New International Star Trek Beyond Poster Released

The newest Star Trek Beyond poster has been revealed.

The poster prominently features the new character Jaylah (Sofia Boutella) in the center surrounded by Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), Uhura (Zoe Saldana), Spock (Zachary Quinto), Scotty (Simon Pegg), and Kirk again (this time jumping a motorcycle). Idris Elba’s villain Krall is seen peering out from the top right-hand corner.


This is the third poster we’ve seen for the upcoming film, after these two:



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Poor Bones! He gets no poster love!

Agreed. Was thinking the same thing.

Yes. Less motorcycle, more Karl Urban.

Dammit Jim.

Damn it Jim, I’m a doctor, not a movie star!

Damn it Jim, Im a white male in a movie full of them, why would I get on the poster?

Interview with Chris Pine:

“[…] ¾ of the film is just non-stop action beat after action beat[…]” – Chris Pine

Let’s hope, he is just exaggerating to promote it for the Fast and Furious – audience. ;)

Sounds like more of the same routine as the previous two. Very disappointing if it is true.

northstar -“Sounds like more of the same routine as the previous two. Very disappointing if it is true.”

For you, perhaps. :)

Yeah, it’s comments like that that bother me. I have high hope for an awesome Star Trek movie, though. I think that action is an important part of Star Trek’s DNA, but not if it means excluding characters and story. For the record, I liked Star Trek’s second pilot Where No Man has Gone Before much more than the The Cage because of the action.

Pine does say some more, “I wouldn’t wanna scare anybody, I don’t think it’s kind of senseless blowing shit up for blowing shit up’s sake, but I think it has a real drive to it and I think that Justin’s aware of not wanting to dumb the audience down that way.”

Love action and adventure in my Star Trek! This might be the most successful Trek movie yet!

I love the poster – 37 years later!


Almost guaranteed Beyond will be better than that dull yawnfest – Everything wrong with TPM

I mean TMP :D

A little too accustomed to complaining about The Phantom Menace, eh? :-)


Please, share with as ‘Everything wrong with Star Trek 2009 & Star Trek into Darkness’, too.


Please, share with as ‘Everything wrong with Star Trek 2009 & Star Trek into Darkness’, too.


Please, share with us ‘Everything wrong with Star Trek 2009 & Star Trek into Darkness’, too.

Why don’t you? You have access to a keyboard and the Internet…

I’ll take a dull yawnfest anyday instead of that poor attempt to lure the marvel/fast & furious audience…

ST:TMP had its issues but it was a visually striking, thoughtful, hard sci-fi movie that actually dared to take Kirk and Spock to some very interesting places character-wise. It’s probably the truest and most faithful to Roddenberry’s idealized vision of the future and it’s a shame that so many people write it off just because it doesn’t meet their expected quote of explosions and fistfights.

And it had a really cool engine room with nary a beer can in sight.

Yeah loved that warp core…beats the heck out of the current one. Which looks more advanced, something simplistic and elegant (TMP engineering) or something so big and full of wires (2009-)?

I drink to that!

No, the Problem is the p*ss poor pacing of that movie… it’s like a really drawn out episode, there is a reason people call it “The Motionless Picture”, even though I really like it but seriously? Several times having People just stare anxiously out of a window/screen for literally 3-5 minutes? You should really watch Cinema Sins Video on it as they are spot on.

I noticed that too–that can’t be a coincidence.

I really like the maketing and designs. Looking better each day.Your stock is rising, Paramount.

Yeah, if I were to buy one, this would probably be it.

They should do a fan-edit of TMP.

TMP is still my favorite movie out of the entire ‘Trek franchise; NEM is the least favorite, while TFF is the worst.


and TVH…

and a rarely seen Alt TMP…

I just cannot warm up to Kirk’s jacket.

I’m so f*cking tired of McCoy not getting his due, all for the sake of promoting some “nothing” character.

Damn right how dare they!!! Oh wait I forgot I’m normal and don’t get upset over stupid crap


Find McCoy and the original movie posters!

McCoy is a doctor not a poster boy.

Agree McCoy should be on there. Hell, there’s room for the entire crew. Kirk is on there twice.

I would have had the motorcycle jump deleted and McCoy, Sulu, and Chekov added in that space.

I remember De rolling his eyes about not making it onto a TWOK poster either …

Star Trek TMP: No McCoy
Star Trek II: No McCoy
Star Trek III: McCoy but not very big and kinda in the dark
Star Trek IV: McCoy
Star Trek V: No McCoy
Star Trek VI: McCoy

So three out of the six movies did not feature McCoy on the poster.

Sulu and Chekov only made it onto the TSFS and TVH posters.

Scotty and Uhura fared even worse, only being featured on The Voyage Home poster.

Hell, even Saavik was on two posters!

So the entire cast has never really gotten the love.

If you go back to the original series, the first season only credited Shat and Nimoy in the opening.

Oh yes, just like how there’s no McCoy in the old 1979 TMP poster. Look at that and come back to me.

That through back post rocks!!! They all are quite good.

The posters are great. I want them. I can’t help but notice those lovely blue Pine eyes…:)

I hope it isn’t just non-stop action most of the way, as Chris Pine has described it. However, his descriptions so far tend to be “right on the money”. Then again, every time a director wants to shoot a scene, no matter what kind of scene, isn’t the word he uses always, “Action!”, so there is that. Love “my captain” on that motorcycle and I suspect we will only see one scene of him riding it, the one we’ve already seen in the trailers…:(

Considering that TMP poster, I wonder if V’Ger is somehow involved.

If I’m not mistaken that’s a “throw-back” poster in honor of TMP.

Good point, Driver.

I like each poster so far, but where’s BONES???

@ Hugh: He has his own poster now. Go to the other thread :-)

The TMP-style poster could be better… Looks like they used pics of Kirk and Spock from the 2009 movie, or rather the promo pics which were heavily ‘shopped and made them look baby-faced… And the Enterprise looks like a pasted in screenshot from that movie as well…But I do like the first two posters. I agree they could have done without the motorcycle pic seeing as how people already complain about it. I’m okay with some characters being left out though. It always happens in these posters. I think the gender diversity on the first one makes up for it. I mean, TWO women on a Star Trek promo poster?? Unheard of!

Actually, it’s nice to see a return of color in the posters. The primary colors are a nice nod to the 50th anniversary as well.

You’ll notice there’s never been a cutaway poster of the Nu-Prise. That’s because it’s hideous.

Based on the trailer, it looks like BEYOND is going to do its own ‘cutaway’ of the Enterprise. (Actually, a cutaway would be a scream, given the size of the brewery and everything else — be funnier to see the Nuprise elements laid out inside a cutaway of a star destroyer, more size-appropriate, anyway.)

Hmmmm I wonder if Jaylah is force sensitive. The way she’s holding her staff reminds me of Rey in the Force Awakens poster.

Like all the posters. New one at top is radioactive!

Nice to know the scoring process has begun, thanks for sharing the link!

Surely the TMP knockoff is fan created….like it but I can’t imagine the studio would go there. But I do love the international version….so much better than the one featuring the enterprise with the flame exhausts, ala NBC ‘s original poster from 66…just sorry it’s not being used in the states.

Nope, it was authorized as a homage poster, in light of the 50 year anniversary. However, I think that they should do MORE homage posters, based on the rest of the TOS movie posters.

I’ll stick to positives here. Good color and action in the poster; good that it includes two women along with the boys; and good that we even have a poster and a movie.

The posters have been good so far.
The latest one is no exception.
But, I do think TheTMP inspired poster is a fan creation, it is still a good poster though.

Love the TMP-influenced poster. Here in Russia, the posters in town for STID were all about Benedict Cumberbatch. With Idris Elba all covered in latex, no such luck to show off the guest star this time around.

Does tell me nothing. Have a bad feeling about this movie. Promotion was weak. Seems to be bad, so the didn´t want to show us too much. Girl holds a stick like Rey. Think, in the next movie posters every girl will hold a stick.

Hint about series?

Did anyone notice that the Enterprise from the Bad Robot Movies disappeared on the pictures twittered by the Star Trek series writers (Bryan Fuller, etc)?

Is that a clue the series is indeed set in the prime universe?

Here’s hoping … I keep thinking Meyer’s presence alone is enough to scream PRIME.

Also wouldnt CBS have to license the Alt Universe from Bad Robot? Why would they do that when they own their own license? Plus, 50 years of Trek vs 7 years of Bad Robot Trek? I know which sandbox I’d prefer to play in. Probably why the BR trek isnt doing anything with the 50th Anni – its not their anniversary.

I dig the new poster, but no Bones, no Chekov, no Sulu? Instead it features this awfully stupid motorcycle? WTF?

Everyone happy now? ;)

comment image:large

Sure hope so…….well, probably not.


Sorry, but no. This misses the point of the complaint against leaving Bones off the ensemble posters, and general marketing posters. If this were one of the only posters Paramount was putting up around the world, then perhaps, though it would be a slight to the others for the exact same reason. Whatever one thinks about Bones, there’s a legitimate complaint here.

The three headed TMP homage is great. Although Jayla and Spock’s gaze are a bit low. But its a much better poster and will look good in theaters. The original poster with the balloon font is ridiculous. Looks like a 70’s B movie.

There are “character” posters out too now. Core has them. One includes Bones so if you need your Bones fix, you can have a picture of him that runs the entire length of the poster. Jayla too.

Ah, they are very nice!

(Though at the first glance, the part with the eye of Elba’s character looked like an evil sloth. And did they HAVE to put Kirk as Evel Knievel in there?)

Evil Sloth ftw!

The last poster looks very similar to the Star Trek: the motion picture poster :-P

Has anybody mentioned how the girl’s makeup suggests Darryl Hannah in CLAN OF THE BEAR CLAW or whatever that was called?