Two More Star Trek Beyond Character Photos: Spock And Chekov

The next batch of Star Trek Beyond character photos are here, and feature Zachary Quinto’s Spock and Anton Yelchin’s Pavel Chekov.




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Let’s get this party started!

Is there a “plot synopsis” yet?

Why did you put that in quotation marks?

Perhaps he’s insinuating that there will be no plot? In a sarcastic, cynical fashion? That is just a guess.

Or, maybe he’s recalling how STID was a piece of dogsh*t, and is simply stating that he has doubts regarding the next movie.

Remember when Final Frontier was followed up by one of the best Trek movies ?

Its comments like that that make me wish we could still upvote.

What’s the film about, and who stars in it (and why the heck should I go see it)? In one succinct paragraph.

I mean, do we even know what thing is about?

We’ve heard “things”.

A little (read around here), but as much as I look for spoilers, I really think the less I know the better—- I’d rather be surprised. But, that being said, I’m totally not going to resist reading the wikipedia entry before I get the chance to see it :(

Speaking of wikipedia, check out thier Star Trek Beyond entry for a synopsis— not saying its accurate but looks like good conjecture to me based on what I’ve seen elsewhere.

Yeah, in fact there’s this website called Google that will give you numerous other websites that host this information!

I am not aware that Paramount/Bad Robot have released an official plot synopsis for the movie. The cast and crew have talked about some plot points or general themes in interviews, but that’s about it.

I keep reading contradicting comments from the cast about this movie. On the one hand we have Simon Pegg saying the movie is more than just your typical summer action movie:

Simon Pegg: “I know there’s a lot more to the film. There’s a lot more story, and a lot more character stuff, and a lot more what I would call ‘Star Trek stuff.’ I found it to be the marketing people sort of saying, ‘Everybody come and see this film, it’s full of action and fun,’ when there’s a lot more to it than that.”

Sounds great but then we have the star of the movie Chris Pine saying something else entirely:

May 26, 2016

Chris Pine: “I would say once the setup is established, three quarters of the film is just nonstop action beat after action beat.

3/4 of the movie is nonstop action sounds very boring.

December 14, 2015

Chris Pine: “I can definitively say [‘Beyond’] has the most action out of any one we’ve done so far. People who like summer blockbusters and like $hit blowing up will like this.

I guess we will find out in July!

Makes sense in that Pegg seemed to understand the criticism of STID (even if he was rude to fans about it) and as a writer he wants to be known for writing good dialogue and drama. Im not sure if Pine is just dense and doesnt realize his remarks are not helping the “Trek” crowd feel at ease or if he thinks hyping the action is the right way to play to the audience at large (which it very likely is).


Yeah, Pine is probably thinking more about the blockbuster audiences; it kinda make sense to him since they are releasing the movie in the middle of the summer season.

If I was Pine, I’d focus more on the quality of action rather then the quantity. A friend watched the trailer and said it didnt make him feel any better about it. I took an opposing position saying even if the action is meaningless, it looks good. I like the style more than JJ’s. Im looking forward to the swarm scene.

But Pine’s an actor, not a film maker, not a PR guy. You cant really take his comments too deeply.

I put more credence in Simon’s remarks because he IS one of the film makers and has a vested interest in people liking the writing and plot. And him “lying” will stick harder to him than to an actor who says how great the film is if it, in fact, sucks.

Sort of the same reason Bob insists he never said Cumberbatch wasn’t Khan because he didnt want his personal credibility to be shot.

Maybe Pegg wrote a lot of dialogue and character stuff. But Justin Lin cut them to maximum 1/3 of the movie. (Just like it was done with Nemesis)

But Pegg doesn’t want it to be true, hoping the 1/3 still will make the movie more than just another action film.


Pegg is lieing in order to sell it to the fans. He got the order to calm down the Trekkies. So that the Trekkies don’t prevent the action-fans (who are the real target of the movie) from going to the cinemas.


It fist was planned as an action movie.l until December. But after the heavy criticism of the Teaser Justin Lin recut the movie and brought back more of Pegg’s character moments.

@ Ahmed: It’s funny how many people cut off Chris Pine’s quote. He actually said: “I would say once the setup is established, three quarters of the film is just nonstop action beat after action beat. I wouldn’t wanna scare anybody, I don’t think it’s kind of senseless blowing shit up for blowing shit up’s sake, but I think it has a real drive to it and I think that Justin’s aware of not wanting to dumb the audience down that way.”

Leaving out the 2nd part of his quote makes the first part sound worse.

In any case, I agree with TUP that Simon’s remarks were directed more at worried fans. I think the quote is from an interview he gave shortly after the 1st trailer came out.
Chris’s quote is actually from way back in August last year (interview done during shooting in Vancouver) and was only published now. This was probably before they realized how apprehensive some fans were for the balance between action and character/story in this movie.


Pine repeated that sentiment in most of his interviews, it wasn’t just from one interview. That’s why I provided the the second quote where he was saying “I can definitively say [‘Beyond’] has the most action out of any one we’ve done so far. People who like summer blockbusters and like $hit blowing up will like this.”

And this interview with Collider:

Chris Pine: I think is remarkably different because of Simon behind the wheel of the writing component of it, and Justin obviously coming from the Fast series and just knows how to handle action extremely well. This is a more action-packed film than the previous ones.

Regardless of the timing of the interviews, it reflects how Pine see the movie. To him, it comes off as pure action movie.

To be fair, I dont think Pine’s entire quote makes it any less worrisome to those fans concerned its a holly action film. He doesnt say it isnt. He just says the flash bang stuff isnt senseless. I imagine he thinks STID was a great film too.

Why wouldn’t Chris Pine think that STID was a great film? He did some VERY good work in that film.

We have pretty much had a full court press on marketing since the trailer, it is wonderful to see.

Yeah. Posters. Whats next? Wallpaper? Amazing marketing campaign thus far.

Three new posters. And if anyone thinks the Bones one looked weird, wait til you see Scotty.