New Star Trek Beyond Promotional and Behind the Scenes Photos

Six new photos from Star Trek Beyond surfaced today.

Hat tip to Star Trek Argentina, who posted these this morning.







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Cool pic of Bones with the phaser.

Great pics. Really excited for this movie

Where do they keep the trigger on these models of phaser? Bones and Spock are holding em like they’re ice cream cones.

OK, I will be positive… FOR A CHANGE… It is good to see more material coming out. And I like the day uniforms, cuffs included.

Maybe they don’t have triggers as we know them; maybe they have a button you just squeeze to fire

CmdrR: Just as I was getting optimistic,your trigger post ruins it for me. Where is the damn trigger?!

From what I recall from comments on the props in the first two, there is a thumb trigger on the side of the handle.

That thumb trigger is to activate the flipswitch between the stun and kill settings. It’s even on the Playmates toy.

They don’t have triggers. They use the force.

Just like on the TOS phasers the trigger is a button at the index finger position on the handle.

First, do no harm…except when you’re under attack.

I like Spock’s phaser. It is very reminiscent of the phaser from Star Trek II (Or the motion picture if you look closely for it). Looks like it has three emitters or two and a spot light/laser pointer. USS Franklin issue, perhaps?

Why is McCoy firing a phaser? Wouldn’t he be a non-combatant?

I’m thinking the dude’s still got to defend himself when threatened—- not every enemy is going to say, hey look, a blue uniform- he must be a non-combatatant. Leave him alone

Can you think of any time where bones even picked up a phaser in the prime universe?

Nero changed things. This isnt the Prime universe. Nero caused Bones to be raised completely different by his parents other then the fact he went to med school, got married, divorced, went to Starfleet, hates space travel etc. Everything else is different. Totally different. lol

The phasers, as much as I like them have one flaw in design that ignores centuries of arms design.

There is a reason we have a trigger well on firearms. There is a reason the trigger is protected. The 1911 has a very short travel and being single action is probably closest to the button press/click of a phaser.

Early firearms had exposed triggers, like the phasers, however that was something that quickly changed and we’ve mostly been doing it ever since. There are a few rare instances where there is not a trigger well, but they are the exception to the rule.

A hand phaser is essentially a service weapon, so its designs should be heavily influenced by service weapons of our period, such as the 1911, the M9, the P35, or any number of other service handguns.

Please don’t give me the excuse of well, they could press the button a certain way or the phaser could just know when the user wants to fire it. A hand held weapon, for use in self defense will be designed in a way that it is easy to employ, easy to service and most importantly, easy to train someone to use. It will have the bare minimum of features needed to do its job reliably.

Don’t get me started on recoil with the phaser either!

The trigger has a touch sensor that recognizes when it is pressed by a “live” finger. Likely it would also have a keypress recorder (to record who shot it and when), maybe even a fingerprint lock (to prevent it from being misused by unauthorized user). As for training, there’s the lowest setting for that.
And recoil? What recoil? It’s a raygun. Does your flashlight have any recoil when you light it?

But, you’re of course right, it *would* make sense for designers to derive from a tried and proven design, instead of inventing something out of the blue. For some reason, they decided to inspire themselves by 70s hair dryers, instead of 1911 colts.

Good points, but none of the phasers in Star Trek have ever had trigger guards. A lot of sci-fi weapons don’t, unless they’re specifically based on real weapons (Firefly, etc.)

Please take a long drawn out look at all the Phasers/Phase Pistols that have been manufactured so far… to use this now to crap on the film is just being ridiculous…

@SelorKiith Who said I was crapping on the film? Thanks for paying attention. As another poster aptly pointed out, Star Trek has had this flaw with their phasers since TOS.

@TUP there is nothing enlightened about gun control. Civilian access to arms has been the leading cause of the advancement of western civilization. Please open your mind, ignore the emotional arguments and look at all the facts. The only logical conclusion is that all members of a civilization must have free and equal access to arms, or they are not equals.

You’re absolutely spot on about the flipping of the emitter. If anything phasers should be boring to look at, like a glock.

@Navy – that is absurd lol Americans and their guns. sheesh

@TUP – I’m Canadian. Instead of just labeling my position absurd, educate yourself. In short, we are all humans, we all have to live on the same planet, but there are three kinds of humans. Honest, Opportunists and Bad. You can trust an honest person, if you left them alone in your house, with your kids and a stack of money everything would be right where you left it. The flaw with the honest person is that they often will accept laws that are contrary to their own well being. An opportunist can be mostly good or mostly bad, but they will take advantage of a situation if they deem the rewards greater than the risk. Bad people, well, they’re the ones that society wants to control, and rightfully so. However in a fair and just society, the courts must prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone is bad. Gun-Control focuses on the object and not the individual, as a result the honest people can be excluded from being allowed to posses and acquire arms while the opportunist and the bad people circumvent legislation and continue to have a negative effect on our civilization.

In the 23rd and 24th century, if we as a race have actually reached enlightenment, where we work together to better ourselves, there would be no need for gun-control because everyone could be trusted to use weapons responsibly.

Honest trucker Joe can still spontaneaously decide on going on a killing spree with his legally acquired firearm because he’s pissed that he lost his job and found his wife in bed with his neighbour on the same day.
You can’t just categorise people. That doesn’t work – never has, never will.

Well yes it’s without question humans are flawed. History has proven that point, time and time again. History has also proven all forms of prohibition to be a failure and cause greater distress to society than that which is prohibited.

The latter is not quite true. There were and there are dozens of functioning societies with rather strict gun control laws.
As a matter of fact, to a lot of people the whole concept of “I’m only able to execute and defend my rights and my property if I have the ability to effectively kill another person (with the single pull of a trigger)” appears rather strange, to say the least.

Exactly JAGT.

@ JAGT Your observation of other functioning societies is correct, in the same way that a car with an oil leak, a fuel leak and a coolant leak but still drives, meets the definition of functioning. Your understanding of firearms is deeply flawed if you believe that a firearm always kills with a single pull of the trigger. As police frequently prove, often times just the display of a firearm is enough to defuse the situation and avoid a violent encounter. I would agree that a person who wanted a firearm for the purpose of specifically taking the life of another human being, certainly would be strange, to say the least.

@ TUP – Bad people need to be controlled, as I’ve pointed out before prohibition is a failure. More so when you consider that many prohibited items (firearms, narcotics, free speech, etc.) have been part of human history for centuries, even millennia. The entire argument of “guns don’t kill people” is entirely logical for one simple fact: humans are responsible for their own actions and choices. How many children drown in swimming pools every year? Is the pool responsible, or the parent? How many alcohol related collisions are caused by the motor vehicle?

Firearms have been in my family, to the best of my knowledge for well over a century. I was raised around them, I was taught to use them responsibly. I grew up to respect firearms, not to fear them. I grew up to understand the difference between right and wrong. I also grew up being taught to keep my love of firearms in the closet so to speak. In Canada the firearms community reeled in horror at the actions of deranged lunatics. The error we made is that we allowed ourselves to become the scapegoat, to passively accept responsibility for the actions of someone that we had zero responsibility for. So I have changed my position, I am proud of my responsible lifestyle choice, I must speak up and stand up for myself and my fellow responsible Canadians because a responsible adult will always be responsible and they don’t deserve to have their pursuit of happiness restricted due to the actions of an extreme minority.

As a fellow Canadian, having been educated in a more classical approach to the English language, I would be greatly appreciative if you were to quote the second amendment and dissect what you believe that it means, following the rules of English we learned in school. I respectfully request that you do not use the term assault rifle, this was a propaganda term coined by Hitler to foster fear of his Army’s new rifle. It’s a bit disconcerting to see people still using Nazi propaganda for its original purpose. – I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the staff for allowing this respectful debate to continue even if it clearly is an unanticipated tangent from my original rant about phaser design.

@Navy – I am Canadian also. You might feel like you’re educated but your comments indicate otherwise. Has nothing to do with trust vs lack of trust. The whole “guns dont kill people” argument is silly. I dont think guns should be banned, they should be controlled. And in the US, too many American’s oddly feel the 2nd Amendment is a sacred cow due to the Gun Lobby. Most dont even realize what the 2nd Amendment is really saying. It was never intended to allow someone in 2016 to own an assault rifle.

When you find a world where everyone is enlightened enough that we can all carry guns responsibly, let me know. Then again, when that happens, we wont need guns for any reason so its a moot point.

eh— whats the worse that could happen? You stun yourself? Or er maybe vaporize a building? I think the TNG tech manual had level 10 setting that could destroy like a 30m cube area. They also said something about the computer on the ship keeping dissabling any setting over stun.

I wouldnt nitpick over the triggers on phasers. We already have fingerprint scanners etc. One can assume by the 23rd century that would be the norm especially in an enlightened society where gun control was actually embraced as a positive rather then the bizarre lust for the terribly misunderstood 2nd amendment.

If anything bothers me its the goofy stun/kill flip around thingy. That’s just dumb. Thats a toy marketer making a suggestion.

Oh, don’t be silly, sillies!

I agree with Navy on this subject when he states: “Civilian access to arms has been the leading cause of the advancement of western civilization. Please open your mind, ignore the emotional arguments and look at all the facts.
The only logical conclusion is that all members of a civilization must have free and equal access to arms, or they are not equals.”

The 2nd Amendment was critical to the Civil Rights movement.

As noted in the Washington Post in a February 2015 article titled: Artifacts show a Rosa Parks steeped in freedom struggle from childhood, you learn that: “When Rosa Parks was a little girl in rural Alabama, she would stay up at night, keeping watch with her grandfather as he stood guard with a shotgun against marauding members of the Ku Klux Klan. . “He would stay up to wait for [the Klansmen] to come to our house,” she wrote. “He kept his shotgun within hand reach at all times. . . . The doors and windows were boarded and nailed tight from the inside. I stayed awake nights keeping vigil with grandpa.”

In fact, a lot of the early gun control laws were designed to specifically disarm people simply defending themselves from the KKK. It’s always been an obsession with one political party.

Navy is also correct to point out that: “Gun-Control focuses on the object and not the individual, as a result the honest people can be excluded from being allowed to posses and acquire arms while the opportunist and the bad people circumvent legislation and continue to have a negative effect on our civilization.”.

Don B. Kates Jr. wrote a book titled: Restricting Handguns: The Liberal Skeptics Speak Out in which he wrote about his experience as a civil rights worker in the 1960’s in which he stated:

“The black lawyer for whom I principally worked did not carry a gun all the time, but he attributed the relative quiescence of the Klan to the fact that the black community was so heavily armed.”

Bad people aren’t stupid. They usually tend to pick people who won’t pump them full of led, and you can usually find those people in a “gun free zone”.

Chicago has strict gun control laws and it’s a shooting gallery every weekend. Paris has strict gun control laws. They didn’t help Charlie Hebdo, nor did they help the 130 people murdered on November 13, 2015 when terrorists attached multiple targets simultaneously. Sometimes you don’t have the time to wait around for someone to save you.

I wish this was not something people had to worry about. For the record, I’m all for background checks, and throwing the proverbial book at anyone who uses a gun in a crime.

Heck, I wish they’d all just calm down and watch Star Trek but – even in Trek – we have firearms…albeit firearms where the trigger isn’t protected and you may just as easily phaser off your leg or something, er, even more important by accident!

I’ve watched Star Trek since 1966 and it actually never occurred to me that phasers had no trigger well! Thanks for the post Navy.

So is now a good time to ask about the recoil on the phaser? lol –

Where is the promotion of the 50th anniversary?? Leaving the name Star Trek off posters?? They got some gratuitis action scenes in but couldn’t get The Shat in? I hope it is successful because I want to see more Star Trek movies. Even though it is less Trekky It looks as though Pegg may have put some moments in

Maybe because “The Shat” would have wanted a big role akin to something like his abysmal novels?

Do you know what “The Shat” would have wanted? Ofcourse he expresses a desire for a meaningful role. Nimoy was hardly the star of 09 but his role was meaningful. if I recall, when the hologram scene was explained to Shatner after it came out online, he said it sounded great and he would have done it if it had been pitched to him.

Regardless, he’s William Shatner. He’s not medical technician #4 being offered a bit part. The care and love and respect the film makers showed to Nimoy, it’s so disappointing how little was shown to Shatner. I get that he can be difficult. I get that obviously the studio doesnt love him (probably because he’s a businessman when it comes to how he is used).

I have great respect for Orci for finding a way to use Shatner in a bigger role. For as much as I dislike things about Bob, he went out of his way (possibly to the extent of risking/losing the gig) to deliver a story that included THE Captain Kirk. And it’s a terrible shame that the studio didnt want that.

On the flip side, it seemed like a no brainer for Disney and the Star Wars film makers to include their original cast in the new films to an extent they included actors that they really didnt need to (including an ailing and barely used Peter Mayhew).

But I digress…

I am glad that Leonard Nimoy is in the movie in a powerful way as Zachary Quinto described it. It would be that much more powerful if William Shatner was there as well

Trek fans would like to see “the Shat” in the movies, but for the general audience it would only be a laugh and a distraction from the film. I think if they did have him in though, I like the idea of him playing a non-kirk role for like a cameo (random admiral or Kirk’s uncle or whatever).

I mentioned my sense they were minimizing the Star Trek name when the Cannes stuff went up and was shouted down. But now they have posters without the Trek name. There is definitely a feeling that Star Trek is a barrier not a bridge to increased fans.

Bones: I’m a doctor, not a soldier!

technically he is isn’t he? i mean, i’m sure there’s some clause in his contract with Starfleet, that requires anyone wearing a Starfleet uniform to serve .. i could be wrong though!

Well he is an officer. He’s a Commander, no? Im sure they all went through “basic training” as part of officer training. Doctor’s can serve in dangerous areas and must know how to protect themselves and others. I have no issue with Bones knowing how to fight and wield a phaser. How he FEELS about that would be something else though…

Are there contracts in the future? I mean, Picard says they work to better themselves. So… I’m a lawyer so I especially understand the intricacies and purposes of contracts (that and common sense). That being said, Roddenberry had a more socialist view of the 23rd Century (and beyond), so maybe they’re all just on the honor system. Fight when it’s time to fight! And all that jazz….

Picard’s explanation of the economics of the future in First Contact was hilariously silly.

I love the variety of uniforms they’re wearing. I’d love to see some of those jackets in the real world, especially Spock’s “Franklin” jacket. They’re missing a huge merchandising opportunity if they don’t.

Not sure why some of you are questioning why Bones is armed. There were many instances of this in TOS, and he is a Starfleet officer; he’s trained in combat and phaser-use. The simple reason is ‘the situation warranted it’.

He’s from the deep South…..probably learned to shoot at the age of 6! 😀

No matter how they try I can never see Chris Pine as Kirk. Never.



Well, firstly, Chris Pine is a bad actor imo. Shatner was a really good actor, as a matter of fact all actors who played Star Trek captains, except Pine, of course, were pretty good actors. Pine is more an Angelina Jolie-esque actor, which in my opinion, is pretty bad (to be cast for Star Trek). His looks aren’t that relevant either in the light of his bad (over)acting skills. Secondly, his “Kirk” is portrayed in such manner that I wouldn’t let that guy command a garbage vessel. A Captain is supposed to evoke respect and trust. The only thing Pine’s Kirk evokes is the wish to punch him in the face and give him the one way ticket to a black hole.

Bad actor? You must not have seen The Finest Hours.

As well as a number of other films Chris Pine has been in.
Pine makes a great alt. Captain James Kirk and one of the best things about the whole BR take on Star Trek has been its SPLENDID casting and that includes having Chris Pine play Kirk!

William Shatner has also been accused of overacting or hamming it in TOS et al. What Shatner gave Kirk was a personality all his own, like the way he spoke. Never mind that that often came about because Shatner needed to pause to remember the next line – the reality that, whatever the reasons behind his Kirk’s sometimes quirky mannerisms, it worked WONDERFULLY.

Chris Pine has brought alive some of those Shatner/Kirk mannerisms while still making the character his own and they work well. Both Pine and Quinto, in particular, have quite a task and so far proven their worth as good actors.

I wouldnt call the casting splendid. I’d give it a solid C if I was letter grading it. The main cast: Pine as Kirk is very good. Pine looks like Shatner in many ways and is very good at invoking Shatner-isms when allowed to. Quinto as Spock is mostly a fail in my book. Sort of looks like Nimoy but not enough to excuse that he sounds nothing like him, acts nothing like him and otherwise is a lousy Spock. Again, this could be directing and writing, but Spock is the biggest let down of the film series.

Bones. Very good casting in that Urban resembles Kelley enough that its cool without looking like they hired a look alike who cant act. So its more comparable to Pine then Quinto. urban is a bit more physically imposing ofcourse but because Urban is so good, that can be over-looked. In STID, he was awful, spewing terrible one liners that looked like they were ad libs for the gag reel but somehow slipped through editing. Again, this is writing and directing.

The supporting cast is hit & miss but generally it doesnt matter. Pegg is a solid actor and good at comedy but is the furthest thing from James Doohan. I like him though and that likeability makes it ok. Again, if the writing and directing was up to par, it would be better.

Saldana is good. And broken record time, her character is hindered by the writing. But she does well with what she is given. But not in a “it had to be her” sort of way, which is the way it is for all the supporting cast.

Probably Chekov is the most under-utilized because he’s a good actor. But then, Chekov should never have been in the films til this one anyway.

Pike was the best casting though. 100%.

Sure, Pine is no Shatner. But he’s ok. Most of the drawbacks to Pine as Kirk are writing and directing.

I have no problem with his acting. He’s competent and has risen to the occasion in my opinion. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my interpretation of your comments really has more to do with the material he’s been given. JJ et al, in their attempt to give the character room to grow and evolve, have given us a Kirk that is not the Kirk we recognize. They’ve made him this highly flawed guy whose really driven by emotion more than anything else. Probably a consequence of the fact that both of the first movies are about people out for revenge and having to fight ruthless enemies in giant black ships that outgun the Enterprise by a factor of 10. Not much room for nuance. We may have been happier with a Kirk whose character and abilities are close to what we imagine when we think about all the things we really love about the character. So, I get why they wrote Kirk the way they did, but at the same time it leaves us wanting more – and they’ve never given us that.

Exactly. Writing and directing has been mostly poor for both Trek films.

Oddly I disagree. Pine as Kirk is one of the few things they got right originally. They seem to go out of their way to have him NOT invoke Shatner though which is unfortunate because the few times he does, he pulls it off in such a convincing and non parody way. Spock is probably the worst casting of the group. And Chekov should just be making his debut in this film. But I guess Nero made his parents get it on a bit early.

Agreed. The few times you see Pine letting himself channel Shatner Kirk, it’s very well done. I get how they wouldn’t want him to do it too often, but when he does, it’s a nice shout-out to the past.

Too bad for you.
Of all things they got right casting each actor in their respective roles was as near to perfection as any one can hope.
Chris Pine is perfect as Kirk.

Now if they can get the stories as good as the casting then they would have guaranteed hits with the fan base every out and a lot less whining.
But you can’t make every body happy.

“Of all things they got right casting each actor in their respective roles was as near to perfection as any one can hope.
Chris Pine is perfect as Kirk.”

And this may be a perfect example of a hyperbole.

Why do Aliens have such strange markings? What logical reason does this have?

Why do people wear makeup?

Why do they have bumpy foreheads either? Why do they not look like humans 100%? For markings specifically, if they are natural, it would have something to do with the planet they are from and how they evolved on that planet to need the markings. If they are “tattoos” then it might be a cultural thing. There’s a logical reason out there somewhere, though I doubt it will be explored in depth in the film.

Many animals have facial markings, even primates like e.g. mandrills.

Why are humans so damn plain and ordinary looking? I mean really, nothing outstanding or interesting about us just different colors.

I’m sure there are plenty of alien races that think humans look quite strange. It’s all relative. I mean, Andorians call humans “pink skins.” Just a thought….

Maybe that’s the latest tattoo fashion on their planet?

Kirk’s and Spock’s jackets look very nice, but I wonder what the thought was behind the redesign of the standard uniform as worn by Bones here, with these angular shoulders. A sloooow transition to something resembling the movie-era uniforms??

I like the LOOK of the uniforms but they appear to be lousy to work in, heavy and stiff. I always bought the TOS era PJ looking uniforms as “comfortable” to work in on a daily basis. On the other hand, the best uniforms of the franchise, the TOS movie era uniforms look amazing but dont look like something you’d want to wear every single day.

“TOS movie era uniforms look amazing but dont look like something you’d want to wear every single day.”

I’d certainly like to wear them every single night. They look like cozy pyjamas…


As TUP wrote, “Really?” Are you confusing what they wore in the movies with the TOS TV series? With the TMP onwards, the uniforms were redesigned and never looked as comfortable or as practical as the ones shown in the TOS TV series. Many people think the TOS TV uniforms look like pyjamas. I never did. If they were PJs, they would be rather uncomfortable to wear to bed.

@Rose – correct. I assumed he confused TOS TV with TOS Film (unless he means TMP which looked more like onesy PJ’s I guess). The TOS Film uniforms looked amazing but seemed rather heavy and complicated for everyday use. I guess thats why they showed enlisted crew wearing more comfortable jumpsuits.

Those new Horatio Hornblower uniforms just look sillier every time I see them.

Wow. Can we get more pictures of people with weapons??? Star Trek: Welcome To The Gun Show. Hurry up and burn through another disposable Enterprise so we can start shooting things.
Well done.