Shuttle Pod, Mission Log Podcasts Team Up For Star Trek Beyond Fan Event Ticket GIVEAWAY [UPDATED: WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

Here’s your chance to join the fun at the May 20th Star Trek Beyond fan event and trailer premiere being held at the Paramount Studios lot in Los Angeles, California. Your two favorite Star Trek podcasts are teaming up to send 20 pairs of trekkies to the show, with 10 winners chosen from entries on each website. Hit the jump for details.

[UPDATE: Winners announced!]

The next Star Trek Beyond trailer will premiere for several hundred very lucky trekkies at a special fan event taking place at the Paramount Studios lot in Los Angeles on May 20th. Guests will also be treated to a Q&A session with director Justin Lin, special guest appearances, and more. Until today, the only way to attend this exclusive event was by winning one of 250 pairs of tickets through Paramount’s Enter The Beyond competition. Now,’s Shuttle Pod podcast and Roddenberry’s Mission Log Podcast have teamed up to offer 20 more chances for you and a friend to get in on the action come May 20th.

The event was described in a press release from Paramount:

The one-time only special event, taking place at the historic Paramount Pictures studio lot, will include the premiere of the newest “Star Trek Beyond” trailer, an exclusive first-look of never before seen footage from the upcoming film, a Q&A with Lin and the cast and crew, special guests appearances, and other surprises. The Q&A will be streamed via Facebook Live.

How to Enter

Entering the contest couldn’t be easier! Simply leave a comment on this post. Tell us why you love Star Trek, why you’re excited for Star Trek Beyond, or what topic we should cover on an upcoming episode of the Shuttle Pod — it’s up to you! Be sure to use a valid email address when commenting (don’t worry, this will NOT be made public) so that we can contact you if you win. Sorry kids, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old to win the tickets.

10 winners will be chosen at random from the comments made on this post between May 10th and 11:59 PM on Sunday, May 15th. Winners will be notified via email by Monday, May 16th. Commenting multiple times does not increase your chances of winning, so please don’t spam our comment board!

But wait, there’s more! For yet another chance to win, hop on over to the Mission Log Podcast website. Just leave a comment on Mission Log’s companion to this post and be entered into a random drawing of 10 more winners.

What you’ll win

If chosen, you will win two tickets that get you and a friend access to attend the special fan event at Paramount Studios on May 20th, 2016. You will need to be able to provide your own transportation and lodging in LA.


Winners announced!

Thanks to everyone who took part in our contest to win tickets to this Friday’s fan event in Los Angeles! The following 10 people have been picked as winners and will be heading, along with a friend, to Paramount Studios! If you are a winner and have not heard from us, get in touch as soon as possible. If we are unable to reach a winner by WEDNESDAY MAY 18TH, their tickets will be given away to another person.

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I can’t wait to see this. I hear it’s the “most Star Trek” yet.

Looks like crap

I’ve loved the adventure and characters since I was two. I can remember watching TOS and TAS reruns and playing with the Colorforms set my parents bought me. I also lusted after the Mego action figures and set, but we couldn’t afford them back then; or now for that matter. ;)

It would be most logical to let me win since I am BEYOND excited to go see Star Trek Beyond!

I was raised on Star Trek. From TOS to TNG and Beyond and I am excited to have a new movie in the theaters.

Kind of funny (if not painfully obvious) that the first 3 replies all read like Paramount’s PR department

How would you know this, Mr Kahn?

I don’t know if your asking me or some one named Kahn? But I’ll just assume you simply don’t know any better…maybe a typo or auto-correct.

Any way, the first 3 replies scream studio plants.
Studio’s often start slipping in positive sounding fan reactions and soon to follow preview accolades and far flung critic reviews.
Paramount did it with the lame Star Trek Insurrection which bombed before the first frame was even shown and more recently Warner Bros. tried that with Batman Vs. Superman.

But believe as you will, there’s no harm in that.

I still think all the actors chosen for their characters are perfectly cast and do justice to their parts…the stories/plot sadly don’t match their talents.

That doesn’t sound like a winning entry to me….

I am a die hard Trek lover. And I still love the new movies too, any trek is good for me!
Star Trek Beyond looks to be an awesome movie.
I think for your podcast you should talk about being a starfleet dad and about having kids on board the enterprise.

At seven years old, I fell in love with the show: I stapled paper plates together and pretended it was the saucer section. I also “rubber banded” the fingers on my right hand — and to this day can still offer a vulcan greeting (without rubber bands) but only from my right hand!

Great hopes for the new movie and the new series. Love Trek from TOS to now.

Well, you got this long time troll to comment. Count me in.

‘Trek has been an obsession for forty years, started when I was Five in 1975 and running strong to this day. I have broken up with girl friends because I wanted to stay home to watch it (this would be before DVR’s and before my parents could afford a VCR) and have told my wife Star Trek came before her (that didn’t go over well as I recall, but it didn’t end us – it just made things clear ;))

Here goes…
A buddy of mine at the time introduced me to the show in the late 70’s – though in reruns, it was still new to me. I did connect with Spock – not sure why, really, except as a teenager with typical teen age issues, I found his calmness while surrounded by chaos to be something to emulate. The program also drove a desire to know why things work – yeah, I had the Franz Joseph plans….but it was the link to knowing the Space Shuttle, and understanding why agencies like NASA are important. I consider myself a fan of Trek – not a part of it, all of it. Even though it’s changed over the years, change is a constant. You either learn to adapt, or you become a relic…and I don’t want to be a relic.

I am a relic. I am 71 years old and have been a fan since the beginning. I remember watching Star Trek on our first color TV in 1966. I instantly was hooked. I am excited to hear that Star Trek Beyond will be more like the TOS. I am of course now retired and on Social Security. Even it the fan event was open to the public there is no way I could afford to go. It would be a life time dream to get chosen to go. Fingers crossed.

As long as you continue to embrace the possibilities, you’ll never be a relic. Vintage, perhaps, aging well. Live long and prosper….

I got an invite but declined due to distance (I live over 1000 miles away.) I have to say Charles, if my invite had been transferable, I’d ask that it be given to you. Cheers, man. It takes somebody special to get me and Phil on the same page about nearly anything, but I agree with him wholeheartedly about how “you’ll never be a relic.”

I have been a Star Trek fan since the 1970’s, and communicated with other fans via — OMG — snail mail and the early zines. I love that classic Trek has is being revitalized and can’t wait for the new movie.

I’m excited for Star Trek to get back out into the universe. I’ve been a fan since I was 6 years old, so this would be an amazing experience.

I want to ride my Star Trek motorcycle to Paramount for this fan event! I have entered the video one too and haven’t heard anything.

Sounds like fun. Unfortunately, I’m on the other side of the country. Whoever goes should take lots of pictures and do a guest write-up here on Trekmovie of the event.

Yup. What nscates said. East Coaster here.

I think someone from Trekmovie will be there to take care of that & maybe gets an interview with the writers & director as well.

From watching the premiere of TMP in Malaysia to late nights on Channel 11 to watch TOS to every Trek thing since, I’ve always aspired for a utopian future just like Star Trek. So, while we’re trying to get to that future, having our imaginations bedazzled with majestic starships and wondrous sights of distant planets is the next best thing. Thanks to everyone, producers and fans alike, who share and participate in realizing that same incredible dream.

I had a rough childhood. Star Trek was one of the the only things that brought joy into my day everyday. I attended my first convention in 1991 in Los Angeles during the 25th anniversary. I was in awe seeing the entire original cast plus Gene and Majel. Star Trek continues to renew my hopes in life and for humanity. It’s about IDIC. In my opinion, if we don’t evolve we will end up destroying the very best of humanity and what it truly is. Whenever I have a rough day or even on the best days Star Trek has always been there for me.

Love Star Trek. Would love to go. No way am I paying for airfare and lodging across the country to do it, however.

Star Trek helped me become worldly.

For over 40 years I have entered every “behind the scenes” type Star Trek contest I have ever known of but sadly with no success. This included forcing my young children to eat untold dozens of boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios back in the 80’s when ST TNG premiered because I was determined to find that “golden ticket” for a visit to the set and to get to be a extra in a scene. Alas I did not win and I think to this day my adult children can’t eat Honey Nut Cheerios. I have vacation time and enough Southwest Airlines points to get me to and from Los Angeles on short notice so I am ready to roll should I finally be lucky enough to win!

So that’s how Wil Wheaton got cast….

Thats the one! Wow. Very cool.

While I love the original Star Trek movies and Star Trek 2009, none of those felt like a real big-screen original series episode. They had the same characters and nods to the show but didn’t capture that feeling of exploration and boldly going. Star Trek Beyond looks like a fitting tribute to the classic show, an exciting adventure on a strange new world.

And Justin Lin is an amazing director, I’d see any film of his.

I grew up watching TOS because my mom was a fan. I returned the favor twenty years later by getting her hooked on TNG. I think JJ Abrams new take on the franchise is perfect and couldn’t have been cast more perfectly. I’m looking forward to seeing where Beyond takes us in this year of the 50th Anniversary.

I’ve been obsessed with Trek for a long while. My dad was a fan of the TOS and I started with TNG. I appreciate Roddenberry’s vision and the thought-provoking nature of many a Trek episode. I’m hoping Star Trek Beyond recaptures that aspect of the franchise.

I imagine most people are not at a spot in their life in which they could do a short-notice no-expenses-paid trip, which is a shame. I suppose it’s an example of the adage that one makes their own luck by being prepared to take the chances when they come.

I hope, during the Q/A session, someone ask why destroy the Enterprise again. I know I a lot of people don’t like the new Big E but I love it. I was definately glad the TOS version. I don’t like it that much. Then again I loved the Motion Picture. I would say my favorites is somewhere between the Refit, the Excelsior, JJ Abrahams version, and Enterprise E. The Ent E is out because, although silly, it doesn’t have a neck. I think I’m leaning towards the Refit. That’s where I started to like Star Trek. After seeing it in the Motion Picture, when I was 6 years old. My mom loved the tv show but I didn’t. Then I saw the movie and I loved it. Funny though, I did follow the movie well and thought it was about how Kirk became the captain of the Enterprise. Kind of a prequel, I guess, before I even heard of the word.

In any case, stop blowing the thing up. It makes the ship meaningless if they keep doing that. They didn’t blow up the falcon and everyone knows that the falcon can’t hold the Enterprise jock strap. Hell, I’d rather have Sisko’s defiant.

The first time was OK because the ship had been around for a long while and it worked to show the dire situation that the crew were in.

Destroying the D was okay because, frankly, I didn’t like the D. The windows were too big and other than the saucer never seemed as big as it was supposed to be. In the episodes where they showed it along side and excelsior class ship, the secondary hull never seemed to be a great deal bigger than the older class ship’s secondary hull.

comment!!! As for the trek, it was (hopefully will be again) one of the few refuges of smart tv that didnt give way to punching someone or drawing a gun every 5 minutes…

Been watching Star Trek since I was a child. Loved the reboots, can’t wait for BEYOND because it’s finally taking place within the 5 year mission. The villain looks original and sounds interesting based on his view of the federation. I’m really, really interested in attending this fan event.

Why am I excited to see Star Trek Beyond? Largely due to a new director being associated with the franchise! I’m curious to see how Justin Lin differs from JJ Abrams in style and tone; the writing team has also changed (Pegg/Jung), so we’ll see how that impacts things.

We have so many forms of entertainment, but Star Trek holds a special place. Yes, there are the fabulous effects, the beautiful people, the amazing frontiers. But the core, the crux that sets ST apart, has always been the ability to comment on our present, and inform our future. It has highlighted the possibilities of what we might be, if we can live up to the ideals of our Better Angels, rather than bow to our fears. Or dare I say, that we see “Beyond” (shameless plug alert!).

This is why I, and we, love Star Trek. This is why I teach it to my children. This is why the fans are so passionate. We WANT the world of Trek to be our world. It’s up to us to make it so.
And in the meantime, we enjoy some stellar entertainment!

I’ll sign off with a podcast suggestion. There have been so many excellent writers for the various series and movies over the years. I’d love to hear our fearless podcast leaders’ takes on their favorite writers, both the who and the why.


I actually saw a lot of good in the Star Trek Beyond teaser trailer. The fans are and have been clamoring for something akin to the Original Series. In that trailer I saw an unknown alien force, the crew having to survive on an unknown planet, meeting and teaming up with an unknown companion and figuring out a way to escape. To me, that defines all series of TV Trek. And it seems they are thinking out of the box with this one. This feels like a different type of Trek movie than we’ve seen for a long time. Plus it was co-written and being directed by two lifetime Trek fans who care about where this franchise goes. I am super excited for this movie!

In Pegg we trust!

Hi my name is Ryan Allen Carrillo and I am actually a TV host living in Los Angeles. I work mainly in reality TV, however I am obsessed with anything to do with Trek. I have tried desperately to get tickets to this event and you think having a press badge would be easy… but I guess not! I am really big into social media and would love to get a sneak peak at the movie. To add more validity to my case the 20th is my boyfriends birthday… So I would be a big baller if I could get this as a gift. Thanks for all you do guys.

Ryan Allen Carrillo,

If your are into social media then maybe you are aware of other contests such as this:

which require you to use social media to enter.

I can’t vouch for the site, having only just stumbled across them before trekmovie anounced their contest. I looked up on and it seems TrekNews came into existence around the same time as TrekMovie. Their current web site didn’t have significant activity recorded until late 2010 to now.

Apparently John Tenuto’s contributed there:

and I seem to recall he pops in here from time to time. Maybe he’ll see this and have something to contribute.

You seem to have media contacts and sources so I’d urge you to use them to check out before deciding to take the plunge into their contest.

I hope it all works out for you and that you are able to win that which you seek.

Ryan Allen Carrillo,

I’m not a hundred percent sure as I am trying to catch up on the contest aspect of this chain, but I think contributing more than one post disqualifies one from consideration for the contest?

Pick Me Please…. ;-)

This just in:
The Judge 100% unequivocally DENIED the Axanar Motion To Dismiss: v Axanar 2-15-cv-09938 CD CA 2016-05-10 43 Court Order denying motion to dismiss.pdf?token=AWw_UpkgztWVwoyZdjnfIxbdswPwZV7KB-pZq-nUfC-CGmliT5h9-8BWt21i7eYy5XK7_zBSE-Vj_eQBEios1Kibv77GzIZHgLdkuHXEKCJFB12SPI2xzve8pFWOLm2e_l9zyR8wCRyj80Zh0Nnf6s0IzUfn8U4bbK13An3WC2MWRw

as well as the Klingon Language Society Amicus brief filing: v Axanar 2-15-cv-09938 CD CA 2016-05-10 42 Court Order denying LCS motion for leave to file amicus without prejudice.pdf?token=AWzwGOhZWtUxkMon6_zhMdhABrpeAtOYF9pWGY5I7tkYQUeMpLwa3dtzZ5oghC7u6m8ZfZqtJqXFme89WuDL_X1qm6HF7JDVCIst_lk3pX1hLuWI9m4Hu8R0-D0t6EtD84vF0nEmP3vUhpn_0DmqD7UhjzwJ-_I54Gs4S1VAcEeBWg

IMO – the best portion of the Axanar MTD dismissal:

“Although the Court declines to address whether Plaintiffs’ Claims will prosper at this time, the Court does find Plaintiffs’ claims will live long enough to survive Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss. For the foregoing reasons, the Court DENIES Defendants’ Motion to Dismiss.”

It seems we have a Judge with a sense of humor and maybe a little irony here ;)

Bottom Line: If some people were somehow believing this wouldn’t in the end be a pretty open and shut case with C/P getting a Judgement in their favor at the end; the above should demonstrate pretty clearly the Law is with C/P and Axanar is about to get a real schooling in how Copyright works in the U.S.

They may boot this post because comments were directed specifically towards contest entries. But, yeah, I’m reading the Hollywood Reporter story, and it looks like Alec Peters had a very bad day in court. I won’t be surprised to see a new thread shortly. TM’s legal expert has been pretty spot on with his analysis.


I just assumed as the title of the article didn’t start with “CONTEST:” but “Shuttle Pod” that it was just another podcasts commentary chain where entries would be culled? I mean there’s a Mission Podcast in the player on my copy of this page?

Oh well, all the format changes do cause me many confusions, might as well finish my thought to you.

“But, yeah, I’m reading the Hollywood Reporter story, and it looks like Alec Peters had a very bad day in court” — Phil

Try telling him that:

“I am happy to say our trial got moved up to January 31, 2017… That means, we could win this case and have Axanar back in production in March, 2017. Yes, we will finish Axanar!” – Alec Peters


“TM’s legal expert has been pretty spot on with his analysis.”

If you’re referring to Carlos Pedraza the editor of AxaMonitor, then he is NOT an intellectual property lawyer, and not even a lawyer. He is a journalist as well as a producer of two fan productions.

Anyway, this is the wrong thread for this.

Who cares,

Perhaps, but I found what the Hollywood Reporter noted more fascinating as it appears to clearly turn the focus of the case to directly hone in on the crowdfunding:

“Although it is unclear whether Defendants stand to earn a profit from the Axanar Works, realizing a profit is irrelevant to this analysis. The Court can easily infer that by raising $1 million to produce the Axanar Works and disseminating the Axanar Works on, the allegedly infringing material “acts as a ‘draw’ for customers” to watch Defendants’ films. A&M Records, Inc. , 239 F.3d at 1023 (quoting Fonovisa, Inc., 76 F.3d at 263-64).

I have been a fan for all 50 years and own all the episodes and films in several formats. I would kill to be at this event to honor the film for the 50th anniversary!!!!

@ Tim: I surely hope that you wouldn’t literally ‘kill’ to be at that event. That would be taking your fandom too far ;-)

Maybe he meant to say that he would ‘heavy stun’ to be at the event.

I think you should do a poll asking for the 10 most underrated (and overrated) episodes, and do a shuttle pod debating some of that.

I’ve been a Trekkie since I could remember… I’m told I watched on my dad’s knee in the original run. I’m also that guy that told the person behind me in the theatre who was explaining everything to his date to be quiet, because I only get to see a Trek movie for the first time once.

Thanks, I am looking forward to the movie and being able to talk more about Trek

Because ST showed me what was possible. It still does.

When I was four years old, I was diagnosed with an extreme case of Asperger’s syndrome. My condition was so intense in fact that many experts said that I would be institutionalized by the time I was fourteen years old. I could not even speak. Star Trek, specifically the nonhuman characters of Mr. Spock from the Original Star Trek and Data from Star Trek The Next Generation (which was airing on television when I was growing up), taught me how to behave and communicate. I borrowed their mannerisms so that in any situation, I knew what acceptable behavior was because I analyzed the situation and compared it to a similar one from Star Trek. I also studied their voice patterns so that I could properly communicate. The richness of those two characters became the foundation for my personality and allowed me to properly communicate in society. From that foundation, I integrated other character mannerisms including Dr. McCoy, Captain Kirk and Captain Picard.

Because of Star Trek, I was able to adjust to my condition and was not institutionalized. From there, I graduated high school, earned a Master’s, two Bachelor’s and a teaching license. When I teach, I borrow Picard’s voice pattern of authority and power. I teach Spock’s reliance on critical thinking and logic. I also introduce Star Trek concepts in my classroom at an inner-city school in Portland, OR. I teach of the standards of the Federation and IDIC. The motto for all my classes is “Qapla’ Batlh Je” (success and honor). I would be honored to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the one thing that has affected my life so much. I would not be a functioning member of society without Star Trek to give me the foundation for my life. My kids are pulling for me. They love the concepts of Star Trek. They sang happy birthday to a student in Klingon last Thursday.

I shared this story on the official contest (where Paramount was going to fly people out) and they passed me up for someone who painted herself green and was gushing about how she played Star Trek as a kid instead of with Barbies.

I would love to continue spreading the profound impact Star Trek has on people who fall on the Autistic Spectrum. The positive and accepting world of Star Trek is just what people on the spectrum need. It’s definitely what I needed.

Wow. Amazing story. You should get a pair of tickets.

And a free round trip.

Kayla Iacovino,

If the contest is restricted to 21 and older, is it safe to assume the actual Event and festivities themselves will be likewise restricted, i.e. not recommended for the younger in age?

William Schallert, who played Nilz Baris, in “The Trouble With Tribbles”, has passed away.

A few topics for upcoming shuttlepods:

Best enterprise (ship)?

So, we know the first season time period (roughly). What time period are we most interested in seeing covered next (in season two presumably)?

Given how the series is supposed to be anthology style, it means Star Trek main characters are finally disposable (can actually die without ‘ruining’ the show). Are Star Trek fans ready for major character deaths to become more of a norm in our beloved tv show?

I am super excited about the upcoming movie, though we don’t know much about it yet, I have very much enjoyed the current cast. I grew up on watching Trek and would love to be at an event surrounded with others that love Star Trek as well. The positive future that Gene Roddenberry created 50 years ago continues!

I need to go because the nacelles are all wrong.

I love Star Trek’s unfailing optimism and spirit of adventure. I’ve been a fan since before I can remember.

Watching recorded episodes of Star Trek on VHS made up my entire childehood!! Love the series and the new movies. Into Darkness is under appreciated.

I love the Friendship and Exploration of Star Trek, I have been a Fan since TNG and loved every Series and movie for their own reasons, I love that Star Trek is So Inclusive as someone who lives with Autism.

Star Trek has been a part of my life ever since I can remember. My earliest memories of the tv series were the visual and creature effects that I thought were so engaging and at times riveting. I was terrified of the Wah Chang created salt creature from TOS. Even though that creature was onscreen for a few seconds, the attention to detail and the overall hideous look of it kept me up way past my bedtime when I first saw it.

As I grew older, the stories and characters also seemed to grow on me. The fact that we had a multiracial, international, male and female crew working together had a lot to say about a possible future. In the late 60s and 70s, race relations and women’s rights were very hot issues that were among many that the show dealt with very creatively. The fact that you could talk about topical issues of the day and set it in a futuristic setting was genius. What show of that period could come close to this level of creativity? None, really.

The succeeding Trek shows continued in the same vein, albeit with improved visuals. I do not subscribe to the many posts on this site to the Berman bashing and (insert name here) writer bashing that ignores the fact that, overall, we have many years of very good episodic shows, with different casts of rich characters, to enjoy again and again for a long time.

From what I’ve been reading on Beyond, I believe it will continue the tradition of telling a great story, with the familiar characters and hopefully, show them borrow that phrase, where no one has gone before. :D

I grew up watching TNG with my dad. My first show I ever watched religiously was Voyager and they became a tv family to me. Trek has provided me a worldview of science and humanism that shapes my life and my decisions. On a bad day, I put in any one of the 12 movies to improve my mood.

Captain Kirk was my first crush.