New Star Trek Beyond Trailer Premieres Online

The trailer is being posted online concurrent with its premiere at a special fan event being held at Paramount Studios tonight.


We now have the new poster for the film as well:


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Much better!

I agree!!

Much better. They clearly heard the criticism.

Excited to see actual moments of reflective dialogue.

And more motorcycle!

Kirk probably had the motorcycle on board the Enterprise in case he had an opportunity to use it. Like Picard and his horse saddle.

I hope not. That’s stupid.

It’s perfectly normal. Most serious riders have their own motorcycles.

He gave his Father’s antique Ducati to that dockworker. {ST2009}
Though it was an antique, notice that the bikes wheels had no spokes or axles, probably 22nd century model.

Call me Hutch.

Well done sir lol

Yes, indeed. It turns out that one of my cousins had four motorcycles, quite high end I believe. He had them shipped between NZ and Australia a few times (I doubt it was cheap) and has just managed to part with three of them because he needs the money. Maybe it is stupid, unless you are a motorcycle enthusiast. Given Kirk’s apparent propensities, I wouldn’t expect anything less of him and anyway a motorcycle does not take up that much space.

don’t forget the Argo! =P

Join the discussion You have no idea how hard I try to forget the Argo.

Can we please forget the Argo??? Please…

Kirk -had- a motorcycle when he rode up to the shipyard in Iowa. He gave the motorcycle to some random tech guy before boarding the shuttle. He did not have it “on board the Enterprise”.

You’re absolutely right Meurik. Because collectors only collect one instance of a thing and, having given it away in a moment of sudden emotional resolve, never collect another one ever again, ever.

It’s years later and totally within reason that he got another cycle. It’s akin to selling your car to go to college and then buying a new one after you graduate and get a job. Also it’s within context since he had a cycle in the first movie. The Argo was shoehorned in with no context or reason to have it as an excursion vehicle when there are shuttles hanging around.

He could have acquired a different motorcycle. Plus, the motorcycle seen in this trailer is different that the one from 2009.

Because of course there is no possibility that he would acquire another one. We all know that motorcycle fans only own one bike during their lives. (sarcasm)

Yeah, because at no point in the intervening years between ST09 and STB could he possibly have picked up another one. I mean they only made one motorcycle ever, right? /s

The enterprise gets destroyed and everyone used escape pods. The motorcycles were either on the planet already or my guess is they were on the NX starship


Not a bad theory however, from the looks of things, Kirk and another go back to the crashed saucer section (they are sliding down part of it at one point) and it’s possible he retrieves the motorcycle during that time. A reasonable excuse to get around more quickly, methinks :)

If you look closely – one of the motorcycles gets shot and flashes blue like it’s a hologram…Maybe a massive holo prison ?

exactly, and it gets reset at least once and the big E gets banged up at least twice.

Isn’t the planet implied to be littered with crashed ships? Motorcycle could have come from anywhere.

I think you might be thinking of it like the “Argo”.

I am now Slightly more optimistic about this film…


Every time an interview or in this case a trailer come out, my optimism grows!

I am on-board as well for this adventure!

Don’t Litter!

Just watched the new trailer. It looks better, but…

Its not just me then it looks better but still not getting a must see vibe from it. I will see it anyway but it seems lacking something although the warp bubble shot looks cool as does the Kirk/McCoy drinking scene lifted from TWOK but hmm not entirely convinced by it.

Agreed. Much better, but still… meh.

I think it’s because it all seems so generic. Generic “ship is overwhelmed” scene, just like the last two films, generic “Kirk drinking/in a bar”, generic firefights, generic “Sulu slams the throttle” shot, Kirk is even yelling “Do it! Do it!” once again. Also, they seem to have given away essentially the entire plot.

Like you said, the warp bubble looks interesting, and this trailer at least includes some meaningful dialog, so things are looking up from the previous trailer, but this just still looks so…uninteresting to me.

Very true. You’ll be shouted down around here but your opinion is relevant. Time will tell.

I really want it to be good. I just want good Star Trek again. So I hope I’m wrong, but it just looks so watered-down, run-of-the-mill-Hollywood right now. Don’t get me wrong, it already looks way better than Into Darkness, but I’m just not feeling any excitement about it.

(Also, there was yet another “someone hurtles toward a cliff, but grabs on at the last second” scene too. Add that to the list of ‘generics’)

Hold on I need to find my tiny violin. TUP is whining again

Oh look another ignorant jerk who can’t handle other people with a different opinion. Someone turn off the wifi at the idiot asylum please. lol

@ Ted – more like a cello connected to an amp and subwoofers to match his loud nonsense. ;-)



Kirk isn’t drinking in a bar. He’s drinking with McCoy in his quarters.

If the movie looks so meh to you… simple… DON’T go see the movie!

Cause that’s the problem, the audience.

My sentiments exactly. “It looks better, but …” best to reserve judgement for the finished product when I see it.

Sadly, I agree with everyone above. It’s a better trailer but…

I’m looking more forward to the new TV show than this movie, and yet, I know I should be excited about this. This apathy makes me sad.

I’m also much more looking forward to the show BUT the movie will still deliver bigger-in-scope, higher quality FX shots like that station and that gorgeous warp field scene, Chris Nolan Insterstellar-style.

me to
apathy maybe or is it because the new TV show is set in the prime time-line!!!!! so hopefully less star wars and more star trek plus the guys running the show are trekies

Have to agree with the other comments. Not a bad trailer, and the film doesn’t seem like its going to be atrocious, but it’s bland and generic. It’s not making me feel like I want to rush out and see it. With cinema ticket costs the way they are in Oz, I could easily just wait and hire it on blu-ray and see it on the projector at home.

I really would have liked some more hard-core science fiction elements and more exploration of the unknown but I think we’re never going to get that type of storytelling for a Star Trek film in this day and age.

Here’s hoping the new series returns to that, which I’m definitely more excited for.

that is my hope to with the tv program

Well, the new trailer has me more jazzed for the movie. Not so much for a TV show I may not get to ever see. At least in decent quality. At least at a movie theater I can see it on a big screen with quality image and sound. And if I decide to wait to see it on disc at home, the image and sound quality will still be light years better than anything CBS decides to stream at us. (sigh)

Ummmm is that other ship what I think it is???

NX class?

If it’s supposed to be an NX class from enterprise era just make it the same. Or is this another example of how Nero’s arrival changed the past too? Lol

Nero didn’t affect anything before Kirks Birth.

It sure looks like an NX class to me.

Looks like FASA’s Locknar class by that preliminary drawing you linked to.

That’s what I’m wondering.

In pausing the shots, it is definitely a modded NX – it has the JJ verse nacelles but the hull looks like the NX otherwise

The layout resembles the NX Class, which I think is really cool. But the ship in Beyond is muuuuch smaller; like a scout ship even.

Was that an NX class ship!?

I think it’s definitely a JJ-stylized NX-01 :D

The NX-01 was 100 years before Kirk’s time. It would be long decomissioned or un-salvageable by now.

There was more than just the NX-01. Plus, isn’t this ship called the Franklin?

@ David Oakes

Yea, like what happened to the B-52 bombers.

Whoops !!! :-) LOL


The remaining B-52 bombers, built around 1960, are not suppose to remain in service thru 2040 at least. That’s 80 years. So there is an example today of tech approach a useful life of 100 years, and undoubtedly, when the B-52’s are finally put out of service in Tuscon, they will be kept in a condition where they could be brought up to operational condition with some work.

Prodigal Son,

Prodigal Son,

In reply to your comment uniquely identified by the following URL:

You’ve done an admirable job of showing intention to have a ship, air or otherwise, approaching functionality for close to a hundred years, but you’ve left your proof incomplete as no B-52 has actually accomplished the deed, yet.

I think you may find this ship more useful:

“Built between 1759 and 1765, it is the oldest commissioned warship in the world.
The [HMS] Victory is also the flagship of the Second Sea Lord and Commander in Chief Naval Home Command.” — ‘HMS Victory gets 100th commander’;;16 December 2011 14:22

I believe its current status is a museum ship much as the fictional Galactica was in the pilot for SciFi’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and like that fictional museum ship it’s been maintained in fighting trim, i.e. although never expected to, it could leave harbour and sail the seven seas as well as it ever did.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that there was an NX class ship out in the far reaches of space. Maybe it was lost and this species used it for something and maybe Scotty was able to get it going? Who knows? Not saying it’s a good or bad reason. Just there very well could be justifiable reasons for using the NX class if indeed it is that.

The NX02, Columbia, was lost in the gamma quadrant.
Makes sense to me for them to find that ship; rather than the 01.
Depending on the construction of the ship, and the environment it’s in, it’s possible it could still be flight worthy.

I was thinking the same thing!


Awesome trailer! Somewhat reminiscent of the 09 trailer. Cant wait for this movie. (still not sure about the new uniform design).

It’s not a new uniform design, they are wearing the uniforms of another crashed Starfleet ship, the USS Franklin.

No, I know the jackets come from the USS Franklin. I’m talking about the regular uniforms. I think it’s just the collar. It’s not a big deal I just really liked the ones in ST09 and STID.

Ah, gotcha.

Hate the new uniforms, they look stiff & uncomfortable. It makes their shoulders look narrow. The previous ones looked great, they shouldn’t have changed them. It was just a matter of the new costume designer wanting to put his mark on the film even if it meant throwing out a good design for an inferior one.
I’f your going to redesign something make it better not worse.

I’m gonna throw a bone and suggest that, who ever the bad guys are in STB, its because of the crew of the USS Franklin, is the reason why they really hate the UFP…

~Pensive’s Wetness

Ah, interesting. That would add a bit of weight to the plot, if the USS Franklin somehow contaminated (either literally or figuratively) Krall’s planet/culture, and he wants to push back.

It seems fairly clear that there’s yet another attack on Earth/San Fransisco, probably near the end of the film, so he must have some beef with the Federation, other than just “stay off my planet/out of my space”, he’s clearly taking the fight to them, so I think you may be on to something.

Earth is not in this film. The city is some Federation Outpost.

I think this is a very interesting theory, and would be a great premise for the film–the crew of the Enterprise goes to this planet to find out what happened to the USS Franklin, and then they find out!! Perhaps the Franklin did something that messed with this planet. Perhaps they did not follow the prime directive in some way. Of course, the bad guys are still bad guys, but they do have a legitimate beef with the federation. Hmm, sounds a bit like things that are happening on earth! This would fit with some of the veiled comments Simon Pegg has made about the movie. It would also fit well with the 50th anniversary–a film that reminds us what Star Trek really stands for. This would also be reminiscent of some episodes from the original series.

Fun to think about.

It is a new Uniform design, they are wearing it on the New Enterprise Before it is destroyed.

to mark the event, time for the next Trek book or Trinket give away. If you follow me on twitter, you know that I’ve been giving away all the books and collected trinkets from my collection. All things that I either used for inspiration for the movies, or that I got during the movies. Though my signature means nothing, all trinkets are personalizwd to the winner. All it takes to win is to make a pithy or clever or heartfelt comment about Trek, This one is for Trekmovie only.

Trek has entertained me, helped me feel there is a better future for humanity, driven an interest in science and technology, but most importantly shown this kid of the homogenized Midwest that people who are different from you aren’t scary and that we all should respect one another. I’m better for having Trek.

Pity new trek doesn’t carry on this tradition

Well Bob I don’t know if that’s meant to be posted here or on Twitter but I’ll say that your movie Star Trek 09 inspired me to take up screenplay writing and I plan on making my own indie Sci-fi flick. And that’s off the cuff, no brown nosing here. I found the talk between Pike and Kirk very motivating and heartfelt. But honestly Trek’s been doing that for me since I first started to watch it as a kid back in the 70’s.

thanks for playing. Yes, post here. Open until 5 tomorrow to give time zomes a chance.

What a lovely thought. Thanks :-)

Thanks, it’s really nice of you to do this!

Bob, for those that didn’t win how about a follow up prize of getting to read your Star Trek script! :)

This certainly is a thoughtful give away.

I work in education and have recently thought a lot about the future because of it. Today, while we see access to higher education expanding for so many students, the opportunity gap has widened. (That is, while more African Americans and Latinos have access to college, the degree attainment gap between them and White students has gotten bigger.) Star Trek, though, presents a future where education is a given and its attainment has nothing to do with skin color or access, but passion. Star Trek assumes all people can achieve if given the opportunity to do so. So, as I work to close those gaps, I find myself working in a small way to get to the future Star Trek has imagined.

I’ve been a fan since I was a small child. My father grew up on Trek and got me into it and, as an awkward kid growing up, it was my connection to Trek that helped keep my sanity. And it is that connection today that inspires me to do better.

(That was, perhaps, far too deep. I feel I should balance this out with a comment on how nice Zoe Saldana looks in a miniskirt or that we need more Carol Marcus undressing scenes.)

patrick p – win. DM on Twitter

@boborci – Honestly, as much as I think it would be fun to get something from you, I would rather see your things auctioned off and the proceeds given to a charity. Contests are fun and all, but the funds could go towards curing disease or some other noble thing. That is what Star Trek is all about, helping others and the entire galaxy become better and stronger… Not personal gain.

so are you trying to win with that statement? Can’t tell.

@ Box

Bob, you should award it to Aaron right now — he just Kobayashi Marued you, dude!

Give him his award — his “commendation for original thinking”


I do not really have an entry here for this contest.
But I just wanted say if you seek try attain a piece of memorabilia that inspires you,i do not see that as personal gain.
At least not in terms of personal profit.

Star Trek is, and ever shall be …my friend. To imagine myself in the Star Trek world is to exist as an improved human being- capable of greater understanding, and improved decision making. Star Trek is forever!

For the majority of my youth and well into adulthood Star Trek has been my escape from the realities of life. I can’t say that I enjoy facing the reality of life. It just has to be done.

I spend my free imaginary time in the Star Trek universe, where we as a people become united and stop fighting over who or what to believe in. Where we can accept our own faults and failures and grow from them.

We have a long way to go until we get there, but we have a goal and a vision so we will get there. Thank you for contributing to that Vision.

My fondest memories of Star Trek come from being a kid. Sunday mornings, I’d get up early, sneak down to the basement to avoid waking anyone up, and channel surf a mix of old cartoons, Charles Kuralt’s Sunday Morning, odd PBS shows about farming, and local TV kids’ shows, while waiting for the 10am Star Trek rerun on CBC-6. There was something about the quality of early Sunday mornings, already melancholic and nostalgic; plus the feeling like I had the place to myself, and the warmth of escaping to rich, imaginary worlds, a mix of the familiar and unfamiliar. Those times were an oasis of calm in a sometimes stressful, sometimes happy childhood; It’s something I’ll always treasure.

I hope you speak Klingon (actually, wow……translating it back is a complete nightmare, disregard this unless you just want a laugh :O )

Hov trek mojpu’ tu’ jIH neH oddest mIw. Qup qantaHvIS vagh ben ‘ej ‘op noodles vISop tajvam. pong ‘AY’ veb HoS puS vumnIS yabraj laH laQchoHlu’, ‘ej jIH woDDI’ ram, qechmey vavwI’ morgh je Seng yIHmey legh maH muja’ SoSwI’. qaSchoH vaj noodles vISop jItoy’taH ‘ej SIS HuvHa’ not mev muSonmeH.

ralqu’nIStaH Sagh note, Hov Treks wa’DIch ‘ej foremost appeal ‘ejDo’. chaH simply legh amaze. bID chenmoH HochHom ‘ej ‘uy’ pIm lego versions appealed jIHvaD ‘entepray’ d. Hoch chaw’a’ around nom tIqwIj chut sleek lulajpu’bogh nIH veb Gen movies e vIlegh. lubotbe’ nuq jatlh Hoch vIHtaHbogh lut tIq adventure ‘ej ‘oH Hov trek reH reH Duj toH puS puQmo’ veS appreciate ‘oH jIH. jIH neH rur giant sleek legh battleships pu’HIch peng DeSDu’ Hoch latlh ‘ej qul. yIDoH Ha’, toH Hov trek vImuSHa’ ‘e’ vaj Darkness vaqwI’ Vengeance amaze.

jIH wouldn’t pong Hot, heartfelt pagh boneH. ‘ach wej everyday, ‘eb yIjatlh screenwriter cha’ favorite sci-fi movies, vaj qet SuyItHa’ jIH vI’ogh qatlh resonated HItlhej Qu’lIj figured jIH poHlIj.

p.s. SoH qem Noodles luck, jIHvaD yIvoqQo’

Daniel M – winner

Star Trek has defined the moral compass and human character of my generation and of humanity to live long and prosper.

Thank you Bob.

Honestly, Star Trek is one of the main reasons* why I survived my teenage years, and how I’ve made it to where I am today as a functional adult, with a career and a family of my own. Depression is a rough ride, and it never really ends, but Star Trek was always there. Every series and every film made life seem like perhaps it really was worth living because maybe, just maybe, something amazing is waiting for us in the future. I’m glad I hung in there to see Trek where it is today, experiencing its own rebirth and challenging its fans to think outside of the realm that we’ve existed in for so long.

Sappy? Yes! Truthful? Yes! Am I a huge dork? Super mega yes!

*Also Davy Jones had something to do with it, but that’s another story for another fandom.

Bob! Now there is a great name!

I am 52 years old and back in school to earn my MFA in Creative Writing /Screenwriting. I really enjoy your dialogue, especially the line written for Bruce Greenwood in both films. Smart, clever dialogue and Greenwood clearly delivered.

Keep the faith, brother! Keep on writing!

Star Trek was instrumental in shaping my education and career. I grew up with Star Trek (the original STO movies and TNG (in elementary school and middle school) and VOY and DS9 in college. It influenced study political science in college and to go for my Ph.D. in Political Science (international relations). I study the institutions and interactions that promote cooperation. International institutions, norms, and intergovernmental organizations reduce conflict and promote integration and prosperity when implemented properly. Star Trek is more than just entertainment; it’s an important sociological community and cultural institution that promotes values that inspire humanity to change the world around us for the better. I know it inspired me. That is Star Trek.

Completely agree. Right after college, I actually decided to move to 1990s Moscow around the time Sisko and Co. moved to DS9, and I’ve been back for three tours of duty since then! Some of the challenges were uncanny (sadly the integration of Bajor into the Federation worked out better than what happened IRL).

Jason – winner

Hi Bob, I’m a second generation Trekkie. My mom has been a Trekkie since the original series came out, and I’ve been raised on it. Star Trek has always been there for me, through the wonderful times and the difficult. It helped me get through a 4 year custody battle my mom and I fought against my violent father to get custody of my autistic brother, (who he didn’t even want to care for). Thankfully, we won, and things are looking up.

Mine though, is but one story. I’ve gone to Star Trek conventions, and I am just one in so, so many… There is one story though, that I will never forget. It was the end of the last day of the 2008 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention. I was at the last auction as the Star Trek decorations from the convention were being auctioned off among other things. There were so few people in the auditorium that people had abandoned designated seats, and were grouping together to chat during the auction. A blond woman ended up sitting next to my mom and I, and I will never forget her.

She said she was there for Enterprise. She had never really gotten into the other series, but she loved Enterprise. Her favorite character was Lt. Reed. We chatted for a few minutes about Enterprise and Star Trek, nothing specific… Then she started to get a bit emotional. She said Enterprise really meant quite a lot to her. She continued, saying when Enterprise was on she was going through a very rough time in her life; if it hadn’t been for Enterprise, and Lt. Reed, if she hadn’t been able to watch him every week, she would have killed herself. She would have ended her own life. Star Trek saved it. It saved her.

I don’t really remember what she looked like. I don’t even know her name. I will never see her again. But I will never forget her. It was at that moment that I truly realized that EVERY person who has worked on Star Trek has saved lives. Every character, from every series, (including your wonderful movies), has devoted fans whose lives they have transformed forever. And none of these characters could come to life without the time and care given from all the cast and crew. So THANK YOU. Thank you for making Star Trek.

I’ve thankfully never been suicidal, but I’ve had days where Star Trek is what helped me get up in the morning, and fight for my brother throughout the day. I love all the series, from TOS through your phenomenal movies. Star Trek continues to remind me that it isn’t just there for me, it is there for everyone, and through its existence, it is creating the future it so beautifully illustrates. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you, and all the other people who have worked on Star Trek, have done. Your legacy will continue on, inspiring, transforming, and saving lives, as it betters the very existence of the human race.

I’d apologize for the length of this post, but I think her story should be told, regardless of prizes. (And no, I didn’t just make any of this up. That wouldn’t be in the spirit of the Federation.)

second gen – winner

I discovered Star Trek by accident on a Sunday morning. I was eight years old. I was an isolated, dreamy little girl, always reading something, or writing a badly written story. It was raining outside, so I turned on our out-of-date TV. By chance, The Menagerie Part I came on. I was hooked from that day. Once I week I got to escape from not just a slightly dysfunctional home, but from my entire world – consisting, really, of school and the few streets around my house – and go cartwheeling between candy-colored planets on a study, solid ship.

Spock, in the end, became my favourite: this quiet man with the dazzling intellect. A patron saint for nerds, for outcasts, and for me. I’m better for having a figure in my childhood whose power depended on his mind – sometimes literally, but more often on his knowledge, his cleverness, his innate respect and curiosity for all things. Star Trek gave him to me, and to everyone else who needed him, and now seems like a good time to say thanks.

I often think that the Star Trek universe is akin to the fractured political landscape in the US today. Instead of republicans vs. democrats, or Hillary vs. Bernie its Prime vs. Alternate Reality. There is too much negative rhetoric from both sides. But, for me, Star Trek is a singular phenomen. Unlike many other franchises, special care has been taken to maintain threads of continuity through each new incarnation. I actually appreciate that Bob and JJ cared enough about the rich history of Trek to link the universes together in Star Trek (2009) with Spock Prime. This was a brilliant compromise that allowed the iconic characters of the original series to be brought back to us in a reimagined and modern setting. They didn’t have to do that. The easier path would have been to simply do a hard reboot. So, Bob, given these great compromise skills, I endorse you to bring what you’ve done for the Star Trek universe to the political arena. Orci for president!

Ok boborci, is it Kurtzman, Cruise & JJ? Ooops, already tried that answer, Seriously, this is the trailer I’ve been looking for! Proper Trek!! Love it!, That ‘Fast & Furious’ Trailer was ‘taking the pith’ ! ;)

Bob, Star Trek made me who and what I am today. It informed my choice of career, areas of study, and friendships. When I served in the USAF during the Cold War, it was the ice-breaker that helped me settle into new bases and make new friends.

I’ve loved Star Trek in all its iterations- from the afternoon reruns in the ’70s (I missed it on air- we were overseas), to the mailed VHS tapes of Next Generation episodes when I was again overseas. I’ll admit I was skeptical about this new universe when it came out, but remembered hearing many of the same things from fans when Next Generation came out (pre-internet, thank God- most of the belly-achers were in the Letters to the Editor in Starlog and other ‘zines). But I gave it a chance and liked it, just as I’ve given this new ‘verse a chance- and like it, as well.

Things came full circle for me in the mid-eighties, with a totally accidental collision with Leonard Nimoy in an airport bookstore (we backed into each other). I was in my USAF Class-A uniform, which had my Space Operations badge on it. Leonard was an Army veteran (drafted for the Korean conflict), and shared a war story with me- he’d worn his own Class-A uniform in “Them”. Then he saw, and recognized the delta-shield shaped symbol on my Space Operations badge, and got tears in his eyes. It was an unforgettable moment. Years later, I told this story to Leonard’s granddaughter when ordering from his Etsy shop, and he slipped in a personally autographed picture of Spock with my order. He’d remembered, too.

Best wishes to you. I’m not mooching for a trinket, but I thought you’d find this story interesting.

Star Trek teaches as well as entertains. I learned we are all the same under the skin and the bigotry taught by pre-Star Trek parents was based on fear, not facts. Love the stories, love the adventure, but mostly love the thought and ideas that go into those stories.

My mother sat down to watch the first episode of The Next Generation back in the day with me as a boy. She’s passed (prematurely) but I’ve introduced my daughter to Star Trek and she’s now seven, and watches the original series and a few others before bed with daddy snuggled up with her each night. She loves it completely, yet isn’t only a nerd like me. Dodged a phaser there. Hey-ooh! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

I don’t comment much, but always lurk. But because I’m a fan, please definitely count me as an entry Bob. Thanks sir.

nathan – winner

Star Trek was one of the first television shows I grew to actually love. My dad introduced it to me and no matter how many other franchises come and go, Trek is always at the top of my list.

Bob, I’ve watched Star Trek since the series premier on NBC and its managed to pop up again and again during interesting times.

I remember being amused while at college in the early seventies by folks getting excited about a “new show” they discovered called Star Trek (it was just TOS in syndication) and wondering where they had been during the ratings lean days on NBC …

A few years later I took my young son to a college lecture by Leonard Nimoy. As we went through a line for autographs he reached out to shake my son’s hand and Mr. Nimoy’s surprised (but pleased) expression when my son exclaimed “right on!” was priceless …

In 1976 while working at a radio station I did a phone interview with Susan Sackett about Mr. Roddenberry’s efforts to do a Star Trek motion picture. Afterwards, he sent me the artwork proof for his “Inside Star Trek” album …

Many years later in 1978 I formed a fan club called “Star Trek Fan Association” in Pismo Beach and lost my shirt organizing an early Star Trek convention called “Central Coast Galacticon” …

After finishing basic training in 1988, the first TV show I got to watch was an episode of Star Trek – The Next Generation …

In 2005, while deployed to Iraq the first time, my wife would record episodes of “Enterprise”, burn them to DVD and mail them to me. Word got around and every time mail was delivered other soldiers would knock on my CHU (Containerized Housing Unit) and ask if I had a new episode to pass around and share …

I could go on, but you get the point that Star Trek has been a part of my life for the past 50 hears.

God willing, it will be for many more.


Well, I did post a comment (probably my longest), but it must be languishing in the moderation bit bucket … :)


Hey Bob, we met over two years ago when you and Alex were at the WGA for a Writing Panel. Not sure if you remember me, but meeting you, albeit briefly, was a very special memory I’ll remember for the rest of my life. Star Trek has served as a creative inspiration for me since childhood, and definitely played a role in my decision to study filmmaking, move to LA, and work in the film industry. I’ve been living and working here for 4 years now, been successful at finding freelance work in post-production all over the city, and I’m still chasing my ultimate dreams to work on major scripted feature films and television. Your work on Star Trek has definitely been a motivating factor for me to continue being successful in this risky career path working in the film industry. Thank you for inspiring me!


My previous comment seems to have been lost (no pun intended) so I’ll attempt to regurgitate it from memory with better luck.

Bob, I’ve watched Star Trek since the series premier on NBC and its managed to pop up again during interesting times over the past 50 years …

I remember being amused while at college in the seventies by folks getting excited about a “new show” called Star Trek (it was just TOS in syndication) and wondering where they had been during the ratings lean days on NBC …

A few years later I took my young son to a college lecture by Leonard Nimoy. As we went through a line for autograph he reached out to shake my son’s hand. Mr. Nimoy’s surprised (but pleased) expression when my son exclaimed “right on!” was priceless …

In the early seventies while working in radio I did a phone interview with Susan Sackett about Gene Roddenberry’s efforts to make a Star Trek movie. Afterwards, he sent me a copy of the art proof for his “Inside Star Trek” album.

In 1977 I formed a Star Trek fan club called “Central Coast Star Trek Fan Association” in Pismo Beach.

In 1978 I nearly lost my shirt producing an early Star Trek convention called “Central Coast Galacticon”.

After finishing Basic Training in 1988, the first TV show I got to watch in the recreation room was an episode of “Star Trek the Next Generation”.

During my first deployment to Iraq in 2005 my wife would record episodes of “Star Trek Enterprise”, burn them to DVD and mail them to me in Iraq. Word got around and people would stop by my CHU (Containerized Housing Unit) after mail delivery and ask if I had a new episode to share.

There are other incidents to share, but I think you get my point – Star Trek has been a part of my life for the past 50 years.

God willing, it will be for many years to come.


Sorry for the double post.

lostrod – winner

Currently undergoing kolinahr training to cope with the disappointment of not winning. As for those who seem to know best how Mr. Orci should distribute his trinkets, “If we were to assume these trinkets were ours to do with as we pleased, we would be as guilty as those who caused their extinction.”

I saw my first episode of Star Trek in 1966, when I was only ten years old. I spent five years of my childhood in a hospital/institution for respiratory-limited children ( i.e.The Preventorium system that was active from the early 1900s through the seventies.) . We only saw our parent/relatives for a couple of hours every other Sunday. Watching Star Trek with the other kids was a highlight of our week, and helped us get through the loneliness in those days.It inspired my love of science and science fiction that has followed me all my life, even into my 60s.

I have loved every iteration of Star Trek since then (some more than others, admittedly), yours and JJ’s included. Thank you for keeping the tradition going.

I’ll keep it short. I love Star Trek!

“Brain and brain! What is brain?” Aaah Star Trek has never been as high brow since!!

Missed the competition but will still comment, I’m one of those people who can say Star Trek saved my life.
I grew up in a small minded small town with a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic dad.
I was also gay & bullied mercelesly. I discovered Star Trek & it was my escape. My artistic talents were discovered by my constantly trying to recreate images from the Star Trek universe & this was eventually my way out of that small little place. I am still dissapointed that Star Trek does not acknowledge or represent the LGBT Community in it’s futuristic Universe but it is still a big part of my life.

bob, not sure if you are still in the “giveaway” mode, but just in case – in a few days my daughter will graduate from high school and be heading off to college in the fall. she went thru some really difficult times from 8th thru 10th grade. see battled pretty serious depression and anxiety issues but has come out the other side with a positive attitude and hopeful future. star trek was something that bonded us and gave us something positive to talk about in those dark times. the first episode i ever watched with her was “the doomsday machine”. she was hooked after that. the tribble and enterprise cutaway poster she has given me as christmas gifts will be enduring reminders of the bond that star trek has given us. thanks for keeping it alive in the 21 century for us!

An NX class starship? Very nice.

Let the prejudging begin of a movie that has not come out yet by fans of an institution that espouses tolerance, open minds, exploration … Etc

Not perfect for sure. But a lot better. If anything the fact they seem willing to slow down a bit is good.

I still feel like the writers have yet to capture the voices of these characters. And I’m not sure I like the angle of a Kirk who is still unsure and lacks confident.

Why? That was literally who Kirk was. He often had ‘am I making the right decision’ talks with McCoy or Spock. In the end, he made his decisions with their help and stuck with them no matter the consequences. He wasn’t always sure of himself or what he was doing, but he acted when he needed to. I think all of that is very much in character. I think, much like real historical figures and heroes, Kirk is often painted as being more fearless and self-assured than he actually was. I believe this portrayal of him by other people was somewhat lamp-shaded with his attitude in The Final Frontier and Generations.

@ Ashley


I dig the new poster!

Home run!

Except for the flashback, this looks very, very good.

Am I the only one that thinks it’s a lousy poster?

I love the poster.

I like the poster. I feel the Enterprise’s position should be top facing and not profile. The colours feel bright and optimistic, just like TOS.

Far better than the “spilled ink at the printing plant” poster for Star Trek 2009.

Yes, the Enterprise doesn’t leave a vapor trail! DISASTER!

I really like the poster!

Great poster

I’m embarrassed by it, it looks like one of the free posters they used to give away with the old 90’d playmates toys

old 90’s playmates toys

I liked the two previous movies but this one just doesn’t get me excited.

I just quit my job on Monday and I’ve been stressing all week about how to open up my business. I have to put up my car and house for sale next week and I haven’t slept much of the week. I’m putting a fake smile on my face when I see family and friends but I can honestly say I smiled for the first time this week after seeing this trailer. Thank you, Star Trek!

Holy. That’s a brave, scary step, Noel. That’s amazing.

For me, Trek has always been about the ability to overcome. I quit my job a few years back to do freelance journalism with a dream of writing stories that made some small difference. When the economy collapsed, A lot of places slashed freelance budgets and it was hard to find work. I became really depressed but, and it sounds silly, having new Trek to look forward to was one of the things that kept me going. ‘Just hang on to May, 2009.’ I’m better now because I’m actually able to make a living doing this – but there are still hurdles. This trailer felt both new and familiar – and, after a rough week, I got that smile too.

Holy cow, Jack…I used to be a freelance journalist trying to make a difference until about May, 2009.

I’m wondering how you managed to make a comeback…did freelance budgets come back? I remember ST09 providing hope and wonder and nostalgia during a very scary time for the economy, and for freelancers living off $500 assignments…

Movie version of the NX?

Not exactly as smooth as original NX, but refitted movie version prior to their decommissioning? (excluding the season 5 Drexler version)

That’s our U.S.S. Franklin there. Looks good!

An NX-class descendant (the “descendant” part is at least it’s my assumption for now), that’s really cool! And I think I even spot some design elements from the prime universe TOS Enterprise… Though I am not all to fond of the large view screen window – it makes the ship look like a cyclops.

OK that smaller fed ship looks like NX Enterprise. WTF? And that female voice talking sounds like the lady who played queen of the dinosaur people on voyager. Or Maz Kanata.

“Queen of the dinosaur people”….. LOL It totally does sound like her too!

It sounds like Salome Jens, who played the female Changeling on DS9…

She’s an alien. Why would you expect her to sound human?

If the point of the first trailer was to lower expectations, then it worked well, because this trailer looks like a cross between TOS and a Justin Lin movie — just what we should be expecting.

I REALLY like Justin Lin’s visual style on this film. It reminds me of Ridley Scott at his best. The shot of the Enterprise in warp — the most imaginative representation ever. The slow tracking shot behind Kirk with shallow depth of field with the serious piano music playing…this feels RIGHT to me.

Again, best ST trailer since ST.09 #2, which is the only one that floored me.

Agreed, DMD

I completely agree! That warp effect… Wow, why hasn’t anyone thought of that before now?

I liked it too – had that element of wonder to it and also gave the impression of being very far away in deep space….

I haven’t been able to find it anywhere online, but ENTERPRISE INCIDENTS magazine from mid-80s had concept art for this kind of warp bubble look — actually an even more elaborate effect — designed by original VFX team on ST-TMP. There would have been a prismatic effect on stars as they pass Enterprise warp bubble, and a separate effect between the inboard on the warp engines too. Hoping to interview to Double Negative guys about VFX this week, and will bring this up when I do.

They have

Looks like Interstellar.

You and I remember Interstellar very differently.

Maybe. The only other times I remember space looking like liquid glass are Interstellar and The Fountain.


Faith in the film has been restored…I was a little nervous after that first trailer.

P.S. I’d still love to see Orci’s film made at some point. It sounded pretty interesting despite being “too Star Trekie” as the suits at the studio put it.

I think this will be a much better movie but won’t make as much bucks because so many people were pissed off about how bad STID was.

So they’ll think… ‘why make a good movie, they don’t make any more money than bad movies’.


Yeah, they weren’t. A small segment of Trek fandom might’ve been pissed….no one else gave a shit. Unlike the aforementioned small segment of fandom, the rest of us saw STID and moved on with our lives.

@ The Lensmen

Agreed. And those 15 people who have bitched here about STID for three years all post here daily. LOL

Another ignorant post. When will you grow up. Fifteen people eh?

Yea, 15 people, give or take a few.

Most “bitching” is from the less than 15 people like yourself who are emotionally stunted and attack other people online for having a different opinion.

TUP – “emotionally stunted and attack other people online for having a different opinion.”

Please – it is not nice for you to air your dirty laundry in public.

I guess I am #16?
Plenty of people were dissappointed by the 2nd film. it did not even try to live up to the promise of the first film.
Beyond will make less money, Paramount will blame the fans instead of taking responsibility for watering down the films

Check the box office- less people saw Into Darkness

I’ve never met anyone in the real world who didn’t like Into Darkness a lot. Its only on the fan forums that I’ve encountered haters.

Hmmmmm must have a small circle of friends. The people I know who disliked STID far outweighed those who liked. Moot point now though.

TUP…. I suspect you just haven’t looked much beyond the online fan community for opinions on STID. And as evidence, I’ll point out the still (three years later) very high ratings the movie has on Cinemascore (“A”) and Rotten Tomatoes (87% fresh)… You know, actual impartial judges, not us geeky Trek aficionados. And there’s the huge box office, which dwarfed the classic films like Undiscovered Country, Generations, and First Contact. Sorry, but most people like STID very much and said so with the hard-earned dollars. The haters are a very small but very vocal minority.

Trust me, everybody who TUP knows, at Burker King, Wal-Mart, 7-11, the YMCA, the Dollar Star, and at Kings Row Trailer Park, all despise STID.

(just kidding…lol)

Prodigal is an ignorant piece of…work. The most immature person here who has already been banned in the past. oh just kidding. hahahahahah

:-). Well played lol

Thorny – not true. I don’t take much credit from online fans. Im taming about real world opinion. I have friends that enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong. But it seemed the bigger the Trek fan the less they liked it. I probably fall in the middle of the people I know to be honest. Because there were aspects I did like.

You obviously live in your own warp bubble

That’s just silly. STID was hugely popular overseas, and I see that audience expanding further with Justin Lin’s approach here.

Even if this movie is stagnant in the states again (say $250 mil), I wouldn’t be shocked if this did at least $400 mil internationally. And also, this is going to make a shitload of money given the surprisingly weak entries in late summer movie calendar.

And now we know why Paramount movies the opening to Jull 22 — for this huge Comicon event!

I still have my doubts about the late marketing, but given what I am seeing now, I do see a possible logic an payoff to waiting until after the two big superhero releases.

Agreed, STID received a general audience score of A with CinemaScore polling, that’s pretty damn good. I’ve actually never meet someone who actually out right hated it.

Hugh, I hated it. STID is unwatchable. There’s a great 8 minute 20 second video on Youtube called “Everything Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness In 7 Minutes Or Less”. Maybe one of you geniuses could post the link to it here, as an important reminder to TPTB never to f*ck it up that bad again!

That “Everything Wrong With” is a series by Cinema Sins It’s been done with dozens and dozens of movies. Even movies that are genuinely liked like Force Awakens.

You know, I would say that The Force Awakens has a lot more in common with STID that one might think. Both films were derivatives if not outright copies of what was done before in the same franchise. I’d even say that Darkness was slightly more original that Force, to be honest. The real reason why Force was received better was because it was 10 years removed from a TERRIBLE prequel series that, let’s face it, nearly everyone hated. So this mediocre copycat movie was seen as a GREAT Star Wars film when compared to what they had before. Darkness, on the other hand, was coming only a few years off a well received revival of the franchise. Therefore, it was looked at with a different light that Star Was was. (Although I still think the more trekier people would have panned it for it’s rip-off/homage to WOK. Not really fair but timing is indeed everything.

You fail to realise that EWW is meant to be humorous? That they do ANY movie they can get their hands on and feel like doing? That it is NOT a serious movie critic?

Oh, I realize they do it with all movies, but they still make some very good observations as to the flaws of STID.

The last movie was in 3D. Cinema tickets were quite a bit more expensive because of this. I think that helped to increase the overseas box office to some extend. I am not sure, if we will see that box office jump again for the next movie.

Into Darkness made less Money than Star Trek (2009) only 467 Million- won’t make more than that- not with the bland reception, lack of promotion & bad word of mouth.

That’s an NX class ship, where did they find it? WTF. Also the lady speaking in the trailer, she sounds so familiar. She sounds like the queen of the dinosaur people from voyager or even Maz Kanata.

She’s quite famous.

That’s Shohreh Aghdashloo speaking.

Persian actress who gained great fame in “House of Sand and Fog.” She has a smokers voice if ever there was one.

Waiting for those people who whined about the first trailer not being reflective of the film because trailers simply aren’t to express how this must mean the movie will suck then lol

Waiting for you silly obsession with that issue to pass.

Oh please don’t start here now. What obsession? Give it a rest.

This is why we can’t have nice things, TUP.

@ Jack

Yep. Thanks for setting him straight.

Sorry for the injection of logic. If the first trailer being poor is no reflection on the film then the second trailer being good cannot be a reflection on the film either. No reason people can’t temper their enthusiasm. Those that love all things BR Trek will cling to anything while illogically dismissing others. Its their nature.

Having said that, I liked the trailer. Just saying that a good trailer doesn’t mean its a good film if you also subscribe to the notion a bad trailer doesn’t mean its a bad film.

If they had released this trailer first then released the Sabotage trailer I think people would have been a lot more accepting of it. At least the studio heard the complains.

That’s exactly what a couple of us over at Trekcore were trying to get through to you yesterday, but your stubborn pride in never acknowledging your original post was wrong got in the way of you seeing this logic then.

Good to see that, although you are a bit tardy, you have come around on this issue.

Now I fear though that this post will set you metaphrically ablaze….I hope not.

How about we just agree on something for once and don’t worry how we got there? Kappish?

It reminds me of Insurrection, the only planet-of-the-week movie til now. In fairness that was the show, more often than not; still there’s something so-whatty about such stories in the context of every-three-years films.

As others have said, maybe Star Trek isn’t suited for movies. Many of us hope we’ll finally get some large-canvas sweeping epic in the Star Trek universe. But when they take big swings they tend to miss, and when they bunt it’s disappointing. And the few that hit a sweet spot would have made excellent two-part episodes of some never-was ST series.

I’ll see it but in my mind all hope still lies with CBS All Access

I think you have to separate the movie medium from the television medium, when forming an opinion on this matter. Movies are about the spectacle within a film, and I think that STB is designed to fulfill that role. Meanwhile, you have the television medium, where you can take your time to explore both themes and character development. And personally, I never saw my enjoyment of ‘Trek as an either/or proposition. Why not enjoy both for what they do, by judging the product on their own merits?


I try to bring that attitude to the films. It just ends up being the case that for me the movies mostly disappoint and the series mostly succeed. There’s something about the property that resists cinema.

J.J. Abrams spent a lot of time creating mythic backstories for the characters, but then none of that material ended up having anything to do with the film that followed.

Its sequel went full blockbuster but the dorky Star Trek IP rendered expensive set pieces silly rather than thrilling.

The movies that do work are cheap TV-like ones, but even they are outnumbered by cheap painfully cheesy ones.

And yet it feels like there is an epic movie lurking somewhere within the material. So I would love for this film to surprise me. And there’s nothing in the trailer that rules it out. But thirteen movies and many creative teams in, I wonder if it’s even possible.

Which brings me back to CBS All Access. A thirteen-episode closed story with HBO production values may be the elusive big-canvas Trek’s natural habitat.

At least this planet looks a little bit more alien than “So-Cal”.

I’m just tired of Paramount trying desperately to make Star Trek movies for people who don’t like Star Trek. There are just some people who will never see these movies simply because they’ve attached some kind of stigma to the Star Trek name. No matter how schlocky you make the film they just won’t buy tickets.

And I’m sorry that Paramount feels the audience of “true” Trek fans is too small. They’ve been shunning those of us whom have been watching since the TOS and TNG days. What’s wrong with making a smart sci-fi film for $50 million? We don’t necessarily need a big film filled with CGI and explosions. Give us a good story and the Trek values we cherish and we’ll turn up at the theater.

As for Beyond…this trailer is immeasurably better than the teaser, here’s hoping it’s a genuinely good film!

“What’s wrong with making a smart sci-fi film for $50 million?”

A $50mil movie that brings in $100mil or a $300mil movie that brings in $400 mill. The company is responsible to it’s shareholders.

I agree that Par is losing sight of what made Trek great to begin with (if they ever saw it). Star Trek is not Star Wars. It can be done well, though I doubt by Paramount. You want idealism, look to fan films. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, make something of your own. That’s what I’m doing.

Vastly superior to the December trailer!

Meh. Destroying the Big E seems like it is going overboard. Too much Fast & Furious nonsense. Why newer yet more bland uniform shirts? Kirk needs a haircut. I remain underwhelmed.

Haircut? What are you talking about?

@ Oct

Yea, LOL. Let’s assign Finnegan some remedial episode watching from TOS. ;-)

I am confident I was watching Trek long before you were born, Sonny.

As in length of hair. It almost looked like Crawley from his Elvis days.

Finnegan is an old bald guy who says that about everyone who has hair. Just ignore it.

Older and wiser than most here. I have much more hair than that other old bald guy, Patrick Stewart. Dmduncan is the the real baldy here.

Kirk needs a haircut?!? Is this where the constant nitpicking of Trek has left us? How about the set lighting? Does it fall at just the right place on the warmth spectrum?

Plus, he doesn’t need a haircut because his hair is awesome.

Dougy, I can nitpick all I want. If that bothers you then it is a bonus.

Oh you mean as overboard as in ‘The Search for Spock’? Or as in ‘Generations’?

Exactly! As in it has already been done previously. Thanks for playing.

Those were for reasons & were at THE END of the films, leading to the excitement of getting New enterprises in the next film not sitting through a film with no Enterprise, stuck on planet canadian backlot

@ Trekboi: Neither ST TSFS nor Generations destroyed the Enterprise at the end of the films. TSFS spent most of its time with the crew stuck on the Genesis planet. Generations spent a large part in the Nexus or on the Californian desert planet. So it seems like Star Trek Beyond is following Star Trek tradition. They might even get a new Enterprise at the end of the movie.

Cool. Can’t wait. BTW, cool warp effect in one of the shots in the trailer.

another view


I don’t know about you guys, but that ship remember something like a earlier federation ship. NX Class?

This could explain the bike, something like a junk yard for abducted things from diferents worlds.

Maybe Scottie will finally find out where he sent Admiral Archer’s prize Beagle. ;)

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk god one!

How do you score huge if you have a short marketing campaign between late May and late July for your tentpole sf movie — you premiere your movie outdoors in IMAX with a full orchestra at Comicon in San Diego



The SDCC move is brilliant, no question.

The entire event tonight was really well done. Paramount did a great job.

And you and Kayla did a great job, Brian — watched it all on the Periscope feed. Very cool!

Don’t tease.

Burying the premier at Comic Con? Disaster. it will be lost among all the other high profile films/events

This does look better, but that better not be the Enterprise! Yes let’s celebrate the 50 anniversary of Star Trek by blowing up the damn ship!!!

No, it’s definitely the Enterprise. Lin thought it would be “bold” to blow up the Enterprise.

No, he thought it would be bold to strand and isolate the crew without the ship, and show how they overcome.

…which could be done without blowing up the ship

They had to abandon ship but thats all.

Lin is apparently an idiot. Worst Slap in the face you could give us for the 50th anniversary, destroying the Enterprise & ending the 5 year mission on failure- no more Enterprise. No five year mission. the crew transferred around to different ships. Sad.

So, it ends with them transferred around to different ships? How’d you gather that from the trailer?

Great Trek,

In reply to your comment uniquely identified by the following URL:

You don’t need to see it in the trailer; it’s in the universe where Nero decimated the fleet and shortly after that Kirk destroyed the next generation prototype as well. There are no spare ships in space dock being restored for museum decommissioning to paint the E’s old registration and add a dash “A” to turn over to Kirk and his crew in Beyond.This new distressed fleet can’t afford to decommission anything that can fly for something like that. The Franklin may well end up being Kirk’s next commissioned command and it’s too small to accommodate the E’s 400+ crew, ergo that crew’s going to be reassigned.

Star Trek is about the human adventure, space is just the setting, the new trailer captures the human adventure better than anything I’ve seen since TWOK. This looks like it has the possibility of being the best movie since TWOK, Thank you Simon Pegg and Justin Lin. Also, thanks to JJ, Orci and Kurtzman for making it possible with their reincarnation of Star Trek the brought TV’s greatest human adventure back from despair. LLAP

Really- how is being stranded on planet canadian backlot & being kept prisoners anyones idea of “Human Adventure?”

The human condition to dig deep and get out of a bad situation and maybe better themselves in the process. It definitely looks like a great human adventure piece.

Well, it definitely looks like BEYOND could be Trek’s homage to THE GREAT ESCAPE right down to the Steve McQueen motorcycle stunts. It could be great fun.

I really like this second trailer. I wasn’t so fond of the first one. Yet they’re both promoting the same film. This alone should suggest taking any film trailer with some skepticism.

Having said that, based on this new trailer I think Star Trek Beyond will be an awesome film and perhaps the best Star Trek film I’ve seen a great while.

Of course, I thought Prometheus would be great based on the trailers. So yeah, skepticism. But hopeful and excited skepticism!

I also just really want this film to succeed based on the fact that so much was stacked against it from the start. I really want to see it not only succeed, but be great.

The Most Dangerous Game… in Space.

I sure hope there’s more to the antagonist’s motivations than that…

Beautiful trailer but why destroy the Enterprise :(

OK a THOUSAND times better!!!!!! OMG, now THIS I can watch over and over and over again just like I did the last two trailers. Now I’m still a bit skeptical on the film itself but man I’m at least excited again. The dialogue was great. Not just silly funny one liners like the first trailer. And was that an NX class ship?????? HOLY crap! Its funny how I got so excited seeing that ship and I originally hated Enterprise lol. But its connecting again to the bigger universe.

And wow the visuals were stunning. Have to give it to Lin he brings out the space stuff more than I thought he would. I’m still not sold on the overall story so far though and yeah bothers me the Enterprise gets blown up so soon. Ok if you have to blow it up fine, but why not wait until the middle or end of the film? But hey it will be fun to see an NX ship in this though.

Have to say Trek fans, this has been a week we needed. We got the teaser trailer for the new show and now a better trailer and even Axanar sounds like it will go forward. Let’s make Trek great again!!

I think this is an excellent trailer. While showing the action (yeah I know, dirty word for modern Trek, apparently) to appeal to the Summer going audiences, it also shows that there are character moments and that it’s a reflection on the character arc for Kirk in this universe. Those were nice touches on the human elements of exploration and the dangers therein. And no Earth in the crosshairs this time around, isn’t that what everyone supposedly wanted?

And how quickly the reshot new character appears in the trailer too! They clearly had to recut the hell out of this and fix stuff if even the reshoots end up in the new trailer! If it ends up a better film I’m all in favor, but let’s look at it objectively and understand Paramount saw serious issues with both the script and 1st teaser to so dramatically change course to where we are now. Kudos!

I doubt that they had to completely rewrite the movie to end up with this – reshoots are pretty standard in Hollywood these days and there wasn’t an indication that they had to reshoot most of the movie just to fix what it was like in December. If it was that extensive then we would have got a last minute delay ala Jupiter Ascending (and Paramount probably could have got away with the excuse too…move it back to September and claim you’re doing it to be in line with the 50th). Granted they certainly could have fixed somethings and like you said, that is fine as long as it makes for a better film. Despite what we got in December, it was still better than what’s been going on with Ghostbusters, IMO :P

Yes, Mac, I recognize the actress’s voice in the trailer. She was the one in the reshoots. Better late than never!

You have a fertile imagination. It is NOT AT ALL CLEAR that they restructured the film to “save it”. You Negative Nellies need to stay off the interwebs.

This trailer was really fantastic. I hope that this resonates with people and that the box office numbers give Star Trek what it deserves. For once, Star Trek deserves it moment in the sunlight and I really hope this film ends up being that moment.

Much better. Now I’m excited! As usual with modern trailers, you kinda need to read between the lines and I see a story focusing on friendship and the bond between these people, in more of a planet-of-the-week format, which is just what I’d like to see.

Also, I love that poster. So bright and colorful and optimistic, completely unlike the main posters for the last two films which were so standard and full of gloom.

MUCH better! Not perfect by any means, but certainly better.

While I’m still not a complete fan of the Alternate Universe, I will say that this trailer is way better than the first. And seeing this trailer, I can actually appreciate the design of the Enterprise interiors now that I can see them without the lens flare in the way. And it’s ALWAYS nice to see some quiet character moments. I mean, even in the bad Star Trek films, like Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, the quiet character moments are always the best parts.

What with this and the new show… Feels like Star Trek is back.

The trailer is unlisted on YouTube for some reason.

I love the trailer and that it features meaningful dialogue! Can’t wait to see what more they spew out in this one! The warp effect is really awesome! The music and the warp effect kinda struck me as having an “Interstellar” vibe to them.

Also, I’m digging this poster! Best poster since First Contact! Insurrection, Nemesis, ST09 and STID were all blah. I love how colorful it is!

That trailer has me excited to see the movie. I can’t wait until end June (but of course, I have to). Good news about the lawsuit too.

Now this is Star Trek!!! I can’t wait!!!

Star Trek was instrumental in shaping my education and career. I grew up with Star Trek (the original STO movies and TNG (in elementary school and middle school) and VOY and DS9 in college. It influenced study political science in college and to go for my PhD in Political Science (international relations). I study the institutions and interactions that promote cooperation. International institutions, norms, and intergovernmental organizations reduce conflict and promote integration and prosperity when implemented carefully. Star Trek is more than just entertainment; it’s an important sociological community and cultural institution that promotes values that inspire humanity to change the world around us for the better. I know it inspired me. That is Star Trek.

Woo-hoo! A fellow IR major!

no complaints about lens flares in this trailer! WoW