Trekzone Releases Response to Alec Peters Interview

Trekzone’s follow-up to their interview with Axanar’s Alec Peters has hit the web.

A few weeks back, Trekzone’s Matt Miller spoke to Axanar producer Alec Peters about the fledgling fan film and many of the issues surrounding it.  Peters bristled at some of the questions, leading to a few testy exchanges.  You can see the interview and read more about it here.

In this segment, Miller plays more of the Peters interview and speaks to Axanar’s PR representative Mike Bawden and AxaMonitor’s Carlos Pedraza.   They discuss the interview itself as well as a variety of topics related to Axanar, from the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by CBS/Paramount, to speculation about the potential effect the lawsuit could have on other fan films, and much more.

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