad marketing in the next couple of months; I sure hope so.

Sean, I sure hope worldwide release happens on the same day instead of what happened last time, when Paramount released it a week earlier in some parts of the world, and spoilers abounded!

why am i STILL so sceptic about this movie?

god i hope i’m wrong.

Guns and Trek as promotion.
So sad.

Guns have been part of Trek promotional materials from the very beginning. Several of the earliest promotional photos from TOS show Kirk holding a phaser rifle. Same for many of the promotional photos throughout TOS’s run.

So, what exactly is your complaint? What’s “so sad” about the new Trek movie doing what classic Trek was doing from the very beginning?

….exactly,,,this type of commentary exposes those who clearly are unfamiliar with the source material these new movies are based on. A Star TreK movie is never going to look or feel like TNG or the spin-offs. The sooner those fans can come to grips with that the better. (though it hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t expect it to happen any time soon!)


Thanks, for some reasons it didn’t work the first time!

lol …that doesn’t look like Star Trek to me!! Shouldn’t that bald guy be playing a flute?

He does that after he kicks a little borg butt for the day. It helps get him in the mood.

The captain of the Enterprise is able to do both. For that matter, so are many other people. I do not know how military personnel are able to play a musical instrument or sing like angels, but I surmise there would be a few.

Ahmed, LOL!

Well said, Paul. It’s amazing to me how many people get on their high horse when it comes to Star Trek, without actually having a clue what they’re talking about. Anyone complaining about Star Trek being advertised with guns is not someone at all familiar with the show’s history. It’s that simple. TOS was always promoted with guns. Despite what someone people have come to see TOS as through rose-colored glasses, it was NOT Utopian, nor did it in any way condemn the use of weaponry or warfare. I think a lot of fans tend to pick up sound bites, such as “Gene Roddenberry was a pacifist” or “Star Trek presented a peaceful future,” and confuse them with the reality of what the show and its creator were actually like.

People confuse Earth’s utopian future with everything in the Federation.

novelizations have been part of TREK promos from the beginning, and yet no novelization of BEYOND. In fact I’ve seen nothing about dedicated BEYOND books at all.

kmart, They usually save release of the novelization until after the movie comes out ;-)

I am disappointed, though, that we may not see any novels about the Alternate Trek universe.

“Guns and Trek as promotion. So sad.”

I guess you’re new to Star Trek, then, and know very little about its history. I hope you enjoy the franchise once you start watching it.

Yeah, maybe they autta promote finding god or something like that…

At this point, as far as movie gun merchandise tie-ins go, in a promotion during the 50th Anniversary year, there is NO PROMOTION.

A gun that isn’t designed to solely serve a kill function is a fairly utopian idea. All those bodies slumping to the ground and not a one sustains serious injuries in the fall? Well, I can’t decide if that’s utopian or miraculous?

True, remember how GR wanted to have a gun that you could execute criminals with that would have an orgasm setting, so as you’re vaporized you feel like you’re cumming for 100 years! Jon Povill mentioned that a long time back, but it right in keeping with the Tracy Torme story about how GR was so sex-obsessed.

But what a way to go!

Seems Spock is wearing engineering/security on the new ship he has been posted to in this movie.

Seems that Spock is wearing Engineering/Security RED in whatever ship he has been posted to (Yorktown?) in this movie.

Come on everybody, lets sing!

Ho hum, ho hum, it still looks so freaking dumb
It’s a super hero in outer space it looks so freaking dumb.
Ho hum, ho hum,

Don’t be such a drama queen. It’s just a movie, and if it’s good, then so be it.

Big question is why is Spock wearing a red-shirt’s jacket?

I don’t understand the need that these movies have to constantly introduce new uniforms. They’ve got one uniform for when they’re on the bridge, one uniform for when they’re on an away mission, one uniform for when they’re underwater, one uniform for whne they’re at headquarters, one uniform for when they’re flying a shuttlecraft, and a special uniform for when they’re drinking Budweiser, which is apparently still sold in the 23rd century…

Just stick with the classics… jeez. And maybe give Kirk the green tunic back.

Right, like today’s military has one and only one uniform…

More uniforms means more toys and action figures and posters and whatnot to sell to the fans who need EVERYTHING.


In reply to your comment:

Bu that’s just it. Where ARE they? They should be on be on the retail shelves in their 50th Anniversary seal boxes raking in the EASY money by now.

Dan, Hee!

I can’t begin to imagine the Uniform Regulations for Starfleet personnel must look like …. much less “Uniform of the Day.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
We know Spock arrives on the planet through an unplanned excursion to the planet’s surface via escape pod.

We know from the 2009 effort that the pod comes with some survival gear, i.e. a cold weather coat.

Since Spock’s coat doesn’t look remotely like Kirk’s 2009 movie’s coat in styling, we are forced to conclude that for some reason he couldn’t use the gear in his pod.

We know from earlier release photos that Spock’s coat is one from the Federation ship, U.S.S. Franklin. We know from THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY that the crew’s unusual gear not normally needed onboard ship is stored in onboard lockers. Ergo, Spock must have found one of the crashed Franklinp’s lockers with Engineering gear in it and that’s where he got the coat.

I can’t wait for this movie to get in the books, so that we can look forward to the new TV show.

Remember the race of People Kirk saved in the opening segment of STID? Her character might be from that planet?

Randall Williams,

In reply to your comment:

They went from writing on scrolls to high-heeled boots and interstellar travel in 3 years and some odd months,
all from Kirk’s little transgression?

The people on that part of Nibiru were still writing on scrolls, but we have no idea what the people were doing on another part of the planet. Take a look at our own planet – we have people living as they have done for thousands of years in hidden corners of Borneo etc, and we have ourselves, all inhabiting the same planet, Earth.


In reply to your comment:

Well, we at least know whatever other Nibiru were doing they couldn’t have been a Federation worthy civilization or the whole purpose of the secrecy would have been pointless. I mean they would have just given those Nibiru the tech to fix the Volcano and the E would have been on her way to the next planet on its itinerary. Non-interference with the primitives would be the planet’s government problem to resolve.

It is only conjecture that Jaylah might be a Nibirun, because of the similarity in skin colouring. It is quite possible that she is not.

My point is that other parts of Nibiru may be more advanced, as in have better, more technology than the Nibiruns we met had, but they would not necessarily be deemed “worthy” of inclusion into the Federation.

Go back 100 years here on earth. There were people living in Borneo and in the South American forests and there were us. Would the Federation have given the technically the most advanced the kind of technology the Enterprise had and say to us – “Now go stop the volcano”? I don’t think so.

I think the make-up is different. But who knows?

Didn’t they use gun powder and rifles in The Omega Glory?
I think they had Tommy Guns in A Piece of the Action.

Yes they did and they even had cars in A Piece of the Action, cars on an alien planet, so whys it such a problem for some people to accept a bike.

Don’t forget Picard’s dune buggy in “Star Trek: Nemesis”.

Oh god, the dune buggy.

Well, the cars in A Piece of the Action were because an alien “imitative” race was mimicking humans from a particular period in Earth history. Which explains why it has cars and tommy guns. It was clearly explained in the plot and therefore made sense.

I can certainly accept a bike on an alien planet if it is properly explained in the plot and not there just for coolness :)

I had a similar issue with the Enterprise hiding at the bottom of the ocean in STID. It made so sense, plot wise, because if the point was to avoid exposing the ship to primitives – it would have made more sense to keep in orbit. However, I think the movie’s producer thought it would be “cool” to have the Enterprise rise from the ocean.

Yes, it was cool but made no logical sense. Now, if that had the Enterprise crash in the ocean and later rise after repairs – it would have made sense and been cool at the same time.

Just my thoughts.


The reason for the Enterprise being underwater (other than it being so incredibly cool!) was explained in the film. It had to do with the unusual planetary atmosphere which did not allow for transporter beaming. They had limited ability WITHIN the planet’s atmosphere, which is how they were able to transport Spock out of the dying volcano.

Of course, it does beg the question as to why Kirk and McCoy weren’t just beamed back to the ship, once they had distracted the Nibiruns… Please, let’s not go there. STID (and Bob Orci) has been dumped on enough and often with little or no logical reason.

Anyway, why can’t a (Star Trek) movie have something shown simply because it is so very cool? At the end of the day, it is a movie and little more than that.

That sounds like a good reason to dump on it. Why should we give it a pass? You’re this close to being critical of STID. I’m impressed and ofcourse you’re right.

I have not given STID a “free pass”, as you call it. My observation above is no exception. That’s where you have it wrong. You keep repeating the same lie about me giving my unreserved blessing to everything relating to STID. It is surely time you stopped.

I have related my “bones to pick”, small that they are, but still a bit aggravating, to Bob Orci. I have no desire to repeat them yet again. Repetition becomes monotonous and after a while becomes nothing more than an excuse to just dump on something/someone because you can. I don’t need to and Bob Orci and co. certainly do not need it either. It is not only ungracious. It’s DUMB!


But I don’t recall seeing any such items STAR TREK branded at my local Guns & Liquor Emporium or K-Mart back in the day? Not even toy versions…

I thought the Argo was cool, and though Nemesis wasn’t the best Star Trek movie, I enjoyed it immensely more than either ST ’09 or Into Darkness.

Frankly, had Paramount repositioned the release date of Nemesis, and invested in the film as they have Abrams’s, Nemesis, I believe, could have afforded much more spectacle and performed better at the box office.

If Par had invested in any TOS sequel the way they did in the 09 (pro-rated for the years, not saying 150-190 in late 80s money), the results could have been incredible. But shoot, Par spent more on EVENT HORIZON than then did any TNG flick.

And Sulu and Kirk both fired a revolver in “Shore Leave”.

I think Jaylah is a movian new to the star trek films,they are a new race.she is a fighter and never gives up.

Oh goodie, a new MarySue “badass girl” character to educate our beloved characters how to be modern and cool.

Is it just me, or in no photographs of Quinto does his facial expression ever seem the least bit Spock-like? Nimoy always look quizzical, curious or bemused. Quinto always looks like a mouth-breathing dullard.

@Witzend – it wont be popular opinion around here, but aside from a vague resemblance to Nimoy, I thought Quinto was very poor casting. He was better in STID than 09 but not by much.

Welllllllllll, you have to remember that even Spock, as acted by Nimoy, in his first two outings in the two pilots bears little semblance to the role as it later developed. Third time’s the charm.

@Disinvited – true but Nimoy’s Spock was a blank slate. Quinto is portraying a character with 50 years of history.


In reply to your comment:

But the BR movies Spock are a Spock BEFORE the series’ Spock’s life depicted there, so there’s a bit of a blank slate there too. Also Nimoy told Quinto to make Spock his own, so you got to give him a couple of movies to find THAT footing too.

Also one of the reasons, I liked Quinto for the role was he not only bore a resemblance but the was a intense coldness, i.e. a coldness that wasn’t just a blank expression, in his HEROES character Sylar that I thought a good director could put to good use in the actor’s characterization of Spock. Unfortunately either JJ wasn’t interested in that aspect of Spock or he just wasn’t the director I expected.

Dis, I don’t think Quinto or Abrams thought of Spock as a cold Sylar type! Some of Sylar leaked out when Spock was choking Kirk on the Bridge in the first reboot movie. that face that said, “I can easily kill you. And not just out of anger. Because I don’t need you living in the same world I am.”

I respectfully disagree. Quinto wasnt playing a more emotional Spock from The Cage. Because that Spock is probably pseudo-canon in that it wasnt until they decided to salvage the original pilot. Im sure if Gene could have re-done it, Spock would have been more in keeping with the established character.

In the world of film, it was a negative, in m opinion, that Spock was so emotional. It underminded Bones’ role in the three amigos and also dulled Kirk’s character too. I do think it was intentional in that the writers really really liked the Spock character and wanted to expand and explore him and for Spock, the way to do that is emotions.

@Dis – interesting. I found Quinto in 09 far too emotive, not cold. Mostly how he was written and directed was the problem but Quinto didnt sound right for the role and his resemblance was just close enough to make the physical difference stand out.

Well, 50 years of history outside the fictional universe Spock lives in. And this Spock is younger than TOS Spock.


I disagree, but observation differs from person to person and the predisposition of each observer. Nimoy did not advise Quinto to do an imitation of Nimoy-Spock, so Quinto didn’t. I can see his Spock being quizzical, or thoughtfully considering a matter, or concerned, in many scenes in the first two movies.

Yes, I agree. Even Nimoy/Spock was not such a blank slate as some seem to think. Just watch a TOS episode or two from any of the three series.

I do think that Quinto may have more trouble maintaining that expression of unfazed equanimity that Nimoy/Spock could engender a lot of the time, but then again, Quinto/Spock is younger and has had more emotionally devastating events occur for him in his shorter life. The fact that some people do not think that this has to count for something and adequately explain nuSpock’s slightly different makeup, is a mystery to me.

Even the older Nimoy/Spock, who still managed to maintain a more stoical countenance, noted how emotionally compromised he was by what had happened.

Your clear motive to disagree with me notwithstanding what you said made little sense in the context of what I wrote.

Sometimes things are not just about you, TUP.

I was agreeing with Marja, not disagreeing with you.

here’s my guess on the plot:

they have to escape from that planet after the enterprise is destroyed, so kirk and the senior staff mount an escape plan for the crew who are being held hostage by elba’s character, and sofia is the one who helps them. kirk saves his ‘antiques’ when he escapes the enterprise, bringing a vintage cd player and motorcycle…sofia’s character says there’s an old abandoned federation ship that may still work that the crew could escape in, meanwhile the federation mulls over elba’s character’s demands of treating his planet better….and end on the new enterprise ncc-1701-a with the crew wearing updated maroon uniforms

i’m more excited for the tv show than the movie…the thought of watching a new hour of ST each week like when i was a kid is geeking me out…i hit middle school in 94 just as next gen was ending, so i gave up ST for over a decade (and caught up on DS9, VOY and ENT on netflix) so haven’t had ST in my life like this in over 20 years and with how shows today are made and marketed with extra content if CBS is smart we may have the old ST back…the one that is really rich in content and ideas and tech….i want new iBook technical manuals for the new ships on my iPad!!!

Why are Spock’s ears angled so far backward? Is he wearing his racing ears?


I think this one you might have to put on Leonard. As I recall, after he took control in THE VOYAGE HOME, Nimoy put extra emphasis on developing more comfortable ears for the actor’s to wear. This was a pet project of his on UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY as well, and I think he was heavily consulted by the award winning makeup people used by Bad Robot too.

Thanks for that bit of Trek trivia! I’ve read both of Leonard Nimoy’s autobiographies, but he doesn’t mention that, so I’m glad to hear about it.

But Spock’s ears in the first reboot movie look very different from the ones in this picture, so if Leonard consulted on the first movie, these are quite different from the ones he suggested.

Trek Core has a ton of screenshots from every iteration of Star Trek, which makes it easy to look at photos without firing up a DVD and finding the right place. Look at the screenshots of the first reboot movie, and you’ll see that Spock’s ears are not angled as far back in that movie as they are in this picture.

According to the makeup guy on TUC when I interviewed hiim in 91, Nimoy hadn’t been happy with ANY of his movie ears, but it wasn’t a matter of comfort — it was about aesthetics.

Apparently the more severe ‘vertical’ look in TUC was a conscious callback to how he looked in the episodes, and Mills had to go through a couple of applications before Nimoy decided he had the job.

That’s interesting, Kmart; thanks for the information. I liked the way Spock’s ears looked in the TV episodes, and I’m still surprised that they were all over the place in the movies; it makes me wonder what the make-up folks were thinking of. They DID get the ears right in TUC, and it sounds like that’s thanks to Mr. Nimoy. I should have guessed that. :-)

Alas, Quinto’s Spock ears have transformed themselves from a reasonable shape in the previous two movies to the shape they have in “Beyond.” I don’t know why they change the visual appearance of a character from movie to movie. Strange.

Seems like a silly lack of respect for the canon right? Like hiring a new costume/make up person who decides they would prefer a different look. Not really up to them to decide how an established character looks.

I hadnt noticed til it was pointed out but now it will probably bug me!

I think it’s somewhat reasonable in the fictional universe for new uniforms to be designed and prescribed through time …

… but a Vulcan’s ears, not so much! Couldn’t they look at stills from the first two films to design them? Criminy!

New uniforms, sure, but the uniforms of this time period are pretty well established. I mean, sure, Nero changed them… yea yea

I dont really mind the uniforms because they are similar at least. And Im open to embracing the idea of different variants existing at the same time.

I do hope we eventually get to see the TOS Film Trilogy uniforms…


In reply to your comment:

Is this really worthy of taking that far? I mean Nimoy’s has lobes and Quinto’s doesn’t, and I don’t recall any claiming canon disrespect on those differences?

What I’ve noticed from the most recent photos released here and on TrekCore from STB, is that Quinto’s Spock looks like he’s wearing a dang helmet. That’s absolutely the world’s worst wig sitting up on his head like a plastic bowl.


I believe these were the comfort issues that I recall he continually attempted to address:

“The toughest thing was the physical work because I was in this picture so much and the makeup took two hours every morning to put on. It was difficult enough to act and direct this picture but to add the additional hours of makeup, and the restrictions of the makeup, made it very hard. The days I had to be in makeup, which was about half of the schedule, were very, very tough physically.” — Leonard Nimoy, Director THE VOYAGE HOME

kmart’s right too, I recall he was very concerned about the aesthetics too.

I also recall Kirstie Alley lamenting that for STII the ears were such an arduous ordeal that she begged the makeup department to let her wear them home to speed up the process the following morning. Although, I always entertained doubts about the veracity of her motives because Parker, her husband, was known to be a bit of a nerd and I just figured they were using it as an excuse to realize an SF “Leia” moment — if you catch my drift.

Also, I wondered how long could the adhesive be in contact with the skin before some sort of rash might develop?

Now you all have me wondering if maybe Paramount changed the ears to make them less elfin in anticipation of their lawsuit?

In other major news, Star Trek 2017 series will be produced in my city Toronto :)


STAR TREK 2017 Confirmed to Film in Toronto, Ontario

TrekCore can now confirm that the 2017 Star Trek television series is going to be filmed not in Los Angeles, but in Toronto, Ontario when production begins later this year, according to CBS.

@Ahmed – with the series scheduled for filming, one can assume they are quite far along in the process of writing. Hopefully some details break soon! Is there an official or unofficial black out period to releasing information before Beyond?


Didn’t come across anything about info blackout period yet, I’m guessing that we will hear more about the cast & other info either at San Diego Comic-Con or the weeks leading to it.

Woah the first Star Trek show NOW produced in my city of Los Angeles. AFAIK, every Trek show always shot right on the Paramount lot. Wow I guess CBS and Paramount are really hands off between their properties.

Ugh…first show NOT produced in my city.

I hope she can act. She looks cool at least and if I recall, she is a talented fighter/dancer?

I’m happy to see that they’re reintroducing the Spock / McCoy relationship in this movie. The Kirk / Spock / McCoy dynamic was at the core of the original series.

It’s a little bit difficult to tell from the resolution of this photo, but Spock’s phaser appears to be a redesign (presumably, for the U.S.S. Franklin?), unless it’s a U.S.S. Kelvin-type design, but then that would be quite out-of-date. It doesn’t look like the U.S.S. Enterprise phaser in this shot, anyway.

Cheers … and, yes, my mate Karl is awesome! ;-)

(New Zealand)

Den Of Geek reveals what Pegg was researching on Memory Alpha and it hints at a ship in BEYOND:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *SPOILER ALERT* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“There’s an amazing wiki online called Memory Alpha. It became Doug and my resource and the place that we’d turn to whenever we wanted to know ‘what kind of weapons does an NX vessel carry?’ Memory Alpha has it”. — Simon Pegg


Sure seems like a lot of grumps, sourpusses and unpleasantness going on here.

dont forget i am giving away all my Trek trinkets to worthy Trekkies

…as in the Andorian pastry?? Will they be safe to eat?? -oh wait…TRINKETS!! I thought you said “trikenttes”!
My bad.

Bob, can I get a copy of your Trek 3 script(s)? I promise to keep my lips buttoned and I’ll hold my keyboard in abeyance until after your novel comes out. And I’ll pay for the postage! : )

Same here. Just email me on the private message board under Keachick on IMDb and we can take it from there. Please identify yourself. No imposters!


@BobOrci just post your damn script already! You realize you;d make a killing if you sold PDF copies for like $10? Hell Im sure a lot of us would pay a lot more than that out of sheer curiosity. Whats the status on the novel idea?

Bob Orci, if you could leave a note on my webcomic i will be happy for life! :)

i did

fitting, seeing as you already gave away all your power and influence at Paramount

Yes. I gave it away. Your point?


Why are you giving these Trek trinkets away, Bob?
I am sorry about what has happened re your Trek script and I cannot apologise enough for some of the comments being said about you and to you, by other posters, but giving away your Trekkie things seems a bit rash?

Rash? Not at all. Maybe because i moved around a lot as a kid, I am not sentimental on keepsakes. I’d rather share the items that I have loved with other fans. what good do they do me? I have no desire to hold on to an old identity. I worked on Star Trek for a bit. It was awesome. now it’s over. On to the next thing.

Thank you. I can understand that perspective and it’s great that you want to share.

Bob, I see that you are one of the producers for STB. Have you finished all that you were required to do for this movie? If so, I hope they gave you a lovely big cake as a “thank you”.

Have you no influence at all, in that you would not be able to suggest use of Eric Clapton’s lovely song, Layla, in the movie, if such use is appropriate? Of course, there may be issues in getting permission to use the song (as in copyright – AFAIK, it is part of Eric Clapton repertoire, so they can’t just use it which obtaining permission, possible payment of royalty etc), but I’m sure the folks at Paramount will get that sorted.

Ugh – Oh for an edit function – should read:
“part of Eric Clapton’S repertoire…”
“…they can’t just use WITHOUT obtaining…”

Aw, man…the SEC won’t let me keep my Twitter account. Can I mail in an entry? :-)

I’m looking forward to this movie and I won’t get caught up in any of the bickering.
Were Trek ’09 and STID the greatest movies ever? No. Were they entertaining enough for a summer flick? I say yes.

Excited to see jL trek, have never seen a sngle movie of his. Can’t wait.

I’m more excited about you being taken down a peg after your ridiculous hubris and chestbeating over Trek. it’s always great to see a bully get his comeuppance.

Ironic, coming from someone who named themself Caesar

Really? The answer to your post is No.

Keachick – “Really? The answer to your post is No.”

This is bizarre as in how the posting goes here. My reply quoted above was not in response to Bob Orci’s post which starts – “right? I want this movie to do well, not because I was a major force behind it,…” but my quote above appears that it is in response because it appears right under Bob’s post.

I guess we have to look carefully at the date and timing of the various posts. I wonder how many people do that though. Hmmm?

@Rose – if you hit reply, it posts directly under the post you hit reply on. But if I then hit reply on that same post, my post gets priority higher up then yours. Its odd for sure. If replying directly, best to quote or link (like Dis does) although I think most of us can tell what each other is addressing.

Occasionally it leads to hilarious misunderstandings. Like you seemingly telling Bob in a rude way that the movie should not be judged by its merits! (No disrespect intended, I mean its amusing in that is clearly not the case but makes for a totally different reaction than intended).

Not sure what you mean. Are u saying you hope the movie e fails based on my previous remarks?

@BobOrci – I think if someone wanted to stretch reality and say the results of this movie is somehow comeuppance on you, it would be that the film with a new writer and director is a rousing success. A failure would make a lot of people say “gee, I wish they had produced Bob’s script”.

Ive been tough on you and even I think that comment was bizarre!

right? I want this movie to do well, not because I was a major force behind it, but because I love Trek and I have many friends working on this movie who deserve to be judged fairly without any bags that I bring to the table. I always said, from before 09, that I would step aside when I outlived my usefulness. That day has come. Let the new movie be judged by its merits!

Wait, so this means SCORPION’s first epsode, PILOT, wasn’t cut down from a movie-length presentation edit? Fascinating.

Scorpion is TV series, even if the pilot is longer than the rest of the episode. A movie is a different film medium.

hating on stuff = least star treky thing to do for a star trek fan. Hating on a new star trek movie coming out as a star trek fan = just beyond comprehension

Is composer Michael Giacchino returning for the soundtrack? I look forward for the new themes.

Yes, I wonder that. I hope so. The theme established for the first two movies is great. I also look forward to hear other variations on the theme. Perhaps there will be a “Jaylah” song and/or instrumental…

Man I HATED the main theme at first but it definitely grew on me.

Agreed, me too. I hated it in the 09 film but it grew on me a lot by the time I saw STID.

It seemed uncharacteristically bombastic. But it felt familiar in STID.

I gotta admit all the negative comments are becoming really tiresome now lol. Lets wait and watch it before judging it early on now.

No more tiresome then the “This move will be amazing” “Marketing is fantastic” remarks.

None of us have seen the film. So those that are pessimistic are entitled to that opinion. Those that are optimistic are entitled too.

If STID was universally loved, then it would seem unduly negative to be pessimistic. But the fact it wasnt, combined with the turmoil that went down with STB, its perfectly reasonable to feel negative about the odds of STB being great.

Hopefully those people are wrong.

The fact that there’s a new team — one of whom is Pegg — who have written the script has buoyed my optimism.

@Marja – I tend to agree. Although I admit I felt pangs of disappointment when Bob was replaced because I knew we wouldnt get Shatner back as Kirk without him. And quite frankly, even if it was a lousy movie, seeing Shatner as Kirk one last time before the inevitable happens would have been worth it.

Im not a F&F fan but I’ve been told by many people the movies Lin did were more than just action and brought a sense of family to the characters. Pegg is saying all the right things too.

So…we shall see…

Perhaps if the new series is post Undiscovered Country they can incorporate Shatner prior to him attending the ceremony for Enterprise B.

@Tom – lets hope so. Its such a no brainer. The PR that comes with using him is worth a fortune.

Id love if the “search for Kirk” was an over-arching theme of the season but I know thats wishful thinking. Have Shatner in episode one right before he steps onto the Enterprise B… then come back to the B limping home after the nexus incident. And make the season the drama surrounding that incident and sending the B back out…how it all impacted the crew etc. Ofcourse, recast the roles. But it gives you the opportunity to use the surviving TOS actors in cameo’s as well.

That would be amazing if they had that as one of the many story arcs they will have for the series

have t talked about this, but i feel like it now. I had an amazing conversation with Shatner about what we would’ e done. he was super gracious. I called him Mr Shatner and he said, “bob, please! Call me Billy boy!”

Well what were you guys going to do? Please, do tell!

@Bob Orci – Was your conversation with Bill about what your rejected script would have had him do in the upcoming Star Trek film that is not to be?

* Please understand – I mean no disrespect when I call you Bob or call William Shatner Bill. I know William Shatner likes to be called Bill, which is why I refer to him by that name. It is because of what he likes. I had no idea that he likes being called Billy boy though.

@BobOrci – thank you for that. Can you please offer any other tidbits or insight into what you would have done with Shatner? How large or critical would the role have been?

Can you tell us why it seems the studio wants nothing to do with Shatner-as-Kirk anymore?

Nobody has said that the marketing is fantastic. It is what it is. Time will tell as to how effective or ineffective it was/is. Besides there is still nearly three months before the movie opens and most of any marketing tends to take place closer to a movie’s release date.

There is a story on Trekcore with a lot of comments from Pegg regarding the re-shoots and speaking directly on the issue of Lin and the responsibility that comes with making a Star Trek film. He also answers the criticism of is as Fast & Furious in Space.

I will say this, Pegg is saying all the right thing. When I read things like that it makes me more optimistic and excited to see the film.

Someday, I hope science fiction writers will stop making 90 percent of all female alien names end with an “a” sound.

in latin languages its normal to have most names ending with “a”, makes it more feminine

True, however alien languages are not latin.

Great point! While it is common in Latin languages, it’s certainly not universal. Yet in Portuguese, the name Maia can be used for a male [Author Maia Couto]! And in French, what makes “Francoise” female while “Francois” is male …?

Language, the great mystery

I believe the propensity for female names, especially, to end with a soft vowel is endemic to all Indo-European languages. I am not sure whether similar applies to far east asian languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc or to middle eastern languages, but it would be interesting to find out.

FYI, all words in *Maori (a Polynesian language) end with a vowel. This means that there are only Maori, not Maoris. Maoris is an anglicised word. Context is everything. Here is a list of Maori names –

“Some gorgeous girl names and their possible meanings
Ahorangi – means “enlightened” in Maori
Airini – “peace”
Aihe – “dolphin”
Anahera – “angel”
Ahurewa – “sacred place”
Arataki – “to lead”
Areta – “noble”
Aroha – “love”
Amiria – “hard worker” & the Maori version of Amelia
Arorangi – “to heaven”
Atarangi – “morning sky”
Haeata – “dawn”
Hahana – “radiant light”
Hauku – “dew”
Hokaka – “desired”
Hine – “girl”
Marika – “quiet, careful”
Mahuika – the Maori Goddess of Fire!
Marama – “moon”
Ngaio – “clever”
Ngaire – silver fern
Pania – a beautiful sea maiden in a Maori myth
Whina – “helper”

Some great boy names
Arapeta – “noble, famous”
Arana – “rock”
Amiri – “from the east wind”
Hare – “manly”
Hahona – “healer”
Hemi – a Maori version of James
Hehu – “rescued by God”
Henare – “rules the home”
Irirangi – “spirit voice”
Maaka – the Maori version of Mark
Marama – “moonlight”
Matiu – “gift from God”
Tipene – the Maori version of Steven
Pita – this Maori version of Peter also embodies the qualities of stone or rock
Rawiri – “beloved”
Ropata – “bright fame”
Rua – “lake”
Ruru – morepork, NZ’s native owl
Rongo – God of Peace
Tane Mahuta – God of the forest
Tangaroa – God of the sea, rivers and lakes

* Bear in mind that Maori (and most other Polynesian cultures) had no contact with either Asians or Europeans until about 200-250 years ago. Most of the name are traditional to Maori culture, which was cut off from other island nations for a time.

I do wonder if the way we name people is not partly instinctual.

that´s a beautiful list

Lovely names. Thank you for the list! Some people in my fanfic may be named after Maori!

I have seen some Chinese names I would have sworn were male, but belong to women. This applies to other Asian cultures too, including South Asian (Indian); and African and indigenous North American names as well.

It’s all cultural, I believe; and a precious child would be named for a precious thing or concept; then there’s ancestral naming, or “appropriate/situational” naming (someone born at dawn might be named for that time of day).

Yes, Marja. Coincidentally, the other night I watched an episode of the British series *One Born Every Minute and in it, they had a couple where she was of Chinese descent and he was English. They knew they were having a girl and had one or two English names picked, but the little girl only got her Chinese name once she was born – something to do with the time of day/night, placement of the moon etc.

*One Born Every Minute is a British TV series which deals with the labour and birth of willing birth mothers/couples. It is another good British series that I watch sometimes. I think that it helps keep my oxytocin/oestrogen level up, ie good for my health.

Useless comment about a movie you’ve seen 93 seconds of.

I hereby call upon some guitar playing Star Trek fan to retool Clapton’s “Layla” in honor of Jaylah.

Haha, we’d need new lyricss mostly, with the guitar :-)

“Jayla, you’ve got me on my knees
Jayla, stop hitting me oh please ….
Jayla, your fighting moves are boss,
Jayla, I admit to you my loss ….”

Hey she’s a sexy alien girl, it doesn’t have to be all fighting!

dmduncan – Thank you for this. I forgot just how wonderful that song was. Perhaps it could become Jaylah’s song. We don’t know anything about the character but here are the lyrics to Layla (perhaps some may “gel” with her character?)

It’s a great song. I’d love to hear this Jaylah retool eventually put in a music video featuring scenes from STB!

Ugh, such horrid uniforms!

They differ quite a bit from the “pj’s look” of the originals, but I think they’re cool, as long as people can move freely in them. I think the designer was going for a cross between the loose original look and the dress uni look from STiD.

One particular thing I like is Uhura’s long sleeves, which show her rank insignia, hooray! (Although I will miss the sight of her fabulous arm muscles, by the same token, I’d like to see the men’s, so fair is fair.) I would also have liked to see tights or dark stockings, but the bare thighs are for the boys.

I liked the 09/STID uniforms and these look cool too. Im a canon sucker but these are close enough that they are reasonable “variants” that could be in use.

@Marja – I cant believe they had the women without rank insignias. My goodness. But combined with the infamous underwear scene, you really have to wonder about the oozing machismo involved among the film makers.

There are so many other ways to show off some sexy skin on both male and female parts that make sense than shoe-horning in that scene or having the women officers in less clothes while on duty. If the film is good enough, we dont need to be distracted by skin.

Or maybe we do need to be “distracted by skin”. Skin is not a distraction. It is part of what and who we are.

People in Africa and the middle east won’t allow themselves to be “distracted by skin” and the degradation and pain many women face within these cultures is unconscionable.

@Rose come on now. You know exactly what I mean.

@ kmart

I watched SPECTRE finally. Saw it with my brother who’s a big Bond fan. Somewhere in the middle of the movie, I remarked to him that I wasn’t sure what the point of the story was, as it just seemed like a lot of running around chasing after bad guys. (We’d each had several strong IPA’s by that point, so I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t an issue of my being too drunk to follow the story.) And he basically agreed that such was the plot—chasing bad guys—but he didn’t mind. I did like the way that the story ended, though, and the message (and the fact that it had a message). I remember you saying that you hated SPECTRE, but I don’t recall specifically why. . . .

Actually, SKYFALL is the one I hated (along with CASINO ROYALE), but I thought SPECTRE was just a long dull mess. I really did like the part after Bond and the girl reach SPECTRE HQ and BloBro shows off his underground lair, but that was maybe the only couple of minutes that felt like a Bond movie to me.

If I had rented this without knowing the family matters aspect, I probably would have kicked the TV set in, but the Austin Powers 3 aspect of SPECTRE is just so ridiculous you practically have to laugh or shrug.

I’ve read summaries of the earlier draft Logan did before he got let go, and as expected, it was horrendous, even worse than what we got.

The ‘running around chasing’ is a real flaw with over half the series IMO. If you ever see MOONRAKER (and be sure to have the IPAs on hand BEFORE you start watching, it is practically 007s MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD with pigeons doing double-takes), you might take away what I did – that the ‘leads’ such as they were that take Bond from country to country could easily have just wound up with him at the South Pole with only a penguin for company, instead of in whatever SouthAmerican locale it was that he got fired off into space from. About a third of LIVE&LETDIE and what seemed like the last half of TOMORROW NEVER DIES is just chase scenes that don’t go anywhere but do pad out the run time.

You can contrast that with an action scene in LICENCE TO KILL, where Bond emerges from safety and right out in the open, executes one of his friend’s killers, then executes a bold escape in daylight that practically had me cheering (it remains the only time since GOLDFINGER when I actually found myself so caught up in the action that I couldn’t figure out how he could escape.)

Though the film looks cheap, LTK added some character and recklessness to the Bond dynamic (which so long as you only do it selectively is great, but when you make it habitual like the Craig films, it becomes a whole different character who is just answering to the name 007), as does a later moment in the same film when Bond realizes his personal vendetta has consequences when he pretty much blows other operations in place against the villain. It gets tons of bad press as a bad MIAMI VICE ripoff (and it does ride the Joel Silver wave by including actors plus composer from DIEHARD/LETHALWEAPON flicks), but it is the only Bond film that really spends any time living in the dangerous dirty brutal world that Fleming touches on occasionally in the early novels (the last act gets a little nutty, but it coasts by on goodwill generated by what went before. Also the film does have a WTF moment that seems left over from the Roger Moore era, when a polaroid camera with a laser beam takes an x-ray photo of Bond, and the people in a picture on the wall are also rendered in x-ray form – I note that in the interest of full disclosure, since it is just plain awful but not everybody catches it.)

For me FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE is pretty much a perfect filmgoing experience, but I’d rank the two Dalton films (LIVING DAYLIGHTS is probably the most unabashedly romantic feeling film in the whole series, which features John Barry’s last 007 score) only a bit below it, with most of the 60s-era films. Don’t really give a hoot about any of the others except for film scores, production design and (occasionally) VFX, though QUANTUM has a few very good minutes in it amidst all the ADD cutting.

Casino Royale was the best of the Craig Bonds.


I think so too.

Interesting how other posters can go OFF-topic, ie talk about Bond movies, among them being TUP, and yet TUP does not go for any of these posters for going off-topic, yet he has gone for me because he claims I go off-topic, when a lot of time, I haven’t.

Just saying…

@Rose – that’s a fair point. But when I am critical of off topic posting I mean more when you post about the person posting and not the subject they posted about.

My post was in a contained thread. But if you think it was not appropriate then I can’t argue with that. Other than to say it’s not unusual to discuss other films and shows as a comparison to Star Trek or trek related subjects.

kmart Today 5:37 am

that the ‘leads’ such as they were that take Bond from country to country could easily have just wound up with him at the South Pole with only a penguin for company,


I actually have seen Moonraker, and it does stand out in my memory as one of the most ridiculous Bond movies. I’ve seen all of the Bond movies, except one or two of the Brosnan ones. I think I’d just outgrown them by that point. I didn’t particularly enjoy any of the Brosnan movies that I can recall. The Living Daylights stands out in my memory as one of the most enjoyable Bond movies for me. I don’t remember much about License to Kill. I realize that you’re viewing these movies through the lens of having read the books, whereas I’m not burdened by such considerations. From Russia With Love is pretty much universally regarded as one of the best, if not the best, and I agree. Looking back, there was always a lot of chasing and running around in Bond movies, but it does seem to have jumped the shark in the Craig series. It’s just too much. Casino Royale would have been a much better movie without that second chase scene at the beginning of the movie. Skyfall had an intriguing theme as its premise that was woefully neglected—that really could have been a fantastic movie in the right hands. Quantum got panned when it hit the theaters, but I found it only slightly inferior to Casino.

I LOVED Spectre. And the “bad guys” weren’t just run-o-the mill ones, they were a cabal of silicon valley-styled technocrats, slowly replacing democratic institutions that had oversight, with non-democratic institutions overseen only by a Technocrat Supreme.

They were eating democracy from the inside out, unnoticed…like termites in wood.

Rather topical, don’t you think?

My interest picked up when the story eventually got to Christoph Waltz as Blofeld. But, there was a stretch there in the middle where it just seemed like Bond was going from bad guy to bad guy, chasing these people without any of the meaning that you’re ascribing to it. By topical, do you mean it starts with a T and end with a P?

I almost saw it, just for Christoph Waltz, but then heard it was a real stinkah.


I enjoyed Christoph Waltz as Blofeld, but I can’t say it’s worth seeing the movie just for his performance.

You might have loved the original concept for SPY WHO LOVED ME, which opened with a cabal of young longhaired revolutionary types breaking into SPECTRE and killing off the old guard completely. Would have been an interesting dynamic (if you ignore having to work around Roger Moore being in the mix – pretend he is Bond’s gay uncle, that sometimes helps) and it was nearly a decade prior to Bond’s first real foray into Silicon Valley tech folks in the even more abyssmal VIEW TO A KILL.

It’s also worthwhile to consider that this rejected storyline was by Richard Maibaum, who had a hand in writing nearly all the early Bonds and in some ways is as responsible as Ken Adam, John Barry and Terence Young for the series’ successes. The guy was pushing 70 at that point and still innovating rather than being content with format becoming formula, which seems to be what his cowriters and successors were more happy with.

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It’s funny, I grew up with Roger Moore as Bond—Moonraker, which I saw in the theater as a small boy, was my first Bond movie. But, looking back now, your “gay uncle” characterization is pretty apropos. I have good feelings about For Your Eyes Only, but I don’t even recall the plot. I do remember enjoying A View to a Kill when I was 11, but haven’t seen it recently. What about it did you find abysmal?

Last bad James Bond movie I saw starred Pierce Brosnan as James Bond.

All of the Daniel Craig movies were markedly superior to all that came before. Even Quantum of Solace, which was the weakest. Some may prefer the Bond they grew up with, whether it was Connery or Moore, but no actor explored or developed the character more than DC’s Bond. We saw him fall in love and then coldly retreat into the shadows of his work when Vesper betrayed him and was killed, we saw how he grew up and what led him to be the person he became, and, finally, we see him fall in love again and apparently choose the woman over the spygame — unthinkable characterizations for Connery’s or Moore’s Bond.

Each of the movies was also linked. Bond was fighting Spectre all along; each of the previous villains belonged to the organization that became identified in Spectre, so the Bond movies were similar to but even more of a logical progression than the Nolan Batman movies.


I have enjoyed the Craig series better than the Brosnan series, and I didn’t find QUANTUM to be the stinker that it got labelled as, either. But, those character development points that you mentioned were far from satisfying for me. At best, they were teases of what might have been—interesting themes that carried on for a precious few minutes and then were arbitrarily dropped in favor of unnecessary action scenes, never to be returned to again. As I recall, the closest that any of the Craig movies came to developing a theme to its resolution was with the anti-violence message in SPECTRE, which is introduced in the first half of the story and then presented as a thematic statement at the very end. I’d love to have seen the SKYFALL theme dealing with Bond’s psychology developed over the course of the entire movie, but it was quickly dropped before the midpoint. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen all of the Bond movies, but the Connery and Moore ones—some of them, at least—tended to have a central theme to the story, whether it was the perils of communism, genetic engineering or what have you. But, I suppose you’re right in that they did not attempt to develop Bond’s character in the way that the Craig movies have dabbled with. Though, I don’t recall there being any carryover of Bond’s character development from film to film in the Craig movies. It seems like the reset button got pressed with each of the four movies, in terms of Bond’s character development. The SPECTRE point is interesting, though. I might have to watch all the Craig movies again to appreciate that. I’ve only seen each of them once.

we star trek fans need an intervention, something like Q showing us our miserable, sad future if we don’t stop whining and hating … By Grabthar’s hammer…optimism shall be avenged!

“The release of emotion is what keeps us health. Emotionally healthy.”
That may be, Doctor. However, I have noted that the healthy release
of emotion is frequently unhealthy for those closest to you.
-McCoy and Spock, “Plato’s Stepchildren”

shouldn’t Spock be wearing blue in the picture? did he transfer to engineering?

It’s an “interesting” uniform (definitely not an improvement, but looks like it could be from an earlier era). Quite different from the contemporary ones they were wearing on Enterprise before she got attacked. I’m wondering if he picks it up somewhere along the way after he’s transported away from McCoy. Perhaps it comes from the Franklin? That jacket he was sporting in an earlier pic would go along with it; I think that had red shoulder patches too.

Spock’s uniform reminds me of the uniform used in Enterprise and what we saw in TNG. By the time of TNG, the gold was replaced by red, ie Captain Picard and First Officer (No 1) Riker were wearing red. Gold became the colour worn by Engineering (Geordi LaForge) and what Data wore. Data was the “everywhere man”, as in he could be helping in Engineering or doing the night shift on the bridge as acting captain, etc. Blue was still the colour worn by Dr Crusher, ie medical staff.

This is an alternate timeline. Anything is possible. Yeah, man…loving it…:)!

May just be Spock is wearing whatever is on hand. If the Franklin scenes are later in the movie, he changed out of an old tattered Enterprise uniform into whatever they found on hand… maybe. Just a guess.

The answer you seek is in my previous spoiler-filled reply to Marja:

Some new rumors:

Star Trek 2017 to be set 50 years after TNG?

Ok, seems it really only was what I wrote: A rumor. The mention of the timeframe has been withdrawn.

Well, they use a fan-created Enterprise re-design and a laundry list of stuff that some TNG era fans might dream about. The whole thing doesn’t sound very credible.

I hope note. This line from the article is basically a list of things I dont care about:

“There will be opportunities to explore the aftermath of the Dominion War, the death of the Borg Queen as well as the influence Admiral Janeway had on the timeline with her quest to bring the Voyager crew home.”

Would prefer the post TUC timeframe, but I suppose we’ll get what we get. With the good talent at hand, it should impress no matter what timeline or universe it is set in.

I can’t believe this movie is only 3 months out, and we’ve barely heard nothing from it. I don’t know if they’re afraid, just trying to get past Civil War and then advertise it, or if this is a huge over-reaction to the marketing of Into Darkness.

I mean, In one sense it’s nice to not know anything, as it’ll be surprise. On the other hand, one eventually does need to market your movie…

I think the movie is not living up to expectations and some final edits are being done to salvage what they can. But that’s nothing more than a SWAG. I’m not too optimistic.

So I’m wondering why Spock’s jacket has red bars on the shoulders – shouldn’t it be blue?