First Look at Star Trek All Access Revealed To Advertisers Today by CBS [UPDATE: TEASER ONLINE!]

CBS offered a very early “sneak peek” at the new Star Trek All Access series during today’s upfronts, revealing a shiny new logo.

[UPDATE: CBS has posted the trailer online for all to see! Check it out after the jump.]

[UPDATE 2: The official Star Trek All Access website is live]


The official Star Trek All Access website is now live.


CBS held their upfronts today, an event where major television networks put their upcoming shows on display for advertisers, the press, and the other networks.

They didn’t show much. As TV Guide puts it, the teaser for the new series “zooms through planets” before revealing the new worn logo. The teaser ended by saying:

“New Crews.
New Villains.
New Heroes.
New Worlds”

CBS CEO Les Moonves joked, “You didn’t think we’d show you the new cast, did you? Too early for that.”

Image via @bristei

CBS’s as yet unnamed Star Trek series debuts on CBS and CBS All Access January, 2017.

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Here’s hoping they get it right!

I just watched the new trailer. It has a nice tone to it. :>)

I like hearing the original fanfare. Very much. The CGI is brutal though. And the logo looks like it was assimilated by the Borg. Not the best foot forward in my opinion. Let’s hope it gets better and that isnt an example of the quality of SFX the series will boast.

Not everyone needs great sfx. Sfx are arbitrary and depend on many factors (time, technology, money, resources, etc) and have very little if any bearing on the quality of a tv series or movie. Also any an all sfx will at some point look outdated. The stories, characters, writing, imagination, ideas, and overall quality of the show are what counts and what makes a series timeless. I can watch TV series and movies from any era. If you need big budget sfx I recommend you stick to movies. However even then I hear people complain about the sfx of 250 million dollar budget blockbusters so I guess you can never please everyone lol!

That was my thought as well… this looks like a fan made trailer from 2009…

Two thoughts:
1) Noticed the “exploded moon”. Maybe it’s a confirmation of the post-TUC storyline rumors?
2) I hope this doesn’t mean the series is going to just be called “Star Trek”. We’ve already had two TV series and a movie (two if TMP counts) that had that title.

I’m optimistic, though! Sounds like they have a good team and are working hard to do it right.

Two TV shows called Star Trek? TNG. DS9. VOY. ENT. We’ve only had one show called only Star Trek so far.

The Animated Series.

Looks great!

Oh, BTW, love the site theme update! (not sure how new it is, but I just saw it for the first time today)

Neither advocating for or against, merely observing: that logo definitely has a “JJ vibe”.

It does kinda look like the end credits of 09 and ID, doesn’t it?

The trailer as a whole, that is.

Good that’s exactly what they should go for. The movies were fairly popular and they are going to want a larger audience for this show to succeed.

Good point. Whether one likes it or not, BR has defined the look/feel of modern Trek, for now anyways.

Anyone who down-voted what was a 100 percent accurate statement is mis-using the down-voting function. This is exactly why this site doesn’t need up- and down-voting. People are using it inappropriately.

FYI, when I said “Anyone who down-voted what was a 100 percent accurate statement is mis-using the down-voting function. This is exactly why this site doesn’t need up- and down-voting. People are using it inappropriately.” I was referring to Harry Plinkett’s comment, which someone inexplicably down-voted.

I wasn’t saying whether or not I liked it… just making an observation piggybacking on Harry’s OP. I suppose I should have put “de facto” in there.

Dandru 18 May 3.25p
Heh … and your simple comment got down-voted by double digits, for crissakes.

Up/down voting is ludicrous.

To hell with bean counter mentality.

Give me quality over quantity any day.

Last thing they should be going for is anything resembling the films. Making people think you’re dumbing down the series is not the way to convince a core audience to pay to watch it.

Wrong, They’re going to want an audience that is willing to pay a subscription fee and I’m not convinced the hordes of casuals that watch JJ’s movies are invested enough to pay the monthly fee. In fact I am sure, they won’t pay for it! For this show to be a success it must appeal to genuine Star Trek fans, there’s no two ways about it. Sure, it needs to be accessible and it doesn’t have to be a clone of what’s gone before but there should be a sophistication and depth to the storytelling. JJ’s movies have some great visual in places, the opening scenes of Star Trek 09 stand out so I don’t have a problem with the new show taking some aesthetics cues from him but the tone, the pacing, the ridiculous action sequences, well they have got to go.

That’s probably just a stunt, to get even those JJ fans interested in the new series.

TBH I don’t like the look of the logo. I get the whole ‘Modern TOS’ feel that they are going for the font and logo (and even the sound riffs as the ‘New Villans…etc appeared’) but why split the iconic logo? Personally it looks a bit off balance from a design perspective in my books. Hopefully its temporary and not a sign of what the final look of the show will be where it’s headed. The visuals and flythrough otherwise were cool for what they were.

I thought the teaser was great.
I am looking forward to this show with fingers crossed.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You used up your allotment of exclamation points.

Hahahaha! Forgive my excitement!

It’s going to be hard to wait until January to see this! I hope the producers throw us a bone or two with set pictures and a trailer once they start shooting the show.

The Moon is too close to earth…

Thanks for that image….one of my favorite scenes (and accompanying music) from any Trek production. Nice…..

Speaking of favorite shots, I really loved the shot of the big “E” making a right turn in the Mutara nebula just before they move in behind Reliant. Well lit. Beautiful shot.

Its a left

Nah, it’s to the right — er, starboard.

I’m not thrilled with the new logo, but I was glad to hear a few notes of Alexander Courage’s TOS theme, linking us to existing Star Trek.

I hope the show won’t focus too much on those “new villains,” since I think some of the stronger episodes had no villain.

True. Here’s hoping that it’s just saying “it won’t be the same old same old”.

Corylea 18 May 3.17p

Agreed. Villains are such a tired trope. I prefer when the villains are “values” or societal “norms” or weapons of war senselessly waged.

Like “The Devil in the Dark” or “The Voyage Home.” Yeah.


I just got a bigger thrill up my leg from 50 seconds of spoiler-free FX hype than I have from a year’s worth of ST Beyond brain droppings.

Your new trailer had better be good, Pegg.

Isn’t it out tomorrow? If it sucks half as bad as the first one…. I’ll pass on Beyond.

If it sucks half as bad as the last one, I’ll only go see Beyond three times. I’m being realistic here.

Friday, actually….

Well that certainly clears up any questions I had about the new series.

Counting down to the moment when someone will end up complaint about something about a teaser…

Was that a blown up Andoria after Earth???

This is an undistinguished addition to the history of Star Trek typography. #MicrogrammaBoldForever

Yay! New Star Trek!

The first part of the music sounded like something from Burton’s Batman.

You’re not alone in thinking that, but I always thought it sounded very similar to the VI score too.

Each season with the title name be followed by ” A Star Trek Story”

This seems like the show I’ve been proposing for years – “Tales of Starfleet”. An anthology show that lets them re-use sets, props and costumes, while employing great writers and guest stars who would not commit to an open-ended show. Also the uncertain outcomes of new “missions” with new ships and crews would restore some suspense and uncertainty to the Trek formula. I only wish it was a TRUE episodic anthology though, and not a modern season-arc like “American Horror Story”. Because it only takes one bad arc to kill all the momentum for the series at large.

I’m thinking the same, especially since the teaser said “New Crews” (note the plural). We’re no longer tied to one ship, so we’re at least going to see a fleet-based show if it’s not an anthology.

I think the reflected Borg cube in the logo is a very nice touch.

Omegaman 18 May 4.41p, ugh, Borg, must we?

I’m with you. I certainly hope that it’s not the BORG.

I can’t believe it would be the Borg, with Nicolas Meyer at the con. If this is set pre-TNG, how could a good writer allow the Borg into the narrative? I trust in Meyer until I’m proven wrong.

Love it love it love it! Love the font with its stylized TOS look, love the delta shield. Im all warm and tingly inside.

The last few notes of the orchestration of Alexander Courage’s TOS Theme is very reminiscent of James Horner’s score from The Wrath of Kahn.

Sweet! Even though its just a teaser I’m excited.

Looking good.

Just wish they’d dropped the “New Villains” bit.

Can’t we for once have Star Trek that’s not just an excuse for more senseless action?
Anyone remember when “cerebral” wasn’t a dirty word?

Seriously… sometimes it’s almost as if they think we’re all five-year-olds.

Here’s hoping they get the balance right anyway.

I totally understand the “new villains” is there to complement the “new heroes” part, but I could easily go without either.
Just “new people – new worlds – new adventures” would be very well enough.

“New worlds… new crews… new adventures… new heroes.” would’ve worked well enough for me, without setting off my JJ crap alert.

Star Trek has always had villains. Paxton, Khan, the Borg, Dukat, and Seska are juat a few examples. I hope that there are plenty of episodes without villains, but Trek still needs its villains.

I totally agree. A “good” villain has always been an integral part of Star Trek.

I just feel that the JJ-verse has made them pretty much the only part of Star Trek. Where’s the humanity? The sense of adventure and exploration? The character arcs? The awe and wonder at the sheer expanse of the universe?

I dunno, but the JJ movies have made this universe seem disappointingly small to me, on so many levels.

I just hope the new series breaks away from that, and brings us even a little bit closer to the original intent of Star Trek.

The movies have always been based on villains though. The only real exception is Voyage Home. TV is where all the exploration and stuff has always been.

No! TV Trek does not need it’s villains. If it’s is truly going to be a cerebral show tackling issues if the day, villains are a useless, mind-numbing, easy way out. Give me complexity. Give me the real world!

Who are the villains in these episode?
“City on the Edge of Forever”
“Shore Leave”
“Amok Time”
“A Devil In The Dark”

No, Star Trek never relied on villains.

And who are the villains in these TNG episodes??
“The Inner Light”
“Cause and Effect”
“All Good Things…”
“Thine Own Self”
Even one of the great *action* episodes of the series, “Disaster”, has no villain. Just a problem to solve.

Our Star Trek heroes are problem solvers. They’re experts, they’re elite, they’re deep thinkers and dedicated scientists. I’m looking to Star Trek to remind us of our best selves. And that doesn’t mean going and killing the bad guys. It means confronting complex issues with strength and depth of character. That, in my book, is badass. And that’s what I want from Star Trek.

Heroes and villains are basic elements of story telling, more so in adventure.

If you try and lobotomize the ancient tried and true formula thinking you’re doing something cerebral, then you end up with Seasons 1 and 2 of TNG. There is nothing wrong with drama between heroes and villains. You simply need to handle the characters, the stories and the dynamics between them properly.

Anyone remember when “cerebral” wasn’t a dirty word? – 1960 what? Too cerebral was why the original pilot The Cage was never picked up. Too cerebral has been a “dirty word” since the very start of Star Trek. That being said, this teaser gave me a “hey, look a new Star Trek game” feel than a “cool, a new Star Trek show” feel. And that being said– A NEW STAR TREK SHOW! AWESOME!

I was of course referring to the golden era of Star Trek the Next Generation. True – the 1st and 2nd seasons were and remain embarrassing to watch, yet once they hit their stride – they got pretty much everything right. THE OCCASIONAL villain, rich character and relationship building (which actually makes you care for the characters when they get to face adversary) and satisfying story arcs.

Looking at the JJ releases, I can’t help but feel this is a fine, lost art.

The 1st and 2nd seasons of TNG aren’t embarrassing to watch to me.

To be honest, I’m still baffled as to why almost every thread I read about upcoming Trek across different sites has these complaints about Trek having action. I’m wondering if I’ve been watching a completely different TV show/movies as action is in Trek’s DNA no matter how you slice it. Every single Trek movie has been action-oriented to some degree and had a villain for them to defeat – Insurrection also had a TV spot touting it as the #1 ACTION MOVIE IN AMERICA for the weekend after it came out.

The difference with JJ is that the villains are over-the-top in the way that they threaten things on a wider scale (Earth or the whole Federation or some other big thing) while most Trek it’s just the ship or a single crew member having a problem that week. You have to do that in film to get butts in the seats. Even The Voyage Home had all of Earth under threat from a villainous space probe (just like TMP, it just wanted something different). I just don’t see how you would get theaters packed by re-running The City On The Edge of Forever or some other Trek episode that is considered cerebral. It’s fine TV but not what movie goers generally look for unless its Valentine’s Day or $5 movie date night.

IMO, I agree that JJ Trek lost some things in their storytelling but their sin wasn’t in having a villain or obstacle to overcome or being heavy on the action. It was the plot-hole ridden stories that took the rushed “logic be damned” approach to getting the crew together solely for the sake of it. Granted, we could paint all of Hollywood with this brush as the same thing happened to a lesser degree in Star Wars 7 but fans there can fall back on the “It was the Force!” excuse for everything that doesn’t make sense. It’s fun when magic can save you from poorly-thought out writing!

Villains don’t have to be some alien head honcho, it can just as well be time or nature but that is a villain regardless. Without an element for the heroes/good guys to overcome, you simply can’t tell a compelling story, much less build characters. I’m glad Trek has different villains otherwise it would be incredibly stale.

Using TNG as a basis again, I find Conspiracy and The Battle to be the most interesting episodes of S1 as they had action but were able to do it in a way that made characters like Picard interesting. You got to watch him overcome demons from the past that shaped him into becoming the Captain of the Federation’s flagship. You would not get that view into what makes the character who they really are by watching episodes of him relaxing on the beach of Risa or sitting in his quarters listening to classical music while sipping some Earl Grey tea. And that’s what S3 did for TNG – every episode that season as I recall had villains and dire obstacles but balanced it all out in a way where the characters became believable and interesting. Since they kept that up through the end, that made the show a hit.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it but watch that William Shatner documentary Chaos on the Bridge. I think it offers great examples of the trouble you ask for when you demand that imperfect, human writers have to create drama out of perfect, utopian beings. There’s a reason why you’ve not had the daily life of the Eloi from H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine turned into a weekly TV series. ;)

‘New Villains’……. those Ferengi-like creatures from the planet Paramount. To Boldly Litigate Where No One Has Litigated Before………*cue music*

Has a touch of the old, and a touch of the new. If the plan is to go exploring, there’s a lot in the Trek universe to see.

Note the vertical slice down the middle of the delta. Wonder if that represents the split of timelines, and if that means we’ll spend time in both the Prime universe the Abramsverse. Compelling considering every season is rumored to take place in a different ‘time’.

New crews plural doesn’t NOT sound like an anthology. I didn’t give that rumor much credence before but if the teaser tells us one thing, it’s that the rumor is plausible. I love the idea that the answer to what era or timeline the new show will be set in is – potentially – any or all. Not TOS or TNG – or ENT. Just Trek.

So if the hiring of Nick Meyer suggests the other part of the anthology rumor is also true – that the first season sequelizes the Nick Meyer movies, ape-ing the look/feel and perhaps even picking up dangling plot or thematic threads… Then maybe they pivot to something completely different and do a season where, say, Patrick Stewart and/or Brent Spiner might not be out of place?

It’s hard to believe that a modern Trek show might have the budget resources to do stuff like that – but super exciting, if true!

Agreed. The possibilities are endless. Do a ‘Fargo’ and tell ten stories in ten different eras across 1,000 years, one century per season. Heck, they could even finally resolve the Shatner/James Kirk ‘elephant in the room’ to everyone’s satisfaction (someone had to say it!) ;)

And yes, it offers an opportunity to see Picard and co one last time. Actually, with new characters as the focus, it would be interesting to see some of these old characters in an ‘off-duty/not-affiliated/retired’ context; with the focus no longer being on them as regular lead characters, they can be explored in a different way.

For that matter, we could see the Federation end in one season and deal with what replaces it in another season. I don’t like the idea of the Federation lasting a whole 1,000 years – that’s a little too much like the First Reich.

Star Trek defined ‘space opera’ in the 1960s and science fiction literature has built on that legacy massively with the works of the likes of Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton, Iain M Banks, James Corey, Larry Niven and countless others. In a sense, even JJ Abrams’ films are a still little quaint and ‘low-tech’ compared with what we have nowadays in novels. This is an opportunity for Star Trek to tackle some major possibilities that face us in a mere few years: AI, for example – the average domestic laptop overtook the original Enterprise’s computer a decade or more ago; or transhumanism – could ‘red shirts’ be restored from memory backups in clone bodies after being killed? Could characters from one season be revived 1,000 years later?

Stripping Star Trek of the demands for open-ended/seven season runs and huge numbers of episodes per season would give it a focus and an opportunity to do the sort of speculative science fiction we all dreamed of it doing without the need to bulk out a run with ‘comedy Ferengi’ filler episodes.’ And, obviously, the show can attract a superb collection of actors and directors who needn’t commit to more than a season.

The important thing, even if we drift past characters we know along the way, is to do something different. If it comes back and the first episode is typical Berman-style Trek, I’ll switch straight off – there are already 25 seasons of that available!

Please be about NCC-1701 B or C, we need those years flushed out IMO. A one off for both (which we’ve had) only leaves me wanting more. And yes you will have to recast.

Man, I dunno, but that trailer somehow made me less enthusiastic about this series than I was before I saw it. I don’t take this as any reflection of what’s to come, of course, but that trailer felt cheap and under-produced to me. It looked more like a video game than anything about strange new worlds. And I’m pretty sure they stole that planet design from the JJ credits. And I think that new logo font is kinda of ridiculous, and not at all what I think of when I think Star Trek. It looks generic and lame to me.

That might have been a bit on the nose, but I guess that’s just how I felt about it. It didn’t really excite me. It looked like a cheap ad. How hard is it to make a really compelling Star Trek ad? That’s my thoughts at least. Feel free to downvote — you don’t have to agree with me and I’m just throwing my two cents out there. But like. Boo. That wasn’t what I wanted to see.

Still can’t wait for this series though. I know it’s gonna be better than that teaser.

…You do know that we’re just watching a teaser trailer, right?

@ albatrosity: They don’t have anything “real” to show, yet. There’s no cast, there are no sets (maybe not even set designs), no ships. Without resorting to re-using old material from previous shows, there wasn’t much else they could have done. This is just to say: Look, there will be a new Star Trek show!

Yeah but like. That wasn’t exciting to me. That looked like a lame video game ad. Given all the backlash against Star Trek trailers recently, I kind of expected a stronger effort, that’s all. I wanted something epic. I wanted to feel goosebumps.

I’m ready for it to be the best series yet if that’s what it ends up being, and I still think it has a good chance of being that. But I don’t think that teaser was up to par with what I was hoping for. Sorry to be a nagger but maybe it’ll grow on me, idk

Exciting as it is, I wouldn’t get too emotionally attached to the images, graphics or music you’re seeing now. They’re network-generated images for the advertiser upfronts and likely will not appear as the final product. The early logos used for promotion of TNG in 1987 also were variations on the classic logo.

This is true. Whats funny is I just tried to find the original TNG teaser from 1987 to compare. Its pretty much the same idea, Just throw out a lot of quick eye candy to basically say at the end “Hey new Trek show” but nothing more than that.

I think its just something they threw together but the logo is fine if thats what they go with.

so they showed praxis in that teaser right? that leads me to believe the post ST6 era rumor is true.

after 2 (soon to be 3) JJ-verse movies and 12 years of no ST on tv….REAL ST looks to be coming back!

anyone know when the Netflix rights to stream all the ST tv shows is up for renewal? i hope CBS doesn’t pull all ST tv content off Netflix cause i was hoping the new show is available as a season pass on itunes so i could just buy it and save on the CBS All Access subscription….

Sean, I think Netflix bought broadcast rights to all the series through sometime ages off, like 2050 or something. You can probably query on Google.

The broken patch suggest a fractured federation.

Yep, and I think the destroyed planets allude to that as well.

Looks like those awful movie credits scenes but at least it doesn’t have the disappointing Giacchino music.
I am now cautiously pessimistic, down from cautiously optimistic.

Splodey moons n’ planets n’ stars are purdy… but, mass is mass. If you have huge moon chunks, they will rapidly collapse into a sphere. Same with that asteroid field. It always looks great on the screen, but it never makes sense. Anyhoo… not reading much of anything into the trailer. If the new series is sandwiched between Kirk and Picard, then they’ve already set limits on what can happen. The Federation must still be there. The treknology will be what we’re used to. We don’t even know whether they’ll be on a ship, or if it’s called Enterprise — which it shouldn’t be because we know so much about the B and C. So… I am standing by and waiting to be amazed.

Looks like the last 2 movie end credit FX.

I agree – it may have been done by Andrew Kramer of Video Co Pilot who did produce the end credits for the last 2 films

“Star Trek” All Access has, as of now, had more marketing done for it than “Beyond.” Nice trailer. Happy 50th.

LOL I would say if not more than ‘better’ marketing and it showed nothing but CGI space stuff and nothing more…but it didn’t make me cringe like Beyond’s trailer did.

Not a bad teaser. It’s unfortunate that CBS decided to kill Trek by making it so few people will be seeing it.

“New CrewS”? Did everybody else notice that?

Yes. More than one ship and crew featured. Which is great news.

…or one ship, different years,

I really like it, yea it had a JJ end credits vibe, but I don’t think anything of it. I loved the stylized TOS font, the split delta shield…foreshadow?…Fracture or “tired” Federation/Starfleet. The word “crews” as opposed to crew also caught my eye. But what really caught my eye when Fuller said “easter eggs” was a planet which looks very much like Romulus near a very raging sun. We saw Earth at the beginning….Im calling it. Romulus supernova, hopefully indicating this show (whether analogy or not) will pic up post Nemesis in the prime universe. If so, at the same time will acknowledge the alternate universe (with prime Spock) does exist whether they address it or not.

The ten seconds of Alexander Courage’s music made me way more excited than the entire 2 minutes of the Beyond trailer.

Love the look of the trailer and the logo, can’t wait for the show :) I’m in the uk so I’m hoping someone over here picks it up! For you guys in the US does this all access stuff mean that the eps will air online first and then say a few days later air on regular cbs tv?

Sadly the answer to that is No, Trekmatt. Only the first episode will air on regular CBS, with the rest of the episodes ONLY available through the paid, streaming-only “All Access.” Very big letdown. As another poster wrote somewhere, welcome to the new most pirated show….

What video game is this? Just kidding.

This better be Star Trek, not Abrams Trek.

Zooming through planets is a nice touch. I would’ve put “New Worlds” before “New Villains”, though. “New Crews” seems like an indication, or rather confirmation, that this new series will indeed be an anthology series. Looking forward to seeing more of this.

One thought: Star Trek: Shattered Universe

Or, how about “Shatnered” Universe! :-) You have to assume they will try to work him in somehow!

Unless it’s just creative artistic licence, that vertical split in the delta symbol (with the smaller part “breaking off” in the trailer) suggests the storyline involves some kind of Federation/Starfleet civil war.

A bit more guesswork:

The “split delta” may refer to the Federation’s actual collapse, not (or not just) civil war. So we could be getting a “fall of the Federation” storyline.

In the trailer: The destroyed ice planet is Andoria. The earth-like planet too close to the huge sun is Romulus, with its star going supernova (or it could even be Earth itself). All of this could be caused by warfare.

Lots of planets being destroyed. Lots of asteroid fields. Lots of fire. The Star Trek wording and logo looks very cold and metallic and I don’t see any signs of life, let alone heroes or villains…dunno about this at all.

Well that officially makes me excited for it! If you dont like it, its probably going to be something I will like.

Very Cool! The promotion has finally started!


Yeah the trailer is nothing amazing but man it gives you chills to know its REALLY happening now. And the old Star Trek chord in the music makes you more happy. And lastly, no one jumping on a motorcycle….yet. ;)

And I’m not putting Beyond down, I still have hope for it. HOPEFULLY we’ll finally see another trailer for that soon. Its just fun now to have Trek back on the big screen AND small screen at the same time. This is the 90s again. And if we are getting an anthology series then we are getting a lot of crews. Man I’m just so happy Trek is back again. Maybe not all the way we want it but its just fun discussing it, the possibilities, knowing we are going to see these crews going where no man has gone before. Please, please, please be good Beyond. And if this new show lives up to the promise I’ll pay twice as much to watch it on All Access. I paid Netflix to watch Daredevil I’ll do the same for this. No biggie.

That said I can’t believe they are only calling it Star Trek. I’m so tired of saying ’09’ referring to the first JJ movie would it kill you guys to throw one sub name in it? Other than that can’t wait to hear more.

@ Tiger: they may not have settled on a final title which is why they are simply calling it “Star Trek” for now. Or if it is really going to be an anthology series the title might change whenever they change the setting.

I just wanted to see the new ship! Really badly!! I’m hoping for some sort of post-Constitution but still with elements of Constitution sort of hybrid vessel. Pre-Enterprise C that’s for damn sure. Pre-C, as would be more grammatically correct in this situation ^_^

I don’t think there will be A new ship but multiple new ships. I really think the mention of “crews” instead of “crew” confirms that it will be an anthology series (where each season can take place at a different point in time and focus on different peoples i.e. on a ship, on a space station, on a planet, on an alien ship, lower ranked crew, political factions, civilians…) The opportunities would be endless and give the public a better look into the Star Trek universe than they’ve ever had.