LIVE BLOG: Star Trek Beyond Fan Event at Paramount Studios + Trailer Reveal

Follow along with TrekMovie’s live blog of the first ever Star Trek Fan Event tonight from 6:30 PM. The event, held at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, will include the reveal of the second Star Trek Beyond trailer plus a live streaming Q&A session with director Justin Lin, JJ Abrams, and other surprise guests.

Watch this space!

The Q&A session will be streamed live via Facebook live from 7:45 PM PST exclusively on BuzzFeed Entertainment

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Come on new trailer!!!!!

Please let it be good!!!!!

Kirk’s real father wasn’t George?? It was Keenser!! But, now that the trailer has spoiled the film, who’ll pay for tickets??

They’ve got a lot riding on this 2nd trailer. .. better be “Trek” like …

As they say on Monty Python… Get on with it!!!

This is going to go one way or the other. Fingers crossed..

Do you mean PDT?


Well it’s 6:30 and I hear for the party. Where is everyone?

I expect it to be late…but how late? Minutes? Half an hour? 6:33 right now….

It started apparently.

Alright so this liveblog thingy is gonna be starting soon, right?

Here it better be good 2.30am here in the UK!!

Trek Core is updating every few minutes!

The official Star Trek website has nothing about this event! LOL

My Bad that was the CBS Trek site, but Gearing up for the new series but still.

It’s really unfortunate that fans had to Win a Contest, to be able to attend this event. I truly thought tickets were going to go for sale to the public for this Fan Event. Very Disappointed. However, this Live Blog is the next best thing, so thank you TrekMovie! This blog, and the new trailer will cheer me up.

Most events like this DON’T happen that way

The live blog starts soon?

Pegg is not attending not a good sign the co-writer is not going to be there is it!

After he was quoted in that Lin article taking a dump on fans and famous Trek alums critical comments of last teaser, I think Paramount didn’t want the headache of him being jeered at the event.

Pegg should man-up Doug Jung is there he is the other co-writer even JJ is there & he is only the producer. At least Paramount got Urban + Quinto probably the 2 most popular cast members.

Say Whaaaaa

Is there going to be a link for the Facebook Q&A? I’m cornfused.

LOVE that they built a set for the event. That is REALLY cool. So wish I was there right now.

Meh. I don’t like the Enterprise-A teasing is it just means there’s going to be an alt-Ent-A in the picture.

Of course, if it means somehow these characters are going to move back into the Prime Universe……well, now THAT would be special….

Dammit Jim – Where;s the trailer?


HYPE! My favorite Enterprise…hopefully they don’t mess it up.

Chris Pine is there as well apparently. Paramount should have live video streamed the entire event so many Trek fans worldwide would want to watch this!

That 1701-a plaque isn’t a big reveal. We already know the ship is destroyed (not a spoiler), so we know that the next movie will need a new one, probably the -A version of Abramsprise. Thus, seeing a replica of the old TOS-movie 1701-a plaque from 1986 isn’t a big reveal for Beyond. So, there’ll be a new ship? Yeah, the loss of the current ship tells us that.

Can’t thank you all for bringing us this!!!!

FYI, Kayla is Periscoping the thing live on Twitter right now, It’s better than this here.

So completely NOT interested in hearing Abrams talking about Trek at this point. (sigh) Still, thank you to Kayla for the Periscope feed! :) :) :)

Breaking: Abrams said that the case against Axanar will be dropped :)


Basically JJ just said the #Axanar lawsuit is going away. Whoa.

Lin went to the studio, felt like this wasn’t the way to be dealing with the fans. So we pushed the studio on that I can tell you tonight that in a couple of weeks the lawsuit will be going away.

Can someone confirm this? Remember that CBS and Paramount are co-plaintiffs. Paramount may drop out but CBS could still push ahead.

That’s just nuts. It’s not about dealing with fans, it’s about right and wrong. Peters needs to be crucified.

For what?


For working with Cushman!!! For our dear friend kmart, that’s a big NO!

For making a fan film that fans want to see and therefore funded?


It’s the right decision, time to end this nonsense lawsuit & focus on what really matter.

The TV series?


Yes, the new TV series, Star Trek Beyond and the 50th anniversary.

At some level, kmart, I agree with you. Winning the battle, but losing the war is counterproductive, though. What I’m reading here is C/P putting some solid parameters around what fan productions can (and can’t) do, I suspect this is probably the settlement all parties could agree to.

I really can’t see that happening. The studios have to protect their interests. It’s not about how the fans feel about it and as a lawyer myself I would never advise my clients to drop such litigation for PR purposes. I think it would be a mistake. Still, theirs to make I guess.

to mark the event, time for the next Trek book or Trinket give away. If you follow me on twitter, you know that I’ve been giving away all the books and collected trinkets from my collection. All things that I either used for inspiration for the movies, or that I got during the movies. Though my signature means nothing, all trinkets are personalizwd to the winner. All it takes to win is to make a pithy or clever or heartfelt comment about Trek, This one is for Trekmovie only.

Very classy and cool, Mr. Orci. Nicely done. :)

Star Trek has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve seen it go through ups and downs. When the 2009 film came out, I knew before I got into the theater that it was going to be good. Into Darkness I had reservations about, but it turned out pretty good too. Now we stand on the precipice of another trek into the final frontier, one that has yet to truly instill confidence in me. The only trailer we’ve seen shows the destruction of the Enterprise, one of my favorite movie starships, which feels hurtful, especially in light of the anniversary. But I shall remain optimistic. As a certain Vulcan once said, “We must have faith.” No matter what, I will always be a Star Trek fan and always look towards the future hoping that mankind will come together and make it a reality. LLAP

All I can say is that I inherited my trekdom from my dad. He was 16 when tos premiered and became a fan, and I was seven when tng premiered. Watching Star Trek was a weekly event for us for the next 15 years until I moved out after graduating from college.

Now, with a new show on the horizon, I get to pass along the tradition to my own little girl. Can’t wait!

We all! have our own private feelings that define what Star Trek is to each of us. It’s a diverse thing, trek fandom. For some, Star Trek is exploration…for others, Star Trek is aliens….for others, Star Trek is swashbuckling adventures on strange new worlds. For me, there is no denying that Star Trek is.

My first fan experience was as a kid/volunteer at one of the very first conventions, (NYC, Commodore Hotel 1974 or 75). Riding the elevator and getting Shatners autograph was like a dream come true. Then running into James Doohan who so patiently took the time to pose with my brother and I for pictures. And the best part: At the close, after the attendees all left, Gene and Majel had each and every volunteer sit with them for a few moments to chat — even us kids (I was 13 or 14). It wasn’t just Gene’s imagination that gave us all of this. It was his kindness and love for people. And that is Star Trek.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst times.” Message, Spock?

I discovered the original Star Trek series in reruns when I was 10, and got hooked for life. The greatest thing about the show, for me, was the revolutionary idea that one day, being smart would finally become valuable. What better news is there for a 10-year-old than the idea that those who were smart and disliked conformity actually had a place in the future? Now I’m supposed to be an adult, and that same message still thrills me, along with the idea that we can have fun, too; so happy the new movies are embracing that. Also, Spock rules.

Odd. The Nimoy tribute started just as my room filled with dust…onion dust, I think. Darn leaky eyes.

Kayla’s doing a really good job of Periscoping this thing!

Yeah, she’s great.

Are there ticketholders still outside?

From what I’m reading on the Twitter feeds, yes and to make matters worse they are now being turned away by security….

Yep. I was one of them. Disappointed, apparently it was a pretty good program.

Same here. Happy for those who made it in. Pissed at the way Paramount handled the whole thing. Promises and lies.

I want to see the 360 VR recording of this.

I’m now a fan of periscope.

Where is the trailer? It’s almost midnight here in Toronto.

No Cameras allowed

Trailer Incoming!


That absolutely blows! 2 and a half hours and we’re shut out?

Pretty inconceivable that they overbooked a ‘by invitation’ event…didn’t anticipate that an overflow room might be necessary.

I am so upset about that. The overbooking was a BIG screw up.

At this point it is what it is. Lesson learned.

Oh well. It was a long shot. We’ll see the trailer soon enough and that IS the benefit of BEING there. This was great fun.

Not for the fans WITH tickets that weren’t allowed in.

Yeah, still scratching my head on how you overbook a ‘by invitation’ event??

My guess there were two lists: guests and winners.

Guests included Trek media sites, places that gave out the tickets to fans. This makes sense and I do not hold this against them. I know and am friends with many of them.

Winners were allowed in based on seat availability.

While waiting in line I saw people go directly to the head of the line and were let in. There were even instances where Paramount staff walked the line with names on papers looking for specific people.

If they would have come out and told us after the event had begun that if we wanted to wait that there “might be a chance” we would be let in, rather than have several different Paramount staff come out a “guarantee us entry” if we wanted to wait, then it would have been on those of us who chose to wait.

Paramount just blew this. Big time.

Yeah, Ben, I kinda came to a similar conclusion. It’s sounding like folks who were there at six were still waiting at 8:30. I’m not holding it against anyone, but there were more then a few people at my end of the line who were grumbling that they had really reworked schedules or other activities to go. If this had been billed as a overflow event up front, folks could have made an informed decision about standing in line for a chance to get in, as opposed to believing they had won something (entry) when they had not.

I’ve received an email from Paramount about attending the premiere. Fool me once, shame on you…..haven’t made up my mind if I’m going to spend a day in San Diego for the chance to stand in a line or not at another booked event.

Have yet to see anything from Paramount…

I’ve swapped a couple of e-mails with someone in their PR department. I’m not expecting much, I’ve no idea how much (if anything) these guys are capable of committing too….

They won’t show us the trailer. WHAT A RIPOFF!

this is nothing new… They’re strict about it at comicon, at the Disney media event, even at Star Wars celebration -at least for their main films I think- It’ll be posted online either tonight or tomorrow morning

Y’know I didn’t really expect to see the trailer Periscoped. I had my fingers crossed but I wasn’t banking on it. It was cool to feel like I was part of the festivities, thanks to Kayla.

Just saw the trailer 10 min ago at the paramount website!!

Hey Ahmed, TrekCore reporting that fans with actually tickets weren’t allowed in and were actually removed by Paramount security.


Yeah, I saw that. In a very nice gesture, Justin Line is promising them to be at the movie premiere.

Except that the premier is at SDCC. So take more time off to go. Drive down to San Diego and stand in another line that we are “promised” entry… Yeah.

Speaking of insult to injury…sitting on my computer when I got home was the obligatory ‘thanks for attending’ e-mail, looking forward to ‘seeing me at the premiere’. Yeah, I heard some of the ‘guests of the studio’ chatter, too. What the e-mail blast means by ‘see you at the premiere’ is ‘go by a ticket opening day’. I probably will, but I’m not under any illusion that driving to SD on the chance I might find an empty seat is preferable to seeing the movie in the recliner at the luxury theater that’s a five minute walk from home.

Nothing new there. All big events like this are overbooked. It is to make sure all the seats are full. TV shows do it too. That is why you have to be there early…

I was there early.

Lesson learned. Show up very early.

Well, we weren’t removed. Just told no one else was getting in. Would have been better to have heard it earlier then later, though.

Would have been even better if the Paramount staff had not come out into the line and promise us entry if we would “only wait 30 more”.

30 minutes that is.

Yeah, I specifically asked, ‘so, be back at 8:30?’ which was forty minutes, and the young lady looked me square in the eye and said, yes. At some level I understand overbooking, but for a ‘by invitation’ event, you’d better have some overflow capacity planned for in the event most of your guests actually show up.

Trailer is up on the official Paramount You Tube site. Wow what a massive let down I hope there is a lot more to the movie it does not exactly look like a must see event & I am a big TOS fan!

Movie. Looks. Gorgeous.

I think this movie will have it all: stunning visuals, good humor, character development, blistering action, new worlds, and a Balance of Terror style chess match.

Best trailer since ST.09 #2.

The shot of the Enterprise in warp — astounding. Haven’t seen anything that visually arresting since Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.

Thank you so much for taking the time and Periscoping as much as you could!@! I watched it all, and I loved it!!! You made a lot of fans happy by doing that last night!!!

Still Star Trek: Fast and Furious… that’s the reality… all action…and blowing up another Enterprise…gee