Two New Star Trek Beyond Character Posters: Bones and Jaylah

For those of you wondering, “Where’s Bones?” in the international poster released yesterday, here’s your answer! Check out these two new character posters.



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i hate it when they Photoshop the crap out of an image and call in styalised

Karl dosn’e ewen look like him self.

it would be nice if we could edit our comment’s

Oh i forgot: FIRST 4. ;)

Very nice!

I know it’s the style now to hit lobbies with half a dozen character posters. But, out of context like that, neither of the new posters would make me want to see a movie. Certainly neither “shows” Star Trek. Of f#$%! I looked again. They don’t even use the words “Star Trek.” What the hell, Paramount? Are you saying audiences will walk into a movie because of an Iranian actress in heavy white face, but will run away if they see the words Star Trek? I WANT A NEW STUDIO. SERIOUSLY, YOU GUYS STINK!!!!!

Actually, according to Wikipedia, Sofia Boutella, the actress who portrays Jaylah (the white alien), is Algerian. The Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo, portrays the “Federation High Command.”

Join the discussion Mea culpa. You are right. I mistakenly shorthanded my frustration by bringing in nationality. My point is that she’s not known as a Trek character and not well known. I do apologize, but my frustration with Paramount remains. BTW, Shohreh Aghdashloo is great in The Expanse.

She was also brilliant in The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

These are international posters. I posted my own comment about this. I think it has to do with the degree of Star Trek’s popularity abroad, not the studio’s lack of faith in the franchise. I wouldn’t get too worked up over it.

Not so sure here— I mean, out of everyone I know I can only count 2 people, including myself, that care about seeing anything Star Trek. For whatever reason, Star Trek is just not as popular as I or the fans in general wish it was. I’m sure the studio feels the same and has some data on it too. I haven’t seen a Trek trailer yet, with the exception of Star Trek 2009 where the audience has given a laugh and groan about “oh, they’re still make those movies”. Its sad, and maybe its Paramount’s fault for not marketing them or maybe Trek just isn’t what the mainstream understands or wants. Paramount needs to make money off these movies otherwise why make them? So, I can see if they do things like pull “Star Trek” off the poster. Sad, but that’s the way I see it.

I don’t know, it seems to have worked for the last two record-breaking entries in the Star Trek film franchise.

Feel free to not go and see this movie.

So, are they purposefully omitting Star Trek from the posters, and instead putting only Beyond? I know Star Trek has struggled with popularity internationally. Is that why?

@ Sam: Over at Trekcore they are saying that there actually are versions of the Bones poster with and without the words “Star Trek”. So it seems like Paramount has different versions based on what they think might work better locally.

Yes, they are so embarassed, they’ve emblazoned a big bright Starfleet insignia across both promo posters.

Riiiight because they are marketing to non-hardcore Trek fans who will surely see the delta symbol when many hardcore fans didnt even notice at first.

Didn’t notice this initially, but the bright flare behind the swarm ships is in the shape of the Delta insignia….

Jesus Christ after all the whining about Bones not being in the poster they reveal his own poster now people are bitching about the look, the fact that it doesn’t say Star Trek. Goddammit I hate Star Trek fans. The whiniest bitches I’ve ever seen!

Agreed. I knew coming here to this page, there was bound to be some people who couldn’t help themselves and complain about the minutest details.
They are plenty of promo ( read non-primary ) posters that don’t use the title of a movie ( because it’s THAT WELL KNOWN ) and just utilise a keyword or key phrase.

And that’s part of the reason I usually abstain from the rest of the “Fandom” and enjoy it just being myself and maybe one or two close friends…

If you hate Star Trek fans then these posters are right up your ally – no Star Trek at all.

Also, the whiniest bitches are actually people like you who get so angry when people express opinions you dont share. This is a Trek site. People will discuss Trek including what they do or do not like. If you cant handle Trek fans discussing Trek, dont come to a Trek site.

Disagree all you want. But knock the chip off your shoulder.

Despite the sole focus, this poster still misses the point of the complaint against leaving Bones off the ensemble posters, and general marketing posters. If this were one of the only posters Paramount was putting up around the world, then perhaps, though it would be a slight to the others for the exact same reason. Whatever one thinks about Bones, there’s a legitimate complaint here. as for what they do and don’t like about the actual poster, well everyone has different tastes and opinions, all worthy of being heard.

But thanks for your profanity laced opinion on the subject.

The style of these posters is similar to the ads in Cannes, France. So Spock and Uhura may follow soon.

You all forgot to take your pills if posters make you that upset.

Hear, hear! Posters are least of my concerns. I love the new poster which looks like the 1979 poster for ST:TMP.

I love that poster too. But anyone taking the time to browbeat others for discussing these things need to relax. Dont come to a Trek fan site and get mad that Trek fans are discussing all aspects of Trek.

So where is Star Trek in the posters?


These are international posters…Trek Into Darkness made more money in worldwide box-office tickets than any Trek film before…the marketing department knows exactly what they’re doing.

Yeah they know what they’re doing – making sure no one knows its a Star Trek film!

Star Trek: Bones – Where No Doctor Has Gone Before!