Several New Photos From Behind The Scenes of STAR TREK BEYOND Released Today

The Chinese language magazine Check released a handful of new images showing some awesome behind-the-scenes shots from Star Trek Beyond.

Star Trek Beyond is slated to be released in Taiwan on July 22nd (the same day as its US, Canada, and UK release) as 星際爭霸戰:浩瀚無垠, or Star Trek Beyond The Vast Expanse. The Asian market is all important in today’s global media world, and today the Chinese language site Check Magazine delivered some of the best looks at the Star Trek Beyond crew we’ve seen yet.







Whether or not the film is well received in Asia could make or break its overall success and could be key to determining whether or not we’re going to get that sequel that Beyond‘s two biggest stars are already signed on for.

The Chinese language title card for Star Trek Beyond

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I’m looking forward to Star Trek Beyond and hope it pleases all in some capacity. The new uniforms are cool but a little confusing in that I get the gold stripes for command on the away jackets, I get the blue for science and medical and keeping that basic uniform from the 2 previous films as well as Uhura and Scotty sporting red for their respective posts, but why is Spock wearing a gray jacket with red stripes? Nice new look for the website by the way-well done!

Spock’s jacket is not a modern Starfleet jacket from the Enterprise, it is salvaged form the USS Franklin

Thanks for the info! I looked up USS Franklin uniforms and found an image of Spock from that had a blowup of the patch on his arm. Curiouser and curiouser……

Interesting new uniforms. Slightly reminiscent of Enterprise.

Reminds me more of the old Royal Navy officers uniforms from Lord Nelson’s era.

Reminds me of the uniforms from Mass Effect (specifically, Kirk’s jacket).

I’m guessing the images taken on the new ship are from the third act in the movie after most of the crew managed to regroup or something.

Hope this new ship & bridge are only in a few shots it looks horribly low tech by design I know but still does not give me a this is a mega budget sequel feel! More of a this is how we save money vibe. Pegg’s deconstructing Star Trek comments also leave me with that impression. I do not think Trek needed deconstructing at all more like a decent screenplay/original story & less action but more Star Trek sci-fi.

Pegg’s recent comments about finding references to an NX ship in Memory Alpha, along with the new photo’s may explain the look. If the crew did find a pre-Federation relic, then the aesthetic in the photos would be consistant.

It depends on what part of the story is shown. All the main crew look quite weather-beaten. I’d hazard a guess that they have managed to find an old ship and are making do… I doubt all of the movie will appear so low tech.

Quite a surprise to log on this afternoon to find great big pictures. Very good.

If you want something that looks horriby low tech by design (despite a huge budget), look no further than the Eningeering-Brewery from 2009.

Engineering-Brewery. Ugh.

Actually, the Engineering Brewery makes since, if you see that section as the “guts” of the ship. In most cases, we’ve only seen the up-front areas that are user friendly.

3 weeks to a special 50th anniversary fan event with trailer, with no new details or any invites except for a few photographs in a Friday news dump?

Sure to garner lots of chatter but seems like a bait and switch.

Looks like they’re trying to shore up the foreign box office, trying to delay the inevitable reviews.

Depending on how many people they want at this thing, I’d suspect they already know who is going to attend and it will be invited friendly guests. Its getting awfully close if they want to invite regular fans from out of town…

Glad to see somethings finally slipping out. Its about time!

The gunslinger style phaser belts are a really nice touch. I appreciate that the Enterprise gang are at their hearts explorers, but you can’t beat a good gunfight.

Cool photos.
I remain stoked for the film.

I just noticed that the zip on Kirk’s jacket is shaped like the Starfleet badge. That’s pretty cool.

Yes, I see what you mean about the zip. so cool! I want me one of those jackets…:)

OT – just noticed the time stamp of my above as in 10.58am. Presumably “Today” means Monday morning, 2 May. Where I am now is 6.09am Tuesday morning, 3 May. Downunder is ahead by almost 20 hours.

I am curious. Are the site and moderators in California?

Ceiling is awfully high up for a small ship (makes me wonder how wide the lens was that got used here and if the set really looks this way to the eye), I think the clustering of consoles makes it seem smaller than it actually is.

Then again I don’t think I’ve seen a full Enterprise episode in over a decade, so maybe that was true there as well, but the lighting here is much better than I recall on that show.

If this ship is a fixer-upper they find, would have liked to see at least a couple of the source lights ‘out’ as stuff probably should have busted or decayed after decades planetside.

Overall I still like it about a million times more than the ‘Target store cosmetic aisle’ look of E in 09/ID.

It’d be fun if a bridge crew member comments that it’s easier on their eyes not to have lights shining all in their face ;-) No migraines on this bridge!

But I sure hope if Kirk gets a new Enterprise she looks (on the outside) as she did in ST09 and STID. I have been in the minority among the traditionalist fans who think Enterprise should have the “good old” design. That was the original universe and long may she live. But I really appreciate the NuEnterprise in the NuVerse. I love her design, except for the “rocketship tailfins” on the aft of the nacelles.

I’d be happy if they used an established design from the past rather than just a random. Adds depth. But can’t see it being the NX Enterprise For us fans we’d think it was a cool nod to the past. But fans not familiar with Enterprise might see it as a bit on the nose “oh of course its the Enterprise”… Plus if it was the NX Enterprise which had disappeared years earlier (and this explaining why we had never before heard of it – classified mission) the uniforms they put on should be old style Enterprise. Which actually would have been cool to be honest.

The problem I’ve always had with Star Trek TOS era films is the lighting of the bridge(s). It is either too dark (like on TWOK, and esp. TSFS) or too bright (the last two BR films). There seems to be little, or no, happy medium found. The bridge is too dark in the picture above. Perhaps it is because it has no one on it and lighting comes on when a person comes onto the bridge, saving power etc. That would make sense.

I wonder if I will need to bring sunglasses and/or goggles for seeing at night for this next movie as well.
Perhaps Justin Lin may wish to share with us a few words in this respect…:)

Could be a later NX- model. It does look similar to Capt Archer’s bridge.

Kirk’s NCC-1701 Enterprise holds over 400 crew members. It wouldn’t make much sense for Kirk and company to try an escape in a much smaller NX-01 class vessel that couldn’t even think of doing battle if they tried to stuff it with even a third of the crew from Kirk’s bigger ship.

I think it’s more likely the magnificent 6 are prepped with intel gathered from their time on the planet and believe they have everything they need to turn the tide in a return engagement space conflict.

I like the uniform jackets. It’s a shame they aren’t using the epaulet stripes for rank though. that’s a missed opportunity.

Are the epaulet’s merely pointless costuming? They don’t indicate a Captain’s rank?

Did Mr. Quinto not want to cut his real hair?

@Tom, 6:37a
In some “out of makeup” shots from the set for the charity campaign, it looked like Quinto HAD cut his hair Vulcan-style (there are the same odd, short layers on the sides and he’s gelled and scumbled his hair on top) … but his eyebrows were intact.

I remain mystified :-)

Perhaps some makeup mastery is going on. I do like the longer bangs (fringe).

This really pisses me off about NuTrek. The reason Kirk was such a badass and Starfleet adopted the delta was because he was one of a couple Captains of the Constitution Class to successfully return from a 5 year mission intact.

Obviously he doesnt come back intact… Like all the other lame captains in Starfleet.

It sure seems to me that the crew visits a place where a long-ago Federation ship encountered trouble and decided to stay. I’m guessing this had major implications for the locals…

The number 6 on the turbolift door makes me think this is a battle bridge, not a main bridge.

As I said in a deleted post, this has been a very positive change. Congratulations on the new format!

I do think that we should have a comments counter for each TrekMovie article, however, for reasons set forth by others — primarily relating to the indication of new activity.

BTW, the deletion of my post was accidental.

What’s up with the Captain Eo jackets?

STOP with the new uniforms. Jeez.

Why stop with the new uniforms?

I think they are a necessary (and welcome) addition. In the TOS TV series, all the crew wore exactly the same uniform (except for Kirk on occasion) everywhere, irrespective of the conditions they encountered. It really did not make sense. Now some of the crew, at least, appear to be able to dress accordingly. That makes sense. nuKirk’s jacket looks functional and very smart/stylish.

I think new uniforms every film can come across as silly and marketing-centric. Most military organizations don’t change uniforms every 2-3 years. However, I don’t mind adding variants which is sort of a Trek staple.

We were lucky with the TOS films and even right into the TNG era that there seemed to be a costuming plan. And when new uniforms were announced it was a big deal. They seemed to flow nicely too. The TMP uniforms were pretty cool and then of course the massive redesign for WoK but they stayed virtually the same until the TNG era which filled in some of the blanks and indicated the redesigns didn’t stray far from the WoK style.

I bet there is some costume person dying to do a new take on the WoK uniform and I’d love to see them. Hopefully in the new series.

From the little we can see of the uniforms worn on STB, the crew still seem to be wearing the same style and colour of uniforms that were worn in the last two movies and on TV TOS. What changes made were minor only. The useful and stylish addition seems to be Kirk’s field jacket. Of course, there is a query about what Spock seems to be wearing… Perhaps 20 May might reveal, or else 22 July 2016.

“Most military organizations” – Starfleet is quasi-military. In fact the Enterprise is not a military ship, even though it does have defensive capabilities. It is a ship of exploration, first and foremost. This is occurring in the 23rd century when (it was hoped) that most of the agregious nonsense actions perpetrated by many today will have stopped. I guess we can thank, in part, Nicholas Meyer for dumbing down Starfleet to simply being largely military, with all that implies, rather than being a mostly civilian based organisation, with a hierarchical structure.

interesting, contrary to previous predictions, it seems is the,


I’m actually in love with the new uniforms and those jackets!

I have never had any ambiguity towards a Trek film. Until now. I am not looking forward to it. Perhaps the trailer did it to me, or the fact that I have little confidence in a Simon Pegg script. I don’t know. I am much more looking forward to the new series.

Just an initial reaction, but could this be the “captains yacht”, which has been a feature of all Enterprise designs but never utilized on film? Used as an escape pod during the destruction of the big E? The deck 6 designation on the door would be about right. The looks on the faces of the crew might be a reaction to her destruction? Just thinking out loud, but I bet this preceeds the events on the planet surface…

I just noticed that along with Pegg and Jung, Orci, McCay and Payne are also credited as writers of Beyond at the end of the teaser trailer. Pegg said that they didn’t use their script so I wonder if it’s just contractual to list them or if they did indeed include parts of the old script.

Yes, I have seen that as well on the IMDb Star Trek 3 (Beyond) page. Originally, the Orci/McKay/Payne names were there, then they disappeared, and now they are back. Curious.