Star Trek Beyond Fan Event: The Extra Footage You Didn’t Get To See

Getting more than just a first look at the new trailer, fans at the first ever Star Trek Fan event at Paramount Studios last Friday were treated to about 10 minutes of footage from Beyond that haven’t yet made it to the web. Here is the blow-by-blow of what we saw.


The first scene opens with a shot of Captain Kirk in his quarters as a classic “Captain’s Log” monologue is being recited by the captain. He talks about the monotony of spending so much time out in space, his words mirrored by his actions as he goes through the motions of getting ready for his day. After washing his face in the sink, a shirtless Chris Pine (you’re welcome, ladies) opens his closet door revealing a rack of identical gold Captain’s tunics. Kirk laments that each day seems to blur into the next.

“Everything feels so episodic,” says Kirk as we see our favorite characters living their daily lives — 3 years into their 5 year mission.

We see the captain walking down a corridor on the Enterprise and onto the bridge. He is carrying a mug with a stylized Starfleet insignia.

Photo May 21, 12 49 38 PM
Kirk’s mug, which was on display at the after party

He talks about how all this time out in space has taken a toll on the crew and how each of them have made sacrifices. As the camera pans over Sulu hard at work at his console, we spot a photograph of his daughter placed on his work station.

A photograph of Sulu’s young daughter sits on his console while he works

As Kirk sits down in the captain’s chair, he spills his morning coffee on his clean tunic. It’s one of those days.


In the next scene, Kirk and Bones are talking in a private room (we see parts of this scene in the new trailer, where Kirk tells Bones he joined Starfleet for all the wrong reasons). They are discussing the fact that Kirk’s birthday is coming up, but Kirk reminds his ship’s doctor why he doesn’t like to talk about this particular day of the year — not only was it the day he was born, it was also the day his father died (as we saw in Star Trek 2009). This will be a particularly rough birthday since this year, Kirk tells McCoy, he will be one year older than his father ever was.


Despite Kirk’s woes, McCoy breaks out a celebratory drink — a bottle of whisky he stole from Chekov’s locker. The pair share a joke at how they both assumed Chekov would be “a vodka guy”.

“Let’s keep this birthday thing under wraps,” Kirk says to McCoy.

While the pair share this tender moment, the ship is attacked, and they run to their duty stations.


The final scene is total sci-fi action. This is the scene we’ve seen so much of in the first and second trailers — where the Enterprise is attacked and torn to shreds during an onslaught attack by a swarm of small ships. The final touches haven’t yet been put on the CG (although you can hardly tell – they’re close), and so instead of one continuous scene, we saw bits and pieces cut together. But, it all looked great.


Immediately seeing that the Enterprise isn’t equipped for this kind of swarm attack, the captain orders Sulu to warp the ship out of there. He tries but is unable to engage the engines. Kirk sends a message to Scotty to get warp power up and running immediately. But, all Scotty can do is watch in horror on his console and relay to the captain, “The nacelles…. they’re gone.” We see a shot of the exterior of the ship as the nacelles break off and fall away from the body of the Enterprise.

As the crew begin to realize that the Enterprise isn’t going to make it out of this one, the Captain orders everyone to their escape pods. We watch as crewmen run to single-person pods, barely large enough to fit a human, which are then shot out into space and hurtle toward the planet below. Some of the pods get struck down by the enemy swarm only moments after ejecting.

This nail biting scene ramps up as more pods are ejected and the Big E is torn into more and more pieces. At the climax of the scene, the STAR TREK BEYOND title card comes over the screen.

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WOW – I am finally beginning to turn the corner on my apprehension about those involved. Pegg has always had my faith, but Lin/JJ have always made me queasy. JJ doesn’t seem to mind plot holes, and I’m not a fan of the Fast and Furious movies, BUT this footage and the 2nd trailer have me interested.

Speachless.I am at a loss to react as a trekkie should when hearing the Enterprise is gone.

I am really not sure – again – if I want to go to the cinema to get my trekkie teeth kicked in, in the first 5 minutes.

Jesus, we knew this 4 months ago. Stop missing staff meetings….LOL


Not the first time we’ve said adios to the Big E. Not likely to be the last, either.

Plenty of letters in the alphabet.

Maybe a 1701-A that addresses the thin connection points and dorsal, though it was approved by GR in Matt Jefferies final drawings—The Making of Star Trek, Whitfield/Roddenberry 1971.

I have no emotional investment in this ship…not because I don’t like it…I love it…there simply hasn’t been enough on-screen time to reach the same level of attachment that I had with the original E. Sounds like this will certainly put our crew in a pickle! And, how the heck will the crew overcome? I can’t wait to find out!

Honestly, when the E was destroyed in Star Trek 3, it didn’t have a huge impact on me the way the NCC-1701-D did. I think because, like in Beyond, that version of the E, we were only with for 3 movies. The refit was so different than the one from the original series that when it blew, yeah, I know its the same ship, but it didn;t look the same, so the impact of “oh my god, that is THE Enterprise, didn’t really hit me. Same way its going to be in this film.
I wonder if this is the opening sequence and if so, are the Yorktown scenes flashback or with a new Enterprise? Or is it all a “dream”? I’m thinking this later scene is further into the film but wonder why Kirk wouldn’t be on the bridge while reaching this planet. Must be in orbit already for some reason? Is it July 22nd yet?????

Plus, they beat that ship up pretty well over those 3 movies.

Plus, the Enterprise was going to be decommissioned in TSFS, anyway. Getting blown up to save her crew was a more fitting end for her than being put out to pasture.

Can’t a movie have stakes or conflict?

I’m pumped! I loved the action of the first trailer and the drama of the second. JJ (and Bob) brought back something wonderful for all of us. Pegg/Lin will not let us down.

Sounds like it could be cool.

So, Kayla, you’ve mentioned in your podcasts that what had seemed like a long span of radio silence on the advertising had you a tiny bit concerned about the movie. Did the fan event, latest trailer, and sneak peek footage assuage your concerns at all?

I’m with you. What they put out recently leaves me feeling pretty good about the movie (in terms of it hopefully being good), but I’m not sure they’re increasing the overall awareness for the movie. While acknowledging that there is still plenty of time to go, I’d say that there’s a chance this could be the best of the three jj universe movies while also grossing way less than the other two movies. I hope Parmount gets it into gear, but my non-trek buds (like yours) don’t seem to know a trek movie is coming out this year. Time to impress, Paramount!

And we had the exact same complaints here for the last two.

Believe me, by mid-July, they’ll know.

Deadpool made a mint. Many people who went had never heard of Deadpool, let alone knew a movie was coming. It was in theatres, advertising looked fun and it got decent reviews (and nothing much else was playing*) so they went.

*which is why I wonder if pretty competitive mid-summer is the best time for Beyond (or anything). But what do I know?

Yeah, those who seem to get some sort of perverse pleasure in piling on lose sight of the fact that this production team has had the opportunity to create about seven and a half hours of material (including STB). Marvel had numerous misfires prior to Iron Man, and that singularity has paid off for them big time. It’s a creative endeavor, not every effort is going to fire on all cylinders.

Now, this is just an observation, but for someone who is professing to be ‘one and done’ with the franchise, Justin Lin is seemingly becoming very active behind the scenes. His and Abrams involvement with the CR lawsuit tends to imply they may be on board for the long haul……

“Dammit, Jim, what the hell’s the matter with you? Other people have birthdays. Why are we treating yours like a funeral?”

Sure gives new meaning to that line, doesn’t it?

Should I be worried that I still remember that quote, word for word after all of these years?

Haha not really, it’s a very memorable line. Lol. I think I probably know TWOK 98% verbatim. Lol.

No! :)

“Don’t mince words, Bones. What do you really think?”

Three years into the Five-Year mission, and it feels “episodic.” Ha! Simon Pegg loves Trek and writes funny things….

I think that line, to me anyways, says, this is a movie not an episode, so bigger things are going to happen. Like, we don’t destroy the Enterprise every week— movies are for the “bigger” events like welcoming V’Ger home, Spock dying, Spock coming back, saving Earth from an alien probe, and making peace with the Klingons, for examples.

That’s the kind of character moments mixed with action I’ve been looking for. That whole sequence sounds great!

Getting really excited…

Thanks Kayla for both this and your great reporting from the other night.
Much Appreciated.

Extensive character development? That makes a welcome change. Fingers crossed on this one. :>)

Wow, just that little bit sounds awsome for starters. And it seems like we’ll be getting some cool character moments with a lot of kck ass action to boot. Cant wait! :)

If this was the first trailer we ever saw, I have to say I’d be hopeful. However, after the disaster that was the first trailer there have been re-shoots, and this second one was most probably catered exactly to our taste (as much as possible) to make it possible for this film to have some kind of a decent commercial life, for what it’s worth. The actors are doing their best, and Pegg has our sympathies, but Paramount needs to see that the tone of the new films just don’t cut it. JJ failed with his vision, and the way Paramount insists on seeing this broken initiative take off just tires out the franchise, fans, and everyone else involved. Failures can happen, and it happened to Star Trek with this useless alternative universe take, why not forget about it and come up with a decent new approach. Look at Spider Man, Fantastic Four… they haven’t nailed it on those either. Let’s first accept that JJ has failed us, and move on.

Both Star Trek (2009) and Into Darkness have been commercial successes, so I don’t think that this is a ‘broken initiative’, that the ‘films don’t cut it’ or a ‘failure’. I get it that you don’t like the movies and that’s your right ofcourse, but I think a lot of people would disagree. I personally liked Star Trek (2009). Although the story was a bit thin, it was OK. Into Darkness I didn’t like. There was too much BS going on in that film.

This is a phenomenon that I’ve noticed since ST09 came out, a few posters claiming that these films are “failures” (their usually vague on exactly HOW so) . Its almost some sort of assault on reality or gas lighting technique. Whether you loved these movies or think there utter garbage it can not be denied that they were successful financially, critically and the majority of fans and the general audience highly enjoyed them (The supposed much maligned STID received an “A” with general audience polling from ).

@ Hugh: You are approaching this all wrong. Of course, the JJ movies are failures – in the eyes of the only people that truly matter: “true fans”. And of course, you cannot be a “true fan” if you like the JJ movies. It’s as simple as that. (If there is any doubt, I’m being sarcastic. However, there are some people on here who argue like that.)

DIGINON 5-23-16 8.36a

Like you, I sure get tired of the True Fan argument.

What if I said anyone who liked Voyager can’t be a True Fan — because I didn’t personally like the series very much and thought the writing was often worse than formulaic?

Fact is, Paramount has decided to make the new Trek summer blockbuster movies. To me this means they’ve decided to invest hugely in SFX/CGI and their usual ACTION! sequences.

Yes, I would love more cerebral Trek, but that’s not likely to happen if the studio is playing for an eight-figure-plus payday.

:-) …. sheesh, overall, I only liked 30% of TOS, the TOS films except V, most of Enterprise, and I frigging LOVED ST2009 (didn’t care for STID though it wasn’t bad).

I found most of STTNG (except seasons 3,4,and 5), all of Voyager and most of DS9 a complete bore. The STTNG films were beyond horrible … they shot those films as if they were big budget TV episodes. In fact, had it not been for the overall character of Benjamin Cisco, I would have written off DS9 as an abomination.

Enterprise should have been a reboot of the entire writing staff as well as “approach” to Star Trek on television. Though it had its bad moments, I found the series and characters pretty interesting. It’s a shame they canceled that when it hit its stride and the final episode was complete trash.

I guess, like you, I’m not a true fan! :-) Oh well.

Almost every movie undergo reshoots in the editing process. Most are only a few days long- as with Beyond.

Its obvious you don’t like the JJ Abramsverse and you aren’t willing to give Beyond a chance, so stop commenting on it.

That’s YOUR opinion. JJ has breathed new life into Star Trek and there likely would not be a new series coming without the renewed interest that these movies have brought. These movies have been anything BUT a failure.

I concur with ilker.

“opens his closet door revealing a rack of identical gold Captain’s tunics. Kirk laments that each day seems to blur into the next.”

I really hope this means that we get to see the Captain’s green wrap around tunic. Unfortunately, this might be the explanation for the “away mission” outfits.

Please tell me they’re not ripping off TSFS with STB like they ripped off TWOK with STID.

“It still looks like a remake of Star Trek: The Search for Spock. You have the crew stranded on a planet after their ship is destroyed trying to get off. Now it doesn’t appear that they’re going rogue, or that Klingons are involved, but most of what we see seems to be a mash up of Star Trek 3 and a scifi version of Fast and Furious. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if The Rock shows up in a Klingon Bird of Prey looking for the secrets of the Genesis device.”

No, think you’re barking up the wrong tree.

A remake of TSFS? Really? Wow, talk about straining to find something negative.

I didn’t know protomatter, Klingons, an aging Spock, and the planet Genesis is featured in STB…

All right, I’ll tell you – they aren’t ripping off TSFS. The comparison that seems to be holding more water is DS9. Works for me, personally, DS9 was a fairly engaging series, and a bit of a departure from typical Trek. That aside, we really haven’t seen enough to conclude that STB is ripping off another feature. Patience is a virtue, even for those inclined to believe the worst, and accept as gospel any and all blog posts believing the worst.

We, for Simon Pegg’s sake, I hope not. But, I can totally see the same sort of thinking that came up with the idea of ripping of TWOK death scene doing the same thing with TSFS for STB, and thinking that it’s “poetic,” as this is the third movie in the BR Trek series and TSFS was the third TOS movie.

Naw, it looks like a remake of TMP because there are scenes on the bridge and there are multiple costume changes.

And some of the people complaining that this looks like a remake seem to be the same ones who wanted the antagonist to be either the Doomsday Machine or Gary Mitchell (or both).

I get that STID was way too heavy on the homages and references and the story didn’t stand on its on (that said – it looked better than any Trek we’ve seen, even though the saturation/colour was odd, and the acting was mostly fantastic) but that doesn’t automatically mean this is a ripoff of III, IV or Insurrection.

Hey if it has any similarity to ST:3 It’ll be a raging success as far as i am concerned

My feelings are, as usual, this sounds very excite indeed! So much actions!

Hmmm…even if the nacelles go, the saucer is supposed to have the impulse engines and their fusion power generators. I wonder why no evasive impulse maneuvers attempted before the call to abandon ship?

Perhaps, although impulse engines I think an only go warp 1 and I don’t (from the trailer anyways) see any way of outmanuevering that cloud swarm. Would still love to hear the line one more time though.

The swarm ships are much more maneuverable than the big Enterprise. They don’t shoot torpedos from far away (that E could try to evade). They fly in directly. So impulse engines would only make sense if the swarm ships can’t reach impulse speed. We’ll see if they address that in the final film (apparently, the scene they showed at the fan event wasn’t finished) or if it’s just warp drive gone = sitting ducks.

This all sounds pretty good so far. Looking forward to seeing it.

McCoy not having his own booze and being forced to steal it from Chekov? That doesn’t sound like Bones I know. Hell, it doesn’t sound like *any* doctor I know. Doctors always have their own booze for medicinal purposes. ;)

@ Paul: You forgot to end your comment with: “IT’S A DISASTER!!!” ;-)

No, it’s just Bones doesn’t have anymore booze because he drank it all, hence having to go after Chekov’s stash…:)

No Enterprise for the entire movie is pretty lame really. It was always the 8th character I hope the planet bound drama/action makes up for that otherwise its not going to be Star Trek as we know it!!

@ Paul: Possible SPOILERS ahead: From what I’ve read, the movie starts with the E visiting Starbase Yorktown. Then they head for the planet with the swarm ships and lose Enterprise. After spending who knows how much time on the planet they use the other ship from the trailer (the one that looks similar to NX-01) to return to Starbase Yorktown, followed by an attack by the swarm ships on Starbase Yorktown. The Starbase survives (since they are toasting to new adventures in the trailer), and some people speculate that they get a new Enterprise at the end. Of course, much of this is guess work from the trailers and some interviews, since they haven’t released an official synopsis. The movie won’t all be planet-bound. Even if it were, Star Trek has a long history of planet-bound stories, both on the TV shows and in the movies.

Well, we already know they get another starship, at least for a while.

Are these scenes in order, I’m surprised the enterprise gets destroyed so early in the film, in the trailer there are images of the enterprise intact in that space station.

@ Martin: From what I’ve read, they visit Starbase Yorktown before going to the planet with the swarm ships. So my guess is that the attack happens later in the movie. It’s possible that Paramount added the cut to the title card just for the presentation at the fan event.

No, I don’t think they are.

the “vodka guy” joke LANDS, got a big laugh

McCoy “Stoli” Chekov’s whiskey.

Bad Doctor! BAD bad bad bad!

Surely there was a medical emergency that prevented McCoy getting his own stash on board!

say what you will about STV but what I loved about that movie was the cheeky interaction between the leads, and that first scene really recaptured that for me personally.

My father was a firefighter. He described his job as boredom punctuated by terror. This made me think of that. That’s a good thing.

I don’t remember any “Captain’s log” scenes in the last 2 movies (there might have been a deleted scene shot for Into Darkness) which were such a signature of most previous Treks, usually used for exposition. I’m happy to see they are bringing it back.

I’m very hopeful about this movie- and am looking forward to seeing it. Folks who are concerned about reshoots should not be. I was watching ST ’09 last night with the comment track on, and they talked about reshoots several times, for scenes that were pretty integral to the story.

All I care about is the end product- what’s going to be up on that screen. The bit in the trailer where the Starfleet commander was telling Kirk that people get lost in the vastness of space got my attention. It confirmed that we’re in for a treat- a good story.

Agreed! And they rushed VI into production during an anniversary year too.

Well, insofar as the Big E getting turned into scrap metal, it does allow the team to fix a few nits people have been picking at (and yes, I’m guilty, too.) Budgineering, for one. The Apple Store bridge (and those damned barcode scanners, as well!). Straightening those bow-legged nacelle pylons. Adding torpedo tubes to the connecting dorsal. The design team has a whole new sandbox to play in. Gotta admit, though, throwing in an NX-Class ship was a nice little nod. From what little we’ve seen of it, it looks sweeter than the original.

Looks a lot closer to FASA’s Loknar class, once downloaded and still framed.

GOOD. *grumpy cat face*
After two movies of smashing that monstrosity to bits I’m glad it’s being permanently obliterated.
Now, will we have a “voyage home” take for the next movie, or will we get a more sensible 1701-A at the end of this movie?

I think the former, because damaging and destroying the ship and replacing it with a brand new one in the same film devalues it and takes away the sense of danger. It was 3 years between kirk seeing the construction of the Enterprise, and finally flying out of space doc. I think it will be a First Contact situation, with the 1701 being destroyed in this film, then a new 1701-A in the next film. Simon Pegg is a die hard trek fan and he knows the current ship design controversy. He’s granting us our wish, I just hope the new Enterprise will be much closer to the 1701A, or maybe even a take on the 1701D – I’d love to see the latter!


The Uglyprise-D? ……man I detest the Berman fans.

The only way to make the -d look remotely decent would be to do what I did with the model kit — turn the nacelles around and put them on backwards so the ship actually has some nice horizontals that offset the dish. Either that or just do a slight polish on the -C’s design and go with that.

Got pictures of that?

Not since I turned 30 and my girlfriend celebrated by burning a number of my scripts and other goodies.

“Welcome ladies” and some of us men….

The mini ships, though only seen on my home computer and not in a theater, remind me of the Matrix and those pod things with the tentacles. Hardly this stage. Since I’m reading the CGI is still being worked on, perhaps the final product will look different and dramatic. Obviously, these mini ships somehow get the best of the Enterprise and its state-of-the-art systems and the ingenuity of its crew. You would also think 3 years into the mission, improvements would have been made defensively, anyway, to protect against the swarm. Maybe in the movie, its shown these ships do defeat the E’s layered defense systems. You’ve got defensive screens, deflectors and shields. That would seem more plausible then just an outright failure without resistance. It, to me anyway, dumbs the intelligence of the crew.

With the 50th anniversary coming up and, from what I’m reading here, the crew is in the 3rd year of the 5 year mission, I’m hoping the story is a strong one. I’m thinking a story with some social commentary, perhaps, with some very good character moments. The latter, at least from the Cho interview, seems to not be in doubt. As far as the grand SFX and action sequences..who doesn’t enjoy them. We’re now paying upwards of $20 per IMAX 3D or Dolby Cinema experience, more for D-Box, so why not expect to get our money’s worth? I’m hoping the warp drive in the movie has that ‘first person experience’ that TMP had and not the pixie dust trail in the last movie and the blip before that.

There is precedent for the concept of swarm ships. Defense analysts have pointed out that with the development of anti-ballistic missile technology, all an opponent would need to do to overwhelm it would be to launch a number of non-armed missiles at their opponent. It becomes a numbers game at that point. So, lets say North Korea launches one missile at the US, odds are a functioning system shoots it down. So, the north builds a number of non armed missiles, lets say they launch 100 of them next time, but only 10% are armed. Unless you get all of them, there is a chance a couple get through. The Navy has a similar problem – drone technology now makes it possible for an enemy to put hundreds, if not thousands of anti-ship missiles, virtually undetected, in the lap of a carrier and her task force, on the cheap. This would overwhelm most defensive measures, or even future ones, like directed energy weapons. So, if this swarm isn’t anything more then a self propelled kinetic energy weapon, it’s easy to see how thousands of them would quickly pound their way through formidable defensive measures.

Where are all the negative Nancies now? Funny how so many made assumptions based on a 1:35 and a 2:35 minute trailer, and threatened to boycott the film without even knowing whether the film will have the interactions we all know and love between the crew. My gut instinct says that this movie may not make the same $$$ that the first two made, but it will be the best of all three reboots thus far. I have a feeling that Pegg and Lin won’t do us wrong.

Sick of the “true fan” references as well. There were so many holes in the original series as well. For the love of God, one of the worst movies ever conceived was Star Trek V. We all know this, but in order for Star Trek to be successful, it needs to cater to the old school fans, as well as the newer fans that want action and special effects. The first two movies by JJ Abrams were “decent” in my opinion. Lots of frustrating holes, but there was no lack of effort to make Star Trek great again. Those first two movies were not even close to a “failure”. They were highly successful here and globally when you see the amount of money it brought in as well as new fans.

Despite some of the frustrating holes, the reboot has been a HUGE success. I have a feeling that there will be less holes in this movie, which will make us old school fans happy…but it may not be as successful money wise. We need the right combination of both. I think Pegg and Lin have attempted to do that and will succeed. I’m super excited about this movie.

Yep. There’s a Forbes article that talks about Into Darkness making really good money and getting great rotten tomatoes, metacritic and cinemascore scores – and yet the media took the opinions of a few loud fans and changed the story to “Star Trek Into Darkness was a failure, Star Trek is on life-support.”

Even an off-the-cuff guess from Pegg that maybe the studio found Orci’s script too Star-Trekky (ie incomprehensible to newcomers) got turned into “Paramount hates Star Trek, spits on Roddenberry’s grave.” Note that Pegg hadn’t actually read Orci’s script.

It’s like we fans are bound and determined to sully Trek in the popular imagination and make this thing fail.

We have no business having an opinion about a movie we haven’t seen. If you don’t want to see it, fine – but why crow about all these doomsday predictions (this looks like the worst Trek movie ever”) based on the director’s previous films (which most of us haven’t actually watched), a few seconds of film and our own imaginations.

Then the Internet echo chamber just amplifies it and suddenly, random guy planning to go to a movie on a Saturday night goes, “no, not Trek, I think I saw headlines on the Internet three months ago saying it was terrible.”

I’ve never wanted anyone to blindly like anything. If you hated Into Darkness, fine. If you didn’t like these trailers and don’t want to see this, fine. If you don’t think Paramount’s marketing this properly, fine.

But a lot of us don’t stop there. We write countless posts trashing Abrams and Paramount and Lin and predict that this will be the worst Trek ever – and those comments and tweets make the geek blogs and then make the news – and that becomes the story. And Trek is doomed before anybody has even seen the thing.

Why not just wait until you see the thing – or else actually stay home like we’ve promised – before making up our minds?

We talk about how Trek is intelligent and deep – and how it’s about exploration, discovery, curiosity, tolerance, insight, learning, overcoming grudges, feuds, ancient conflicts and the past, challenging prejudices and assumptions: the list goes on.

And then we jump to wild conclusions based on the director’s CV, a few seconds showing a motorcycle and a Beastie Boys song.

Not much curiosity or discovery there.

I really wish they would give us a radical design of the u.s.s. Enterprise. I for one, loved Captain Crusher’s medical ship in TNG finale. A spereical saucer section would be a great departure for a new Enterprise. Or even the aborted Triangle design from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

The Enterprise is no longer a character, just a disposable story platform. It’s pretty obvious from the “Are you sure you want to go back out there?” line in the trailer that you’ll get a glimpse of the ship they’ll be wrecking in the next movie by the time this movie is over.

I think I’m OK with the Trek movies being big action blockbusters if the new TV series is more cerebral.

Star Trek is broad enough for both approaches to be valid.