Is Paramount Gearing Up For “Star Trek 4”?

Today, Paramount Pictures registered the title “STAR TREK 4” with the Motion Picture Association of America, TrekMovie has confirmed. Combined with the fact that Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto already signed on for a fourth film and talk from Simon Pegg that Beyond won’t be a “trilogy ender”, it’s looking more like Star Trek 4 is in our future.

Does this guarantee that “Star Trek 4” has been green lit?

The short answer is no. But, it’s a big step. Paramount has officially registered “STAR TREK 4” as the title of a film with the Motion Picture Association of America, a step that is necessary before any major film will be released in the United States. We know that two of JJ Trek’s biggest stars, Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) have already signed on for a possible fourth film, although there has been no word yet on Trek’s arguably biggest rising star, Zoe Saldana (Uhura).

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto in 2009’s Star Trek

The idea of movie studios planning sequels way in advance is nothing new. So, even though there is no telling how well Star Trek Beyond will fair, that doesn’t preclude the studio prepping to make another Star Trek movie. Does this signal optimism from Paramount regarding Beyond’s success? Possibly, but in today’s Hollywood, a sequel doesn’t depend so much on the success (particularly the domestic success) of it’s predecessor.

It’s no secret that Paramount has fallen on hard times lately, with a reported adjusted $136-million operating loss for the January-March quarter and its parent company Viacom’s former chariman facing a mental competency trial. Much of Paramount’s value is derived from its rights to Star Trek, and so a fourth movie might, regardless of the performance of Beyond, be a good business move for the struggling studio giant.

Does this mean the new movie will be called “Star Trek 4”?

The short answer is again, no. Most likely, the name is simply a placeholder until the movie’s production is underway and an official title can be chosen.

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Everything has changed with the look of! I’m a trekkie, I can’t handle change!

Star Trek 4 = 4 years to complete. I have been very disappointed on how long it takes for these movies to come out.

Three years apart is fine with me. It was the four years between Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness that was a mistake by Bad Robot.

I could see them wanting the fourth one out in 2018, with Lin returning to the helm. Faster turnaround this time given Paramount’s current situation. (It’s been a faster turnaround between Into Darkness and Beyond too but still agonizingly long to many of us, hehe.)

@Quinton O\’Connor,

“I could see them wanting the fourth one out in 2018, with Lin returning to the helm.”

Lin said that he won’t be back for another Trek!

“I feel like this is probably it for me. Fast and Furious was different; I was trying to build something. I feel like when I’m done with this film, I’ll be excited to see where the franchise goes. To be able to be a part of this and not wear out my welcome is great, as well as to be able to contribute something to the franchise. Because I know Star Trek is going to be there when I’m gone.”

I’d have to respect Lin for understanding that having a fresh perspective in the directors chair can be very good for the long term health of the franchise. On the other hand, if the movie is a spectacular success, dangling the prospect of doing another one could give him pause to change his mind. It’s very early in the process….

Agreed on the ‘fresh perspective’ angle. Have often thought the ALIEN model of a different director and sub-genre for each of the four pics, even if it wasn’t intended, worked pretty well in keeping things fresh,even if they rarely delivered what I personally wanted to see. In fact if you look at the quadrilogy in those terms, then David Giler and Walter Hill are the maestros of the series since they provided the initial notions (ripley&marines, ripley&monks, etc.) for the sequels and did wonderful (unfairly uncredited) work on the first one.

“This is probably it” does not equal “I won’t be back.”

There’s nothing wrong with changing your mind about something.

Lin has already stated that he is moving away from helming sequels and won’t be returning to Trek.

Honestly this is my biggest criticism of the new film series. I have my gripes with certain set designs (cough engineering cough), characterizations (Uhura, Chekov), and some less than sensible plot developments (magical blood)– but my biggest complaint is having to wait 4 years for a new movie that’s greenlit the day the previous one is released! What’s taking them so long!? Yikes!

Hollywood is more franchise driven than ever.
Of course Paramount is going to make more

The only thing that gives me pause is that the marketing of this movie is non-existent. ST09 and STID were in full swing by now. The studio hasn’t acted like it has confidence in this film. I hope we’re going to see a more sustained campaign, that results in a better than expected box office for the studio so we continue to see more from this cast and crew. Right now, I’m just not seeing it.

Pop over to, I wouldn’t say that marketing is non-existent.

There is literally nothing about a new movie on the home page.

Tiberius Mudd,

It’s not as if is much better.

If you’re going to see a summer film be successful, you need to try to appeal to the movie-going masses, not just fans. If the goal is to send people to the website (and that’s a pretty poor strategy, if it were true), they’re doing a poor job of it, and marketing for this film in general.

Paramount Pictures has been around for a very long time for a reason—- I’m pretty sure they know how to market movies. They have a strategy. They’ll go by that. Might not make sense to us, but they know what they are doing. It’s there job.


In reply to your comment:

All I can relate is that I had every intention to see STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS in my local neighborhood theater, but when I went to the BO at a convenient time to purchase a ticket, much to my chagrin, I discovered it had come and went. I directly attribute that to Paramount’s lousy and confusing marketing where they eventually tied it to a limited double bill with WORLD WAR Z.

They did a big bang general audience trailer along with Star Wars in December, now they are keeping their powder dry until after the biggest of the early summer movies goes by. What is it worth to spend marketing dollars 3 months from release, while the world is flooded with ‘Captain America: Civil War’ ads for that movie coming in a week.

We’ll get a much larger marketing campaign when the movie is closer and the market is less noisy.

@Vulcancafe You’re probably right, and I hadn’t thought about that. Wait until the fervor over Superman/Batman, Avengers and such dies down. The marketing for this sort of mirrors Paramount’s efforts for Jason Bourne: a trailer in February and then nothing until April/May, with a July release.

Seems like the “Civil War” audience would be ideal group to see Trek preview. But what do I know ….

You’re very right. I’m a bit of an apologist, so I will offer three possible reasons it is not on the film:

1) getting a spot in front of CW was too expensive/too difficult given CW’s popularity.
2) they have chosen a different blockbuster to promote in front of (X-Men 2 weeks later, or TMNT the week after, which btw is also a Paramount film)
3) a trailer for STB is in fact showing in front of CW, and we will see it Friday when the movie opens.

@ Torchwood: Hasn’t Paramount said they will premiere the next trailer at that fan event on May 20? So I wouldn’t expect it to run in front of any movie that comes out before that date.

I’ll take this as a positive step.

It’s a positive step, and maybe Paramount is finally figuring out that you can’t be 3-5 years between outings for what was being argued as a ‘tentpole’ franchise.


This just means the ducks are lined up and ready to quack as long as STB performs well. Check back around 7/26 or so.

Cool article — thanks Kayla!

I already voted, along with most fans, on Trekmovie’s poll that I am looking much more forward to Beyond than the new series.

Similarly, I am now looking more forward to Star Trek 4 than the new series as well. Not that I am not looking forward to the new series, but TOS-based Trek is simply so much better than any other Trek incarnation, and the poll results here show that most fans, by about a 2:1 margin, agree with me on this. TOS Trek is iconic, and stands the test of time.

That’s a nice opinion, which I don’t share at all. But hey, to each their own.

@Prodigal Son,

The nostalgia is strong with this one!

I for one have had enough of TOS. I’m not down on the JJ verse ,but without the original actors ( which is not possible) It never felt to me like TOS . It maybe just me ,but I love what Lucas films is doing with Star wars and there stand alone stories ,in between episodes 7 and 8 and beyond. A Star wars film every year. Why can’t Paramount do the same?? I’ll tell you why, there heart just isn’t in it and they don’t have something like a Lucas films that is just really for anything Star wars. Paramount just isn’t inventive when it comes to Star Trek. They were with the spin off series on TV ,but with the movies nope, it never seems to happen. There is no core of people invested In Star Trek like there was with Berman and co. Its all money driven only.My hope is CBS takes the ball and rolls with it with the new TV series. Something Trek but new and fresh.

Liking this…:)!

Hey, I’m just glad the recent movies have created enough interest to get trek back on TV. If we also get another movie after Beyond, well then yes, I would like to have my cake and eat it too. :)

I found this list of Star Trek related events but nothing about the Paramount event on 20 May –

Perhaps it is an “Invite Only” event!

How about “Star Trek into Infinity”! :]

They could always dig up the old PLANET OF THE TITANS story and have it wrap up with this incarnation of TREK with Enterprise winding up in Earth’s past bringing fire to primitive man and starting us on our way to, well, HERE.

Titans is one of the holy grails of unproduced Trek movie scripts. I’ve looked for it forever with no success. The basic premise and plot points sound weird but in a cool way. I wouldn’t mind seeing it on the big screen!

Whut. Talk about violating the Prime Directive!

I’ve read a big hunk of Kaufman’s TITANS treatment (no, I cannot share, wasn’t mine), which does NOT have the Earth/past ending the original screenwriters had included, but HIS version is very 70s, kind of ZARDOZ TREK if you can believe it.

This could mean that Star Trek 4 would be set at the end or even after the five year mission. I wonder if V’Ger is on his way in the JJ Universe, too…


“I wonder if V’Ger is on his way in the JJ Universe, too…”

Also that thing that wanted to talk to the whales.

Both V’Ger and the Probe should exist since they would have been en route prior to Nero’s arrival. Although they might look different, have different communication methods and motivations as Nero seemed to alter all those pre-existing things in Khan.

Ugh, I hope they keep the timelines separate enough to avoid that.

Why rehash the past. What made Trek great in the past was always moving forward. This obsession with TOS I just don’t get. What is going to make Trek great again is taking risks like they did in the past. Daring stories with today’s action , new crews,like when Next gen was new and DS9 was new. Like Star Wars is doing with Rogue One. Paramount is never going to be successful with Trek if they continue to sit on their laurels and don’t take risks.Star Trek will always be in the shadows of Star Wars when it can be as good or greater. What a shame.I feel Star Trek has become a money grab thanks to Paramounts obsession of Trek lining up with every other popcorn movie of the summer. Star Trek Beyond maybe a surprize summer hit , but the way the process of this whole movie came about I somehow doubt it. We keep hearing every time they make a new film the people involved are big Star trek fans, and I believe they are ,but then the studio sticks their nose in the process and says no!! the new script is to Trekie!! As long has this kind of mindset from the suits is there ,we will never get the kind of Trek we have loved and hoped for. Paramounts business model concerning Star Trek is just wrong. Look at Marvel, and Disney with Star Wars and how successful they are . You may not like all those films ,but you can’t denine the success of those films. Paramount needs an overhaul top to bottom and get people who really love Star Trek in those positions and let them make movies without the suits sticking there nose is after a script has been green lighted. The passion coming from the other camp (Star Wars) is so obvious because the right people are there and are allowed to make the films and give those fans what they wanted. Until Paramount wakes up ,sadly we will never get the kind of Trek we all hope for.I’m not a doom and gloomer type person, but the reality with the state of Star Trek is so clear.

Star Trek 4 is just a place holder name. But good to know that they already preparing Trek XIV.

Yes, please!

They mentioned around 2 years ago before they started ‘Trek 13 that there would be 4 movies in the series. It was even reported on here. Why is everyone pretending this is news?

Probably cuz the vibes on this have been uniformly bad, owing in part to lack of info and in part to choice of revelations and in part to nature of trek fandom elements.

One of the “related products” shown for this article is ‘Star Trek 4’ by James Blish. : ) Which proves that artificial intelligence isn’t that intelligent yet.

Will any one care if the new tv is good?

I do. I am more than happy to consider the possibility of watching another good Star Trek TV series AND having the opportunity to go see another Star Trek on the big screen. Sounds like a great plan to me!

@ Keachick

Yes, all of these people who are saying “either/or” to the movies and TV series I just don’t get. I’ll take both, than you! :-)

In today’s TV world, there is no excuse and little leeway for it to be bad in Season One. There are brilliant shows out there that were brilliant from Day One. They must have it figured out. The premiere episode airing on the main CBS network is huge and will be widely seen. It cant be a stinker.

Yes. I’d also be concerned if it was bad.

If it follows the pattern of the last few Trek series, expect a weak season 1, but then a gradual improvement over seasons 2 and 3.

You can’t do that in TV anymore ,the pilot has to hit hard and get ratings or it’s done. It remains to be seen ,but there is a reason CBS ended up with anything Star Trek on TV . I believe they get it and will deliver .

I do also .This is very important that this new TV show is something of a hit and gets the kind of interest where we start getting better movies on the big screen. But I’ll say it again ,if they go TOS series route with Kirk and Spock and play it safe, I have not much hope. Its got to be new, new cast ,new actors new time period in the future, new everything. Will CBS dare to do that?? I think they can and will ,because with TV ,you can. Netflix and Amazon are doing great things with there original tv shows, no reason why CBS can’t do the same. The tread with TV is doing different because they have come to realize doing a show that’s is like another show on a different network doesn’t work anymore . Play it safe with Star Trek ,you lose, taking risks your chances of winning are way better. If CBS takes the dare and gets the ratings beyond what they may hope for you can kiss Star Trek all access goodbye.

to be honest i was hoping this was the last film,having said that,if, beyond is brilliant then i will change my mind,after all they can make it work in the comic books so why the hell not on the big screen!!!!! so less flash bang and f8cking lens flares and more plot and substance please, i might even try and over look its a false god aka captain kirk

The lens flares were JJ’s favorite. It was just an important part of his visual style. Beyond has a new director in Justin Lin who will give the movie his visual style. I’m not familiar with Lin’s movies so I don’t know if he’s a big fan of lens flares as well. As for more plot and substance, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much. That’s just not the way most of these summer blockbuster movies are made these days. But who knows? Maybe Simon Pegg and Co. were able to craft a story that actually gives a little more meaning to the big acton set pieces.


Star Trek Lives!

There’s your next title,

If the new CBS Trek series returns Trek to its original spirit and values, I suspect that these BR Trek movies will in the future be regarded in like manner as TAS is today. That’s how I think of them, anyway.

P.S. With the exception of Yesteryear, which stands apart from the rest of TAS in terms of its substance.

Granted, YESTERYEAR remains a cut above, but HOW SHARPER THAN A SERPENT’S TOOTH and THE TIME TRAP along with ONE OF OUR PLANETS IS MISSING could have been regular series eps (SHARPER practically is WHO MOURNS), while JIHAD suggested a course for feature films by bringing together disparate group that I’m surprised they never chased. And MAGICKS OF MEGUS TWO was an eye-opener for me as a teen. There are good ideas scattered through TAS, even if the execution is blunted by the medium and other constraints.

I think the two Abrams films — not going to group BEYOND in their w/o first seeing it, as I still have fairly high hopes — would be lucky to be remembered so kindly.

kmart Today 12:57 pm

All I can say is that I tried forcing myself to watch those two seasons of TAS, and I couldn’t trudge through the second season. I really did try, but they were just so boring, I couldn’t take it. Revisiting TAS is on my to-do list for some point. And I will keep in mind the episodes that you mentioned. If I still find TAS unwatchable after my second try, there will not be a third attempt. I really would like to enjoy them, though, because they’re cartoons from the early 70s, and I have very fond feelings for that era. But, when I tried watching them the first time, it was like watching other cartoons that I enjoyed as a kid—it’s just too boring now. It’s all plot. Some alien is endangering the Enterprise, and they have to stop it before it’s too late, and of course they do.

I can’t say Im overly enthused with this potential development. Not that I;d be against another film. Will have to see STB to decide if its on the right track as STID was decidedly the wrong track.

If they do another, I hope they bring in people who can see the potential in a truly epic film that donors the 50 years of the franchise. In that way, perhaps the 52nd or 53rd anniversary will be the big one.

On the other hand, if CBS’ series is great, I wouldn’t be unhappy if the film rights reverted back to CBS and let them create the next film franchise with synergy to the TV show.

Its interesting the poll here. Because with a film about to launch and a series well off, of course the film should be winning the poll but there is an awful lot of fans who are more excited with a TV series we know nothing about than an established film about to drop.


The poll is not reliable since people can cast vote multiple times if they want.

I don’t know how they can multi-vote; as an experiment I tried to and got “you have already voted in this poll.” Mysterious methods must be out there ….

@Marja – I have seen the poll mysteriously allow me to vote again even at the same time as the comments section didn’t. So…not entirely sure how it works. People with different IP addresses could probably vote again.


I got the same message, “you have already voted in this poll.” at the beginning. But then I saw a comment by Keachick saying that she voted twice! Perhaps there was a glitch in the system for a while.

@Ahmed – true. Its also not an equal comparison since the film is out shortly and we have some information whereas the series is not out until 2017 and we know nothing. I imagine if a poll was put up in November that asked the same question (series vs Trek 4) that the series would win hands down.

I agree with most of what you say, but one point worth mentioning is that i’m not sure film rights “revert.” Not exactly sure how the division of rights works between Paramount and CBS but from what I understand it is not licensed, but a straight ownership. So Paramount can choose to make or not make a movie and they would still remain the only studio able to make Trek feature films.

If I am wrong however, please someone do correct me.

I was under the impression Viacom gave Paramount a deadline to produce a Trek film or lose the rights to do so… Could the parent company not shift the film rights over to another division, namely CBS?

And as we have seen with Sony and Marvel playing nice in regards to Spiderman, if Paramount throws up its arms with Trek and CBS wants to have a go at it, it might not be too difficult for them to make a deal that benefits both. Even if it’s paramount funding and CBS being in charge creatively.

Paramount should .They haven’t done much for Star Trek over the years .They always have claimed it was their cash cow, yet they haven’t shown it in ways other studios do for their cash cows. I think its time for a divorce. Let CBS take crack at it .If I remember correctly CBS showed interest in taking over ”Enterprize” and doing a season 5 ,but Paramount said no!!, Star trek needs to rest awhile,then 6 months later Paramount says we have a new movie in the works ,which became Star Trek 2009. What a joke

Anything can be changed. They can sell the whole Star Trek thing to CBS ,like George did with Star wars, anything is possible with 2 agreeing parties

TUP Today 9:04 am

On the other hand, if CBS’ series is great, I wouldn’t be unhappy if the film rights reverted back to CBS and let them create the next film franchise with synergy to the TV show.

That would be great scenario, though it would seem to require Paramount to sell the film rights to CBS. Regarding something along the lines of a Firefly/Serenity synergy for Trek TV/movies, I’m right there with you. That would be awesome. Provided, of course, that the CBS show turns out well.


Last I saw, the movie was actually scoring higher than the series, which really shocked me. But, it could be anyone voting. There were several thousand votes and obviously several thousand people don’t comment here regularly. Someone clicks here to read an article and they cast a vote. I don’t think that multiple voting is allowed, though. Could also be that more is known about the movie than about the TV show, which was just announced earlier this year. And the movie is due out next month or something.

Well it worked with Star Wars didn’t it, put it in the right hands with a supportive studio and bang !! Hit after hit. It would be a good idea for Paramount to let Star trek go at some point and let CBS takeover.

Not a big step at all considering all the domain name squatters out there. It’s still entirely possible that Beyond could indeed be a trilogy ender…but not in the way that the studio was hoping for.
Let’s get through July before we start worrying about Star Trek 4, 5 and 12.

Agreed. There is a lot of work to be done to make 4 a reality including whether 3 is successful enough to warrant it. Plus signing a cast (or re-casting if they can’t), hiring writers and a director (Lin has said he wont be back). And I believe Bad Robot’s deal ends with STB so it means bringing in new partners. In a way, 4 is like starting over other than having the two leads under contract and an established brand that may or may not be considered a winner depending on STB.

This means absolutely nothing. One thing and one thing only will dictate Star Trek “4” (or 14). Box office. Quite simply, if it makes a load of money there will certain be another, and the purpose of tying Pine and Quinto up for a fourth movie option is simply a precautionary measure so that they now they can get both back if indeed Beyond proves a box office smash. Same with registering of titles (which isn’t like to be “Star Trek 4” anyhow).

With the lack of promotion, it’s anyone’s guess just how successful Beyond will be. Personally, my gut feeling is this will be the movie where the box office returns disappoint, irrespective of quality. What we’ve seen of it so far doesn’t lead me to feel anything special about it. To me it very much has a “just another Star Trek story of the week” feel about it, and, based on the marketing so car, I suspect the general audience will look at it that way as well. I just can’t get excited about the film myself. Nothing about it has yet grabbed me.

As things stand now, the whole thing feels like a criminal under use of the opportunities the 5th Anniversary presents. It doesn’t feel anything close to the likes of Skyfall or Day of the Doctor. I hope I am wrong. But to get this far and not have any real buzz about the picture, especially in the 50th Anniversary year, is a mistake I think will already harm the box office. So I thing a fourth movie is a long way off from being assured.

yes, i see you point, no buzz at all with this film and i am looking out for it, i am getting more buzz of star wars and i am not a big fan unlike star trek, for me, the new TV programs is where it is going to be at, now the comics are good,so it can be done

A strong sign that Beyond is way better than all these sad pessimist think it’s going to be… LOL

In absence of any appropriate promotion of TREK 2017 by Paramount (still no new Trailer), I suppose a throw-away press-release like this one helps keep TREK-movies in the News? Obviously, it means nothing else, except to “suggest” that the Studio might be impressed with the TREK 2017 and are demonstrating confidence in it’s success – and that, therefore, the public should be encouraged to pay to see their new movie.

Love the new comments section, and the new rules. Seems to be much less negativity, while those who have criticism are voicing it in a much more appropriate manner. I have a lot more reason to visit the site now, and feel confident that I can be involved in a healthy back-and-forth discussion now. Thank you.

Well it’s been a few days and there was just as much if not more nasty negativity and snide remarks. It’s been good today.but what will tomorrow bring! lol

I can understand any negativity around this film. Beyond has no buzz whatsoever, The last 2 films had some kind of buzz ,this one ugh. Talk about boldly going where no man’s gone before,!! Where are you Paramount promote the frickin movie!!

Regardless of how STB does its obvious they will make 1 more with the same cast. Do not worry about Paramount though they have billions in reserve its true they are not doing well right now but Viacom, CBS & National Amusements are all combined worth over $100b I doubt they will be running out of money anytime soon! Biggest mistake Paramount have made with this movie series is too long to produce new movies & no-one running the show so they relied too much on Bad Robot (big mistake IMO). These movies need to come out every 2 years for the public to embrace them. But I think Trek has a box office ceiling its biggest single market is still North America. Paramount are struggling to make this a global must see film franchise so its probably going to go away for a while at the movie theatres unless they can really breakout box office wise with STB & the next movie need to go well beyond $500m.

There was 4 years between Into Darkness and the first movie and Into Darkness made more money, worldwide…with the expansion into China possibly boosting sales, I don’t think the time gapp is a problem, Now don’t get me wrong, I HATE IT. Every 2 years was the about the norm with the original movie series, and I want as much of this Trek as they can hand me…but with the movies constantly playing on streaming services like netflix and Amazon, I don’t thnk awareness, due to gaps in between films, is a problem.

Into Darkness also cost way more due to pointless action sequences & was rumoured to have issues with missing budget so Paramount audited the movie later on! it was also reported it cost a lot more to make as it was filmed in LA due to the director insisting on this!

I do , you speak as a Star Trek fan.But there is a gap problem with these films. Were talking one film. Now look at what Lucas films is doing. It can be done with Star Trek , but it’s clear Paramount isn’t invested in shorting the gap. Star trek to them is just another film that comes up every 2 or 3 years to be made. Just another film down the road. As I said before they don’t have people in there that care about Star Trek. If you go back to TOS movies ,the guy running Paramount loved Star trek. The current person running Paramount could care less and that is the difference. I hate to sound like a broken record ,but look at Marvel and Disney there is a lot love going on over there. That’s what we need with Star Trek,so My hope is Paramount let her go and let CBS try it.

And I would like to direct the attention of Kayla Iacovino to the comments just below by TUP, Ahmed, kmart and myself.

There’s the effect of your guidelines for voting.

Though, I don’t think that any of us care at this point. If anything, all of the downvoting of our nice discussion serves to discredit the whole voting system, which has been my point all along.

@Cygnus – yup. Basically it chilled the people who probably used the voting in a more practical & fair sense and allowed those that vote down people they dislike to have a greater degree of impact. It doesnt impact my life one way or another but if the general feeling is to vote down people with different opinions and thats the direction perhaps our voices arent wanted here. I enjoy the site but if its going to be a battle every day then there are other places to discuss Star Trek.

NEWS FLASH — I am in full agreement with Cygnus and TUP.

The whole voting thing is like being back in Middle School again — get rid of it — IT IS LAME

I know I have said this before but I reiterate that I refuse to participate with the up or down voting of posts. Don’t like it!

According toThe Hollywood Reporter Justin Lin is co writing the script for Space Jam 2 and he wants to direct it.
It’s not official yet, but it sounds like he really does want to do other things .

Ahmed May 1, 2016 9:57 am

@TUP, The poll is not reliable since people can cast vote multiple times if they want.

I see what you mean now. If you delete your cookies, you can vote again. Every time you delete your cookies, you’re able to vote anew. I’d be surprised if the poll was skewed because fanatics of the BR movies were deleting their cookies and re-voting enough times to make a significant difference. Though, it wouldn’t be all that strange for someone on behalf of BR or Paramount to game the system in such a manner. Does this site have analytics that would show a bunch of votes coming from the same source? I’m admittedly behind the times on this and need to catch up.

What fanatics? Source for the goose, source for the gander.

@Cygnus – I am not sure anyone would do that to a great degree. Because why wouldnt the people that want to juice the poll the other way? Voting ten times to make a difference is one thing, but needing to vote 1000 times to make a difference is something altogether different. Deleting cookies is a pain in the ass.


Deleting cookies is just ONE way to accomplish it. There are others. And corporations in general and the studios in particular have gamed polls and surveys from before the internet. Still do. Even if the only way to do it was as clumsy as you surmise they are experienced at organizing minimum wage rooms full of people to get a particular gaming done.

i, was looking in imdb website it listed as star trek 14 and it also said its in pre production and chris p & zack q is the only one listed as cast members . maybe roberto orci would know if its a go ,

@Captain Spock – Pine and Quinto were signed to a 4th option as a result of renegotiating their deals for a raise to do STB.

Its Star Trek 14 Star Trek 4 was released in 1986. Get it right lol other than that I love these movies