Pinewood Toronto Studios to host Star Trek All Access *UPDATED*

Pinewood Studios Toronto, could tours inside be coming?

CBS has just booked Pinewood Toronto Studios’ 46,500-square foot mega stage for its Star Trek live action TV series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Studio space in the Ontario city is hard to come by these days, according to Paul Bronfman, chairman of Pinewood Toronto Studios. That’s especially true now that CBS has just booked Pinewood to film its new as yet unnamed Star Trek television series, which we’re calling Star Trek All Access.

What’s especially exciting for Trek is the use of Pinewood’s mega stage, North America’s largest, purpose-built soundstage and the first in Toronto capable of accommodating the production of large blockbuster movies. Since its construction in 2008, such big-budget films as Pacific Rim, Pixels, and Kick-Ass 2 have made use of Pinewood’s facilities.

The Pinewood Mega Stage:




Filming is expected to start sometime in September, with the show’s initial air date set for January 2017.


***UPDATED*** – CBS made the official announcement on Monday via Twitter:

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I more jazzed about this than the new film

I am more jazzed about this than the new film,its just a pity the pilot episode will not be broadcast on september the 8th

CBS certainly seems to be assembling a great internal structure to this!

Between the people behind it and the locations, this project looks to be top notch.

My kingdom for some casting news!?!?

PInewood Toronto Studios is about 3 miles from my house. I may have to walk over and take a boo.

Dude, you really need to do that…and post photos here!

Ah ha!! A spy!! My name is Ballz. Harry Ballz….
Sorry…I’ll behave.

Phil, I’ll be going by my spy cover name…………………………Holden McGroin.

Given the old stories about the above-the-border weather, you’ll be the spy who came in from the cold if they admit you.

Now that’s better, Holden McGroin…LOL! Back to your old and better self. Keep it up.

More good Trek news. There’s top notch talent in management and the creative team, a top notch facility, it’ll be interesting to see what trickles out in the coming months in terms of casting and content.

Good Heavens! That’s one seriously hideous building!

Actually, that’s a current architectural theme that a lot of buildings are employing these days.

Would it appeal more if it had ARES STUDIOS down the side instead? (sorry, haven’t had my fill of making digs about AXANAR yet.)

So bad taste is contagious…

But bad manners is a choice, not something you just ‘catch.’

It looks like a miniature building from one of the Gerry Anderson marionette shows. Or a modification of the old 1960s Kenner Girder and Panel Building Set. (Which I had back then, Gort help me!) ;)

Me too, I was always trying to emulate what I saw on Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlett but my parents were too poor to get me additional sets of them.

I guess that I need to get an agent asap & to dust off my red shirt :)

Ahmed – You’ll be OK. Remember from TWOK onwards, all the stayers wore red.

Ha! Will keep that in mind :)

” 46,500-square foot mega stage for its Stage ” So the mega part means thats big ? how does that compare to the stages TNG-DS9 had ? or other modern tv shows ? anybody know ?

Great news, especially if they allow studio tours.

Canadian location, British company.

So you think this will be 12 or 22 episode seasons?

Most streaming shows are usually 13 episodes long.

This isn’t most shows and it isn’t your usual streaming service. Amazon wouldn’t live or die if “Man in the High Castle” failed. Netflix wouldn’t live or die if “Orange is the New Black” failed. But CBS All Access very possible could fold if it doesn’t get a strong original to bring in viewers. ST:AA will be 18 episodes minimum, in my opinion. Anything less will be difficult for CBS to amortize that high start-up cost (compared to the dirt cheap originals elsewhere).

I would think 12 are more likely, especially given that I am getting the feeling that they are going to follow the story-arc process, with each season telling one major story…that is my read of the tea leaves on this — no, I can’t prove this yet.

that sucks! I was hoping to work on it as an extra background actor here in Los Angeles. :(

Happened to be going to meeting for another movie in a big production building and I realized I was passing by the writers/production offices for All Access. I saw the Trek symbols on the door. I looked through the window and I saw Meyer, by himself, checking his email on his phone in an empty conference room, I almost ran in to drop at his feet and say hi, but I was late for something else,

As a Los Angeleno I am not happy about this news. Star Trek’s home is here in Los Angeles. :-(

That being said: New Star Trek! Woo hoo!

Star Trek has always had in one way or another, in front of the camera or behind, some Canadian content.

This is true. Even the best Captain and Engineer are Canadian, but Trek was always made in Los Angeles. Just thinking about my local economy.

But again, new Star Trek!